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Children in Need Spectacular!

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Do we have hundreds of masks? Barney Harwood has no idea about the


surprise we are going to give him. Oh, yes. Hello and welcome to Blue


Peter. Barney has not seen a sausage. He has been asked to wait


in the make-up room. He has no idea what's going on. Barney has not done


any rehearsal today. This is going to be the biggest surprise ever.


Children in Need is all about getting involved and loads of you


have been doing a challenge. We thought we would give you a few


challenges today. You are going to do four. Are you up for it? Of


course. I have no idea what's going on. Let the challenge commends. This


is the first one. -- commends. I look like Radzi. Are you feeling


comfortable? We will have someone from the sound team as well. You


have never done this before. This is all new. Are you loving it? Yes.


There we go. I will have to take you all new. Are you loving it? Yes.


somewhere because challenge 2 does not happen here. See you later. The


next part of your challenge is just down here. For Children in Need you


have been doing bake sales, raffles, sponsored silence, all of it. Your


next challenge is not in there, don't look, we are going this way.


This is Judy 2. A different show is happening there. We want you to put


on a quiz. You will be in one of the scariest chairs in TV. Mastermind? !


There is even a live audience. You are kidding. What is going on? !


Hello. Good luck. Legend! This is weird. Good afternoon and welcome to


a special mastermind. Your name is? Barney Harwood. Your occupation? I


present Blue Peter. Your specialist subject? I can tell you what it is,


it is Mastermind and Blue Peter and Children in Need. 60 seconds


starting now. What is the name of the Children in Need bare? Pudsey.


The first appeal? 84? 1980. What is the name of the Blue Peter theme


tune? I know who wrote it. Tell me what it is. I will take that as a


pass. What day of the week is the Blue Peter Fanclub? Friday. Choose


day. Who recorded Take Me Home? I don't know. Which of your challenges


involve is a pyramid and they Blue Peter flag? The zip wire. What was


the name of it? What daring manoeuvre did Lindsey is completely


at she adds sailed. She did. When were the first badges awarded? 64.


63. Which eye does Pudsey's bandanna cover? His right one. You got that


right. You had three passes. It was the motorcycle challenge. You should


have known. Jess Glynne Recorded the single and Terry Wogan is currently


the Children in Need host. You have scored a total of three points. And


that is your challenge complete. Thank you very much. Come on, next


challenge! Well done. You have officially put on a costume and put


on a quiz. Did you enjoy that? Yes. That was insane. It is all happening


today. You need to get over it because it is time for the next


challenge and let's go over to Radzi. Welcome to your bake sale


challenge. We have a professional cake. I want you to decorate the


cake that we have here. You have the icing. Exactly the same as that. You


have 30 seconds. Off you go. You could have mentioned this. It is


spinning! There is someone under the table. There is! A bake sale is an


easy way to earn money. Who did you know who it was? ! He works on the


show. This is completely fair. It is for Children in Need. Use your


imagination. Stop there. I feel like someone who has a lot more knowledge


about cakes than that. Someone who was a runner-up in 2015 on the great


British bake off. Please welcome Tamal. What do you think of this? It


is a thing of beauty. Why would you give him out of ten? Ten, obviously.


Well done! Thank you so much. It is time for challenge 4. You have no


idea this is happening but so far you have put on a bake sale, an


outfit for Children in Need, you have put on a bake sale, an


quiz and now it is time to put on a show. Watch this.


They are the international cheerleading champions. It's not


over yet, come this way, because you are going to get involved, that is


what Children in Need inspires everybody to do. What does Barney


have to do? We have put together a routine for you. Follow me and try


to keep up. On your Mark, just here. Stand there. But luck. -- good


luck. Yes! Well done, mate. That was good


considering he had no idea that was going to happen. 100% commitment!


How did he get on? He did really well. A big round of applause for


Barney! Well done. If you want to get involved for Children in Need


you can really do anything. It doesn't matter. Just get involved


and get fundraising. You will have seen me trying to put on a show of


my own which culminates in this, my final performance. Eight months ago


I was set one of my biggest Blue Peter challenges yet. Performing a


floor routine at the world gymnastics Championships in Glasgow.


I began by training with Olympic medallist Lewis Smith. And since


then I have been hitting the gym hard. I found out just what it takes


to become an elite gymnast. And how eating the right food can have a big


impact on performance. But now with only a few days to go, my coach Rob


really increases my training. Still a little bit floppy. A gymnastics


floor routine is a series of tumbles, strength and balance moves


performed in a fluid sequence on a 12 metre square floor. I will


perform for two and a half minutes and it will be made up of 12 moves


to test me to the limit. The individual moves is really tough,


but doing it in a sequence where I only get one chance to get it right


makes it so much harder. Let's get back to it. I will be pulling off


skills like the splits, cartwheels and handstands, which are difficult


enough, but my routine starts with a handspring. And finishes with a


front somersault, two of the hardest moves. And despite how many times I


tried, I have not landed them all perfectly. It is so frustrating! I


get one chance and if I mess it up it will set the scene for the entire


routine. I can't even think about that happening. It is the day before


my performance and I head up to Glasgow. I am starting to feel


really nervous now. I did not think I would but I really am. I have one


last chance to work out all of the things that are going wrong and how


to make it right. Bring on Glasgow and bring on the world gymnastics


championship. When I catch up with my coach while at the training hall


to practice my routine one last time. We are going to do a bit of


training with a couple of routines to get all of your nerds out so you


are fully prepared for tomorrow. Some of the best gymnasts in the


world are also putting in last-minute practice including Lewis


Smith. My first competition did not go to plan so if you mess up... The


Olympics next year! I am very tired. Good morning. Training yesterday


went OK, but I'm still not very confident when it comes to my


somersault or the handspring. I get one chance at this. It's time to do


it. For the very first time I get to see the actual floor that I will be


performing on, and now the size of my challenge really sinks in. I need


to stay focused, so I keep going through the routine over and over in


my head. In just a few hours' time, this place will be packed to the


rafters with spectators, some of the world's greatest gymnasts, and one


very, very nervous Blue Peter presenter. But before I do my final


preparations Rob has a bit of a treat. You have to perform with


style and look the part as well. I have a little surprise for you. My


very own Blue Peter leotard! Look at that. And in true Children in Need


style I have a matching cape and mask. It's time to see if I can be a


hero in front of 8000 people. This is it. I have do pull off 12


different moves including a handspring, cartwheel, the splits,


and two front somersault is. I have never done all of these moves


perfectly in a sequence but can I do them now? I have trained so hard and


given everything I've got, now is the time to just do it. Ladies and


gentlemen, representing Blue Peter, please welcome Radzi! Commentating


on my every move, Matt Baker and Beth Tweddle. All eyes in this arena


at an Radzi. I land a handspring! I can't believe it! That was a great


start, getting his nerves settled. Next it is my somersault. He went


further somersault and e-mail it. I'm really starting to enjoy this


now. -- he nails it. That did not quite go to plan. A little bit shaky


there. Come on, I still have a few moves to go. Look at that, backwards


roll into the splits. That's more like it. It is very easy to wobble


on this. He is holding it well. His final tumble. Here we go. Yes. He's


got it. Look at him! Look at that. He is lapping up the crowd. He is


pleased with that performance. That is a gold badge as far as I'm


concerned. I could not be more elated. I was so


nervous going into that. At the start I thought, go for it, go for


it. And it worked. I will take it. Get in! Well done. Rob, thank you.


If you want to see the full routine, jump onto the Blue Peter website.


Believe me, there are bits that you missed out that I may have messed


up! That was the best thing I have seen you do. You are awesome at


home, too. We want to say thank you for raising money for Children in


Need. Such a great effort. Look at our map, absolutely covered in your


spots. Well done, top banana. We love how creative you are and it


gives us a chance to decorate the studio as well. Thank you for


getting in touch. We did just promise that we would not just


decorate the studio, but we created a super-sized hero mask. Bring it


in, boys. We do not have time to thank all of you that we will give


it a go. In fact, I have a list. Can I borrow the list? We are going to


say thank you to Philip Baker Junior School, Oswald Road primary School.


You carry on doing that and I will do some masks. Elliott from


Stockport sent in this brilliant mask with little bits of yellow


tissue paper. And even a little band over Pudsey's I. Thank you. He is


doing a bake sale to raise money for Children in Need. Well done. And


Taylor from Salisbury has made this glitzy mask. She is going to be


donating her pocket money for Children in Need. That is a good


effort, isn't it? Lauren has made this one. She will be selling cakes.


Also St George 's primary school... He is still going. The money that


you raise for Children in Need is so important and a few weeks ago I went


to a special product -- project to find out why.


Last year, Children in Need raised over ?32 million. Thanks to your


generosity and incredible fundraising, we have been able to


help thousands of children, and I have come to Plymouth to meet some


of them. Hello, guys. Moving to the UK from a different country can be a


very scary experience, but this group has been setup to support


young people who done exactly that. Back-to-back, pony, side to side,


pony. Funded by Children in Need, this is a drama workshop to help to


form friendships and create confidence. Today, I have been


invited to join in. First, some warm up exercises. We have the magic


sweet, any flavour of your choice. We put it in and we start to chew.


It tastes good. I wanted to find out why this project is so important to


those who come here. Tastes like chocolate. Maryam Namazie Iraq four


years ago and Sarah moved from Syria when she was very young. What were


you like when you joined the group? I was shy. Why? Because I did not


know anyone. Has this helped you to make friends? Yes. There are many


reasons for people to move to a new country, for a job, to be closer to


family, or for a change. But some families are forced to move for


their own safety. You may have seen in the news recently many reports


about refugees moving across Europe, as they try to find a safer place to


live. For those that arrive in the UK, groups like this help young


people settle into their new communities. Do you love coming


here? Yes. Why is that? It helps with confidence and acting. Even if


you don't do acting much, it is fine. I like people and you can make


new friends. It is a great opportunity for young


people to be in a safe space for them to be themselves and explore


and grow in confidence. Meeting the group has really made me think about


how frightening and lonely it must be to move to a new country. It is


so important that projects like this are here to help. It is great to see


how your generous donations are helping change these young people's


lives. So this year, grab your cape and be a hero for Children in Need.


Let's take about. -- let's take a bow.


Thank you flitting me join in. It was great. We have asked you to be a


hero for Children in Need. We super-sized our mask, so why not


super-size a hero cape? We may have created the longest superhero cape


anywhere in the world and I am currently wearing it. Feast your


eyes. We are trying to set a world record. Greetings. How long does


this have to be to break the record? At least two metres wide and over 30


metres long. Well, to help us adjudicate, here is Anna from


Guiness World Records. What is the idea, to fold it out into the


corridor and you will tell us if it is long enough? Indeed. It is full


of spots, but it is to mimic the spots on Pudsey. They have been made


by Rainbows, Girl Guides and Brownies, and everyone is different.


They are beautiful. Where are you from? Leads Girl Guides. Your spot


is on here, is it a good one? Yes, it is really good. Loads more to get


through. 106 Girl Guides, Brownies and Rainbows took part. The Women's


Institute helps to sew it all together. 20 metres, two thirds of


the way there. Still a lot to get through. We are almost there. It is


lovely, spotty and yellow. I believe that is possibly a world record.


Remember, there are loads of spots. If you can't see yours, get on the


website and you might get a closer look. 40 metres. And the rest!


Incredible! Fingers crossed, Blue Peter have another world record.


Over to you. As mentioned, it needed to be over 30 metres for a new


Guiness World Records title. I can confirm that it is 44 metres and 27


centimetres! Brilliant. Thank you to everyone who got involved. Here with


their new single Wake Up, it is The Vamps. Where are we going to put


this? # That no one else can touch, my


dear # That no one else can touch, my


dear That's how to finish a show. It has


been a year since we saw you last. What have you been up to? Very busy


writing an album which is out on November 27, so we are excited about


that. And lots of touring. And November 27, so we are excited about


is next? We are back on the road, a world tour, and we are really


excited about it. Thank you so much for coming. Now, it has been a


pretty amazing year on Blue Peter but there are still loads to come.


Check this out. I make myself feel really sick. Stage two will bring


the country to its knees! Look at that!


How to park that? Are we nearly there? It is like the ultimate den.


As you can see, so much to look forward to. Thank you so much. That


is the end of our Children in Need special. Thank you to all of our


special guests. See you later. Goodbye!


I'm preparing for tomorrow night's Children in Need show live on BBC


One from 7:30pm. We have guests from Star Wars, Strictly,


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