A Batmobile, A Kung Fu Panda and A Wave Runner! Blue Peter

A Batmobile, A Kung Fu Panda and A Wave Runner!

Lindsey continues her Sport Relief Challenge, Radzi and Lindsey go behind the scenes of Kung Fu Panda, and Barney takes a ride in the Batmobile. Also, Lawson perform in the studio.

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Today's show is all about music and movies. Lawson will be performing


their brand-new single. We will try to impress the stars of BBC's Got


What It Takes. Lindsey and I have a look at the brand-new Kung Fu Panda


3 and Barney has a right in the Batmobile.




# # Imagine if money just grew on trees


# I would spend the whole day planting seeds


# I wish that I could give you everything


# And treat you to the world's most beautiful things


# And you know someday I will


# I'd give you every diamond ring


# Get that beach house by the sea


#We'd be living like kings and queens


#If I had money, money, money


# Saint Tropez on a yacht we'll cruise


# We'd have nothing in the world to lose


# If I had money, money, money


# I know that being rich can't buy your love


# Even if we're broke we won't give a...


# You and me will always be enough


#But you know I ain't giving up


# You don't want material you don't ask for nothing


# And you know someday I will


# Get that beach house by the sea you every diamond ring


# We'd be living like kings and queens


# If I had money, money, money


# Give you every pair of shoes


#Saint Tropez on a yacht we'll cruise


# We'd have nothing in the world to lose


# Where is the money? # Where is the money?


# If I've got you... # Get that beach house by the sea


you every diamond ring # We'd be living


like kings and queens # If I had money, money,


money # Give you every pair


of shoes #Saint Tropez


on a yacht we'll cruise # We'd have nothing


in the world to lose #.




Thanks, Lawson, and welcome back to Blue Peter!


You've been on the show before. What have you been up to since then?


We've been doing lots of touring. We were with Robbie Williams last year,


he's such a cool guy, great to be with him. Just been motoring the new


single, Money. When is it out? 18th of March, not long now. If you'd


like to stick around we will be doing a lip-synch off later, Radzi


and I come I will be Justin Bieber. Stick around and be the judges. We


want to hear from you. If you could lip-synch as anybody famous, who


would it be and why? We especially want to know why. Now onto something


a little bit different. You might have heard of my epic Sport Relief


challenge that involves me and a giant inflatable ball. Last week we


tried it in the safety of an indoor pool, now it was time to take it to


see. -- to the sea. I'm taking on an epic challenge to run across the


Irish Sea in an inflatable ball. So far I've had a taste of what I'll


face at sea, met one of my Sport Relief heroes... Really, really good


luck, we'll be thinking of you. And I hit an all-time low. I don't see


how I meant to get from one country to another in that. This is the wave


runner. Know what? This training is getting


so tough, these runs are so hard. The gym work is so tough. And I just


really hope we can do this, scary. Back to training.


I'm now three months into my training schedule, working out six


days a week and running up to 30 miles at a time, longer than a


marathon. My physical fitness has improved dramatically, I have more


strength in my legs and weight training has increased the power in


my upper body. But all this training is starting to catch up with me.


I've been doing my really long sessions in the gym, I've noticed my


legs don't like me very much and my knee, especially the left knee, has


been really hurting. Most of the issues, if not all of them, are


about fatigue, getting tired. And start to ache when you get tired.


Trevor uses a special tape to help support my knee as I keep training.


Look at this, the glamour of being a wave runner. So, taped back


together, I had to Scotland to face my next big test. The sea. This


sleepy seaside town called Portpatrick will be the finish line


for my challenge. It's about to meet the wave runner. We're here to find


out how our inflatable ball will cope with the sea. For that we need


a new member of the wave runner team. Introducing king of the waves,


Richard. He has years of experience sailing the Irish Sea, and will be


responsible for plotting my wave runner route. It's vital he sees


what I can do on open water. Today is going to be a bit scary


because now it feels official. I really am going to attempt to be the


wave runner. See you later! Now I kind of want to get in there, do it


today, hopefully make it work on the sea. Enjoy. Goodbye everyone. OK,


Lindsey, start walking the other way, to the other side, turnaround,


and start powering away. These are my very first steps in the sea and


straightaway it feels a lot harder than the flat water of the training


lake. Why am I going this way? You are getting spun, the wind gusts are


changing direction. The waves make it really difficult for me to keep


my balance. It's pushing me! And to make matters worse, the wind keeps


pushing the off-course. I'm going in circles. Once you stop rotating, the


wind catches, we need to keep it rotating to get it going. The sea is


throwing me around this thing. I have to try and get some distance, I


don't want the weather to beat me, so I give it another go. Let's do


this, come on! Not going anywhere. But however much I try to move


forward, the wind just forces me back. This is becoming impossible.


What we're looking at now is the wind, it's causing a issues, we need


to see the thing moving to see how we can resolve it. I can't


physically move it sometimes. We found the limits of what might wave


runner can take and it's worrying. It's almost too much for the Zorba


to handle. It's too much for me to handle being thrown from side to


side and trying to steer it. -- the Zorb. The first day has been a


disaster but the next morning the weather throws us a lifeline. The


wind has dropped and conditions are perfect. Time to give it another go.


The thing about this challenges there are constant ups and downs,


this is a world first and I think yesterday we were really feeling


that. Today is day two of the sea test and I hope we can do it, bring


it on. The water feels so much calmer than yesterday and for the


very first time I start to cover some distance on the sea. That's


great, you are actually controlling the steering now. I'm now able to


use my power to keep myself facing in the same direction and I'm moving


at an OK speed. You are doing good, best run yet. But there is a big


problem, I'm utterly exhausted, my arms are burning and my knee is


hurting again. Whilst I've done better than day one, it's not


enough. I've got nothing left. Every step is


such an effort. I don't get how I'm meant to be in that for ten plus


hours, it's scaring me. But Blue Peter is


go. I've got the best team around me, I'm at my physical peak, and I'm


going to give this everything for Sport Relief. What's 20 miles


anyway, to the wave runner? Makes me feel cold watching that


again. It's so good, I cannot wait to see what happens. You will see


the next part of that next week, the final part. I want to take two


seconds to say I read all of your good luck messages, every single


one, I'm not going to get emotional but they meant the world, thank you


very much. On to something more cheerful. The Big Badge Wall. This


is from Little Eddie, his seven, from Manchester. He sent this box.


If we open... I'm inside doing might wave runner challenge, look! I'm


going through the waves like the wave runner does for sports relief.


You are a genius. Thank you for a picture sent in from Jena, a bee and


Anoushka, on Norfolk beach. -- from Sacha Anoushka and Gina. I was in


Danger Mouse a few weeks ago, playing an evil lizard called


Hissteria. Somebody who loved that was Matthew, he said this. If we


pull this, Hissteria. It's amazing, thank you so much for sending it.


Let's talk about Sport Relief, we want you to keep sending your sweaty


socks, which loads of you have done already. We asked you to send them,


you've done that and then some. Keep sending them. We can see some gaps.


Somebody who's sent one who is brilliant is George. It's got little


noses over it, if I shake it, all of the noses smell the sock. It pongs


as well. George is going to be swimming the length of a pool for


sports relief. To get involved had onto the website after the show,


print out one of those templates, let us know what you are doing to


get involved for Sport Relief and we will add your spot to the map. On


the Blue Peter website, check out the storyteller game. Create and


animate stories, jokes. Even the bikes from Barney and myself's


velodrome challenge. I've got my skirt and top on from the studio,


running in the wave runner. The fish are being supported. Question for


you. Out of everyone we know who would you most like to get in the


Batmobile? Barney Harwood, easily. He got to do it a few weeks ago,


check this out! It's only the Batmobile. You know


that round about now I would normally say I want one but today,


I'm going to change it. I really want one. The most iconic and famous


car in showbiz history. Seven and a half metres long, three and a half


metres wide, and it weighs three and a half tonnes. That is about the


same as 30 elephants. That is amazing. Imagine how difficult it


will have been to ship this to the UK from America. It came by playing


in three pieces and when it got here, special mechanics were shipped


in to put it together for the premiere. It is awesome and I really


want one. This is one of three Batmobiles built. Ben Affleck


actually filmed in this car. It is awesome. I know what you're saying,


it is all very well showing us the facts but I want to see it in


action. Before you do, I have something I need to do. The routers.


He has the power to wipe out the entire human race. If we believe


there is even a 1% chance he is our enemy, we have to make sure it is a


certainty. The greatest match in the history of the world. God versus


man. It's also an! Some people might say


it is the kind of car you could borrow while nobody was looking.


Steve, let's go! That is the coolest thing about Blue


Peter. The power of television,


it gets Blue Peter access Watch my hand, we are going to


London. I think we can do better than that. Let's go somewhere else.


Paris! Lovely. Somewhere else? Halfway round the world, Sydney.


Lovely. It's a nice year, hot. I want somewhere else. One nice Place,


Los Angeles. There would be nice. I think we are actually in LA. No way!


That's impossible! Look at the palm trees, the sand, the sea breeze, we


are in LA! That's right, we are actually in Los Angeles for a very


special reason. We adhere to pay a visit to one of the world's biggest


animation Studios. I absolutely guarantee that you have seen a


DreamWorks movie before. They have made loads of films like Chirac,


Madagascar, How To Train Your Dragon and kung fu Panda. You must be the


dragon warrior. And you must be Kai. Beast of vengeance, maker of widows.


And here is where it is made. Check out those Oscars! But we're not just


here for a tour of the studios. We have one more surprise for you. We


are actually going to be in Kung Fu Panda three. I can't believe this.


We're going to be lending our voices to two new pandas. But where do you


start voicing characters for a animated movie? Let's ask the voiced


rectors. You guys are going to be part of a bunch of characters we


meet in Panda village. What are your top tips? Channel your inner Panda.


Have fun with it and see what comes out of it. We are so excited. Let's


do this. To help us find those in pandas, Jennifer and Alessandro take


us through our lines. Everyone, temp me back -- Li is back! We have been


told we can make our characters sound however we want, which takes


some getting used for. I never do things that I don't know whether it


is right or wrong. They are back, everyone, Li is back! Yeah! I am


eating, that is so good. I need to come over there! That is wonderful.


And we even get to do some kung fu. It might look a bit odd, but moving


helps us really feel our characters. We did it! Today has been off the


charts. I cannot wait to see this in the cinema. It has been incredible.


The only problem is, we used all the magic to get here but how will we


get back? Watch this. But dear. Don't worry. Taxi! Fast forward a


few weeks, and we were ready to record our parts back in the UK. We


made it! They are back! Gimme a second... Now we are featured in a


Hollywood movie, maybe it is time we started hanging out with other film


stars, like Po himself, Mr Jack Black. Spare me the chitchat, let's


do this. Jack has been an Blue Peter before so we have a special surprise


in store. If you do something more than once on the Peter, we award you


with a silver badge. So I will present you with your silver badge.


My Daesh! Not many people have one of those. -- my gosh. This is truly


an honour. Let's talk about your character, Po. We play cute baby


pandas and you play a great big Panda who has been in all three


films. What was it like to play him? Playing Po has been one of the


greatest things of my life. We have grown up together. Chat chat chat.


It has been like a journey, the beginning, the middle, and the end.


This is like the grand finale so it is exciting. How do you focus your


inner Panda? Silent meditation every morning. A powerful breakfast. And


kung fu. So if you check out Kung Fu Panda three, make sure you listen


out for us. Everyone, Li is back! He found his son!


That was one of the coolest things I have ever been part of. But take a


look at this picture here. These are the credits. And who is above our


names, but the children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!


Now, have you been gripped by the amazing CBBC's Got What It


The winner, and the person who will be performing at radio one's big


weekend is Amaria. Please welcome Lauren Platt


and winner of Got What It Takes, Lauren, I know you from X Factor.


You presented this series. How was that? It was nice to be on the other


side of things. It is not something I ever expected myself to do after X


Factor but I actually loved every bit. You have done a fantastic job.


And Amaria, we saw how shocked you were but what was it like when they


said your name? In the moment, it was just like, she was taking a


while, and I was like, just say it out, but when they said my name I


was shocked and excited. You can really say that. That means you are


going to be performing in extra as part of the big weekend. What do you


think? I am pumped. I want to get it over and done with. And well


deserving winner. As you're both now experts,


we want you all to judge a Radzi v We need to two judges. Please


welcome back Lawson. First up, we have Lindsey performing sorry by


Justin Bieber. # You gotta go and get angry


at all of my honesty. # You know I try but I don't do too


well with apologies. # Cos I just need one more


shot at forgiveness. # I know you know that I made those


mistakes maybe once or twice. # And by once or twice I mean maybe


a couple of hundred times. # So let me, oh, let me redeem, oh,


redeem, oh, myself tonight. # Cos I just need one more


shot, second chances. # Cos I'm missing more


than just your body, oh. # Yeah, I know-oh-oh


that I let you down. # Is it too late


to say I'm sorry now? # Is it too late


to say I'm sorry now? Here he is, lip syncing


to Adele's, Hello. # I was wondering if after all these


years you'd like to meet. # They say that time's


supposed to heal you. # I'm in California dreaming


about who we used to be. # I've forgotten how it felt before


the world fell at our feet. # There's such


a difference between us. # At least I can say


that I've tried. # To tell you I'm sorry


for breaking your heart. # It clearly doesn't


tear you apart any more. You make such a mass! I am a


chicken! Over to you, judges. Let's vote. Three, two, one. I'm so sad.


Let's go and read the comments. You have made a real mess of the


studio. Earlier in the show, we asked,


if you could lip sync with someone famous,


who would it be and why? I am out of breath! That was lovely.


It is going to take me so long to get these feathers out of my hair.


It got guava says, I want to do with the happy dance with Radzi. Jumping


flamingo says Ed Sheeran because I would dance to all the amazing


guitarist solos. Caught glittery Jedi says, I would lip sync with


Meghan Trainor because I am a fan of dancing. There are so many. Pancake


nose says, I would lip sync with well I am because he has an amazing


voice and inspires me. --.... I'm afraid that is just about all we


have time for. Make sure you're watching next week because we have a


celebrity Sport Relief spectacular. We will be live from


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where the big Sport Relief "Clash


of the Titans" show is happening. We'll have exclusive


behind the scenes access And I take on the Irish Sea


in the final part of my epic Facts are coming in, guys! See you


later. Bye-bye. -- thanks for coming in.


Mary Poppins visits the studio for a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious performance! Barney travels to Munich and chats to British astronaut Tim Peake. Also, Angellica Bell reveals the Blue Peter Book Award Winners.

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