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Brand New Dream Big Competition!

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A blue Peter competition. Wrestling, and a dog that performs tricks.


That would be the best Blue Peter show ever.


Today's show is action packed as we've got Britain's Got Talent


Is that dog driving a car? That was great.


We're launching another amazing exclusive Blue Peter competition


later, and this one involves one of the biggest Hollywood director's


And we'll find out who our Guide Dog Iggy has been matched


And I need some heroes amongst men. I got that excited, I thought I


would put on some lycra. This is WWE. And I have been invited by the


see and is of their UK tour. In just a few hours' time, the wrestlers


will walk down the ramp and enter the legendary ring behind me. Can


you imagine over 10,000 people all chanting your name? So what is it


actually like to be a wrestling superstar? Guess it was going to


find out. It's me. First, you get into your wrestling


gear. You need a unique look to stand out. That is definitely


unique. A wrestler's entrance music is so important. You have to choose


a song that shows you mean business, it needs to be epic, and to show


that you are tough and that you are really cool above or else. -- above


all else. # My boy Lollipop. # You make my


heart go giddy-up. Change it! Next, it is time to face


your opponent in the ring. Obviously, I am too intimidating for


anybody else but if I was to meet somebody... I didn't mean it. I was


just... Got to! These guys are the New Day and they are the world


wrestling tank team champions. Meet Kofi Kingston, Xavier words and Big


E. What does it mean to be a WWE superstar? It means a lot. It means


things outside and inside the ring. We run an anti-bullying campaign,


and lots of things to empower youth. If any viewers want to be


superstars, what do you say to them? I would say, getting the best


possible shape of your life and dedicate yourself. Learn, find a


good school, and get ready for the greatest trip you could imagine. I


would like to be a superstar but only a wicked name. What do you


think of the Radzi Rumble? I like the alliteration. What do you think


of Brands because if I joined you guys it would be Brand New Day.


Let's have a huddle. Brand-new day... Yes! Happy days. Boys, you


have let me into your team, so I have a gift for you. I like this


guy. You have your very own Blue Peter badge. I have always wanted


one of these! If you believe you can do it, you can become a superstar. I


am a superstar. , Yes, you are. You have the hair, the outfit. There is


only one thing you need to do. What's that?! Wrestle! I can't


wrestle. OK, so it seems like I'm not quite cut out to be a wrestling


superstar but I have loved every minute of my time in the ring and as


for my outfit, I think I will give it back to Barney. I have been in a


wrestling ring! You look so happy. He has done this all day. Was that


the most you have smiled ever? Watch online, to check out this exclusive


clip, of me teaching the guys the Radzi happy dance. What would your


wrestling Dabiq two I think my wrestling name would be Little


Rosler. A mixture of little and Rosler. If we had Barney, it would


be a triple threat. Head online to the Blue Peter


website to leave your unique wrestler name, and we'll try


and read as many as we can Now, we know you all love


to enter our Blue Peter competitions and, boy, have we got something


immense to announce right now. This one is absolutely incredible.


Have a look at this. I am in London at the Southbank Centre to tell you


about an incredible brand new blue Peter competition. You will need to


open up your imagination, travel to incredible places. Because we want


you to dream big. This year, one of the world's greatest children


authors, Roald Dahl, would have celebrated his 100th birthday. And


one of his most famous creations, the BFG, is about to hit the big


screen. It is the story of a Big Friendly Giant, and the dreams that


he captures. Inspired by this, we want you to create your very own


dream story. If you could dream of anything, what would it be, and


where would you go? Let your imagination run wild. To enter, you


need to dream up the setting and the characters. Right on the plot, and


it must be completely original. It can be about anything, anywhere


at any time. Next, right down and draw the beginning, middle and the


end scene so that we can capture your dream exactly as you have


imagined it. Because we will be turning one of your dreams into its


own amazing animation. And we have got a very special panel lined up to


judge them. I play Sophie in the movie. Joining Ruby on the judging


team is someone very special indeed. I am Lucy Dahl, Roald Al's youngest


daughter and I am one of the judges for this exciting competition. --


Roald Dahl. My dad told me bedtime stories every night and at the end


of the story he told us that our dreams could country, so dream big.


I will be looking for a clear story, great characters and real


imagination. But that is not all. One of you will be in with the


chance of showing your animation to a Hollywood directing legend. I am


Stephen Spielberg, the director of the BFG. That's right, Stephen


Spielberg. How amazing would that be?! We are very excited to


introduce Blue Peter's giant competition to celebrate the release


of the BFG. We are totally excited. All the details of how to enter this


competition is on our website. Make your dream as preposterous as


possible. My dad told me there is no limit to your imagination so now it


is your time to dream big. I think that is an absolutely awesome


competition. We need to talk details. Remember, your story needs


to be completely original. With all your own characters


and settings, it's all about using Remember, it's not just


about the words, you need to draw the beginning,


middle and end of your Dream Big story but don't worry if drawing


or writing isn't your thing. We're interested in how


original, creative and The top 15 stories will


earn the much sought after Orange Blue Peter Competition


Badge. From those 15, three top entries


from each age category, will be chosen and granted a special


invitation to the BFG And the overall winner will have


their animation turned into real life.


The closing date is 12 noon on 23rd May and we will only accept entries


by post, so what are you waiting for?


As soon as the show's finished, head online to the Blue Peter


There are three pages you need to complete, so make sure you read


And don't worry if you missed any of these details, all the info


you need is on the website, including the all important


Basically, dream big. Go for it, be magical. And I think when it comes


to sleeping, I am pretty good. I can sleep anywhere. You are amazing. He


falls asleep all the time, on shoots, on location. Another film of


them sleeping. You do not like mornings. That is the key, I don't


like mornings. So what is so important about dreaming? Please


welcome Collett, to answer our questions. I'm doing an interview on


a bed for this and feeling pretty good about life.


The average person spends 25 years of their life sleeping.


So, an average 12 year old would have already


It is a really complicated area but in simple terms, why is sleep so


important? You are right, we spend about a third of our lives asleep.


But sleep is so important because it is a lot to do with how we learn and


how our brains look after ourselves. So if you are looking to learn how


to play the piano or to kick a perfect goal in football, and you


want to practice and practice and practice, it is actually when you


are asleep that your brain turns that experience into long-term


memory, and therefore you learn. You also need sleep because your brain


needs time to sort out what it was doing during the day. So it does a


tidy out, cleans itself out and has a relaxed. And your body needs to


rest so you can grow muscles and bones, to be fresh and ready for the


day ahead. It really is a special process. I know there are stages,


but what are they? There are two types of stage, NREM, which is up of


three main parts, including light sleep, when you're drifting out of


sleep. So here is me sleeping now. Stage two is deeper. He spent most


of your night in stage two. I look comfortable. And then stage three is


really deep sleep, when you are out cold. And then there is REM sleep,


rapid eye movement sleep, which is dreaming sleep.


Have you ever seen a dog twitching and making wuffing


That's when they are in REM sleep, and probably dreaming


How do you know what's going on when people are asleep?


What is going on here? I am setting you up with electrodes. When you are


asleep, your brain has different activity patterns, difference to


when you are awake. If we look here... These are your pictures.


This is you in stage one, light sleep. You can see smooth, quiet


signals they are. And that is in your deep sleep. Here, you are


actually out cold, well and truly asleep. Could you tell if I was


freshly asleep? You did fall asleep quickly, were you tired? I was,


yeah. This one, do you remember dreaming? I dreamt, but don't


remember it. Talking of that, what our dreams? It is a natural part of


your nights sleep. Nightmares, even though they are frightening, they


are normal. It is a normal thing going on and most people grow out of


them. They are not something to worry about but if nightmares are


concerning, then you should talk to your parents about it. But they are


a normal relaxing thing. Actually, it is when important


a normal relaxing thing. Actually, consolidation studies going on. It


is a fascinating area. A lot of our viewers have asked questions. Green


and Peral asked, what is sleep, that bit between your eyes? During the


day, you are bleating away, bit between your eyes? During the


you are asleep, you are bit between your eyes? During the


all those hours bit between your eyes? During the


you are not getting a chance to wipe your eyes. It is just two years,


maybe some oil from your skin, maybe skin cells, everything is fine and


natural. Give it a white in the morning. Magenta says, why do we


sleep walk or sleep talk? That is an important question, because when you


are in that deep stage sleep, you have partially woken up but you are


still out cold. Why can I never remember my dreams


when I wake up? It is a sign of good quality nights sleep. Most of all,


we remember our dreams if we are woken up and disturbed. What top


tips can we have for a perfect night's sleep? Have a routine. Same


bedtime every night. Calm, quiet, relaxed and cool room. Tablets,


phones, televisions give off blue light. That mimic sunlight and it


tells your brain to stay awake. They are not good for you. A good, calm


routine and enjoy your sleep. It's good for you. As natural as eating


and breathing. I'm sure that everyone would agree that what you


have said is fascinating. A round of applause please for Collett. Behind


our heads is a dream catcher. If you would like to make one, the details


of how to do it are online. Now onto this week's Big Badge Wall,


full of your amazing post you've If you can see yourself on there,


you have got a blue Peter Bradshaw. -- a blue Peter badge.


Armadillos are trending on the wall this week.


Mark, 7, from Glazebury, has sent in a picture


And I love this armadillo booklet sent in from Jessica, 7, from Kent.


He is wearing a little badge. If I open up the booklet, she has


included loads of brilliant fact about Armadillos.


She also asks, "What did Mellon, the armadillo feel like?


She really did feel like a melon. I loved feeling her. Did you say, what


would my face looked like made out of a puppy mache balloon?


Sent in from Larissa, 9, from Rossendale.


I like this picture of me playing hockey, which has


been sent from Sara, 11 from Lochgelly.


I have got my plaits and my hockey stick and I am really going for it.


It's even got the newly designed Sport Badge 2016 on there.


We launched it last week in all its glory. I like it.


Poppy, aged 10 from Conwy has created this Diddy Barney,


after he visited the set of Diddy TV.


With a greener screen. Thanks for sending them in. If you have made


them and reached the wall, you have got a blue Peter badge.


So, if you want the chance to see your Iggy art work


Talking of Iggy, we know you all love seeing our Guide Dog


through her training over the last couple of years, well the time has


finally come for Iggy to meet her new owner and friend


Meet Callum, he lives with his mum in Bradford and there is a new


addition to their family, e.g.. Iggy. I would describe his


personality as mischievous, and cheeky. Similar to how she has been


in the studio on the live show. Her favourite game is to find a slipper


or a trainer or hide it in a random place. Callum has been blind since


birth and recently used a cane to help him get around. He has never


had a guide dog so when Nicky came into his life, it was a big change.


I was nervous at first because I have never had a pet dog. At the


same time, I was so excited. Cal used to find a simple journeys quite


tricky. Before Iggy joined our family, it was a real task to get


around. My mum would have to go out and make sure there weren't too many


things in my way. Now, Iggy can get me around a lot safer. But walking


around with Iggy took a lot of getting used to. Sometimes the dog


might go too fast for me. But she was perfect. I was told that the way


I was walking was like a robot because I was nervous but once I get


over that I was all right. As well as a 15 minute walk to his Nana's


house he is also able to make the journey to college without his mum's


help. I have a ten minute bus ride and from the bus stop I have to walk


to the station and get on a train for a couple of minutes. Then I have


a five-minute walk to college. To get through that with a cane is more


complicated than with a dog. Iggy can see and so she can guide me


around things that aren't safe. It is confidence that you don't get a


cane. Having Iggy has changed Callum's life totally. He has his


independence and his mobility. They are best friends and she is just


amazing. In just a few months, Iggy and Calum Howarth become a very


special team. She has changed my life so much. I can't wait for what


is coming in the future. I can't wait for the adventures that we're


going to have. Watching that, I had a tea in my life. It is so nice to


see how well they are getting on. Iggy is really changing his life.


Speaking of which, they are both going to be in the studio next week.


From one special dog to another, it's time for an amazing


performance from Agent Pudsey and Agent Ashleigh, as they take


on some pesky cat burglars to save the world,




What a little hero. Pudsey is brilliant. That show looks like it


is going to be incredible. Apart from amazing acrobatics, what can we


expect from the show? There is something for everyone and we want


the audience to get involved with the show. We go around the world,


basically. He is a super dog. He has a jet pack.


Pudsey has been in the news recently involving Simon Cowell, how's


He was in trouble with Simon but it's all OK now.


We're touring around theatres in the UK,


And if you want to see more from Pudsey , head


online as he answers some of your questions.


Earlier in the show, we asked you what your wrestler


I would be called the tiny talkative tormentor. Because I talk too much.


Hot cookie would be my name. My signature move would be the fists of


Fury. It sounds awesome. Earthquake erupting. I would be fast and scary


like an earthquake erupting. I would be called Bacon lady. I love bacon.


I would shoot it at people. You have to be careful. You have to rasher


the bacon. Big bicep Bob. As simple as that. I would be Bush EB because


my hair is bushy. Have you said these in? A might have done. I


apologise in advance. If you've been on the Fan Club page


on the Blue Peter website today, you'll know we've been playing


Presenter Bingo. I said the secret phrase 'triple


threat' earlier in the show. We've got a special Fan Club


takeover show in two weeks time, so head online and tell us


what you want to see on the show There is a chat with a huge


celebrity. It's me. Next week, we will be celebrating all things Iggy.


We are celebrating her amazing last two years on the show. We have


something special coming from hacker T dog. Make sure you are here. Same


time, next week.


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