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Today's show is all about our favourite dog!


I can't talk now, it's show time! I'm running a bit


I've been down the pooch parlour making myself all glamorous


and ready for my starring role on today's show!


But nil ye fret - Blue Peter's favourite dog is on his way!


Linds, I think there's been a huge mistake!


Hello! Welcome to today's


live show which is all about our heroic hound,


We will look back at some of her best bits, all the way until now.


If you were watching last week you will have seen Iggy


Well today they are live, right here in the studio!


We will be chatting to you a little bit later.


We'd like you to tell us about your favourite Iggy moments


Also coming up, Lindsey and I go head to head


bits and CBBC's Hacker T Dog sings a special song for our poochy pal!


Before that, let's kick start our celebrations with a performance


from this year's Eurovision entry for the UK.


Here with 'You're Not Alone' - it's Joe and Jake!


# Heartbeat, when you're not around its beating slow,


# And it's something that I've never known


# I'll be, I'll be the answer you've been waiting for


# I'll be the truth that you've been looking for


# You're not alone, we're in this together,


# All that you want is right here forever


# And when you fall I'll be your parachute


# I-I-I feel like I'm dancing in the sky


# You're not alone we're in this together


# All that you want is right here forever


# I-I-I feel like I'm dancing in the sky,


# Your smile tells me all I need to know


# Your eyes show me where I want to go


# All that you want is right here forever


# I-I-I feel like I'm dancing in the sky,


# I come alive when I'm with you


Joe and Jake, straight up top. Thank you so much. Welcome to Blue Peter.


Let's start at the beginning. Eurovision Song Contest. In two days


you will be performing in Stockholm. How are you feeling? Pretty nervous.


It is starting to kick in, but we will do everything we can to do


everybody proud. We have our fingers crossed for you. What is lovely is


that the public voted for you. Yes, it is amazing, that the UK public


backed us and voted for us. We owe them a good result. And do we think


they can do the business? Yes! Did you watch when you were younger? We


did. Any favourites? My favourite was the winner from last year. I am


a fan of Jena G. If you can beat her... All the best of luck. If you


love Eurovision as much as we do, the second round is on tonight but


the final is on BBC One on Saturday at 8pm.


If you are having a Eurovision party, head to our website where Joe


and Jake give their top three party tips. Check it out. If you are on


the website and you fancy a laugh, find out what happened when they met


Diddy Dick and Dom. Very funny. Onto another Lindsey against Radzi


head-to-head, on the water and surfboards. I am ready. The beach is


that way. Catching the first wave of the day, breaking the surface of the


water. The freedom, the ride. Surfing. Some say it is in the soul.


Lindsey. Be quiet, and try to make this look really cool. Are we


missing something? What? A beach. Yes, fair point. When you think of


surfing you probably don't imagine a lake in the Welsh countryside. This


is surf Snowdonia, which attracts some of the best surfers in the


world, like four times Welsh champion, Joe Denison. We can see


how big the waves are, but we are not at a beach. How does this work?


It is really simple. There is a big snowplough that goes down the pier


and creates the waves, just like this. It goes through the water and


pushes the water out of the way and you get good waves. So it creates a


wave on each side. You made it look so easy. I don't think we will look


like that. I have done a lot of surfing. On the internet. The


snowplough creates a two metre waves every 90 seconds. Joe is going to


give us a masterclass, but we need to start on dry land. This is the


front and this is the tale. The top, where we will be standing. And the


fins help you with steering. But before we even think about steering,


we need to master standing up. When you are lying on the board, keep


your toes together. You can see the waves coming. Look over your


shoulder, start to paddle. Quick! Right, one, two, and you are


surfing. OK! I am surfing. You are off! Time to get in the water?


Sounds good. We are getting in the water. Lindsey. Shall we go? Yes, I


love a water based challenge. First, Joe wants us to get used to catching


the waves. We need to lie down and paddle as hard as we can with our


arms. And when you get it right, it is so much fun.


Now we have a feel for the waves, it is time to try and stand up. This is


so much harder than it looks. And Joe has not finished with us yet. We


have time for one more surf session. We are going to do a challenge.


Whoever stands up for the longest on a wave will be crowned Blue Peter


surfing superstar. Wow! So, it is the best of three waves. Who can


stay up the longest? I am first. Here we go. That didn't quite go to


plan. Unlucky. My turn. No, got the timing all right. Around two. I


managed to catch the wave. But again, I just can't stand up. Lets


see if I can do better. I am actually up! That must count,


surely. Time for my final go. I cannot let Radzi win. Nearly. Oh,


no. Come on, one last chance to get it right. This is the one. I am


surfing. I am actually surfing. I am up, balancing, I think I have done


it. I just surfed a wave properly! I loved it. I absolutely loved it.


When you get it, you feel on top of the world. Here you go. I think you


won this fair and square today. Look at that. Hit the water and go and


ride it in. Let's go. I will paddle! I surfed the wave. Yes! I will let


you have that because I have never seen you happier. If you want more


surfing silliness, head online where you can see us having a go at surf


or turf. Have a look at this little girl. This is Shelley, and she will


be hiding somewhere. She is somewhere in the studio. If you can


spot her, let us know where she is. Let's talk about Dream Big, our


latest competition, launched last week, involving Stephen Spielberg


and Roald Dahl's Big Friendly Giant. This is how to apply. As part of


Roald Dahl's 100th birthday celebrations and to mark the arrival


of the Big Friendly Giant to the big screen, we are launching a giant


competition. We want you to create your very own dream story. It can be


about anything, anywhere, at any time. The winning entry will be


turned into an amazing animation, and we have got a very special panel


lined up to judge them. Joining Ruby is Roald Dahl's youngest daughter,


Lucy. I will be looking for a clear story, great characters and real


imagination. And the winner will be in with a chance of meeting a


Hollywood legend. I am Stephen Spielberg, director of the BFG.


Details of how to enter are on the BBC website. Now it is your turn to


trim bash backward Dream Big. You want to apply, don't you? Let's


talk about the details. Your dream needs to be original, including


original characters and settings. You need to make sure that you draw


a beginning, a middle and the end. That is really important. It will


all be on the form, so make sure you fill it out. If scoring is not your


thing, don't worry, just get your ideas down, make them clear,


engaging and magical. Jumped onto the website and download your form.


It looks something like this. It is three pages long. Make sure you fill


out all the details. If you missed any of them today, head to the


website for the terms and conditions. Also important is the


closing date, Monday, 12 noon on the 23rd of May. We are only accepting


postal entries. So apply now. Well, after the show. We are very excited


to have Iggy back and excited that she has brought along her new owner,


Callum. Hello, Callum. How are you? Welcome to the studio. Iggy knows


that we are live, so she is having a snooze. I am glad you are awake. You


have had a busy day. Newsround, ABC breakfast, Radio Leeds, all over the


place. You are a celebrity couple. You have had her for two and a half


months. How has it been going? Really well. She moved in in


February and we have been training. As you have seen from last week, we


have mastered college and my Nan 's and all that. It is going great.


Would you say it has changed your life? Yes. Definitely. Not even just


getting out and about but my independence in general. It is a new


friend and a new thing to look after. Have you introduced her to


all your friends? They love her. I know she works hard, but you like to


chill out as well. What do you do when you are just hanging out? She


loves playing in the garden, or just playing around the house. She loves


her toy. Now, enough about Iggy. We love her, but we love you and we


want to know about you. What are you into? I play golf occasionally. I


love music and I'm getting into DJ. I am seeing what I can do with that.


Also, I started stand-up comedy not long ago. Has she been along to


watch you and had a laugh? I don't think she likes my jokes. Come on,


Iggy. You have to be supportive. Someone has told us it is your


birthday today. 17, everyone. So, you did not know we were going to do


this but Radzi is coming on and we have a little surprise which we will


put next to you. It is your very own Iggy cake. It is magic, and the most


lifelike cake I have ever seen. It could be a member of her family. And


apparently it is made of chocolate. Your favourite. Yes. Also, we did


not want to leave Iggy out, so we have a little bone. Iggy. A little


birthday bone. She likes that. Callum, thank you for coming in. You


are hanging around for a chat later and for your favourite Iggy moments.


Thank you, Callum. This bone smells really meaty,


doesn't it? There's far too many moments


to talk about so we've put In 2014 new Blue Peter puppy came


along and we were all instantly in love. Good girl! In just two years


she has grown from an adorable pup to a confident, clever guide dog.


This is Iggy's story. Iggy was the seventh in a litter of eight putts.


She was always destined for guide dogs training, and after just six


weeks it was time to see if she had what it takes. She passed with


flying colours, of course. Nice one, Iggs. Just two weeks later she


joined us in the Blue Peter studio for her first live TV debut. I can


reveal the Blue Peter guide dog's name is Iggy. Hello, Iggy. Hello,


Iggy. After settling into life as a Blue Peter dog and having some puppy


sleepovers with me it was time for Iggy to meet the family that would


chain her for the next year of her life. -- train her. By now it was


clear you were all huge Iggy fans. From him in Leeds, check it out.


Either from Bristol, Lovett. She was getting used to life in the


spotlight, hanging out with some pretty big celebs. Please welcome


Iggy the Labrador! Another showbiz dog even wrote a song about her.


# When you came here I thought you replaced me!


# Iggy took it all in her stride, she wasn't fussed. When her brothers


and sisters paid her a birthday visit, it was another matter. Very


exciting for them. We are getting them twisted. They are having such a


good time, look how happy they are! Although she's pretty chilled out,


when she wants to be, Iggy can be just a little bit cheeky. But it's


not just been about Blue Peter. Iggy was also undergoing tough training


to become a guide dog. There was no guarantee she'd make it all the way.


Good. But when the time came for me to put my trust in her, she didn't


let me down. Iggy, forward. Good girl. Now Iggy is fully trained and


has formed a special bond with her new owner, Callum, helping him live


a more independent life. We are also proud of Iggy and what she has


achieved in just two years and we wish her the very best of luck on


her new adventure. APPLAUSE I was loving those Iggy moment as


much as she is loving that bone, she has been nibbling at it throughout.


To celebrate Iggy we have covered the studio in your brilliant Iggy


posters, even more than she had on her birthday. A super yellow badge


wall, Iggy faces everywhere. Catriona, aged 10,


from Edinburgh has sent this. Floppy tale, googly eyes. You have


gained yourself a silver badge. This next piece of post is a double


whammy. From Lucy and


Ellie, both aged 9, This says hello, my name is Iggy.


I'm getting bigger and starting to train as a guide dog. I'm a big girl


now and ready to be a guide dog for Callum. Iggy, you are in a all of


the post, you are a bit of a celeb! Jessica, aged seven, this is made of


origami, very creative. Guide dog jacket on, and a little badge.


Jessica, you have earned a badge, good job, my friend. I've got the


joke about origami, you'll crease up! No, I'm on my own. Jacob from


London played made this fantastic poster. His favourite egg toy,


although Callum is on a trampoline, that's dangerous. Callum, have you


got a trampoline? I've not, no, but I will do after that. Callum laughs


in the face of health and safety. Of course we are huge fans of Iggy, but


we are not the only ones. Performing with a quartet


from the BBC Philharmonic # The first two years were lots of


fun # But now your guide dog training's


done # A brand-new life has just begun


# You'll always be our Iggy pup # Remember girl on Radio 2


# The birthday cake and we made few # So proud you started this new job


# We love you, no matter what # So worry not


# You'll always be our Blue Peter dog


# Blue Peter friend for life # One dog like this one year we'll


see you right # When you need a guide


# One dog like this will see you right


# You graduated guide dog high # And now is the time to say goodbye


# You've graduated guide dog high # And now's the time to say goodbye


# Blue Peter friend for life # One dog like this one year would


see you right # When you need a guide


# One dog like this one here will see you right


#. Thank you! All right? One take. That was so brilliant. Ten out of


ten. Head online for a karaoke version


of Hacker's goodbye song We had similar questions coming in


for Callum. This one says" when you are blind, do you just see whiteness


or Black Mass? " It is hard to me to describe because


I have always been blind. With mean never having site, you don't really


know what they are, to be honest. I suppose just blackness. This one


says, in what ways will Iggy help you in day-to-day life? Basically,


with a cane like I used to use, the main difference is, if you are out


and about and there is an obstacle, you come into contact with it, so


you have to hit the bin, parked car or whatever, find your own way


round, whereas Iggy can see, and she can guide me round. Many times she


has walked me past something and I haven't even known it was there.


She's a little hero. We've got a favourite moment here, it says "I


loved when she had a bath and everybody got water everywhere", and


we love that, too. I just want to thank the guide dogs team so much.


All the trainers, even Iggy's puppy walker there is just so much hard


work that goes into it. Thank you so much, Callum, and thanks for coming


in. Blue violet spotted Shelley. Make sure you are watching next


time, it is the fan club takeover. You can control the show through the


fan club. We will send one of these two items, can you see them, there?


We will send into space. This is not a drill, I'm not joking. Get online


and vote. We will explain how you can become an official Blue Peter


fan. It's going to be a special shows. It will indeed. I can barely


hear you because Iggy is chewing on that bone so much. See you next


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