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Blue Peter Appeal Launch

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Coming up today, I go behind the scenes of Disney's latest film,


Frankenweenie, and uncover the secrets of how characters are


brought to life. We are getting ready for her win with some


Brystone goodies. And we launched They are excited! For good reason.


Welcome to Blue Peter. There's a buzz about the studio today. You


can probably hear it. Today we are launching this year's Blue Peter


Appeal, but we are not going to tell you what it involves just yet.


First I want to talk about these. This is a botkin sent in by Archie,


who is nine and from Hampshire. It was also sent in by Alfie. Take a


look at this picture, sent in by Liam. He says he cut the bottle,


but in the plastic bag, as per the instructions, but he didn't have a


close stick so he shone a torch from behind. We do like it. We also


had a photograph from Flora. She created two botkins. Elizabeth and


Christopher have gone one step further. Fees are recycled monsters.


-- of these are. If you missed it and you want to have a go, the


instructions are on the Blue Peter website. Now that we have the


decorations sorted, but you are still wanting to freak out your


friends, let me show you something that is really gruesome. Look at


these. If you've been watching the Great British Bake-Off, you will


know there's more to making a cake than sticking a few ingredients in


a tin. You can be so creative. If you take a look down the front, you


will see some severed toes. Fees are really a double, they are


biscuits. -- Visa are. They are really nice. Even though it has got


a big corner on it and there's a bone sticking out. Why not try a


severed ear instead? It is quite gross. Blood around the side. But


that one has got Piers things. This is part of Hallowe'en. I will


introduce you to the latest -- Lady Harrer has made them, Natasha. You


will show us how to make these eyeballs. Let's talk about the toes.


Where did the idea come from? working on an event at the


pathology museum in London. Everything has to be anatomically


correct or based on pathology and diseases. A lot of people have done


fingers and I thought, toes. not? You will show us how to make


these eyeballs. What ingredients will we need? Peanut butter third,


but there, icing sugar. We will add some popping candy as well and


decorated it with fondant and food colouring. And lemon curd. If you


would like to know the exact amounts, go to the website. Let's


get messy. We bung everything into a bowl. I am good at bunging. There


is the peanut butter are going in. That is a thick! I hope fingers are


going in his soon. Stir it around until it becomes a bit like


breadcrumbs and then you can get your fingers in. It is like making


blow because the icing sugar is working like flower in a Yorkshire


pudding mix. It is nice and simple, just three ingredients to make the


just three ingredients to make the base. We've got some already made.


Once you've mixed it properly, you end up with this. That has cut the


popping candy in as well. Why has the popping candy got chocolate on


it? If you don't have chocolate, it will pop in the air and also, once


it's in the eyeballs, it will pop. You wanted to pop when you bite


into it. Yes, you need for a surprise. Mash it together until


you have a nice eyeball shape. comes next? Then we get some


fondant. A bit like icing. A Yes. You need to put those in the fridge


for about half an hour. Here is some we had earlier. Then you very


gently fold your fondant around the peanut butter. And then Squidgygate


together. That will be the base. -- at squeegee it together. Then you


get a cocktail stick. You want to make a circle that will be the iris.


The iris is the bit that has the pupil in it. I am concentrating.


the end we will get some food colouring from a supermarket. We


will start with the pupil. That is gross! I will go for green because


I am going to make an incredible hulk Bible. -- eyeball. By you can


use liquid but this will come out clearer. If you wet your paintbrush,


and makes a little marks come up that will give you more of the


shape of the iris. They have bits of light. That makes it more


interesting. A different brush for the pupil. Yes. Leaving a little


bit of white. To make it shiny. Then you can paint a little bit of


black around the Iris as well. Because these are gruesome,


diseased eyes, we will paint a little bit of red around the


outside of the iris. You can use that same colour to do the veins


around the outside of the eye as well. There's a technique to it as


well because you work from the outside in. With our eyes, the


veins don't come from the irises, they come from behind the Bible.


The last gruesome bit is lemon curd. Co the infection. Around the eye


like that. That is amazing. Thank you so much for coming in and


showing us your eyeballs. More details on the website but the


proof is in the pudding. Let's see if Helen would like to try one.


come Lorraine Kelly and hell the Willerby get fancy cakes and I get


an eyeball? -- Hollywood before stop eye candy. I like the one with


conjunctivitis. Somebody said they looked like my eyes! It is an


acquired taste! I'm glad you took a big bite! I will get told off for


talking with my mouth full. I will finish that later. Great for


Hallowe'en. Can we get a close-up of Helen's teeth? They have gone


blue. I will eat it later. Last week, it sticks in the back of your


throat! Last week, you will have seen the fabulous James Milner


creating these beautiful pictures using just a Biro. No pencils, no


paint brushes, exclusively by road. A lot of you have been getting in


touch because you've had a go at it. Melissa cent in this drawing of a


mermaid, Fairy. -- she sent in. She has used different colours to give


her flame-red hair. De veena has created this flower. Kelai is or


has created an owl. That must have taken pages. -- Alarzar. It is like


it is looking right at us. And is drawing of a street. She has got


cars. A great depth of field. Great work. Always good to meet people


who are inspirational as guests. One inspirational guy is Tim Burton,


his movie Frankenweenie is out at the cinemas. It is an animation in


3D. It is incredible and I went behind the scenes and found out how


they brought the characters to life. For income weeny is the latest


Disney movie from Tim Burton. -- Frankenweenie. This is entirely


puppets. How different is it working with puppets rather than


humans? I have come to meet a guy called her Andy who is a parody in


hospital. The movie is about the friendship between 10-year-old


Victor and his beloved bull terrier, sparky. Victor uses science to


bring his best friend back to live. The dog is a live! And Victor


brought an animal back to life. I can fix it. The entire movie is in


black-and-white and before the puppets are made, a storyboard is


created with each scene being drawn by hand. You look surprisingly well


for somebody in hospital. Are you OK? Thank you. It is a puppet


hospital. You are more of a doctor than a patient. You could say that.


I was the head of puppets. These are the puppets. It is like


anything else that requires a lot of movement, it tends to wear out.


That is why you have this set up because these guys break. They do


wear out. We have a team of people that we live a deal with problems


or little tears, a hair out of place, dirty costumes, missing


eyelids, missing teeth. We will keep making parts. Hopefully we


will get you to repair this. At you will trust me with that? How much


of these models? That one was �58,000. �58,000? Better do a good


job! A little bit of silicone. is the liquid version of what he is


made out of. Yes. It will turn hard. A chemical process to change that


liquid. You've got it. How do I do this? On both sides. My hands are


shaking a little. You don't need that much. At no. But one end on


and rat that around. Nice and You get bandages and everything.


You are live! -- Yu-Na Allied. is all very well having your script


and your storyboard and the puppets, but you still have to bring them to


life and that is where Mark comes in. Your job is to bring these


characters to life by giving them personalities and emotions. How do


you start with Victor? We have some special tools we use. One of them


is a little screwdriver. Victor has got some little holes, one of them


on top of his head. What is the screwdriver connected to? Inside,


we have a series of cogs and pleased that will open his mouth. -


We have his mouth opening up. We can go in and right inside here, to


end this. -- turned this. The corner of his mouth starts to move.


We can move his eyebrows. We can twist them around to make him more


expressive. Now he is looking a little bit more surprised.


didn't expect to get this. It is just brilliant, what a great job.


It makes you appreciate it when you watch one of these movies how much


work is done behind the scenes. Every time you smile, it takes you


a split second. Whenever Victor's miles, it takes a screwdriver in


his ear! I need your help. I asked first. I've met the incredible and


state-of-the-art puppets used in the movie, but now it's time to


meet the man himself. The guy behind Frankenweenie, one of the


biggest film makers in Hollywood, Tim Burton. And I've got a little


surprise for him. Thank you for giving us some of your time. Nice


to be here. Did it start for you as a child? At yes, it started with my


real relationship as a boy with my dog. It is like your first love


affair. It is so pure and unconditional. Can we talk about


why it is in black and white? love old monster movies and to me


it was part of the emotion of the films. It is something about the


way those films were lit. That and the opportunity to do a black and


white and 3D, which has never been done before. On behalf of the


viewers, we think what you've done over the past 30 years to inspire


children and adults alike is incredible. We would like to give


you our highest accolade. The Blue Peter Gold badge. I can't believe


it! I don't get many awards, thank you very much, that is incredible.


Thank you and I thank everybody for The guy is a Hollywood legend.


There he is getting excited about the Blue Peter badge.


He was so excited to have the gold badge, he wore it at the premier of


the movie on the red carpet. It is nice to see somebody so famous so


humble. Congratulations. You had a lovely day, didn't you? A day out


for me. It is time to launch this year's Blue Peter Appeal. We are


delighted to say we are supporting Children In Need. This is one of


the reasons why we hope you'll get behind this appeal.


This is Yasmin. She is 11 and has Niemann Pick Type C disease. It is


very rare. Only 50 children in the UK have it. Doctors found out she


had it when she was seven. It has been getting worse. Music has


become a big part of her life. She and her younger sister enjoy it


together. It is here in Sunbeams that they get to express themselves


through music. A lot of the children here find it very


difficult to express themselves. Annie believes the therapy helps to


bring out their personality. Over the years then, have you seen


children grow up with this and change because of it? We have.


Their parents say so. Their families say so, but the children


do. I believe there is music in everybody. Does this help the


families then? Yasmine has come with her sister and mum and dad.


Annabelle seems to be enjoying this. They come in here and they are safe


They come in here and they are safe and happy. We have fun. Children


and parents are having a good time. I think I have made a new friend.


Are you enjoying Sun Beams? I think from that smile... Am I on dinner


duty? Well, I think these guys are happy


we're singing, so back to the music. It is a welcome escape. This


disease is tough on the whole family.


At seven she was just a normal childlike Annabelle, but then she


started to lose all her skills and everything. Bit by bit, she has


been measured up for a wheelchair now. We thought her voice had gone,


probably about two years ago. She did say to me, "What is happening


to me?" it is like your heart has been sliced. Your little girl, who


was happy and cheerful, bits of her have gone. It does not feel like


much is left really. Is she different here? She responds to


music. We hear her voice again. For me it is a voice I miss. It is


important to remember that her condition is extremely rare. This


family is going through a difficult time. That is why places like Sun


Sun Beams is the best. Thank you Children In Need.


Well done. Good work! Thank you.


I thought this sounded like a really nice project to visit, but


it is so much more than that. Yasmine is clearly frustrated by


what is happening to her. In there she is smiling, able to express


herself and her family are smiling as well. If you get behind this


appeal, you will be able to help Children In Need on projects like


this. Thank you so much to Sun Beams for


making me so welcome. An amazing place. You walk into that room and


everyone in there has boxed off whatever life has thrown at them


OK, drum roll, please. For the Blue Peter Appeal we are asking you to...


Go Pyjamas! That is right. We want you to be


sponsored to wear your pyjamas. Go to school, go running, out on your


bike. Have a pyjama party. One Direction were supposed to be here


today, sadly they could not make it. They have left us a message. We are


One Direction. Sorry we could not be with you today. We were told


about the Blue Peter Appeal and we want you to Go Pyjamas. You could


get sponsored to go to Scouts or Guides in your pyjamas. You could


play football or rugby in them. you want to wear yours in public


and not get into trouble for it, you can. For a good cause -


Children In Need - get involved. Pyjamas! We want to show you how to


get involved. We have invited some of our friends into the studio.


What is Lucy doing? Can you do another one? It was so quick we


nearly missed it. There she goes. Right, you take to the floor and do


your thing. You guys are from the Trafford Rhythmic Gymnastics. How


easy is it to do it in your pyjamas? It will be OK. How fun


would it be to turn up in pyjamas one week? Quite fun. We agreed you


would keep an eye on Barney and check out his moves. Can he pull


off some of these moves? Yeah. us your splits. Good luck with


that! Let's talk football instead. Do what you would do at the weekend,


this time wear your pyjamas and get sponsored for Children In Need.


That is what Go Pyjamas is about. Let's say you will do some keepy-


uppys - how many would you do? What would you do? I don't know. It


is a good cause. It is for Children In Need. That is the main thing.


does not matter if you do keepy- uppys, do penalty shootouts - that


is the point of Go Pyjamas. These guys are a taekwondo team from the


East Manchester Academy. What would your team-mates say if you turned


up in your PJs? They would think it is funny. It would be really fun to


go in your pyjamas outside. What do you normally wear to training?


Would it be difficult? It is the same as wearing pyjamas - you would


be wearing long trousers and a top. Over here to the plunger, because


everything you need to know about this appeal is on the Blue Peter


website. Once we push this down the website will go live. A big


countdown from three. Three, two, one!


There you have it - the website is now live. Get on and see how you


can raise money by Go Pyjamas. You can go on the website or watch


Barney, are you there? I am outside in the car. Come on, we're


launching the appeal today. I bet you are making a brew. Chop, chop!


This year Blue Peter is asking you to Go Pyjamas for Children In Need.


Come on. It is simple. We want you to be sponsored for wearing your


pyjamas out and about. You could wear something like this or a


dressing gown. Maybe wear your We don't just mean sitting at home


- we want you to get out and create events. Other people can be


sponsored too. Your event can be as big or little as you would like. We


have some ideas. You could talk to your school about having a pyjama


day. And that means that all of your


school friends and your teachers can get involved and Go Pyjamas too.


You could organise a Go Pyjamas fun-run. Your family could wear


their pyjamas to work. You could get your Guide or Scout group to


wear pyjamas. You can get your team-mates to play in pair pyjamas.


You could put on your own dance Thank you very much. There are lots


more ideas on how to raise money on the Blue Peter website. Check it


out. Don't forget to tell us when you will hold your event. Send us


pictures so we can see how you got on. You have five weeks, so what


are you waiting for - Go Pyjamas! Hi. We want you to Go Pyjamas with


Blue Peter for Children In Need. Hi, I'm Mika. I am supporting Blue


Peter's appeal. You should Go Pyjamas, like me. Hi, I want you to


Go Pyjamas. I think I have the same pyjamas as


her! How will you Go Pyjamas? Where will you do it? If you e-mail us e-


mail us a photograph of where you will do it. If you let us know


where you are planning your event, we might turn up and surprise you.


It will be a Blue Peter surprise - one of us could turn up. Who knows


how we will arrive! Wherever you are in the country, do let us know.


We might turn up and gatecrash - if you want us to, that is! Here is


Ahead of Operation Iceberg we undertake some cold experiments in


the studio. And I get to live the dream as I drive the actual James


Bond car from the movies. Amazing! It is so good! Don't forget to tell


us where you are. There are lots of great ideas for you to get involved


in Go Pyjamas. Maybe one of them is for you to stage your own concert.


The Serenade Glee Club are about to perform their own pyjama concert of


# Where have the times gone # Baby, all the plans we made for


# I know it's hard to remember # The people we used to be


# It's even harder to picture # That you're not here next to me


# You say it's too late to make it # Is it too late to try


# All the time you wasted # All of our bridges burnt down


# I'm wasting my life # You turned out the lights


# Now I'm paralysed # Still stuck in the time


# When we fell in love # But even the sunsets in paradise


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