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Coming up on today's live Blue Peter - with only hours before the


new Bond film is released, I test out my driving skills in a real


James Bond car. Ahead of Operation Iceberg, we uncover the secrets of


the frozen world. We find out how Hello. Welcome to if -- the show.


In five weeks' time Children In Need will be hitting your screens.


We have launched the new Blue Peter Appeal - Go Pyjamas. Everyone loves


a pyjama party. We are asking you to raise money for Children In Need.


Get sponsored for wearing your pyjamas. You could go to school,


have a pyjama day at your netball practise. Get sponsored and you


will be part of the appeal. would like to find out where you


are going to be doing it. We have a Blue Peter map over here. When you


get in touch, we will stick it on here so we can keep track on you.


Lots of you have been in touch already. We want to cover this map


with stickers and give you a mention. In Stockport, Chloe's


synchronised swimming squad are in Amy, Phoebe and Rosy, are in


Nottingham. They are organising their own fun-run. They will run to


Nottingham. Casey and Charlie are in South-East


London. They are doing a sponsored silence. They normally cannot keep


quiet. It is all for a good cause. Erin is in Cumbria. She said she


will play tennis in her onesy. will play tennis in her onesy.


Get in touch right now, D at: There's another reason for letting


us know where you are going to be having your pyjama party, because


between now and Children In Need, Barney and I are going to get along


and surprise as many of you as possible. You will not know when or


where. We might be hiding around the corner, which is what happened


at a school in York. I'm roaring through North Yorkshire


to arrive in style at one of the first Go Pyjamas fund-raising


events in the country. Everyone at the school is exsiteed


about being in their pyjamas to raise money for Children In Need.


Is it a big deal wearing your PJs in school? It is embarrassing.


is funny seeing teachers. Normally we have to come in our boring


So, at the moment, everybody is in the school assembly. They think


they are being filmed by Blue Peter because we are saying thank you for


raising money. What they do not know is I am here and I am about to


give them a big surprise. I have to wait for my cue and that is a


special video message to the whole school during their assembly.


Thank you so much for putting on a Go Pyjamas event in your school. I


hope you guys have lots of fun, play party games. For now, watch


this space, because you are in for a Blue Peter surprise.


Now it is my turn to light up the After three, everyone shout "Go


Pyjamas." One, two, three. Are we all having fun in our


pyjamas? We have set up a little surprise for you.


Who wants to have a little party? Everyone get in a nice big circle


and look at your very own fun fair in your playground. One rule is you


have to have a lot of fun. Can you do that? ALL: Yes!


Roll up, roll up, don't be shy. Hello. What's your name?


Oh, unlucky. A little bit higher. Zero. Go Pyjamas. Well, I can have


a go, can't I? Barney is awesome. Nun ever comes


to our school. Ellie was screaming. -- no one ever comes to our school.


Ellie was screaming. Who wants this one? There you go! That is yours.


You have to make one for yourself, haven't you?


Go Pyjamas! Three, two, one!


You're off. We get to see someone that's actually been on TV and is a


TV star! It's for a good cause, for Children


In Need. I wish our playground could stay like this forever.


If you want to hold your own pyjama day, you can find out a lot of


ideas on the website. Go over there and Go Pyjamas. You never know, we


I love you were wearing the tiger onsie!


You can wear pyjamas over your ordinary clothes. So long as you


are raising for Children In Need, that is all that matters. You can


see how good it was, everyone had, you know when you drink black


current, you get that sticky around your lips. We are having a pillow


fight here. That is me, dressed as a bar code! That is one with


balloons. You have to have balloons at a photo shot. We have picked our


favourite and stuck it online to have fun with it. Haven't we?


This is one photograph of us in our night wear. We invited you guys to


add a caption. We had lots of suggestions - toe pass party ghost,


has Barney saying "Who has put jelly in my hat?" This one says,


seriously am I supposed to wear this - it is so 19th century.


Barney is fashion conscious in his PJs. We are going to use this


photograph and the same caption thing here for the November of our


Blue Peter calendar. It is the official picture for the November


calendar. You can print it out and you can put the caption in there


yourself. You can add whatever you like. Lots of good dates. Your


birthday is on there. Yes, mine and Miley Cyrus. Don't forget to play


Pudsey Pairs. There is an excellent new show starting next week, called


Operation Iceberg. One member of the intrepid team


happens to be a friend of the show. It is Dr Chris van Tulleken from


Operation Ouch. While he was out there he created a special report


for us. Icebergs like this are the biggest single objects on Earth. A


huge tem of scientists have travelled to this -- team of


scientists have travelled to this iceberg to study it for the first


time. These vast monsters might seem solid, but they are constantly


breaking up. That makes them unstable. That means they can flip


at any time. In this unique expedition we will


be diving under, sailing around and climbing on this enormous beast.


Here's a sneak preview for Blue Peter.


Our actionman went diving to discover that undiscovered world


and the animals that live in it. This place is stunning!


Chris was looking out for polar bears. They are the largest land


carnivore in the world and one of the few animals that will hunt a


human being. This is all my Christmases come at once - a polar


bear. I hoped to see one. I didn't think we would. These are marine


mammals, they can cover great distances in the sea. They


frequently do, swimming between the ice flows. Look, it is about 20


metres off now. How exciting.


During the summer months, polar bears are usually trapped on the


Canadian mainland so, the team were not expecting to see one out here.


It soon becomes clear it's not alone.


A polar bear on our iceberg! One of the finest animals that


currently stalks the planet. Hang on a moment!


Can I have the binoculars, please? Oh, I don't believe it! I really


don't! There's actually another bear over here on the ice.


You can see it. There - it is a little speck - so


in the space of just half an hour, we have seen three polar bears. One


in the water, just off the iceberg. There's one here, happy, smiling


and about 500 metres over there is a third bear on our iceberg. It's


beartastic! It's bearcity! I got to grips with oily fish and


seal bluber. You know in an Italian restaurant you have bread and dip


in -- it in some oil. This is the northern equivalent. You dip it


into salt and then you chew... It is pretty bad actually! I think


I'll - you can learn to like anything... Almost anything. I wish


I had not mixed whale and kipper! I thought that would go better than


it did! That's a bit of heart. Seal heart.


It smells like I do at the moment - it's strong. It is meety. It is --


meaty. It is a bit off. Pass me the chocolate, cake,


I love coming to the Arctic. Everything about it seems bigger -


the wildlife is bigger. You've got these vast worlds of ice. The sun


shines for 24 hours a day. What's been really special for me about


this trip is coming here with experts, experts from the sea,


experts in the ice. It is when you understand a place like this,


that's when it really comes alive. Well, he has cast the jacket aside


and is with us in in the studio. Dr Chris is with us. Lots of people


know you from Operation Ouch. We're loving it. Love it! This is


something completely different, wasn't it? You went to see how the


cold affects the body? I was doing experiments on one of the guys.


want you to tie your shoelaces. We will time you. Then put your hands


in cold water. Then we will time you a second time, tying your laces


to see how that cold water has affected your body.


Last summer, before r before I went to Antarctica, I was dunked into


I found it amazing that my body temperature was dropping even when


I was warming up. We are going to time you, go! He's good at that.


I'd only been doing it a couple of weeks! Stop the clock! That took


you 8.9 seconds. Get your hands into the water. The fuel ice-cubes.


Keep your hands in there. As you said, it's painful. Why? It's


because cold stimulates the same nerves that pain does. As his hands


get colder, his body will take blood away from them so it doesn't


When we did that experiment, I had the thermometer in my stomach. Even


when I was out of the cold water, my body temperature was plummeting.


What should you do to stay safe? you fall into cold water, it is


dangerous. But you can survive much longer than you think. The trick is


to get through the first few minutes and stay calm. It's


interesting that we have your hands in there. It is your hands and feet


that can be the biggest risk in environments like that? It's


difficult, if you have to try to rescue yourself, take something off,


remove your seat belt, this is where you lose dexterity. Frostbite


is something that people worry about in that environment. If you


have a weak stomach, look away now. We have got some images that are


quite graphic. We went to seed Sir Ranulph finds. His fingers got


frostbite. For -- Sir Ranulph finds. He has frozen his fingers solid.


The black stuff is dead flesh. He has cut that off. That after he had


an operation. That is obviously very extreme. You don't have to


worry, your fingers go cold, you cannot feel them and then you are


in trouble. It looks like you have suffered enough. We want to see you


tying your shoelaces again. I'll get ready with the clock. Start


tying your shoelaces now. How do your hands feel? Really cold!


Believe it or not... You know how your brain tells you things, your


brain says, right, fingers, move. And they say, no, too cold! That is


because the nerves are not working any more. Presumably they are still


hurting? It is like somebody has sat on them. Stop the clock. How do


you feel? Cold. That's quite a long The first time, it was eight


seconds. The second time it was 22 seconds. That shows that the cold


has a massive effect on your body. All the more reason to call you a


hero for doing this show. Make sure you are watching Operation Iceberg.


If you miss it, you can watch it on iPlayer. If you don't mind, I'm


going to go back over here with my hands under my armpits. That's a


good thing to do. That is where you are warmest. You should do that on


a cold day, watching football. Let's talk about something else


Chris Sims. Eyeballs full of peanut butter is what we showed you last


week. We showed you how to make the Chris Sims eyeballs. We told you


about adding lemon curd to make them look Killie. Quite a few of


Eleanor and Emma from Cambridge had a go. Sarah went to town. Look at


this, lots of gruesome eyeballs and what looks like a face on the side.


And a random chocolate cake. Listen, tomorrow sees the start of a brand


new James Bond movie, Skyfall. You've got explosions, sequences


that involve fast cars. Normally, you have to beat a spy to drive one


of those. So imagine how excited I was when I found out I was allowed


The 23rd to James Bond film, Skyfall, is about to hit our


screens. It sees 007 meet a whole Some men are coming to kill us. We


are going to kill them first. while 007 has a licence to kill, it


is often his licence to drive that At the National Motor Museum, they


have some of his most memorable This is my favourite James Bond car


of all time. It was in the Spy Who loved Me. It does 138 mph and it is


British-built. The most impressive How cool is that? Traditionally, he


drives a British car. But back when Pierce Brosnan played him, he


decided to drive one of these, a German-made BMW which had been


specially modified so that he could Grow up, 007! I'm downloading that


James Bond is a classic English spy. So, he needs a classic English car.


Here is the one that started it all, the Aston Martin. The start of the


movie Goldfinger, driven by Sean Connery. The man driving it today


is Ben Collins. He was a lead stunt driver on Skyfall and he's going to


show me what it takes to drive like James Bond. Ben, how are you doing?


Thanks very much. So, it year it is, the classic Aston Martin. 1964,


filming Goldfinger. Pretty iconic. It only does 140 mph. And thinking


of taking you out in something a That is more like it. This is from


Casino Royale. It does 197 mph. That's incredible. So, the car is


impressive. But what stunt does he want me to try? Your challenge is


the tightest possible doughnut. That is the front end of the car


staying in one spot, and the back end spinning around? It is one of


Hollywood's most difficult car stunts, requiring absolute


precision but giving stunning results. Let's see how the


professionals do it. To get it right, I'll need to give the car


the right mix of power and Steering at the right time. Too much or too


little wider will mean that I lose control the car. What is amazing,


watching you do that, is how physical it is. It's now my go. He


taught me the different things to think about, it's quite a physical


thing to do. I guess the only way to find out if it is possible is to


try it. But before he let me loose on the doughnut, he wants to test


my driving skills. You might want to put your seat belt on! Actually,


I am safer without it. If anything goes wrong, I can grabbed the


First, can I handle the brakes? Harder! Got it. Next, how is my


steering? Nice, don't try to counter to much, but that was good.


Can I combine Power and Steering to No one was harmed in the making of


this film! Ben seems happy with my driving skills. I think it's time


to try the stunt. I've steered too Not that time. A bit too much.


much power! I'm getting dizzy. gone wrong again, what am I doing?


Too much steering? Too much power. This is incredibly difficult.


harder than it looks. James Bond makes it look so easy. It's really


difficult to get the right Keep going, keep going! Wow!


Amazing, I did it. Sure, we lost a few cones in the process, but we


did it. But, in completing the stunt, the engine has overheated


and the car is not working properly. Oh, dear. They are not too


expensive, are they? It only In fairness, James Bond always


destroys the car. I'm so jealous. It takes people you years to learn


that. I didn't really break the car, it was fine. Follow us to the Blue


Peter map. We are finding out how you are going pyjamas. Loads of you


have been in touch since the start of the show. In Edinburgh, Lucy,


Kerry and Georgia are doing a sponsored ride on their horses in


their pyjamas, without saddles. Caitlin says, my friends and I are


having a pyjama party on our mid- term break. Heather in Aberdeen


says she is going to go to Girl Guides in her pyjamas and get her


friends to have a pyjama party. In Croydon, Danny is going to do a


sponsored ten-mile run. Francis and Alexander in West Sussex say their


school is doing a Pajama Day and there will be holding stalls to


raise money. Jake and Wales says, this Friday will wearing our


pyjamas to Cub Scouts instead of our uniforms. That it for today.


Join us next week because we will be getting ready for Hallowe'en. We


will go backstage at Young Dracula to see how they are getting their


teeth into the new series. Also, I'm going to show you do biggest


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