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Tonight's Blue Peter is bringing you all the thrills and spills you


could imagine, because we are coming to you from a theme park. At


the moment, I am climbing to the top of a terrifying roller-coaster.


We are going to be sharing some thrills with you and scaring


ourselves silly. I cannot believe that we are doing this! Neither can


Today, I get the inside story on the spook-tacular new series of


CBeebies see's Young Dracula. out how to light up the skies with


Europe's most spectacular firework competition. Plus, you know we like


a challenge, but can we present the Hello, and welcome to this week's


Blue Peter. It is a spooky one, coming from Alton Towers, one of


the UK's largest theme parks. If the roller coasters do not scare


you, don't worry. We are going to be going inside. We are expecting


some spooky goings-on. It is supposed to be haunted. We are in


trouble. I will look after you. This is one of the places you can


get into for free if you have a Blue Peter badge. If you sent us a


poem or picture, check the website because there are 200 attractions


across the country, including Oceanarium in Bournemouth, Longleat


Safari Park, but you can get into absolutely free. Sticking with the


Hallowe'en theme, lots of spooky things on CBBC at the moment,


including the start of the new series of Young Dracula. I was


given the chance to go behind the scenes to see what is going on. But


while I was there, I got more involved than I imagined.


Growing up is hard when you are Dracula, a teenager, Vampire and


the chosen one. It is positively dangerous. There have been three


series of Young Dracula, following the adventures of him, his sister,


Ingrid, and their DAB, Count Dracula himself. -- their father.


The Young Dracula story has got ever more eyrie and exciting.


is evil, I can feel it. So, what is it like creating the world of


Dracula? Well, I have been given an Access All Areas pass to find out.


Even better, they have given me a part, playing the role of a


reporter. It is right up my street and I have even brought my own


camera. It takes over three months to form one series of Young Dracula,


and 80 people work on making the series happen. I had this reporter


costume to prepare for my role. What do reporters where? What am I


going to wear? Something casual. Keeping it nice and young. Jeans,


trainers, and I'll be back in a jiffy. There is a photographer from


the local paper to cover the quiz. How do we get out of this one?


have faith in you. Time for a quick snoop around the set before I


become a real reporter. Check this out. The kitchen! Powdered snake


skin, lovely. Cockroaches, of course. Every kitchen as


cockroaches. Oh, no! Cow snot. If he bakes you're Kate, do not eat it.


With a few minutes to spare before my cameo, I grab a chat with the


actors. What is the best thing about being part of the Dracula


family? I love the fact that the count is equally a buffoon, as he


is serious. And I love him, and it Every time you get to use powers,


I think the best thing about being engraved is there all world which


is completely different from real life. It is exactly what you want


to do, come on set and be something completely different. The time has


come to record my scene. I am actually nervous. I do not normally


get nervous, but they have given me something to say, and I just want


to get it down. The first take reveals an unexpected acting


challenge. That is horrible! It is basically beetroot juice in a glass.


We are pretending it is blood, but I need help because it is horrible.


Just imagine it is something else, like cranberry juice, strawberry


juice, anything you can think of. It is a slow process, where we film


take after take and I pretend not to be sick on beetroot juice, again,


and again. I am so glad that is over. Here is the final scene,


featuring me, from the new series. Care for the taste? Thank you. It


is very unusual. What is it? Pomegranate, cranberry, and


liquorice. Liquorice? It is an acquired taste. Great fort detox.


Very relaxing. So, what is going to happen with the photographer and


the mysterious drink? If you want to find out, you will have to watch


Young Dracula. So, does beetroot juice taste that bad? It tastes


like old socks. Although, it is actually very good for you. One


thing you should do is to watch the new series of Young Dracula at


5:45pm on Monday. We have come to the attic of the castle, and it is


fair to say they are definitely spooky goings-on here. Let's go


exploring. Barney, have a look in here. It looks really creepy. What


was that? I don't know. It is spooky. They hairs on my neck are


standing up. Will that happen whenever we say the word "spooky"?


That is sound effects. It is the best way to create atmosphere in a


film or a movie. A few weeks ago, we asked you to get in touch about


the competition where you get the chance to write the soundtrack and


sound effects for a Wallace and Gromit movie. This is your chance


to get creative. Look at this, and then you can add the sound effects,


the music, changed the atmosphere, create the mood however you want it


to be. You can use anything thought to have a look around your house.


You can rip up paper, which makes a great sound. You can use shoes, to


make footsteps. If you want something Speedie, you could use a


hairdryer. There is a great scene in the movie, where he splats


against the wall. Get some vegetables and splat them in your


hand. You can use all kinds of things from around the house. Not


everything works! Stick to presenting! You have until December


3rd to enter the competition. You can do it with a friend from school,


or in a group of up to five. Good luck. We have a masterclass for you


now. Here is everything you need to A great soundtrack is a piece of


music that makes the picture more than just a picture. It makes it an


emotional experience. A very simple dark, low called, or notes, makes


something sombre. I will show you. You immediately know you are in a


different mood. When you hear a door, footsteps, or a car driving


away, those sound effects have been created.


We have snuck down into the castle because we are at Alton Towers for


a spooky special Blue Peter. It is a mannequin. Come out of there, you


are scaring me. Really creepy down there. Happy place! The Blue Peter


appeal, that is happy. There is a piano. This has worked out well.


This week, performed with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, to


show you that it is easy to raise money for Children In Need by Going


Pyjamas. You were with other people. Carol Kirkwood, who does the


weather, she was there. You were all over Breakfast News, which


prove you can do anything in your pyjamas. We thought it would be a


good idea to take to a rollercoaster wearing our pyjamas.


You thought it would be a good idea! He went green. Hallowe'en


laugh. You are properly scaring me now. We are here to show you that


you can be part of this appeal if you weigh your pyjamas and get


sponsored. You can do anything you want in your pyjamas. We reckon we


can present Blue Peter from a rollercoaster in our pyjamas.


have special cameras strapped to us. Obviously, this is special


equipment, so don't try this at home. Don't you get travel sick on


these? Yes. I am already not enjoying myself. You know how I get


travel sick? Action! For this year's Blue Peter appeal, we are


supporting Children In Need and we want you to get sponsored to do


anything and everything in your pyjamas. You can do absolutely


anything. You can play a game of football, do gymnastics. Whatever


you do, do it in your pyjamas. can organise something in your


school, your youth club, in your pyjamas. You could do a fun run, a


sponsored silence, even a car-boot sale. Oh, my goodness!


information is on the website. can even print out posters. It is


all on the Blue Peter website. the all-important sponsorship forms,


so you can send your money to Children In Need. Whatever you


decide to do, Go Pyjamas. I think Barney is going to be sick. I have


got that watery thing. He actually went green after that.


You had to lie down, didn't you? did not like it, but my shots were


the steadiest, fantastic camerawork. A gold star for you. If you let us


know where you are having an event and when you are going to hold it,


let us know because we might come and surprise you. We have been


asking you to get in touch so that we can come along and surprise you,


and that is what happened to one drama group in Glasgow when Helen


went along. This church hall is about to Go


Pyjamas. I am sneaking in there for everyone starts to arrive for the


weekly drama and music class, and I have brought some extra pyjamas to


help with my cunning plan. This week, everybody has decided to come


in their pyjamas to support Children In Need. I thought I would


turn up and surprise them. I brought some friends to turn it


into a party. You are meant to be hiding! I have got to keep really


still so that nobody knows I'm here. Last week, Ella e-mailed us to tell


us about the Go Pyjamas event she was planning, so we sent her a


message to read out to the group. Sorry we cannot join in, but we


have sent you a pair of pyjamas to get you started. Have some fun and


Hello! How are you? If you want to have a pyjama party, scream. Hit it,


boys! But I am not the only surprise. The beat boxer and the


rapper are here to help the evening go with a broom and put them


through their beat Box paces. And, of course, they're getting into the


You have worked hard. You have worked hard. Who wants to see these


to work hard? They have got an exclusive Children In Need wrap


that has not been performed anywhere. It is for you. Do you


Everybody who is with me right now, put your hands in the air. Started


off talking about in the playground and ended up with Blue Peter coming


and meeting Helen, and having lots # Let's get crazy, let's get crazy.


Absolutely spectacular. To be part of this appeal and support Children


In Need, put on your pyjamas, get sponsored and head out.


Let's go crazy, let's go bananas. Don't look at me like that. You've


got the dance moves! We've come outside. We said today's episode


was spooky. Look at these spooky faces. Talk me through that Boylan


your head. It is wax for Hallowe'en. We don't need to worry. We thought


it was a real hole! Look at Callum. Some property it -- proper movie


affects going on. We have Harry and scarlet, what have you been doing?


We have just been on the Willy Wonka ride. Are you enjoying


yourself? Es. Mum and dad are also getting involved. Let's talk about


the Blue Peter Appeal. Getting to your pyjamas and raise money.


over the country, we have had e- mails and we have added stickers to


the mat. Dominic says I pray the drums in the junior section of the


Macclesfield dance-band. -- play the drums. I have organised a


performance for parents. Myers says we will wear pyjamas for a day at


school. Claire says I'm planning a party for Twell friends from school


at my house and there will be music and food. -- 12 friends. Day Hamish


is going to do a sponsored climb in his pyjamas. Whatever it is you are


doing for Children In Need in your pyjamas, get sponsored and let us


know. Let's talk about Bonfire Night. If you are going to see


fireworks, you probably wonder how a top display his but on,


especially one set to music. Recently I went to Monaco with the


British team to see them competing What you see here is a lorry being


escorted into the docks of Monaco by the police. A police escort is


normally reserved for royalty, but there is no royalty in the lorry.


It is full to the brim with fireworks. A multi- award-winning


British fireworks team have transported six tonnes of


explosives over 1,000 miles from the UK to Monaco, a tiny nation by


the Mediterranean Sea. The team are about to unload the truck and set


off a massive fireworks display in the harbour for an international


competition. I'm here to see if they can win. The display was


designed by Mark, who started his planning eight months ago in


Britain. How do you go from boys' toys, gadgets, to a fireworks


display? We start with the music. Some of it is not any good with


fireworks. Then you have to put fireworks to that. How? Are it goes


from the music software into the script in software. We might use


quiet fireworks or loud fireworks. If it is a colourful piece, we use


colourful fireworks. How do you know when it will fire? Is a


controlled by computers? The main panels go into smaller computers.


Those individual fireworks are linked to this machine. You press


the button and it does the rest. I think we should have a display


outside. A Yes. I'm pressing the button! I'm doing this for all of


our viewers across the nation. for it. That is a little


demonstration of what you can do. Imagine that 4,000 times bigger.


Epic. That is exactly what has been happening in Monaco, where the


harbour has already seen three huge fireworks displays from France,


Austria and the Czech Republic, all competing to win this year's


competition. Mark and his crew face a big task building his firework


fish and, but help is on hand as Mark's fiance is also an expert


when it comes to fireworks. Can you explain what you need to do? We've


got to carry these tubes into position and get the pins in so


they are safe. We've got 20 group, 21. Can I be a crew member? I would


love to get involved. We've got loads of things you can do. I get


down and dirty to shift these huge tubes used to launch specialised


fireworks. Placing them is very physical and technical. Very


helpfully, I've been given a map of where they go and that is the


language of these boys speak. I am guessing they want the one and six


go next to this six and the eight there. The five and their three...


We been here for hours and there's more to do. They have to set up


those tubes and fill them with over 4,000 fireworks. I've been trying


to help, but I've been getting in the way. I'm going to come back in


the morning and see what they've Overnight the crew have made great


progress laying at the launching tubes and loading fireworks into


them along the harbour. Mark, Han and the team still have plenty of


work to do, wiring every firework up to the computer. This doesn't


look like the kind of phi work you would get on Bonfire Night when


your dad is doing a display of the back garden. -- a firework. These


are category four fireworks, professional work only. These boxes


tell the fireworks when to go on. Yes. Would you trust me to do it? I


would love to. Put that into 29. It doesn't matter which way round they


go. It must be connected otherwise it won't fire. Definitely connected.


Can't wait for the display. Number 29 his mind! The set-up has gone


well and the next time I see this team, for display will be ready to


go off with a bang. It has been just over two days, you have worked


tirelessly to put this together. In 20 minutes, you will find out


whether it has been worth it, how are you feeling? My stomach was in


knots. I am so nervous. The conditions are perfect. We should


see the fireworks dancing through the night sky in precise timing to


the music. All we are waiting for is for the likes to go out and when


that happens, we are ready. -- lights to go out. Good evening,


Monaco. The lights are out. Good 400 types of firework are exploding


over Monaco in 50 different vibrant colours. You can probably hear the


horns from the ships. All of Monaco celebrates the fireworks by honking


their horns to let everyone know they are loving the display. It


could not have happened at a better time. Thanks to careful planning


and hard work, it is a cracking display, light and sound in


After firing almost six tonnes of fireworks, this massive display is


This perfect ending to a fantastic firework display it is about to


take an unexpected turn. For the worse. While we were captivated by


the fireworks, Mother Nature put on a show of her own, a lightning


storm which has taken everyone by surprise. If you are going to


finish the show in style, this is how to do it. It started to pour


down. We have one of the biggest thunderstorms I've ever seen, what


a brilliant show. Everyone took cover where they could as the storm


tore through the harbour. But whatever the weather, the judges


still have a job to do, deciding the competition winner. Per


displays are scored on their concept, musicality and overall


impression. After some serious deliberation and a spot of drying


off, everyone gathers to hear the final verdict. And the winner is...


The David Dunn it! They are now the international music firework


champions 2012. You did it, what can you say? Absolutely incredible.


We couldn't believe it until they said we were first. A all of that


work, eight months and 2 1/2 days to set it up, it came down to a 20


minute performance. That is why minute performance. That is why


they are walking away as champions. Brilliant. Great fireworks, but


you've brought the weather with you, it is boring down. So are re. The


display was amazing, but the thunderstorm was a light show in


itself. He if you are heading out to enjoy Bonfire Night, we have an


exclusive weather report from the one and only Carol Kirkwood. And


one and only Carol Kirkwood. And she's doing it in her pyjamas!


Hello, I hope you're having a spooky Time in Staffordshire. I'm


dressed like this because we are supporting the Blue Peter Children


In Need will appeal. The weather for the fireworks displays is


looking unsettled. A lot of showers and very breezy. During the day on


Saturday, if you are still collecting things for the bonfire,


Mika these showers across Scotland and western England, some in


Northern Ireland and the south coast. Some will be heavy, but in


between there's some dry weather. It is a little bit chilly and the


breeze will also you make it feel cool. For Saturday night, we still


have those showers, it will still be breezy. Make sure you keep safe,


stay away from a bonfire itself and if you walk out, don't forget


something waterproof. Maybe have a hot cup of tea or a sausage in a


sandwich degree p cosy. On Sunday night, we are looking at further


showers are driven in by this wind. Make sure you keep safe. And go


pyjamas! Have a great time. Thank you. We are having a lovely time,


it is cold and wet. Are you keeping dry? It is why I'm in here.


dry? It is why I'm in here. thoughts on next week's show.


take to the high seas with a 10- year-old life-saving hero. And you


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