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Today we have moved to a bigger studio, because we have a few extra


guests. Yes all 300 have turned up in their pyjamas and onesies to


help set a new word - world record in support of this year's Children


in Need. Go Pyjamas! Coming up today. With Diwali only days away,


we show you how to make your own amazing candles. And we surprise


another Go Pyjamas party. They're CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Hello


welcome to Blue Peter. We have got 300 viewers along today, to support


Children in Need, Go Pyjamas, we're going to try and set a world record.


We're going to Go Pyjamas on a gargantuan scale that. Means big.


And we're no stranger to world recordss. We had the mattress


Dominos. Then we had Spellbound, the winners of Britain's gotta


lepbts. And I was the highest human throw. And last year our hula hoop


challenge. Fingers crossed that is what we are hoping, but to do it we


need one of these. Very funny! We're going to need a ball. Because


you may have played the game over and under. You stand one behind the


other, pass the ball over your head and under your legs. We're hoping


to set a record for the longest single line of over and under. You


go over and then you go under. And that is why we have invited so many


friends today. I nearly mitt you in the face. Yes, we have been raising


money for Children in Need. And let's say hello to Isabel. You're


involved in a world record-break involved in a world record-break


attempt. How are you feel something Excited and nervous. That is the


perfect mixture. And Ore is joining in. I feel brilliant, but I have


picked my second best onesie today. It look like your best one. We love


it, don't we? There are some rules we have to stick to. Helen?


with lifrz from Guiness World Records, our official adjudicator.


You look fabulous, but where are the pyjamas. I can't wear them, I


have to wear my official suit. do we have to do to set the record.


It is a Guiness World Record for longest line and over and under. As


you demonstrated, you have to pass it over and under altern tevly


throughout the entire length. It has to start here and end with Dean.


The most important guideline is that the ball cannot be dropped.


Otherwise the attempt is disqualified. So if the ball gets


dropped, the attempt is digs qualified. Can we start again.


but the record is a new record and you need at least 250 people.


have got more than that. If we get to the end of the line we will have


the record. Yes if you follow the guidelines. Can you follow the


guidelines. Well the end of the line is Dean. If you drop the ball,


you have let everyone in the room down. How do you feel? Really


nervous. I BT you do now. It is like the goalkeeper when a penalty


is going to be taken. But we will support him, won't we? Yes best of


luck. From the end of the line to the start of the line, how do you


feel about being the first person to pass on the ball? Excited. It


isry day you do a world record. glad you're part of this, I'm


confident and about the first few passes. I'm glad to be here. Will


you present Newsround for us in that? Maybe not. Oh she should.


Shouldn't she? We will make her do it. Guid luck. Can I press the


button? Yes. Are we all ready? The official world record attempt...


Put your teeth in! The official attempt starts in three, two, one


go! The ball has gone to Leah. She is passing it through her legs. She


is delighted with that. It is moving to the tiger and then to the


girl behinds. It is moving on swithly. I'm feeling -- swiftly,


I'm feeling confident. We're approaching the first corner. I


think they're going to do it. It is so good so far. Well done. On to


James and Liam is next. He has skull and cross bones. It is a sign


of danger, but he is OK. It is hard to play this game in a onesie with


a sagy bottom! But I think we have got it sorted. We have gone down


about 20 people. A lot to go before we break the record. Now, Liz is


lovely but she won't let anything slip. She is keeping her eye on


them. If that ball gets dropped, we will have to start again. We're


trying to prove you can do anything in your pyjamas if you wants to


support the appeal for Children in Need. A lot of you have been in


touch to say you're getting involved. Jack sent us this


photograph of him at a local theme park. He is eight and you can see


the penguins there. He has got his onesie, his dressing gown and his


Blue Peter badge. Because he had his badge on, he got into the theme


park free. And James and Connie did a responsored bike ride in their


pyjamas and went around a park near where they live. Well done guys.


Next up now, Rebecca went out in Somerset in her pyjamas and did the


shopping. Well done Rebecca. They have been doing their bit. How is


it going? You can see Liz is following the ball. It has gone


well. But you can say everyone is nervous about dropping the ball. If


it is dropped, we have to start again. How did you feel, Beth?


amazing. Emily has her arm in a sling but it went well. Yes.


now it is around to the side and we're on the way to breaking the


record. Yes, but we're not there yet. There is still time if you


want to get behinds Children in Need. You have another week to hold


an event like Anya. She has organised a run to raise money for


Children in Need. Good luck with that. Luke sent us a presents. It


is some crocheted poppies. I have got mine on now. Now if you are


going to get involved, check out the web-site. Everything you need


It is going well. The boys are making it. Have we dropped the ball


yet? We're still going. Liz has her eyes on the action. As long as the


ball is not dropped, we should break the record. Dean is poised


and when 4 gets the ball we have done it. Poor Dean, he is looking


nervous. We are all feeling the pressure. We want this to be a


success. Look at our Go Pyjamas map and you will see there are extra


stickers, because you have been telling us what you have been doipg.


You may remember that I went to see Ella in Glasgow and I sup surprised


her at her pyjama event. Barn nee surprised a school in York. - barn


nee. Now here is what happened when Barney met a group of dancers in


London. Now we are trying to set a new world record and you can see


what is happening, because there will be a box in your screen. Now


time to see what happened when Barney went to surprise Vikki and


her friends in London. We have had a huge response to this year's


appeal and that proves you lot are pyjamas bonkers. Today's pigeon


ping -- pigeon is hiper and a whole load funkier. Follow me. Inside


this bilgdz in London is a dance group, who got together to raise


money for our appeal. So I'm going to pop in and say hello and make


sure their pyjamas meet the required regulations from Blue


Peter and by the way, they don't know I'm here and I have brought


some friends to meet them. Sit say hell to the dance group from the


states. Earlier this year they won America's best dance crew and are


now in London. Time to go pyjamas. Hi. Hello. How you doing? Nice to


meet you. Hi everyone. Hi. How you doing? I'm here to say thank you


for raising money for Children in Need by putting on your pyjamas and


I'm here to give you a bit of a treat. I have brought some friends


with me. They waiting for you in that next room. Everyone, follow me.


Come on in. Everyone say hello to the electro-lights. America's best


dance group. You can sit in the audience. Off you go. Look at their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


# Oh Gangnam Style! Oh Gangnam # Love me all night long # I have


been every where looking for you babe # I taught them everything


they know. It has gone down well and now time for our pyjama group


I think it is fair to say these guys love dancing and if you


combine that with putting on pyjamas, you can raise money. But


you can do whatever you want. Get your pyjamas on, raise money and


make sure you tell us about it. You know, it has been so much fun,


surprising these people. Everyone's been getting 106 - involved and it


gets touch in touch. If you are still raising money, let us know


Everyone is getting involved, you can hear Liz shouting directions.


So far we're doing well. The ball has not been dropped. Everyone's


getting involved with Go Pyjamas and on that side of studio, Helen


is with some famous faces. The ball has not been dropped, but we almost


had moment. Jack you were confused as to where to send it? Yes.


you got through it. So don't worry. It was our fault. We snuck up


beliends you. I'm blaming him. is not me. Thank you for coming in,


you can be butter fingers so I pulled them back. That is why Jack


was confused. I can barely keep hold of a milky brew, never mind a


ball. Thrfrpblgts goes the ball. That was your moment. You did not


drop it. Are you relieved? Yes. What do you think of the appeal so


far. You look comfy in that. If you can pick an appeal to do in an


outfit it could be your pyjamas. Frpbgs I think - I think you should


wear it on air. She said it. Barney. Hang on has the ball got to Dean?


That is the very end of the line. Listen we have got a few things to


do, hiz has to make sure everything is all right. -- Liz. And here is


the real reason lie you're raising money. We're having a great time,


but I met a young boy called Kyle who showed me why the money is so


important. Because it helps him I am Kyle and I'll live with my mum,


dad and brother. I love playing wheelchair basketball and I love


playing Wilshere football. It went in! I am here to find out what


Kyle's life is like living with cerebral palsy and how the money


raised for children's and need is helping him pursue his passion of


playing football. - children in Need.


Colours like any other 11 year-old but unlike most children, he lives


with a condition that affects his everyday life.


What is it like living with cerebral palsy? It is kind of


challenging but I like a challenge so it is fun. The messages that are


being sent from your brain gets scrambled so it is difficult to


walk. What do you do on a daily basis to make that better? I do


physiotherapy in the morning and then I'd do physiotherapy at school.


What kind of things do you do? You're basically try to stretch the


muscle and loosen it, so I usually wake up and try to use my sticks. I


get stretched, and it makes me stand up straight. What are we


going to do later? We are going to be doing power football. It is a


sport that I can do. You need skill to do it. It is truly exhilarating.


You should show me what you've got. Playing sport helps Kyle deal with


his cerebral palsy so we're off to a training session with his mother.


What is he likely he is here? what is he like when he is here. He


is socialising, speaking with his friends, it is kind of an extended


family. Children in Need helps to fund this power chair football team.


It is a growing sport. Two teams of four people control it will chair


with a wheels and a large motor, allowing players to move across the


pitch at speed. The team was set up and is run by Sharon. What you see


when the children come down here? This really gives them the chance


to have a bit of fun. Absolutely. Many of them are isolated when they


are at home because they cannot just go out and play in the street,


so they get a chance to come and meet your friends and they can show


real skill. I cannot wait to play football with the team but before


wicket off, some more training. In a minute, we're going to do a bit


of football but we're just going around cones at the moment. Barney


is doing all right. He understands the game. The game is the early on.


Emily has picked me to be in her team. What you like about playing


this game? You can let your talent out and show people how good you


are and what durability is. It does not matter what you're ability is,


we are all the same. It is a chance to show off? And to show people


that you're not just disabled, you can do other things. It is time for


kick-off. Yes! In this game, everyone is working together and as


a result, we are winning. When Emily and Kyle come here to be


part of the team, it is an incredible football team. It is an


amazing sense of community inspired by this. This is why we want you to


Go Pyjamas because the money you have to raise help to fund projects


like this one. It means that these children get to play the sport they


love. Come on, let's Go Pyjamas! I, I am Tolly sat under one


Tchoutou Go Pyjamas with Blue Peter. -- I am Tulisa. We are cover-drive


and we are asking you to Go Pyjamas for children in Need. Some


celebrities are doing it and everyone is joining in. Even though


we are in a big studio, the heat in here is incredible because we are


all wearing pyjamas over our ordinary clothes. That is what


we're trying to do to break the record. The last person is stood


right here. Are you feeling? Just excited. It is overwhelming. Look


at the action replay if you catching the ball. It is amazing.


This is one of the moments where everyone punches the air. It is


over and under. And there you go, we have made it to the end without


anyone dropping it, so congratulations. You should be


really pleased with yourself. The thing is, we do not yet know if it


is an official world record. We're doing the sums and working out


whether we have adhered to the guidelines. Only if we have will


she give us the world record. Fingers crossed. You can take your


hood down, because he did not drop it. So it does not matter. Earlier


today, Bonnie got to grips with wax and wait to make some very special


candles. - wick. Those are home- candles. - wick. Those are home-


made candles and I'm going to show you how to make them. Because on


Tuesday, Britain's Sikhs, Hindus and Jains will decelerating to


winey. They decorate their homes with lights and candles. -


celebrating the Vanni. -- Diwani. Make peace candles. - I'm going to


show you how to make these candles. We're using top-quality wax crayons.


You need some heat proved cookie cutters, any shape. We're also


going to need one of these, a saucepan. With about an inch of


water in it, because that is going to be used to melt the wax. And the


ball goes on top. You may ruin this by putting wax into it, so make


sure your mother is happy you are using it. Wax crayons, break them


up, and put them in the bowl. If you want to, you can make a candle,


Ock one solid block of colour, or you can make different types, with


different colours to make different layers. So now, we're just going to


make a red one. Here is one already melting. Choose your cookie cutter.


I'm going to use a diamond one. And then take the Wick, which is the


most important part. There is a silver disc on the bottom of it,


which holds it in place. When the wax has melted, then tip it into


the middle of the cookie cutter. You can do different layers but I'm


going to make one block of colour, just like that. It will set quite


quickly. This is the first time I have done this. If you want to see


the ones that have been done earlier, we have won their that is


red and yellow. Or there is one here but his pink and yellow.


Choose what ever colour you like. Once it has set, all you need to do


is take your scissors and trim the Wick to about that size. That


should be OK. The last thing to do, you are unsure, get an adult to


help you. Never leave a candle unattended in a room when you are


not there because it is dangerous. And there you have it, a home-made


candle for Dr What - for days Valley. The great thing about these,


because they used to be wax crayons, look, you can still draw with them.


I made that. You can draw things much better than that! I am an


much better than that! I am an expert at bobble drawing. Well done,


congratulation on the candles. want to thank all of you who have


got behind this appeal. Loads of you have been in touch.


Maggie went to church in her pyjamas and raised �155.50. Thank


you to everyone who is getting involved. The money makes a huge


difference. There is still time to get involved so checkout the


website. This is the moment that we are nervous about. This is the


moment that we had been building up to throughout the entire programme.


Please come over here. Les from Guinness world records, you have


watched everybody, every pass, over and under. How did we do? There


actually was a lot at stake here. You were the first people in


history to attempt the record. There were very strict guidelines,


but did you follow them? I think we did. That is what you're here for.


I will tell you, the number of people you had in the line-up was...


304. You followed the guidelines and it is a brand new Guinness


world records. Liz, I want to thank you for


getting involved. But it is too loud! Congratulations. Dean, a


quick word, you have done so well. He is still holding the ball, that


is how excited he is. Congratulations, you did it all on


your own. You're a hero. I feel like a record breaker. That


deserves a round of applause. We have a record breaker. You guys,


today was the day that you were part of the brand new world record.


How does it feel? Great. Amazing. Thank you for coming along and


getting behind the appeal. Some very colourful pyjamas. Thank you


for joining us. Did you enjoy it? Yeah. Did you enjoy it? Yeah x mack


b and there is time to say thank you to her friends from CBBC.


Without them, the record would not have been broken. It is such an


amazing show. Here is what is happening next week.


John Whaite is coming in to show us how to bake some tasty treats.


And there is no end to the pitch and a way hand - but jammer mayhem


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