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Coming up today, recognise this guy?The final. Great British Bake-


Off winner John Whaite has an exclusive recipe. We hit the sofas


of some of the nation's biggest TV and radio show to spread the word


about Go Pyjamas. If Only Boys Aloud Go Pyjamas with a special


performance for you in their Hello! How are you? Its Blue Peter.


We have a nervous and excited look. It is a great way to sh star the


show. Tomorrow is Children In Need and we've got a Pudsey cushions.


It's always a fantastic night of TV. Last year Matt Smith auctioned off


his close the Children In Need and there was a compact -- fantastic


performance from the EastEnders group. Albert Square this year is


going to be just as exciting. We have got Girls Aloud, they will be


singing. Little Mix will be performing, so will Leona Lewis, so


will One Direction. Pudsey the dog will be there as well as Pudsey


Bear. Widney from EastEnders will be singing and there's going to be


an extra special performance by the Olympians to this. So such a track.


Dance! We've been Going Pyjamas for over a month to encourage you to do


the same. We have a map which shows you where you've been doing it and


what you've been up to. I just want to show you this. This was sent in


by Ruth, who is 15 and from Norwich. She made a little Pudsey Bear and


she gave him his own Blue Peter bear. By any can't stop dancing!


Let's go to the e-mails. Amy says I went scuba-diving in my pyjamas


while on holiday. Toby in Hampshire said he is a photo of our Go


Pyjamas scarecrows. They put the pyjamas on scarecrows and organised


a special Shroot for people to put sponsorship in. We've been asking


you to say hello. This week we went to Cornwall and we dropped in to


We are just moments away from surprising ago pyjamas event in


Truro. Normally we would surprise you by walking through a door or


arriving on a motorbike. Today we are going to be arriving from the


skies. Thanks to our friends in the Royal Navy, they train to me


earlier this year. They are going to attempt as a prize like no other.


We will be winched down from this. For this is a Sea King Mark 5


helicopter, the cornerstone of 771 Naval Air Squadron search and


rescue team, saving lives for nearly 60 years. On the ground


below, a group of children from a local team -- school are about to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


begin a walk in their pyjamas to With our feet on the ground, it's


time to swap high flying for sleepwalking as we joined in with a


Barney and I just dropping in wasn't the only surprise today.


Like any sleepwalk, we had to wait for darkness before we could reveal


the spectacular finale to our Go Pyjamas appeal. Have you had fun so


far? Yes. Do you want a bit more fun? Yes. I do. Who can see a big


red box with a big red button? can. You can't press the red button.


The surprise was you and me arriving, surely there are no more


surprises. Who thinks I should press the big red bus in? Near! 3,


Brilliant, loud and really exciting. Amazing! Every part of it was


really cool. And we're going to raise lots of money, too. They are


absolutely incredible! If you have held an event so far, thank you.


you haven't, don't worry, Children In Need is tomorrow and you still


have time. Get those pyjamas on and It was amazing. Thank you to mark


and the British champions. Thank you to those guys for letting us


know what they were doing. If you want us to mention your name on the


television, or e-mail us. We will try to read out yours before the


end. The even though Children In Need is tomorrow, there's still


time for you to raise the money. All of the details you need are


online. Once you've got your money, get an adult to help you pay it in.


A little bit later, you can find out how we got on when we


gatecrashed radio and TV studios across the country. I was amazed at


how many people were keen to get involved. It is for such a special


cause. This is all about raising money for Children In Need and


recently I met Connor who told me why that money was so needed.


This is Walker, home to a very special place. It might look like a


school or youth club, but there's more to it than that. From arts and


craft to bike repair, and would work to pottery. Kate's cabin


provides children with practical skills for the future. Will Benson


has been part of the project for years and knows it inside out. Why


do you need this here? Walker is an area of disadvantage in Newcastle.


Kids don't seem to have an outlook or any support to do creative


activities at home. I meet kids at the age of 12 who have never picked


up a saw before book you have never cooked. A lot of kids here would


not have the same opportunities kids elsewhere get. It looks like a


very creative place. It is so cool. There are all kinds of things to


look at. A lot of primary schools don't have facilities for woodwork,


pottery. They may do a little bit with drawing and painting. We try


to provide something schools can't provide. They are important live


schools -- life skills. This is Connor, one of the many children


supported here and before I get the low-down from him, he will show me


some of his baking skills. Over to you. What are we doing? We've put


400 ounces... 400? Four ounces! Sugar. That is about it. We need to


stare this until it is creamy. that pass? A little bit more creamy,


please. Sorry! We need two eggs. Four announces a flower. -- four


ounces of flour. Fancy yourself as a TV chef? I would like to be like


While the Martin's Bay, Connor tells me how kids cabin has helped


him through some difficult times. You live with your gran and


granddad because you -- you lost your mum. When I was young. My dad


has been in prison most of my life. Do you remember much about your


mum? Not really. I can't really remember her face. When you are


here, do your gran and granddad worry about what you're doing?


knows this place and she knows it is safe. They help you at the same


time. They help you cook, they help you saw. Saw? Sewing. Knitting.


That is your accent! If I was watching this at home and I saw you


getting to do all of this stuff, I would be really jealous. Yes. I


Despite a challenging childhood, Connor is full of confidence and


enthusiasm. I can't help but think that kids cabin has been a massive


influence on him and children in the local area. If you guys Go


Pyjamas for Children In Need, you will be helping fund projects like


this. Were fit? Were fit! -- worth it. He is rubbish at painting!


are rubbish at baking! I don't know what he's on about. I want you to


Go Pyjamas for Blue Peter and Children In Need. This is Lewis-


Smith and I want you to Go Pyjamas. By Lisa, I want you to Go Pyjamas.


I'm Kimberley, I want you to Go Pyjamas for Blue Peter and Children


In Need. By Michael Vaughan and I want you to Go Pyjamas for Blue


Peter and Children In Need. Nicky Byrne and I want you to Go


Pyjamas for Blue Peter and Children In Need. I love Kimberley Walsh!


She is lovely. If you are going to watch Children In Need tomorrow,


you will want a big bowl of sweets. Yes. Including grandma and Barney


the dog. We've got a British champion in the studio. He won the


Great British Bake-Off and this is why. Competition was fierce this


year when the Great British Bake- Off began. John's skills were put


to the test kneading bread. Making brilliant bagels. Lovely with


walnuts in cheese. He then created a mini, see him out of gingerbread.


It is a magnificent construction. After 10 weeks, the final was an


all-male affair. John's innovative heaven and hell Kate won him the


title and a place in the nation's hearts. -- Kate. He is with us in


the studio. It is John Whaite! Hello! Hello. Thank you for wearing


your pyjamas for Children In Need. And getting into the spirit. Talk


And getting into the spirit. Talk us through this fantastic creation.


This is a meringue centrepiece creation. Be it looks complicated.


It is actually very easy. You need to learn the steps, but once we


show you how to make these meringue bites, you will be able to do it.


It is a different way of doing it. How long did that take us back


about 15 minutes to make and an hour in the oven and another hour


to dry out. About two hours and 15 minutes, but only 15 minutes of


working time. We will make some of these many bites over here, which


are the building blocks. They are the foundation for the meringue


centrepiece. A few minutes ago, Connor told me I was rubbish at


baking. Everyone can bake! Unique four egg whites and whisk them


until they are soft. You can take we Skelt -- take the whisk out.


This takes ages. It is television. We've already got one we made


earlier! You've added a bit of blue food colouring. When you add the


food colouring, you add it with the sugar because if you add it after


you have whipped the eggs, it goes wrong. Add the food colouring with


the sugar. If you forget to do that, leave them white. I had a run-in


with the food colouring earlier and it is all over my hands. It does


Dame. I've noticed. When you have done the egg whites, but it into a


piping bag. Or you could use a pint glass. Hold it open. It is


literally a quite, sugar, whipped up with some food colouring. Yes,


so simple. The consistency is key. Be needs to be fairly stiff. If it


is to lose, it will run all over the baking tray and will not work.


It needs to be nice and stiff. There you go. You twist the top and


how I do it, I sort of squeeze it down, pull it up and squeeze it


down again and pull it off. You get a peak. This is what I like, it is


fun. Can I have a go? So you squeeze it up, down up. A bit


enthusiastic.. That looks like something Barney would make!, the


dog. I some I have made earlier. These have been in for a hour


cooking, so you need to leave them to dry out. So bake for an hour. Oh


dear. Just close that, we can't see. No-one saw! These have dried out


and cooled down after they have been baked. It is important you


leave them in for another hour after they have been baking.


next stage is to sandwich them together. Bet the butter, sugar and


you mix that together. Right. That is butter and icing sugar.


whisk that together. When it is incorporated, you add some milk and


you can add vanilla extract, and you pop it into a piping bag. We


are sandwiching these. I will be less enthusiastic with this one.


Bet the other and pop it on. Roll that in bits and Bobs, hundreds and


thousands, whatever you wanted to call them. This is a fun way to


bake. Do you enjoy baking now, because it was your hobby, it is


your job now. I love baking. Now I am writing a book it is more fun.


They are recipes that are my own, it is just such good fun, you can


experiment with thing, if they go wrong you give to it the cat or dog.


It doesn't matter, keep trying. can't give dogs some of this stuff.


You can't really. Roll it round. If you are going to have a go, let us


know, the details are on the website. Send us some photographs.


Thank you. Can I pinch them and share them with Barney. Yes. They


look amazing. Isn't he lovely? You get stuck in. If you were watching


last week you might have been Barney. Look at his face. You might


have seen him make Diwali candles. Kyle and Holly sent a photograph of


the candles they made. They made a Christmas version. Thank you for


those. We had another Holly get in touch from Edinburgh. She made a


heart shaped candle. So thank you for those. If you want to have a go,


the details are on the website. Helen and I set ourself a challenge,


to get on as many TV shows and radio shows as we could to promote


the Go Pyjamas appeal. We had a little challenge between ourselves,


I had to say PJs as many and she had to say jim-jams. This is how we


got on. We are about to start our 24-hour challenge and that is to


get as many people involved in Go Pyjamas. We are going to start at


Radio 1. We are asking kids to Go Pyjamas. Go school, Brownies in


their pyjamas. Let me try this on. Where have you got to go to today?


Radio 5 Live... You are going to gate crash. One down, Radio 1 down.


20 to go. Next we are off to a daily chat show on Channel 5. We


are about to go on to the Wright Stuff and sit in the audience.


Barney is off the lead, anything could happen. Welcome to Helen,


Barney and Barney the dog. You get your PJs. Jim-jams. We are all over


the place. Trying to prove you can go anywhere and do anything in your


jim-jams. They will remember us. think we should get Barney in PJs.


Jim-jams. We are on our way to This Morning. I wish I had worn my badge.


Have you got a Blue Peter badge? I would like one. If you put a


onesie on we will give you one. That is no problem. Now you can


legitimately wear your Blue Peter badge. Are you going to wear it for


the rest of the show. Can I keep it? Of course, you have earned it.


Next to the BBC to appear on the Richard Bacon show? Where we going


next? I can't remember which radio show? You joking? I know we are


show? You joking? I know we are supposed to be here. Radio, four,


of of course. Why come out in pyjamas. It is fun and easy. I know


you are cool for this kind of thing. We have an old onesie for you.


is that? Gorgeous. Another grown up in a onesie who wasn't convinced


and is. They are going to take over the world. Love PJs. Our next stop


is 100 miles away in Birmingham and the traffic is terrible. I am West


Midlands today. We are about to go on. Barney is not here. He is stuck


in traffic. Barney the dog is here, so this could be the two of us.


are you here? This year we are asking people to Go Pyjamas for


Children In Need to wear their pyjamas over clothes and get


sponsors. All in the name of Children In Need. It has been


lovely to meet you. Thank you for having us. Hello! I am here. Let's


do it. They have shut up, locked up and gone home. You missed it.


no! After Birmingham we are on our way to Manchester. The next time we


do a 24-hour challenge can we do it over 12 hours. Good evening. You


are listening to Tony... Is cuddling better than... Yes, it is.


We have to say hello. We have important news and we have a onesie.


A Pudsey onesie. It is a tiring. have been told aim keeping this on


for the rest of the programme. Would you? The best of luck. Tony


wore his onesie for the rest of the show while we caught some kip.


next morning we are back on the sofas crashing Newsround.. Sorry to


interrupt. What are you doing? You know we are reading the news.


thought we would bring along some onesies. Stick them on, get


sponsored for it. Are you tired? tired. We have one more thing to do


we are going to Breakfast. That way. You have done 24-hours wearing


pyjamas, where? We have been all over, London, Birmingham.


started on Radio 1 yesterday. You are our last stop. You can get


dressed? I am going to gore a nap. We thought we would have to


persuade people to get into their jim-jams. Louise brought hers in


from home. They both left wearing pyjamas and one sis. Get your


pyjamas on and raise some money for Children In Need. Now, if you will


excuse me.. Nap time. The winner saying one million PJs to Helen's


five jim-jams is Barney. Loads of you have been out and about


including Melanie. She said my Rain bros group had party and we made


fruit kebabs. James said we are having a Go Pyjamas day tomorrow,


all my teachers and the headmaster are going to be wearing their


pyjamas. Our school raised money by throwing sponges at the teachers.


Shall we throw sponges at our boss? I think that is a great idea. You


have heard about them, they are called Only Boys Aloud, they are


the boys' choir that became the finalists in Britain's Got Talent


and earlier they came in to sing a song for you in the spirit of


Children In Need by wearing their PJs. You are going to love it. Only


Only Boys Aloud look amazing, thank for getting involved. The smartest


group of people in pyjamas. They look like mini suits. Have you worn


pyjamas in public? No. You have had an amazing year, you have performed


all over the place, what was the highlight. Britain's Got Talent and


the opening of the Ryder Cup in Cardiff. At the Millennium Stadium.


There was 17,500 people. Were your families there? Yes. Make an


incredible noise, it must have been amazing to hear 17,000 people


cheering. It was brilliant. What about the album? How was that?


experience of recording the -- album was incredible. How did you


all fit in the one room? We had many different rooms! But different


sections and it was record over two week, the first week was learning


the tracks and the second was recording, so it was incredible.


Fantastic. Glaixs, we are looking forward to hearing you perform. --


congratulations. You are going to perform Paradise by Coldplay. There


is just time to tell you what is happening on next week's show.


have gone from boy band to man band. McFly will perform their latest hit


and answer questions you can leave them on the message boy. So leave


your questions for them. The And we will find out what it is like to


live life on the road with the circus. So playing us out with


Paradise in their PJs it is only boys allowed. You might see your e-


# Ah # Ah, ah, ah


# Ooh, ooh, ooh # When she was just a girl


# She expected the world # But it flew away from her reach


# So the bullets catch in her teeth # Life goes on


# It gets so heavy # The wheel breaks the butterfly


# Every tear a waterfall # In the night, the stormy night sh


she closed her eyes # In the night, the stormy night


# Away she'd fly # And dreamed of para-para-paradise.


# Para-para-paradise # Oh, oh, oh


# Para-para-paradise # Oh, oh, oh


# La, la, la # La, larbgs la


# So lying underneath the stormy skies


# She said # Oh, oh, oh


# I know the sun must set to rise # This could be paraparaparadise


# Para-para-paradise # This could be para-para-paradise


# Oh, oh, oh # This could be par lapar rna


paradise # This could be para-para-paradise


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