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Thanksgiving and McFly

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Coming up... We find out what life is like for a 13-year-old who lives


with the circus. For this is what I wear for the stage show. We got


some payback art which will value and give you great ideas for


Christmas. Plus the guys from McFly answer your message board questions


I really want to one of those pianos. Welcome to Blue Peter.


Let's talk about children in Need last week. It was an incredible


night. It was. The aim of the game is to raise money for a fantastic


charity. On the night, you raised a So many people have been involved,


it was an amazing night. Not only that, but dancing, comedy,


entertainment. One Direction kick the evening off. My favourite part


of the evening, look at him, the Doctor. I was lucky enough to be


there on the night and so Girls Aloud perform. They were brilliant.


I was singing that song all night long. And there were loads of pre-


recorded sketches including this, where Lord Sugar popped along to


Albert Square to see the cast of EastEnders, to try to find a new


apprentice. But it's not just the celebrities or yourselves wearing


pyjamas, for the appeal for Blue Peter which had helped bump the


total up, because we got some people here at media city in


Salford who also wanted to put their pyjamas on and have a bit of


a dance. There was only one song to I'm proud to say that a lot of the


people you so they do belong to the Blue Peter office. It isn't just


those guys who've been out and about in their pyjamas, you've been


getting involved, too. We've been blown away by the amount of you


who've supported this appeal. Loads of you across the country have been


going pyjamas for Children in Need. We kicked it off with some after-


school clubs in the studio, and that led U2 don your pyjamas in all


sorts of ways. Jack went to his local bird park, and these guys in


Glasgow held a big sale. Amy went scuba-diving. Grace went to the


local library. Dancing for almost an hour meant Jade raised �358.70.


Toby and Bronte created scarecrows in their pyjamas. Rebecca went


shopping in the pyjamas. It really has been amazing. Helen wasn't


joking when we said we'd been blown away with how you've got involved


with this. So many photographs have been coming in. Burgess Hill School


for girls said they had a fantastic day wearing pyjamas and holding a


Topshop. They hope to raise up at �300. James went to his panto


rehearsal at his amateur dramatics society in his pyjamas. He was a


little bit embarrassed but he raised soup -- �76. Laurie, Rowan


and Arnel went for a sponsored walk on Winchester Hill and raised


almost �100. Let's draw our attention to Christmas, five weeks


away. What are you looking forward to? Everything. The crackers, but


presents, the family, the dancing, the tinsel. What are you looking


forward to about Christmas? We will read as many e-mails as the can.


love Christmas but I missed it last year. I will make up for its Bisset.


One thing I will be glued to is the Christmas version of Top Of the


Pops. We know you guys love McFly. They've been around for a decade,


which is a relatively long time. They are as good now as they've


ever been. They have turned out seven number one singles, they had


Smash Hits like this one... What not the most classic pop songs ever


written. Let's not forget this one as well. A bit of air guitar.


sometimes pretend they are singing to me! They've got a new single out


in the charts, a greatest hits album out as well, so they've got a


busy schedule, but they agreed to answer your message board questions.


We have lots of questions here from the lovely Blue Peter viewers. Are


you ready? Yes. This one is from Scarlet clarinet Angel. She said,


who came up for the idea for love is easy? You went to a shop and


bought a ukulele and wrote the song. Part of it. You took it to the boys


and said, what do you think of this? It got finished up. And we


made it a mega-hit. Recorded and done within a matter of days.


silky dingo. These on the real names! She says, who has the


smelliest feet? BlueBeat by far. am a budding songwriter, what are


your tips for inspiration? Movies. Life in general. The outdoors.


question is, are you friends with any bands such as One Direction or


The Wanted, or do you look at them as your rivals on people you never


want to speak to? We are friends with One Direction, we wrote a few


songs for them for their album. They came over, Danny produced one


of the songs for their album as well. They are lovely guys. A bit


of trivia. Andy and Max from The Wanted were once in a boy band


together which supported us on tour. They were called Avenue. This is


posted by Diamond I think. My question is, what pose would you do


to represent yourself? Like Mo Farah has his, what would all of


I haven't quite perfected mind yet. Mine is that, because a street


dancer taught me a move but it was for the peak of my cab and I had it


gone backwards. Mine is this want. I can't really do it that well.


McFly are going to be performing an acoustic version of their new


single at the end of the show. are now changing direction. We know


that lots of you like to go to the circus. The high-wire artists, the


trapeze acrobats, it's an amazing night. But have you ever wondered


what it would be like to be part of a family who travel with a circus?


Carina is 13 years old and that is what life is for her every day.


I'm Carina, and 13 and this is what it's like being me. My family have


performed with the circus since I was born. For the last three years


I have joined them in the show. The most famous thing about any circus


is the big top. Let me show you around the backstage. I'm going to


show you where we change now, the dressing room. Sorry about the


poster. My step dad thought it would be a joke. We are not


actually toxic. It smells nice in there! This is what I'll be wearing


for tonight's show. We share this dressing room at seven people. This


is my jacket or when the people come in. And in here is my costume


This is a massive globe where there are three motorbikes spinning all


This is my caravan, this is where I live. I never live in a permanent


house. This is the kitchen, that's the dining room and that's the


living room. I will show you the favourite bit, that's my room.


After the show I like to lay in bed and watch TV or go on my computer


or listen to music. Sometimes my friends come over and we have


sleepers. We have fun. Before I get ready for the show, I've just got


time to answer some of your questions from the Blue Peter


message board. What is the best part of living in the circus? The


travelling around and I like performing and meeting new people.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a


circus? Going to a circus school, they are good. You go there for a


few years. Have you ever messed up while performing at the circus? Yes.


I messed up and... I messed up a few days ago. I fell down bet that


happens quite a lot. Everyone does mistakes. I'd better start getting


This is my auntie and this is my ankle. We are back excited today,


it's going to be a good crowd and Every circus has a ringmaster who


introduces the other acts and keep things running on time. Norman is


ours and has worked in the circus Thank you for spending the day with


me. I hope you enjoyed seeing what it's like being me.


I know she said she makes a few mistakes sometimes but look at what


they are digging in the circus - they are incredible. Thank you for


showing us what it was like to be you. Let's talk about the past year.


It feels like only two minutes ago when we were taking pictures for


the Blue Peter calendar, but here we are at the end of it. We will


reveal to you the picture that is going to be for the month of


December in the Blue Peter calendar. This ties in with a bit of a secret


and a sneak peek for you. Helen and I have just returned from Lapland


in Finland. We've recorded two Christmas Special shows for you. It


was freezing. It was absolutely beautiful. One way to take


photographs is to take them of scenery or landscapes. I thought


because Lapland was so cold, it might be an idea to take it in


black and white. Taking a picture of an apple on a table, it would be


green and it would be quite boring. But if you were to take it in black


and white, the Apple would be grey and have a shadow on it, a bit more


atmosphere. That is what I tried to With black and white photography,


because of the way it is contrasted, you can tell how freezing it was.


But I'm a bit of a geek and I like to hang around a bit after the


shoots. I spend a bit of time on my own and took another picture of


this same landscape but at land - that night-time. It really is good


fun to do. I'm so glad you got involved with this. If you'd like


to print out your own version of the Blue Peter Callander, which has


now completed, you can go to the The one thing I've loved about this


is seeing all of your photographs as well. There's nothing better for


a Blue Peter presenter than to come in on a Monday morning and to be


handed photographs that you've taken over the weekend. Thank you


for getting involved. Stay tuned in January, we got a special animation


package for you as well. He's not a geek, he just disappears. He just


disappeared with his camera. It's definitely worth it. If you have


printed off at Callander and know any Americans, you probably have


today marked on their because it is the fourth Thursday in November,


which means it's Thanksgiving. Or a lot of Americans, it's a bigger


deal than Christmas. If you've ever wondered what it's all about then


you are in luck. We have all- American girl and Disney star Laura


I am your Ram Elano -- Laura Merano. On the show I like nothing more


than singing and playing the piano with my friend. But I am here to


talk about my favourite day of the year, Thanksgiving! Come on, a


scream with me! In America, Thanksgiving is a national holiday


and is celebrated in style. It is a time when families meet up, and


even start their Christmas shopping. My family absolutely love getting


together on Thanksgiving but where did the Thanksgiving Straw restart?


This American tradition has its roots in the UK, in Plymouth! The


admirable McBride may be a pub but nearly 400 years ago, a group of


English people known as the Pilgrim Fathers set sail on the Mayflower


right here. They were unsatisfied with their life in England and


decided to set sail to a relatively unknown continent to make a new


life. This shows the direction they set sail, a don't know why they


chose a prawn! This monument to the Mayflower is dedicated to the 102


pilgrims who are crucial in creating the America we know today.


I cannot believe American history started here! A year later, the


Pilgrim Fathers gathered for his huge ceased to celebrate their


first successful harvest and to thank God. -- a huge meal. I am now


at a primary school in Plymouth where they are about to get a taste


of this American tradition. What's This looks good. Does anybody want


any pumpkin pie. Is it good? It is really nice? Some new pumpkin pie


The do We have some fans of pumpkin It just remains for me to say...


Happy Thanksgiving!! Happy Thanksgiving to everybody


celebrates. I know a lot of people who just like to party. If you like


party food, look no further than the Blue Peter website. Last week I


should you have to make meringues with John, the champion of the


Great British bake off. Lots of you said you had a go. Rihanna said she


made little meringues, with pink icing in the middle, and she had a


He got messy making them but they were delicious! Rabeeah said her


mixture was a bit runny so she invented meringue cupcakes. That's


what we like to see. Creativity. Matilda and Ella created turquoise


meringues. We are glad you had a go. The recipe is still on the Blue


Peter website. Have a look at what Barney is standing next to us. It


is absolutely incredible. Before we talk about them, take a close look.


Can you tell why they are unique? They are made entirely from PayPal.


They Arpad of an exhibition called The First Cut in Manchester -- they


are made entirely from the paper and they are part of an exhibition.


They have used maps, A4 paper, atlases... This is Susan


Stockwell's colonial dress. She has used maps to tell the story of


Britain's colonial past. It took her three months to make. Look at


the detail. That would have taken me nine days just to do that Rose.


I know I am not supposed to have a favourite, but look at what Chris


Jones has done. This is amazing. It is a motorbike made out a glossy


magazine pages. He has also use some vintage encyclopaedias and


given it varnished over the top to make it shiny, and it took him two


months. It is just paper! You have to get close to this, it is what I


like about art, it is quite personal. It is a single piece of


paper and Peter Callesen has designed it to look like a mountain


with the little man climbing over the top. Isn't it amazing! This is


Nicola Dale's book, it took her 18 months to make it. One single book,


that she has cut into different shapes. 31 artists from all over


the world have been involved and one of them, Claire Brewster, is in


the studio today. She has made these birds. Who better to teach me


how to do this? Welcome to his studio. Let's talk about these


How did you start? I have always worked with paper and one day I had


a flash of inspiration, like a light bulb in the cartoons, and I


started cutting out birds and then everybody loved them and the rest


is history. That was ten years ago. I like the shadow, it brings it to


life. It creates movement, that is the idea. You will be showing me


how to make a more simple version of one of your birds with a


Christmas twist. We are going to make a Christmas robins. The first


thing you need to do is print out the template, which you can do on


the Blue Peter website. You can print it onto any paper that will


go through your home printer, obviously. This is just brown paper.


The first thing you need to do is cut roughly around the bird. Why?


It makes it easier to hold it while you are cutting. You do it on the


inside. Yes, it makes it easier to cut the detail out. Once you have


done that, you get your bird like this. I have one like this. You are


so organised! The next thing to do is to start cutting the shapes out


in the middle. The easiest way to do that is to take the scissors...


Which we have lost... If we are doing this on the dining-table, mum


will not be happy. You need to make sure there is something underneath.


A bit of protection between you and your mum's pride and joy. It is


quite fiddly. Do it slowly and carefully. I am able in a China


shop. If once you have done that, it looks like this. That was easy!


The next job is to cut carefully around the edges. Just like this. I


can already see the reason why you have waited until the last minute


to do this because it is quite fiddly. If you don't have any paper


around the bird when you cut the inside out, it gets really


difficult. And then you end up with a bird like this. To make it more


Christmas see, we can attach a little red breast to him. You could


use red paper and card and place it underneath. Yes. But you need to


make sure the shape is slightly bigger than the bit you want to


cover, otherwise you will not be able to stick it on. You might want


to put some paper underneath. There it is. Own Robin repressed!


If you want to make it more sparkly, you can add glitter -- 8 Robin ate


I'll it is that simple. 8 Claire Where am keeping my fingers crossed


that that big present is for me as well! Let us know what you are


looking forward to for Christmas. We have lots of the e-mails. Best


says, Dr Who. Helen from Hertfordshire says, I am excited


about Christmas parties. George says Christmas dinner. Lauren is


looking forward to spending time with her family. The Edel is


looking forward to all her family coming out for dinner and


decorating the Christmas tree. Ronan from Dublin says he loves


going downstairs on Christmas Day and seeing all the presence. I hate


that be because you are so nervous! Don't you do a Jumper competition


at your house? Yes! So if you have any ideas of what I can put on my


Christmas jumper, let me know. few weeks ago we told you about a


competition where you get the chance to take over Blue Peter.


Next week you can find out what these fall were picked for the show.


Tune in to see what they decided we should do -- these four were picked


for the show. We will be so insecure! It is now time for


McFly's fantastic performance. We told you about it earlier. They


have agreed to do an acoustic performance just for us. If you


been out the show, keep an eye on the bottom of the screen because


people be showing them along the # Do do dodo do do.


# Do do do dodo do. # Do do dodo do do.


# Today. # Laughing the clouds away.


# I hear what the flowers say. # And I see.


# Places that I have been. # In ways that I've never seen.


# My side of the grass is green. # Ooh I can't believe that it's so


simple. # It feels so natural to me.


# If this is love. # Then love is easy.


# It's the easiest thing to do. # If this is love.


# Then love completes me. # Cause it feels like I've been


missing you. # A simple equation.


# With no complications. # To leave you confused.


# If this is love, love, love. # Hmm it's the easiest thing to do.


# Do do do do do do do. # Do do do do do do you.


# Feel the way that I do? # And make dirty streets look new?


# Hmm and the birds sing. # Tweeheeheeheeheeheeheet.


# Tweedleheeheeheehee. # Now I know exactly what they mean.


# Ooh I can't believe that it's so simple.


# It feels so natural to me. # If this is love.


# Then love is easy. # It's the easiest thing to do.


# If this is love. # Then love completes me.


# Cause it feels like I've been missing you.


# A simple equation. # With no complications.


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