Blue Peter Book Awards Shortlist, Christmas Cards and Polish Christmas Blue Peter

Blue Peter Book Awards Shortlist, Christmas Cards and Polish Christmas

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It is Thursday, it is 5:30, there is one place to be, right here. Today


we can exclusively reveal the six books that have made it to the short


list for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2014. And we will be showing you how


to make your very own CBBC Christmas card with the help of Mr Hacker T


Dog. Stay tuned, it is live here on today's Blue Peter.


Hello! Welcome to Blue Peter. First things first, look at Lindsey's


jumper, it lights up! It is the favourite thing I have ever worn. I


am a big fan. Barney is rehearsing for panto! But we have got a


jam-packed show for you. That is right, we are getting super excited


about the Blue Peter Book Awards 2014, and we want to hear from you.


This is a live show, so we have got a question for you, tell us about


your favourite book on the website. At the end of the show, we will read


out as many of your favourite as possible. Can I just say, how


festive is the studio looking?! It is looking so Christmassy today, and


the reason for that is we are counting down the days to Christmas


with the rest of CBBC. Do you know what? 20 days to go! How exciting?!


Do not get too excited, Radzi! Never! We will be showing you how to


make a CBBC Christmas card, and we will find out what happened when I


went to Newcastle to find out how they celebrate Christmas Polish


style. We want to say thank you to everyone who sent sonic designs for


the Doctor Who competition. The competition is now closed! Yes, and


that means you cannot send in any more applications, but we will be


revealing the three winners on our Christmas special on the 19th of


December at 5:30 right here on CBBC. But for now, some really exciting


news, follow us this way. Yes, you may be able to tell what I'm going


to talk about next, because of our lovely reading corner in the


background. We are going to be revealing the six short listed books


in the Blue Peter Book Awards 2014. We have been doing the awards for a


lot of years now, and they give you a chance to vote for your favourite


books. Barney went to find out what the awards are all about.


There's nothing quite like a good book, you can get lost in a whole


other world, and that is why... Sorry, I know you are excited to


read your book. That is why this year the Blue Peter Book Awards...


No, sorry, I have got one more line then you can read. Are you ready?


That is why this year... Oh, come on! As I was saying, there is


nothing like a good book, and this year the Blue Peter Book Awards


return once again. From a line-up of 40 brilliant books, we are on the


hand to find the best story and the best book with facts, and to do that


we have enlisted a panel of genius judges. Marcus Sedgwick is already a


Blue Peter book award know it all, he won a book award in 2011. I am a


judge for the awards, and we are looking for a book that is a little


bit better than all the others. Kirsten Grant is the director of


World Book Day and has worked in children's literature for 17 years.


I am looking for a book where I am going to learn something and where


the facts are going to be really well organised and really clear. You


will find Katie Thistelton in the CBBC of its most days, but she is


also the host of the CBBC Book Club and a self-confessed bookworm. I am


looking for a book that you cannot put down, which you want to tell


your friends and family about, and which makes you laugh and cry. And


our very own UN, the big boss of Blue Peter. He is not voting, he is


chairing the voting, making sure everything runs smoothly. This gives


us a chance to celebrate the books you have been reading and hopefully


introduce you to some new books you might not have read yet. The judges


have already read each book, and now they are bashing their heads


together to come up with a short list of just six, the three best


stories and the three best books with facts, easier said than done!


And after hours of deliberation... They have done it! These are the


final six, is everyone happy? Very happy, it is a good selection. So


there you have it, the book awards short list, around 200 from ten


schools will be reading the books and voting for your favourites. Make


sure you're watching in the New Year to find out who has been picked.


So let's find out a bit more about them, the nominees for best book


with facts are Weird World Of Wonders: World War II by Tony


Robinson. Marvellous Maths by Jonathon Litton and Thomas Flintham.


And The World In Infographics: Animal Kingdom by Jon Richards and


Ed Simkins. Let's find out a little bit more about them.


Weird World Of Wonders sees the curiosity grew Discover the smellier


and more disgusting bits of the Second World War. Wheelbarrows full


of money, things that go bang, standing up to bullies, must potato


moustaches, it is history, but not as you know it.


Did you know the number zero add to be invented? Or that there is an


equation to work out the geometry of a doughnut? That is what you get


with Marvellous Maths, incredible ideas and interactive bits and bobs,


mats made easy. If you are a budding numberSmith, that is some fun. A


picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is that more true than


in The World In Infographics: Animal Kingdom. This is a mash up of icons


and pictures, facts and figures to help you make sense of the stats.


From boat to birds, mammals and amphibians, each page is bursting


with unexpected information about the world of animals, it is wild.


That is such an exciting line-up of books, isn't it? Now it is the


nominees for best story. We have Oliver And The Seawigs, by Philip


Reeve and the Sarah McIntyre. Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell L.


And last but by no means least, Whale Boy by Nicola Davies and Joe


McLaren. Very exciting times, time to find out more about them.


Oliver And The Seawigs is the adventure filled story of


ten-year-old Oliver, the son of explorers who met at the top of


Mount Everest. When his parents go missing, Oliver set sail across the


sea to rescue them. In his quest, he meets a talking albatross, a mermaid


with a black eye, a villainous boy and an army of STC monkeys. -- pesky


sea monkeys. Sophie is an orphan found in a cello case in the English


Channel. When no-one believes her story, she takes matters into our


own hands and flees to Paris to search for her mother. The only clue


she has is the jest of the jelly maker. Income, we find her on the


run from the authorities. -- in Rooftoppers. Will they ever be able


to find her mother before it is too late. Michael has never seen a


whale, not a real one. Everyone knows they disappeared from the


water around the little island of Liberty many years ago. Whale Boy


tells the story that unfolds after a terrible storm brings a mysterious


stranger to his island home who offers what he has always dream of,


his very own boat. All he has to do in return is help the stranger find


the Wales and promise to never tell a soul. Michael is about to find


that sometimes dreams come with a price.


Enormous congratulations to all the nominees. It is a fantastic short


list. Now, on the phone we have Jeff Kinney, who was meant to be live in


the studio, but because of the storms he has been held up. Jeff,


where are you? I am on my way to you in a car, but unfortunately the


train was stopped, we were kicked off the train! We wish you were in


the studio, but as you are not here, we will ask you a couple of


questions. Your book, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, won best book of the last


ten years, how did it feel to win such a special award? I really could


not believe it, I did not feel like I could win against Harry Potter,


which is one of my favourite books. I said to my kids, at least my books


are funnier than Harry Potter, right? And my son was like, no,


Harry Potter is funnier! We think you deserved it, and you have a new


book out from the series, how do you keep coming up with all of the new


ideas and characters all the time? It is really hard. I spent six


months just trying to think of ideas, and it takes me a long time.


I sit there with a blanket over my head and I fall asleep a lot, and I


come up with the ideas I need for a new book. We love the books, and we


are going to talk to Katie, but stay on the line, we will need you in a


minute! Katie, you are a host of the CBBC Bookclub and a judge on the


awards, how tough is it to pick six books? So tough, it is really hard


to judge books, especially with storybooks, and we got it down to


about ten, and we kept taking them out and putting them in again, but


we are really confident we have got brilliant six books, and I would be


happy if any of them won, they are all brilliant. It is not just


stories, we have fact -based books as well. How do you think they ring


the facts together? They do it brilliantly, the maths book, I hated


maths when I was younger, I am more of a words girl, but this is full of


brilliant tips, but I thought it would have made my life a lot


easier! If you do not like maths, it is a good one for you. And the


infographics book is brilliant, full of facts that you can member to tell


your mates, really fun. And Tony Robinson's World War II book is very


funny, with reading for that, but it also helps you to learn about World


War II by putting it into your modern day life. He will say that


you and your friends are quite similar to how countries formed


alliances, and it makes you think, wow, that is why that happened. If


we have got time, what do think it is about a good book that you cannot


put down? There is nothing like it, you are in your own little world,


you can sit and relax and let your imagination run wild. If you don't


like reading, you have not found the right book yet. Jeff, same question


for you, what makes a great book for you that you cannot put down? For


me, it is humour. If it keeps me laughing and turning the Pages, that


is the best. Thank you so much, both of you. It is going to be such a


difficult one for the 200 children who have to decide the winner, and


you will find out the winners of the book award in March next year on


World Book Day. Yes, so get online, get to a library, get a copy and get


involved. We ask you at the beginning of the show, what is your


favourite book and wide? Go to the website and let us know. If having


Katie in the studio is not enough, having a man on the side of the


motorway is not enough, this may be inspiration for you, some famous


faces telling you why they love books and what their favourite books


are. My favourite character from a book when I was a kid was from


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, because he is the guy that I wanted to be and


still do. One of my favourites was in the Vampire series, and I am


partial to a bit of Harry Potter. Reading has had a big influence on


me, I get inspired by things I read all the time. We think reading is


cool because you can let your imagination run wild. Quite


literally! We think reading is cool because you learn a new stuff. And


because it is a good time to chill out. And the paper smells good! Why


don't you tell the guys at home some of your favourite books? Yes, well,


one of mine was the Witches. What is your favourite? Danny The Champion


Of The World. Goebel... The first book I was into was about animals,


and they really got me into doing what I do today. Some of my


favourite things about reading or how you can be transported away to


another land, how you can learn interesting words and be very


inspired, so I suggest you pick up a book and get reading! You forget how


many good books there are. I read a book about blue. I couldn't fit it


down! It is Hacker T Dog! I have just come from our office. I have


come here to help you ruin this, mate. I'm excited to have you here.


Are you excited about Christmas? Yes, I will be sitting down, singing


all my favourite songs. This Christmas at CBBC, we want you to


keep it CBBC. (. I that. -- oh, grand. I like that. We are putting


on Alice in Wonderland. That was really good. I was in that.


We are going to be making this car today, with the help of Hacker T


Dog, of course. -- this car. All the details on the website. Make sure


you head online after the show and check that out. For now we are going


to be making this. There is a Blue Peter one you can make. The


templates are online. And they are printed out in full, glorious


colour. Go to the website and print of two templates. Then stick them


together but make sure the one on the back is upside down, so that


when you turn the car over, it is still the right way up. That is


magic! How have you done that? I went on the website. Now, the first


thing to do is to fold it into thirds. Have you done your Christmas


shopping? ? I have. I have got some meat paste. I'm going to shape than


into the shape of a turkey. Next stage is you can see there are pairs


of lines. With these scissors... I bath on a regular basis, Hacker T


Dog. Don't we all. This is what helps the card to stay up. Do each


pair the same length. You messed it up in rehearsal, didn't you? It was


a right dog 's dinner... And I am a dog! Sorry, I just hit you on the


nose. Fold your card over. That is going to make the steps Radzi has


just cut come out. There you go. How good is that? That is dead good. Can


I have it? You can at the end. You need to add the snow panels. It is


as though you have rehearsed these jokes. Once you have folded it, you


fold along the grey line, like so. All lines are grey to me. I am a


dog, I can only see in black and white. After you have done that,


underneath... He does know what he is doing. I am going to glue on the


part that says, do this part again. Come on, we can afford it. Then you


simply glue down here like so. Easy, isn't it? And then once, as Red Sea


has done, you are going to explain about the panels. -- Radzi. It


hangs. It should look like this. Now the fun part, we get to decorate it.


Oh, we can put glitter on it! I am going to put a bit of glue on here.


If you send me that, I will be disappointed. There, you have


finished your card. You can make an individual, pictures of your family


and friends, anything you want. A washing machine if you wanted. That


would be strange. When you have got one, take a photo, we would love to


hear from you. Thank you for coming in, Hacker. My pleasure. Can I come


on every week? I am taller than Barney. How do you celebrate


Christmas? Maybe you are getting your presence sorted. Stop it,


Hacker! We all celebrate Christmas differently. Earlier in the week I


went to Newcastle to find out to celebrate Christmas the traditional


Polish way. I have got a bit multilingual today,


and there's a special reason. It is a time when lots of people are


celebrating Christmas. Considering Polish is the second most spoken


language in England and Wales, I thought they would find out how they


celebrate. They celebrate on the 24th of December, when nothing is


eating until the first star appears in the sky. It is tradition to set


an extra place at the table for a none expected guests. Delicacies


include creamed herring and beetroot. This school holds we can


Polish ( lessons, giving children a chance to hold up with their own


country's traditions. -- this school holds weekend Polish lessons. Hello,


everyone. What are you doing here? We are making pictures. Christmas


pictures? How important is Christmas to you? Very important. We have a


kind of wafer. You pass them around, and who goes first? The oldest


person. What marks Christmas for you? As soon as we see the first


star in the sky. Decorations are also important. You are making a


Christmas tree hat off past. It is looking really good. I'm going to


make one as well. What food do you like? I hold a Christmas puddings,


really. -- I like all the Christmas puddings. I hate mushrooms. But some


of the traditional decorations are sweet treat. This looks delicious!


We are making cookies for the trees. They are gingerbread. We are going


to hang them on the tree. We put them on and make baubles. Yellow


micro something over there, Victor... I didn't really eat it!


The smell of the gingerbread is making me hungry. Heather, is this


what a table would look like at home? The Polish sub but has at


least 12 dishes, in order to represent the 12 disciples. -- the


Polish subpar. What do you say to each other? You make good wishes for


the next year. Good wishes for the next year, however. I am so hungry.


Let the tasting begin, and I tried everything. That is really good. It


is cold. It is delicious. Let's try some cakes. I adore it. Then came


the beetroot soup and dumplings. Not the biggest fan of dumplings. I have


had such a brilliant day. I have learned traditions, decorated the


tree and even tried a bit of Polish food. Just one thing left to say.


Which means Merry Christmas. But to make it a bit more Christmassy, we


have just got time for this. Are you ready? Ready? ! Take it away, guys!


Yea, that was so good! I had such a good day. Thank you so much to all


the kids. You look like you did. One of the best part of being a Blue


Peter presenter is seeing the post you will sent in. Look at this.


Business from Alex, he is eight, and he has sent in Santa Claus going


down the chimney. This one as well is from Allah. She has been inspired


by last week's show. -- from LR. It is a Quackodile. Talking of last


week, we were talking about War Horse. Look at this. He is


galloping. This is Joey on the horse. Finally, this one from


Michael. He made some of the pompons you made. You haven't just been


getting in touch with us about the war. You have been telling us about


your favourite book and why. We are going to get cracking with the


comments. I would kick it off. My favourite is by David Whalley 's. I


Ruby Redford. -- I like. In charge it, by Enid Blyton. -- enchant it.


One of my favourites. I would Jacqueline Wilson when I was


younger. -- I had. I Harry Potter, says one viewer. --


I like. Thank you to everyone for getting in touch. We have got


others, loads of them, but I'm afraid that is all we have time for


full stop make sure you are watching this week as I reveal the top three


sports men and women for sports personality of the year. I am so


excited! And I got a huge surprise behind the set of Dani's Castle. And


I got to put the start-up of the tree in Trafalgar Square. -- the


star on top. We are going to show you how to make some great stocking


fillers. Make sure you are watching next week at the same time.




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