Shelley the Tortoise, Warhorse and Kangaroo Dundee Blue Peter

Shelley the Tortoise, Warhorse and Kangaroo Dundee

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It is Thursday. It is 5. 30. Do we have a good show for you today! We


have some stars and puppets from War Horse. See how Rad did it all when


he went to meet an adventurous Australia who looks after baby


kangaroos. All that is coming up on today's Blue Peter!


Hello. Welcome to live Blue Peter. You can see us, but there's no


Barney. It is the first episode where he's not here. He's rehearsing


for panto. Oh, no, he isn't! ? Oh, yes he is. There's an animal theme


today. We have a kangaroo. We have horses. We even have our own


tortoise, Shelley, featuring on the show. We are live and we want to


hear from you. Imagine if you could take your two favourite animals -


combine them to make a new breed. Mine would be the sharilla - a shark


and a gorilla. Mine would be a girrhino. A rhino and a giraffe. I


think the sharilla would beat yours! Let us know what


think the sharilla would beat yours! mix - and what special skills they


think the sharilla would beat yours! better. Let us know your ideas, at:


We know you will get involved. You always do it. You have done it so


much this week. You sent us so much fabulous post. Look at the wall. My


favourite is from this one, Radzi getting gunged. I love this one. It


is from grace. Sh eis from Nottingham. She is only nine and


done this water colour of us three. It makes me miss Barney!


I like that! If you were watching last week then


you will know about our brand new Doctor Who competition. The prize is


epic. It is so cool! We have asked you to design a sonic device - it


could be for Strax, Jenny Flint or Madame Vastra. There are some things


to remember - first there is only one entry per person. Second only,


you can only design one sonic device for one of the three characters. You


have to be aged between six and 15. Oh! That rules us out! . The


deadline is this Monday. Get them in as soon as you can! You don't have


long. Make sure you make them bright, bold and beautiful. They


have to look really, really good on camera. It is complicated. Check out


the rules and download the Doctor Who form. It is in two pages. Like I


said - it is a bit complicated, so head to the website. Whilst there,


why not check out some of our other Doctor Who exclusives. You can see


Barney showed you how to make this last week - some yummy Dalek


cupcakes. You can last week - some yummy Dalek


Let's talk kangaroo names. What would you get if you cross a sheep


and a kangaroo? I don't know. A woolly jumper!


I see what you're doing. Barney is gone - you are trying to do the


jokes and they are still not funny! Speaking of jump yg, Radzi jumped at


the chance to meet some offed kangaroos. These -- some kangaroos.


These are very special. I am here in in Cambridgeshire. It helps to breed


the animals and look after them. I am not here to spotted a


particular species, I am here to meet an animal man. He looks after


wild animals in his native Australia. He goes by the name of


Kangaroo Dundee. You might recognise him from his BBC Two documentary -


Kangaroo Dundee. He is a kangaroo guru and knows absolutely everything


about them. He is a tough Australian, who hand raise raises


orphaned Joeys. He is here to give me a fascinating insight into these


fascinating creatures. Pleasure to meet you. The pleasure is all mine!


In the series you call yourself "a kangaroo mother." Obviously you are


a man and not a kangaroo. How does it work? When you look after an


orphaned kangaroo, a lot is to carry it around in a case, to make it


happy like a pouch. The one who feeds it milk is me. I call myself


"mum." I will raise him up and hopefully return him back to the


bush when he's older. hopefully return him back to the


kangaroos come out of the pouch, do they stay with their mothers? If you


are a young boy, you are generally allowed to stay around the family.


Later on the big male will come in and say, hey, get out! The boys all


leave the families and they meet up together and create like a boy group


- like a boy band. Let's think of One Direction!


Later on, the big male kangaroos want a kick-boxing match. If they


don't have any other big kangaroos to play with, they will try and play


with you - like fight you. I've got a big male kangaroo at my sanctuary,


called Roger. Roger is mad! This is why you're not allowed a pet


kangaroo! Roger is an expert kick-boxer! He


chases me everywhere! Funnily enough, I was Roger's mum


about six years ago! . He now has no fear of people. When he wants a


kick-boxing match, he picks on me! So what is it about these Australian


mar soupals that he loves so much? Kangaroos are an amazing animal. The


biggest land animal that hops. The biggest leap recorded continuously


is eight metres. OK! That is a massive leap!


I have gone into catch kangaroos that I am transporting a net. I have


found the kangaroo - it is like catching a butterfly - they jump


over my head at the last minute. They are amazing animals! Has life


changed for you since the series went out? It has changed massively.


Here I am in England, being invited to come over and be on your great


show and it is about absolute privilege to be able to do that. It


has been an honour to have you and especially for you at home, here is


an exclusive clip of series two. Enjoy!


The most recent editions to his family, Rex and Ruby have come out


of bed to check out their new home. Until recently they had never left


their mother's pouches. Now they are taking their first tentative steps


on the floor of the shack. Like a child's first visit to an ice


rink they are rooted to the stop! -- spot!


Oh, they are so cute. If you love that, like I did, you can head to


the website where you can find a Q and A session, with him asking your


questions. Check that out after the show.


It is time to meet a very different kind of Joey, from the West End, War


Horse. I am so excited about this. Before this, let's see some of Joey


in action. I, Albert, do solemnly swear that we


shall be together again. Please welcome the gorgeous Joey and


Lee, who playsal berlt in -- plays Albert in War Horse.


Wow! That is


Wow! thank you so much for


Wow! Now, War Horse is based on the


Wow! differences between the play and the


book, do you think? The play is quite similar to the book. It is


about a boy called Albert, his horse, Joey and how their


relationship endures World War I. In the play we have other things which


tell the story, like massive horse puppets, projections and 34 actors.


It is absolutely beautiful, isn't it? You play Albert, the lead role.


What is he like as a character? Because the play goes over six year,


Albert goes from being a young boy, who does not have anything - doesn't


have any friends, lives on a chicken farm and through Joey becomes a


great land and goes over to World War I. These puppets are so


impressive. How does Joey work? Split into three. Joey head, Joey


heart and hind. Joey head is about focus and thinking. It shows what


the horse's attention is, obviously by the direction he goes. The ears


are really important, because when he... They kind of twitch and


flicker. Like anyone who rides a horse knows that. The horse's


thoughts can be shown by their ears. So, when he's angry, his ears were


be sort of back. Joey! Naughty!


I am sure he likes you. And then you have the horse heart, which shows


breath and weight because obviously it is made out of bam boo and


aluminium, so the weight of the horse is important. You have the


hind, which is an important job. The hind has to make sure the trot is in


step, so he moves like a horse. You can see what he's thinking by moving


the tail. There's so much going on. It is amazing team work between the


three people in inside Joey. We have seen the gooz. Or...


three people in inside Joey. We have role like Joey, how long would


three people in inside Joey. We have take to get his movements life-like?


In the initial stages it is two weeks for them to work with expert


pupeteers. They work with real horse trainers? They go to horse ranches


and six weeks where they interact with humans and the stories. He can


do a few moments. Can we see some now? What can he do? He can rather


if you like. -- rear if you like. And And if you say "Way up, boy."


Way up, boy. Try slower... Oh, and way up, boy.


Oh! I will give you a hand, OK? Help me out. And way up boy.


Good boy. He is absolutely stunning. Lee, thank you so much for coming in


today and for bringing the gorgeous Joey with you. Good luck for the


tour. Thank you for a fantastic show in London. I have seen it - it is


amazing! Do you know what is crazy about this


is after a few moments you don't notice there are humans inside Joey.


We've had a horse and a goes, even kangaroos. The next an malyou like -


I -- the next animal you like - it is Shelley the tortoise. Winter is


very much upon us. For Shelley, what that means is she a goes into


hibernation. Lindsey had to go and tuck her in.


Hello. The Blue Peter team told me that Shelley was going into


hibernation and needed tucking in. I have my PJs, my One Direction


book... . You have the wrong idea. Come in. Shelley has been a Blue


Peter pet since 2004. Every winter she goes into hibernation. It is


when the bodies of some of of animals slow down. This is Marina,


she looks after Shelley. How do you know when a tortoise is ready for


hibernation, apart from looking sleepy, like she does. She has not


eaten for about three weeks now. Why not - she must be hungry? She


doesn't need to eat so much because because she's not tearing around in


the hot sunshine. Also it gives their stomach a chance to empty. She


needs to hibernate with an empty stomach. Is she allowed to drink?


Yes, you should always offer fresh water. She has the choice if she


wants to. Then she's ready for a big nap. Hopefully. Shelley hibernates


using the double box method. You need one big one, one small one and


a lot of shredded newspaper. First, you need to fill your large box with


shredded newspapers. I will move some across into the small box, so


when we put our small box inside the larger one, we can press that down


and then get some of our extra newspaper and just put that around


the outside. And that newspaper is going to keep


your tortoise nice and insulated and protected from the cold.


I have brought along some of your post, including some cheeky drawings


that we have done. So, that is looking good and about


ready to go. That doesn't mean if you have a tortoise you leave it


until it wakes up. Oh, no! Here are three top tips to ensure your sleepy


friend gets a good sleep. Don't put on the floor. Keep the temperature


perfect. Rats and mice will eat almost


everything, including your box aevend your tortoise. Check your box


every couple of days for any nibbling. The box is decorated. It


is looking good. Is it time to get Shelley in there? I think so. Put


her down the bottom. Goodbye, Shelley. Cover it over. It is nice


and dark in there. Is it OK to leave her there. I will keep a close check


on her. How long will she sleep for? They can sleep up to 12 weeks. That


is a huge nap. I am quite jel low. Enjoy it. Have a good sleep,


Shelley! I wonder what she dreams when she


hibernates. Today's show is all about the lovely


Shelley. We love Shelley so much, we dedicated a whole episode to our


pet. We will follow her on her holiday. Later on I will show you


how to make a Shelley puppet... She looks so cosy. If you hope to stay


warm and cosy, then you will probably wear one of these - hats,


scarf, gloves. We will show you how to customise your winter


accessories. Today I am joined by Tegan, Jessica,


Ethan and Liam. You need a fork. You need some wool I can be any colour.


-- wool. It can be any colour. Check out the website,

:17:48.:17:50., if you need any details. For now, sit back, relax


and let us show you have details. For now, sit back, relax


some great pom-poms. You details. For now, sit back, relax


wool and cut, actually before you cut it, start to put it around the


fork - that is easier. You need to bend it around the fork like that.


You can do that quite a few times. How are you getting on down there,


guys? . All right. Have you gone for red? Yes, because I like Manchester


United. You are making it individual. I like that. What about


you, Ethan. Iic ped green and yellow, because at night it -- I


picked green and yellow because at night it might look good. The more


you wrap around your fork, the bigger your pom-pom will end up. I


have wrapped that up around 30 times. I will stop there. Get your


scissors - leave about an inch of wool, like so. A couple of


centimetres, like that. Then this is the fiddly bit. You need to get


another bit of wool. I am going to use one colour. Cut about that much.


Just a few centimetres. Then you need to get it through the middle


prong of the fork. It is fiddly. Once you get it through, it should


look something like that. Once you have done that, pull it through like


so. Get an adult to help if it is fiddly. Then you need to wind that


through the middle of the prong. There we go! Now, you need to tie it


in a knot, just to keep it steady there.


Nice and tight. Girls, what will you use your pom-poms for? I might


decorate my gym leotard, or when I wrap up presents put them on the


wrapping paper. What about you, Jessisy ka? Probably for make --


Jessica? Probably for making cards and maybe for a ring. I can see you


have a ring on - I like that - nice and bright. Now you need to slip it


off the fork. Slip it off like that. and bright. Now you need to slip it


Like so - holding your thumb in place. Tighten your knot, nice and


tight. This will keep the pom-pom together, like so. I will go for a


double knot. Oh, look, Ethan is ahead of the game. Then you need to


get snipping to make it look like a pom-pom. This is the fun bit! Have


you finished? Liam's has gone wrong. They look cool if they gof wrong


though! -- if they go wrong though. Get your


scissors into the loops and snip around. This is when it starts to


look really pom-pommy - if that is a word! Careful of your fingers. Once


you go around, trim it and get a pair of scissors that work. That


might help! Fan it out like that. How good is that? I am going to...


It is like giving you a little haircut there. I need it to fit this


thing on. This is perfect for the winter. Barney wept to meet some


young sport -- went to meet some young sport stars - it is quick and


very fast. They are not animals, but they are


definitely beasts on the water. Check this out!


Powerboating is an up and coming extreme sport, where you strap


yourself into a specially-designed boat, stick a motor on the back of


it and you can start at nine years old. I want one!


Now, I have never been in a powerboat before. I will need some


help. This is Jason. He'll show me the ropes. First things first, it


looks intense, but fun as well. It is great fun. We have little boats


that do 40 miles per hours, where the juniors start. It goes to the


fast boats. If someone wants to get involved, is it easy? Yes, you can


fast boats. If someone wants to get go to a local club, try a boat. If


you go to a local club, try a boat. If


I am only here because it is my job to be here. I don't necessarily need


to go in the boat F there was training available, you are a


trainer, and maybe an outfit to put on. I wouldn't mind having a go.


Let's get you suited up and let's have a go. This is the boat? This is


the boat. This is one of the GT-15 boats. You can race in this, nine up


wards. It does about 40 miles per hour. It has that stream-lined,


Formula One thing going on, hasn't it? It has a foot throttle like a


car. If more you press that, the faster it goes. Sat nav - glove box?


No. None of that. This is safety equipment. Grab the life jacket.


Attached is a cord. That plugs in here. OK? And that has to be in for


the engine to run. If that comes out, the engine stops. Sure.


Now I have been shown around the boat, it is time to see what it can


do. I am starting off slow. Jason soon gets my confidence up from the


shore. OK, try full throttle now. Oh, yes,


here we go! Just ease off a little. I don't want


to ease off! I'm having fun! So, that is training over. I have


done a few Sir it ises - four or five. I feel confident. The corners


are getting tighter. Also my starts were getting better. That is me


trained up officially. Now it is time to see how I ride when other


people are in boats next to me. They are some of the fastest and youngest


powerboat racers in the UK. Harvey, Tiegen, Ellie got,


powerboat racers in the UK. Chloe. Why do dha love -- do they


love this sport? My dad used to race as well. He kind of brought us into


it. The speeds are amazing. I like to compete with my friends. It is


fast. And it is fun. They are the competition. Now, it is time to test


my skills! Let's see how much I have learnt from Jason. I am ready when


you are. In the first heat I am in the water with three of them. I get


off to a great start. But, on the last lap, it all goes


wrong! No! Elliot is overtaking me! I was


doing so well on the last lap. They are all going for it!


I am officially last. There's the chequered flag!


I was the best loser out of all of them... . Definitely. I have


achieved something... . Haven't I? That was fun! Again, please! In the


second heat I am in the water with the others - let's hope I do better


this time. Oh, no, it's going to happen again!


Third place - I'll take that! So, that was my introduction to


powerboating. How do you think it went? You went pretty well in your


last heat, but not as well in your first. It was pretty rubbish. I came


last by quite a long way. Do you think I could make it as part of the


crew? ALL: Yes. Did I come third, or did you let me?


crew? ALL: Yes. Did I come third, or well. He did. I like the hat so


much, I am keeping it on. It is strange - it is not that cold in


here. If you want to see more of Barney in action on the water, head


to our website, You can play the game jet boat


Barney. You get to launch him in a jet ski. Try and get the longest


distance possible. If you go to the back stage diary, you will see a


leaderboard, where we have all our friends. At the top is Connor. What


is the top CBBC presenter. You can try and beat my score. It is nearly


the end of the show. We have time to read out your comments. We do! We


asked you to send in what animals you would 6 mix together. I would


combine a pig and hippo and call it Pippo. This one, a tiger and a panda


because they are mine and my sister's favourite animals. I would


cross a cat and alligator and a baboon and call it a calicatoon. If


I had one, I would do a Jaguar running fast and a kangaroo - a


jumpy breed and it would be very cool! It would be. That's almost all


we have time for this week's show. Next week we will tell you the short


list of the Blue Peter Book Awards 2014 and we will be joined here in


the studio by Jeff Kinney, the author of diary Diary of a Wimpy


Kid. We will join Polish friends in Newcastle and they will tell us


about their Christmas traditions. We will show you how to make this CBBC


Christmas card. You can custom miez it with photos -- customise


photos of your friends and family. See


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