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The day is finally upon us. We are celebrating the Doctor's fiftieth


anniversary and style. Welcome to the Blue Peter Doctor Who party. We


will be showing you how to make these epic Dalek cupcakes that you


can feast on with all your friends. That is happening here right now, on


today's very special Blue Peter. APPLAUSE How


are you? Welcome to the show. Let's make it official. Everybody. It's so


good to see you. Welcome to the Blue Peter Doctor Who party!


Of course, because of the party, it wouldn't be complete without all of


our friends here to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.


That is what I am talking about. We've got a jam-packed show for you


today. We're going to bring to life the alien you designed on last


week's show. That's right. On Thursday, you sent all your funny,


imaginative, and creative designs in to make an alien. That was changed


into a sketch by our Dr Who story board artist. Keep watching,


because, later in the show, that sketch is going to come to life.


We would like to call him or her something else. We want a name. We


are a live show, so get in touch: Something


you've been getting excited about is our Doctor Who competition that we


launched on Thursday. All the details for that are on our website:


Make sure you


competition really is incredible. You get the chance to design a sonic


gadget for the crime-fighting trio in Victorian London. Whether you


want to include Strax, Madame Vastra or Jenny Flint, get involved. That


will be included next year, in 2014. We've probably got the biggest fan


in the studio right now to give us an update on the competition, it is


CBBC's Mr Chris Johnson! Thank you for having me. You're a


Doctor Who super fan? Yes, And you're on the judging panel for the


competition. How excited are you on a scale of one to ten? 11. Very


excited about this. It is a brilliant opportunity. To take part,


it is historical enough. If your gadget makes it into the show, you


have unlimited bragging rights to the end of time and beyond. And your


respect. Of course! In terms of your favourite sonic gadget of all time,


what would it be? There's been quite a few. I am a fan of Mis Foster's


sonic pen, which was in Partners in Crime. It has the features of a


sonic device and it is a pen. You stuff it in your pocket. It is


brilliant. It is a tough decision for the viewers. They've got to find


one gadget for one of the characters. They're different, are


not they? Very different. A few tips. Jenny gets stuck into the


missions, she goes under cover and stuff like that. So a gadget that


looks like an ordinary object, perhaps. Something she could carry


on her easily. So it can be disguised in her outfit? As for


Madame vase as for Madame Vastra she's a classy. Very elegant look.


As for Strax, no need to be subtle. He's the most bombastic character in


the show. He has two big fingers as well, so think about that. That is a


top tip there from the pro himself, Chris Johnson. It is a tough


decision, and it is yours at home. If you're struggling to decide who


you want to make your sonic gadget for, fear not, because here's here's


a guide to all the characters on Paternoster Row.


Madame Vastra is a lizard, she was in hibernation deep under the Earth.


The tube woke her up. That's how she and the Doctor met. She lives in


Victorian London with Jenny and Strax and has the nickname of The


Great Detective. Strax is a Sontaran, who is an enemy race.


Strax is one of the Doctor's am lies.


Strax is easily confused. Strax lives with Madame Vastra and Jenny


in the late 19th century. They fight crime, solve mysteries, and he has


become Madame Vastra's Butler. Jenny is a Cockney Victorian maid. I


don't know why you put up with me. She is married to Madame Vastra who


is the Silurian lizard. Jenny is the only human. Madame Vastra has taught


her all the sword fighting and the judo moves.


See you around, I shouldn't wonder. APPLAUSE


Every performance APPLAUSE


gets a round of applause here today. Let's talk about the rules here. It


is important you stick to them. It is one design for one character. The


closing date is 2 December at 12 noon. To give you a bit of a heads


up, head over to the website. All the terms and conditions are on


there. Stick to the rules. I love to be able to to go behind the scenes


of my favourite movies and TV shows, a cool thing to get that insight.


When I got the chance to go behind the scenes on the 50th anniversary


special, of course, I jumped at the chance. I jumped in the air, I was


that excited! Here's what happened when I had a very special trip to


London. So the fiftieth anniversary, what do


we know so far? Not a lot, really. We know Matt Smith is in it, and


David Tennant is back. And there is a mysterious dark Doctor, too. Back


in April, Trafalgar Square played host to the Doctor Who team when


they turned up to film a big scene for the 50th anniversary special.


The Doctor was hanging beneath a huge crane. I don't think they want


me to go the whole 90 feet which I want to do because I will get to see


all of London, and it will be cool. Matt had a harness, so he was hooked


underneath. I had to be belted and hooked into the TARDIS as well. It


was hard to keep this bit of the 50th anniversary secret because


large crowds up. What is filmed here is only a small part of what makes


it on screen. The rest is down to visual effects.


Okay, fine, the Blue Peter special effects are not that brilliant, but


that's why I am here! I am about to meet the visual effects team on


Doctor Who. This is where the special is put


into Doctor Who's special effects. This filmed the Dalek parliament


with thousands of Daleks when there were only ten there. They've helped


the Doctor ride a dinosaur on the spaceship.


Murray is the supervisor. Thanks for having us. A pleasure. This must be


the scene where the helicopter goes over with the Doctor clinging to the


TARDIS. We get a script, the story board from the director. You can see


here Nelson column is in the centre. We have the helicopter flying around


it. With the arrows on the story board we can tell which direction


the helicopter is to go in. This isn't a picture, this is the shot he


actually wants to see in very basic form? Yes. To realise the director's


vision of a TARDISing pulled across London, the first step is to build a


three D TARDIS. This is Neil, one of our animators. Neil makes the


graphics move realistically. This is like a CGI version of Matt Smith. He


is hanging out the bottom of the TARDIS because the shot is hundreds


of feet above the Thames. They can't put a real Matt Smith in there. We


animated him waving his arms around. You're effectively stop-motion


animation where you make a slight movement every frame? Yes. If I


wanted to have a go at this? Yes, of course you can.


So if you press S. That saves the position of the arm. Move


forwardfour frames, and then you move his arm back. And then you move


it on a few frames. And then you move back again. Move it back the


other way. I got out the Doctor's way. You've


animated a little wave. How long is the sequence? Three seconds long.


How long would it take you to animate this? It would take us about


two days to animate. Two days for something that small? Yes. It is


amazing. Once the something that small? Yes. It is


the final stage is to put the computer-generated elements together


with the actual footage shot on location, which is where Murray


comes in. We know this TARDIS lands on Trafalgar Square. How do you


combine computer-generated elements together with the footage shot on


location? We shot our helicopter. Then we shot our stuntman hanging


from the TARDIS. That is a real person? Yes, on a very big crane,


and then we put them all together. What I love about this, it is not


just one guy sitting at a computer, this is the effort of lots of


different people coming together with loads of different skills and


they can create something that looks so believable and amazing as that.


You're going to love this episode. Rather than watching it here, why


not watching it on your TV screens! APPLAUSE it


deserves the cheers. That clip you saw there is an exclusive preview of


tonight's episode. No-one had seen it until just then. Make sure you


watch the rest of the episode. It's amazing. Just as amazing as our big


bad wall full of Doctor Who stuff. You've been sending in so many


things Time Lord related. This is one of my favourites from Joseph. He


is from Burton upon Trent. He sent in the Doctor Who stamp with the


dates. My favourite has to be from Emma from county Derry. She has


drawn a Dalek laughing at Emma from county Derry. She has


one has been sent in from Alice in improvement poowy S. That could be


you and me? Yes. I Would love to be the new Doctor. It's not just the


board we can show you stuff on, we've got technology in the studio.


We have. If you missed the Blue Pete Doctor Who Special, you can catch up


on the BBC iPlayer. If you're watching on Thursday, I interviewed


Jenna Coleman. There is another interview on the website which you


haven't seen on the show. It is all unseen footage. Go and check it out.


When you found out I was getting to meet the Doctor, Matt Smith in the


TARDIS, over TARDIS, over 1,700 of you asked me questions. I am here on


the set of Doctor Who in Cardiff. Fans know this is the entrance to


the TARDIS. I am going to meet Matt Smith!


It's called the TARDIS. It can travel anywhere in time and space.


And it is mine. Hello. Lovely to meet you. Lovely to meet you. How


are you? I am very excited to be here. I've been given my new Blue


Peter badge because I lost my old one because I am an idiot. What is


it actually like to be the Doctor? I don't know, really. It's sort of


magic! What is a day in the office. I wake up about half-past six, I get


to work at seven, I have some breakfast at quarter-past seven. Go


into make-up and costume, and then we shoot through until one, have


your lunch, one until two, and then you shoot through until 7 o'clock.


That is it. If you're working, doing a night shoot, you might start that


day at 7 o'clock in the evening and work until


day at 7 o'clock in the evening and You might be out in


day at 7 o'clock in the evening and might be in the TARDIS playing with


all the stuff. It is a mad, varied life.


I know, dinosaurs! On a spaceship! To celebrate the fiftieth


anniversary of Doctor Who, we told the viewers we would be interviewing


you, and we asked them the questions they would most like to ask you.


Wow. Up for answering them? Hit me. What has been your favourite Doctor


Who adventure and why? Christmas Carol was great, and Vincent and the


Doctor, and the 11th hour, because I think it's a brilliant piece of


writing. What is your favourite Doctor Who monster? Good question.


My favourite Doctor Who monster is the whooping angel. Crimson super


ladybird says what scene was the most emotional or difficult to film?


I think one of the most emotional was when Carol and Arthur left, and


we were in Manhattan, and we were in a cold graveyard. It was just a very


difficult day shooting. Please, come back into the TARDIS.


It was emotional because it was Karen's last stand, and she's a good


friend, and seeing her go was sad. If you could travel anywhere in the


TARDIS, where would you go, and why? I would go and pick up Frank


Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, watch dinosaurs, and sit in those boats in


the ocean, and see mad, huge deign Sawyer fish, and then


the ocean, and see mad, huge deign England watch the World Cup in 1966.


What about your best tips to be an actor or actress? Maybe to apply for


the National Youth Theatre. That's a good platform. They give you a good


environment to practise and learn, and be inventive and express


yourself. Read as many plays as you can. Watch as many good actors as


you can. Practise as much as you can. Go and make things with your


friends. It is practise, practise, practise. It is like being a great


sportsman - the more you practise, the better you get. What is the


highlight of being the 11th Doctor? The friends I've made at work


because we have a wonderful crew, and I've made friends for life. I


think that's a wonderful thing to take away from any experience.


Fantastic. Thank you very much, it's been an


absolute pleasure. Thanks for having me on Blue Peter. To everyone at


home, enjoy Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. It's going to be a


belter! I am going to head off home now because ultimately I need - it's


a need - it's weeping angel. It means I can't blink!


Don't worry, nobody was hurt. Favourite Doctor? David Tennant.


Matt Smith. Say hello to Poppy, Jack, Sarah and will. High five,


ten, two, one! It is a Doctor Who make. We will be


making a big chocolatey treat which will send you mad. It's called a


extermi-bake. No-one First thing you need to sort out are


your ingredients. You need big muffins, and some little cakes, like


the sort of cupcake things that you can get. This stuff is called butter


icing. We've got chocolate butter icing because it is rich in


chocolate and we like it a lot. You need big large chocolate buttons,


chocolate tea cakes, and some more butter icing. I will talk you


through the decorating when we get there. So you need to take your big


muffins, and you want to cut the tops off. Poppy, do you want to do


this for me? Nice and carefully. You want to get a nice flat edge and


turn it upside-down. That's going to give us the bottom of the Dalek. You


need this, it is the little cupcake. That's going to go on top. It is


going to be upside-down to make the right shape. This is where the


butter icing comes in handy. It's like the glue, you can eat it.


Spread that on top of your muffin. Spread another one on top of it like


that. Make as much mess as you like. We're not tidying up. The idea is to


put some chocolate around the outside of it too so it looks like


this. Jack, you know what you're doing because you can see chocolate


and you're going for it like a cat goes for cheese. Take your buttons -


cats like cheese. Right? You know what you're doing. It is dead easy


because you've got a Dalek for reference here in the studio. This


is the head part. You need to make it in layers like this. If you don't


have your Dalek at home, you can watch the show, and we will show you


how to do it. Stick your button on top of that. You're being very


delicate, Jack. You can make the butter cream from scratch if you


want to, but we are cheating because it is quicker.


You can also make your own cakes, but we've cheated there as well, but


you can do whatever you want. You know how creative you are. It's a


proper stack. You've know how creative you are. It's a


cake on top. Beautiful. Now it is time to decorate. There's


cake on top. Beautiful. Now it is shop. There is a Dalek that you can


help to decorate. Let's talk about your autograph you got from David


Tennant. How did you get that? I sent him a letter, and then he gave


me an autograph back. That's pretty amazing, isn't it? Yes. Did you give


him money! No, just sent it! Doctors are so nice! If you're looking for


tips and ideas what to do with the decoration, do it like a Dalek: you


can do a row of four. We're next going to look the a the


most feared weapon - the plungers. You need tin foil, cocktail sticks.


Wrap them in tin foil. You've got little marshmallows that you get on


coffee sometimes, and we've got these jelly sweets as well. Those


are for the beacons on top. Someone thought they were ears! They get


stuck on with the butter cream once they've been stuck into the Daleks.


How are you going? Good. If you do make one, you can send us a picture.


That would be lovely. Or send us the cake! Are we not allowed to do that!


Please, send me cake. I want cake! How are we doing? It's dead simple


but really good fun as well. What I find hard is not eating the


chocolate. I am being so controlled right now. That's what I came here


for - the eating part! All the details Mr On the website. You've


smashed it out the park. Yes, you have indeed. And, thank you guys,


for coming in. You've been awesome today, but Doctor Who is actually


anywhere in the world. It is those kinds of surprised faces which is


why I told you. It is fans from Salford to Singapore, so the 50th


anniversary episode is a pretty big deal. Check this out.


Since 1963, for a whopping 50 years, Doctor Who has filled the hearts and


screens of the nation. It is not just the UK who will be watching the


special anniversary episode. The rest of the world is waiting to


watch too. The The Day of the Doctor will


transmit to 80 countries at exactly the same time. Doctor Who began its


quest to take over the world in 1964 when New Zealand became the first


country outside of the UK to show the first series. Earlier this year,


all the way over in Africa, nine Doctor Who episodes thought to be


missing forever from the BBC archives were found in a Nigerian TV


station. At one point, over 100 episodes were missing from the BBC


archives, and, in 2006, Blue Peter even made an appeal to help find the


missing tapes. If you can find one, we will be sending you a life-sized


Dalek of your very own. Very scary, but very cool. Good luck with the


search. In 1996, Doctor Who stormed our


screens with the new Doctor and a TV movie. Produced and filmed in


Canada, this was the first Doctor Who production made completely


outside of the UK. Australia had a key role in the


origins of Doctor Who. The iconic Doctor theme music was written by an


Australian musician, Ron Grainer. Furthermore, in 1967, Doctor Who


televised its one and only episode with an Australian setting, the


Enemy of the World. So, when you're hiding behind your cushions watching


The Day of the Doctor, it's quite likely the rest of




too. I love that! That is why it is the


longest running TV sci-fi series. Now time for an exciting part,


because if you cast your minds back to Thursday, you remember we asked


you to get in touch and give us your funny, imaginative and creative


ideas to make your very own unique alien. Then a storey board artist


changed your ideas into a sketch. You're going to get to see that


alien come to life in the Blue Peter studio. For this, the fiftieth


anniversary Special, we have our own Blue Peter alien. Welcome to the


studio! Look at that! Really, really scary.


I like how big it is. Look at the seven eyes on its head. It's got the


horns that you asked for, it's got a lot of fluff. I like it. This is


something you designed. If you got in touch and put your ideas forward,


and your idea was used, you will see your name scrolling on the bottom of


the screen. Thank you to Sean Williams our storey board artist who


made some of this possible with all the ideas, and to Katy because she


made this costume in 24 hours. Unbelievable. Thank you to all of


you getting at home making this possible. We couldn't have done it


without you. Time flies when you're having fun. Especially when you've


got a TARDIS. Can I keep the TARDIS? No! Now, it is almost time for the


end of the show, but before we do, we have time to read some of your


e-mails and comments you've been sending in. At the beginning you to


tell us what would your alien be called and where would it be froould


it be from? "Static lemon". It should be called the Watcher


it be from? "Static lemon". It Planet Evilius. Is


it be from? "Static lemon". It name? Yes, seven eyes! Okay, Indigo


Blowing Potato. The Looker, because of its eyes. Then says I think it


should be a marsh-up of Barney, Lindsey, and Radzy's names, so Peter


remember it's a Blue Peter alien, so it is Barladzy!


One thing I thought when I saw it was Barlazy. I think it should be


called Zanfrak It should be called Zappatron. Apparently, that is a


small town on the planet Paintol. And then Bull Rinks from one of


Jupiter's Moons. Blue Peter viewers are on the money today. That is all


we've got time for today. However, the Doctor Who episode is at 7.50


tonight on BBC one Please be there, watch it. It is going to be awesome,


coming up on next week's show, here it is. . We've got the War Horse


puppet in the studio. You love her, we love her, everybody loves her, it


is Shelley the tortoise going into hibernation, if you can catch her.


Find out what happened when I took part in a power boat film. Yes,


you've heard of jet boat Barney on the game, this is real jet boat


Barney. We pushed the boat out with this one! We will be back here at


normal on Thursday at 5.30. Bye-bye! Hi guys, Jenny here with the


headlines this Saturday. And Dr


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