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Be excite did. It's -- be excited. Find out how to make one of these.


It's got a secret pocket. It's not just gadgets. Jenna Coleman is going


to be here and letting you know about her latest adventures. Don't


be anywhere in the universe. It's all happening here.


That's the last time I let you drive that thing. Who takes the Tardis to


a shopping centre? Hello. Hello. Hi, welcome to our Doctor Who Special.


Look at the studio. We have Cybermen and weeping angels and Darleks and


we have the Tardis. Can we just wait a second. He looks real. They've all


been de-activated. Relax. OK. Well, I'm happy to be here. I'm


the biggest Doctor Who fan ever and you should be excited, because today


we're launching a brand new competition. It's amazing. It is.


The reason we're all excited today is because on Saturday 23rd November


Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary and right here at 9.30am


live we are having a Blue Peter Doctor Who party just to get you in


the mood, because we know you love Doctor Who just as much as we do. We


love it. You have been sending in your aliens all week and today on


the show they're going to be sketched by an incredible artist and


then that picture is going to be brought to life. A real-life alien


on Saturday morning. It's so cool. We asked you to send in your


comments for the head and body, so follow me this way. Hundreds of you


got in touch with us and today I'm thrilled to say we have Shaun


Williams, who worked as a stoeRyboard artist on Doctor Who for


eight years. -- storyboard artist on before who for eight years. Welcome


to Shaun. You are a concept artist. It sounds complicated, but a lot of


fun. What designs have you done? Lots over the many years, but one of


the main things you might now is the interior Tardis concept for the


first one that Matt Smith entered. Very cool. Fantastic. There is


gadgets and the cameras and millions of other things. You have done all


sorts and you've brought something, the storyboard. What is happening


here? You can see here is shot by shot and it's one of the cybershot


episodes. The director has described to me from the script so, I've


sketched them out shout shot by shot -- shot by shot. You whipped that up


in ten minutes? Kind of. It depends how much time you have. Ten minutes


is fine for you? Yeah. You have already come up with - we have had


some ideas in about the head and body, so which comments have taken


your fancy? We have had lots of great comments, so I'm spoilt for


choice. Good audience. Great. One of them from a viewer mentioned it


should have spikes and horns. Scary? We'll have a bit of that. Another


one mentioned, "I want the creature to have seven eyes pointing in


different directions." They are not asking much. An extremely long


tongue to catch people and eat them. While you get sketching, remember


this is your time at home to get involved. Get on-line and be really


descriptive when you send in what you want for the arms and legs.


Whether they are long and thin or spotty, or hairy like Barney's, make


sure you give loads of detail and you have ten minutes to get on the


website and get involved. The red hair and everything. They said she


had a face like an Oove. Blue Peter and Doctor Who are friends? Doctor


Who will be celebrating its birthday and we celebrated 55, but we go well


back. Watch this. Over Doctor Who's 50-year history, Blue Peter has been


the home of all things Time Lord. We have been visited by nearly every


Dr. The new Dr Has made a voyage. Welcome, one and five. Welcome to


before Peter. It's Doctor Who. Welcome. The whole universe of weird


andonederful aliens. Some scarier than others. Do you want some? Yes,


please. I don't have the screwdriver, but I do have this.


Take that. Nice work. See you later. Wow. We haven't just had people drop


in. This is the one thing I haven't thought about. Presenters have gone


and got stuck in. I'm just getting into character. In the Aliens of


London episode, the Dr Took time to watch Blue Peter on TV. Look at


that, your very own spaceship, ready to eat. They are perfectly harmless.


Ex-presenter Peter was a companion to the Dr. We have shown you an


entire galaxy of Doctor Who base makes. Do you like the Blue Peter


Darlek cage? Yes. We've always been the home of the Doctor Who


competition. Starting back in 1967, when we asked viewers to design a


monster. Through to 2006, when billiam's character ended up in a


real episode. Blue Peter viewer John Bell even won a speaking part in the


series. You're not on the list, but we can still take a look. Come on.


We have been proud to travel through time and space with you. Happy


birthday, Doctor Who. Isn't that a lovely thing to watch? We've been


friends for years. Who would have known? Yeah, he would. Who would?


Whoedvaneknown. Oh, I see. He would have known. Let's move on, because


Lindsey is not laughing. The jokes are getting worse. Josh, has put


another notch on top of the world ace. I think he should be knighted


or become the king. Look at him, in the bedroom with the before who


stuff. He is fighting the Darlek with the sonic screwdriver and a


biscuit. Josh, you're my hero. That is the kind of thing I would have


done. Penny has made her own Doctor Who outfit. A whisk on there and


little bumps. I don't know what they're made out of, but it looks


brilliant. Well done. Look at the top. That is a K9 model by Isabel


from Hereford. I love that. What do you call a dog with three eyes? Go


on? Seemore. I like this bit of the show. It's time to announce some


exciting. It's unique. It's time to launch the brand new Doctor Who


competition. Doctor Who and Blue Peter have joined forces to bring


you a competition like no other. You have got the chance to design a


brand new sonic gadget for one of these three characters. We have


Commander Strax, Jenny flienT and Madame Vastra. It's very important


that you get the rules right. There are certain things you have to do.


You can only have one winning design per character, so you can't design


three, but just one. You have to have a really clear idea. Your sonic


device will be used in the new series of Doctor Who in 2014. I am


genuinely the most excited I've been about anything. I can't do it,


because I'm too old. Here are the rules. You can only send one entry


in per person. You can only design one sonic device for one particular


character. You have to be aged between six and 15 years old. And


the closing date is 2nd December at 12 noon. We would hate for you to be


disqualified. All the details and terms and conditions are on the


website. If you are going to design something that's to be used in the


new series you'll need a bit of help. I've got a guy here who is


just arriving. He's the guy in charge of all the props. It's


Stephen Nicholas. Thank you very much for joining us. I met you many


years. I'm still as big a fan as I was then. You've brought the props


in to make it even more exciting. We'll talk through what you've


brought in. Many things. The bits from the Dr'S scrapbook. This is


where the Dr Uses his knowledge and genius. Yeah. He takes anything


normal, a phone, anything and from the technology and that will give


you the magical sense of communication between that character


and the Tardis. Genius. This one is obviously one of my favourite. Talk


us through that. This is a camera used in the Christmas episode. A


photograph was taken out of the Tardis doors and it's referenced


later on. These are very nice. There's one prop that you've brought


with you which I'm very excited about, because it's the sonic


screwdriver that Matt used? It is. There it is. Can I hold it? Look at


it go. Stephen, amazing. You have seen Matt use it here. It feels just


as I mentioned. Feel the power. We'll talk from the very start of


designing this, because the whole point of this competition is to


design a sonic device for a particular character, but what is it


that makes it sonic? It's a magical device and it obviously gives the


character further power, so it can do anything the character wants it


do to. Whether it needs to take temperatures or read or open a door,


anything, it will do it for the character. If you are designing it,


where would you start? I think initially you need to get the ideas


down on a piece of paper. Start with drawings and with some initial


sketches of shapes. Noting the shapes down. Thinking of what you


can put on to your device. What does it need to do? Does it need to


flash? That depends on who it's for. The size and who it is for. Get the


finished sketches, something you're happy with and get to the product,


such as when you get into the colours of it, the texture of it. It


has to look good. You take hold of that, because I'm worried. Thank you


so much for coming in. The inspiration for the device there.


You know what you're going to design, but who for? Here are some


familiar faces to help you. Madame Vastra is a lizard, a big, old


lizard and in hibernation deep under the Earth until she was woken up.


That's how her and the Dr Met. You were very cross. As you were today,


old friend. She lives in Victorian London. I read of your brother's


death. A gadget for Madame Vastra, she likes going out at night


obviously, because she hides in the dark. Thank you, I won't be needing


you again tonight. It would be odd with a big lizard walking around in


the daylight. Good grief. People tend to faint or scream. Something


to help with a disguise would be fantastic. Commander Strax is a son


tarrian, who are a clone warrior race. Due to a series of strange


events is actually one of the Dr'S allies. Silence, boy. He's easily


confused. Silence, girl. Sorry, lad. He lives with Madame Vastra and


Jenny in the late 19th century and fight crime and solve mysteries and


he has become her butler. Do not attempt to escape, or you will be


obliterated. The Sontarans are nasty and brutal and short. Will you need


grenades ades. Really. She might have said help. He needs a variety


of medical items. Did somebody call for a nurse? Jenny is a Cockney


Victorian maid. I don't know why you put up with me. She is married to


Madame Vastra. They make a funny team, because Jenny is the only


human and Madame Vastra has taught her all the sword fighting and judo


moves. This one's on me. In the Cis son Horror she had to lock pick, so


it would help to have a gadget and maybe a way of finding out where the


Dr Was. It would be great if she had a device that was hidden and


disguised in a sort of Victorian object that had many secret, hidden


powers. You freak! See you around. You shouldn't wonder! The legend


that is Matt Smith. Has that got you thinking? We'll get everything right


so you've got the best chance of winning this competition. Go to the


website. There are things on there you need to read and make sure you


do all the things right. You have to stick to the rules. They are being


very strict. There is a two-page application form to fill in on-line,


or you can send two pieces of paper. One of them has the design and a


separate one for all of the details. They have to be here. It's very


important you don't put them on the design piece. Name, date of birth,


full address with postcode, parent or guardian permission, phone number


to contact you and the name of the character you are designing for.


Best of luck. Let me come in. We'll announce the winner on the Christmas


show on 19th December. Thank you. What is he like? It's time to find


out how the design is going. How is it coming along? I think it's


turning into a fabulous creature. Unbelievable. Seven eyes. Horns.


They are eyes. Yeah. Maybe it's great they can flip out from the


back of the head and see in any direction to spot something it wants


to... You are so quick with the pen. We have had loads of suggestions for


the arms. Which one? Again, loads of great suggestions, but this one


stood out. They mentioned it should have muscles and scales with spikes


on the side. I like it. We like that. Also, we had another one who


suggested we should have forcefield activator on the wrists. These are


good ideas. We are seeing them come to life. We have seen the head and


body and arms. It's time for the legs. You've got five minutes to


send us your ideas. Post it on the website. Now, Doctor Who is a wicked


show. However, if like Barney, you find some of the episodes scary and


you like to hide, Lindsey has what you need. That alien is looking


amazing. If you get scared by Doctor Who and you need to hide, or you


need a trusty place and a little pocket to hide the remote, then this


cushion is the thing for you. Helping me out are some super fans.


I have Micha and Declan and Zak and Holly. Zak, you are a big fan?


Definitely. What is your favourite moment? It's hard? This are so many


to choose from. I like the one where the Tardis dissolves and goes into


the swirly background. When it spins round. Holly, you have got something


cool in the playground? What have you got? We have a real Tardis.


There's a picture there. I'm very jealous. We had lieds and swings.


The things that you're going to need to make this is a cushion and cover.


You'll need cardboard, some thread and a needle and then you're ready


to get started. We have loads of different materials. You can make it


individual. You can have a big pocket. I'm going to make mine out


of felt, but remember all the details are on the website. Just sit


back and enjoyous getting creative now. Step one, take out the middle


bit of your cushion so you're left with the cover. Then, get the design


you've made. I've got for the Tardis for the special. Put it in the


middle. I have made mine from felt with fabric over. You can do


whatever you want and make it your own. We have even got a T-shirt one.


It's great. You can recycle things in the house. The pocket is the


neck, which is pretty cool. How are you getting on? What are you making


Declan? The red Darlek. So far I've done the base, but I need to add the


black detail in it. You keep adding that. Remember, before you start


this, do ask a parent or adult at home for permission before you go


around stealing cushions. With the material that you've chosen, you


need to sew and a top tip before you start, get a piece of cardboard and


just put it into the middle of your cushion. It just stops you sewing


right the way through. Sew around the three sides of the pocket,


because if you show four you'll not have a pocket. How are you getting


on Micha? I'm going to write Doctor Who on there. Nice. I'm ghost to put


Doctor Who on the pockets. You are making loads of little ones? You can


make it your own. You really can make it your own. Once sown up, the


pocket should look something like this. It looks really simple and a


great way to store little bits. Holly you are going to store hair


ties? Yeah. Cool. Declan, how are you getting on? Fine, I'm just doing


the main bit with the plunger thing. It's looking really good. A lot of


detail. Zak, what have you spelt out? 50th anniversary. Hold it up.


They are looking great. I think they're brilliant and they are a


really good idea. What do you think Cyberman? I'm not sure... Oh, he's


going. Goodbye. Thank you. He's gone. Phew. Shaun, how we doing? We


have some arms. Big and strong and muscles as suggested with spikes on


the outside. A proper alien. He's hovering in mid-air, so we need


legs. Definitely. Any good suggestions? We have one saying


maybe small, fat legs with giant feet, but maybe they won't work.


Then another one, massive ugly fish legs. How would you do that? Does it


mean it can swim very well? Or wading in water on the beach? It's a


great description. I'll see what I can do. It has to be scary, so it


needs to be functional. Maybe the fish legs, we can apply the scales.


To go with the arms. Nice one. Stick with it. I can't wait to see it come


to life. If you want to see it come to life, make sure you watch on


Saturday at 9.30am. That alien will be real. I know one person who would


love to fight this kind of alien. Over to Clara, Jenna. What a lovely


person and she was only too happy to answer your questions. What's your


name? Clara. Nice name. Clara. Hi. 50th anticipate sewed. Anniversary.


Yes. What happens? I will give you sweets. You can have any sweets you


like. There are two DrS, who are there. That's all you'll get. What


did you want to be? The first thing, I went to the Langs and I -- the


Lakes, and I told my mum I wanted to be a swan then I wanted to be the


archeologist, because I liked the Egyptians, but then a dancer, but


always an actress. What was your favourite episode to film? The


snowman, which was the first episode that we saw Clara who lived a double


life, because it was Commander Strax and we had a cloud I got to walk on


and fall off. If you would play an alien from the show which one would


you and why? Commander Strax. Simple. He has the funniest lines.


Permission to express my current opposition to your apathy. Granted.


What is it like working with Matt Smith? Just as you would expect,


he's wonderful and brilliant and funny and makes fun of me a lot.


He's very hungy a lot. -- hungry a lot. He has a 9.30 biscuit time. Do


you like watching the episodes you appear in? I like watching, because


we do so much green scene, so you get to watch it and see there's the


entire planet I was staring at. It was just a green screen and you get


to see the whole thing. What do you think it is about Doctor Who that


makes it so special? There aren't my shows in the world that I can have a


conversation with my grandma about it and also with my three-year-old


niece. It's adventure and you get to travel through space and time in the


Tardis with your best mate. I think that's what makes it pretty cool.


Thank you Jenna. It's time to see the alien. Shaun, you've been


sketching away like mad. The time has come to reveal, so can we have


the drumroll please. Remember, these are your comments. We'll look at


this. That looks incredible. That is so good! I cannot believe that


you've done that in ten minutes. What do you guys think? Fantastic.


Remember, watch on 9.30am on Saturday to watch this alien come to


life. It's nearly the end of the show. Dad, can we stay longer? Fear


not, my son, for we have a show on Saturday and that will be a party.


All to celebrate the 50th an versetry. I was going to tell you we


are going to make the Darlek cupcakes that look so good and


scary. Radzi went behind the scenes as well. I it was great. I got to


meet the man himself. See you on Saturday.


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