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Bollywood, Father's Day and Stories in 500 Words

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you how to make a personalised Father's Day card. That is my dad!


He is a legend. All this week, the Queen plus Mac coronation


celebrations have been taking place. We got the inside story on reviewers


on the throne. And 100 years since the first Bollywood -- Bollywood


film. We are celebrating with record!


It is sunny so we are in the garden. It is a gorgeous day so we thought,


why not do the show in the garden? Lets start off with an exciting


thing I have found out this week. 1983 people have been in touch this


week. That is incredible. Let's make it over 2000 next week. Let's start


up with the things you have sent in. Trending this week, the juggling


balls you made last week. The bigger ones that Lauren made. Think she has


blonde hair on that might be need, but it might be you. Then they very


much for that. Letters look at Eddie plasma. -- eddies. His looks like an


owl, waving. Pauly made pink juggling ball. Very cute indeed.


had an Egyptologist in the studio last week. He was showing us what is


inside sarcophagi. And Sarah sent this in. Apparently I am inside a


sarcophagus. And Helen is the evil feral giving me captive. Adding a


look quite glamorous! -- I think I look quite glamorous. Ruby made a


brooch out of the zebras. She is seven and from Hull. Thank you for


sending that end. You have been very busy sending stuff but you are not


the only people who have been busy. The Queen is our rating 60 years on


the throne. She has been parking along with our bhangra party, later


on. We have a party theme going on. That will be our question for today.


If you could throw a party, who would you invite, and why? You are


definitely got an idea. I want to invite one direction and Elton John.


Why have been told off by the big bosses upstairs, because I'm looking


about dog. what party would you hold, and why? There a lot of things


we could do. I'm want to talk about this card, sent in by Penny. It is


such a fantastic card. Look what happens, you pull that down, I,


love, Blue Peter. We thought, what can we do with this, so we're going


to turn it into a Father's Day card. Come this way. I've got some friends


with me. Guys, Father's Day is a week away so we are going to make a


Father's Day card inspired by penny. I'd hear that you guys are quite


into this sort of thing. Is that fair? Yes. What you normally make?


Last year, I wrote my dad up on. Normally, I'd like to reuse things.


-- I wrote my dad a poem. Ie make things out of things that have


already been used. Turn off now, Maisie was my dad, because we're


going to make one for you. Anna and Mohammed are also here. You happy to


get cracking? This is complicated, but bear with us because the details


are on the website. So you could watch and enjoy this. And then we


can catch up with the details later. Or you could watch again on the eye


Or you could watch again on the eye player. -- iPlayer. The first thing


you need to do is head over to the website and print this template.


What you need to do is cut out the What you need to do is cut out the


shapes, until you end up with four squares like this. And two oblongs.


You guys are going to start decorating. All will become apparent


later. And the dotted lines, you need to fold them. Keep folding, all


the way, concertina in the card. Next, take the other oblong like


this, and put glue in the middle, and stick it to the middle. You want


the gloopy Mac -- do you want to the glue? And you put the oblong in the


middle of the square. Next, you need to take a piece of card, and fold it


in half. And stick the waterfall section to the front. So put a bit


of glue there, and a little bit of glue there, and stick that down. If


you have done that right, the edges will be stuck down but the pieces in


the middle, you should be able to fold them through. So it goes up and


down. OK, how are your squares going? Is going all right? Know when


you decorate your squares, decorate from the bottom up. So won my first


piece of card, I'm going to draw a start. -- draw a star. And then if


you stick that on to the square in the middle like that. And then you


put the next square on the tab above. Only put glue on the bit you


can see. Your layering the card. You're just layering the top. Talk


us through what is on your card? have stuck pieces of card with my


dad was my face on it. so this is your dad, and you're putting


pictures of him on his card. Mohammed, you were drawing on your


squares, which is what we have done with this one. What you going to


drop? I'm going to do the same, copying that one is a template.


it working for you two? You are at the decorating stage. Happy Father's


Day. Good job, guys. Quite proud of that! If you decided to have a go at


making one of these, all the details are on our website and you can watch


this section back on the eye player tomorrow and have a look at it stage


by stage. That's amazing.I love sheep, dad. What does that mean? I


love you, I'm only joking. Thank you love you, I'm only joking. Thank you


for helping us out. From the stuff you send us, we have learned that


you like to be great if, sing songs, and even books are big on your list.


But it is not just reading, you also love writing them. IPhone that out


last week when went to the Hay Festival. -- I found that out. I am


in Hay-on-Wye in Wales, at the Hay Festival. When you hear the word


festival you probably think of music and tense and burger vans. Well,


this one is a bit different. This place is all about books. Books,


books and more books. What a perfect place to announce the winners of


this year plus 500 words competition. In January, we appeared


on the breakfast show on Radio 2 to announce accommodation. I'm here to


announce the winners live on air. But before we announce the winners,


however chosen? There were 90,000 entries. The judging process is


huge. We get down to the final 50 and then we go to broadcasting house


with the other judges, including Richard Hammond, and spend two hours


reading them. It could have been all day. Malorie Blackman was part of


the panel, and was announced as the children's Laureate last week.


was so hard, because the stories were so good. Last year, there was a


lot of Twilight stories, Harry Potter stories, and this year, it is


more fanciful. the time has come to announce the winners live on Radio


2. Stone Age Steve and the Dragon. Tell us about the story. There is a


boy, reduce and live in the village but he was banished. why?Because of


his fights. Young Mackey other the point of view of five different


people. the gold-medal winner is Roxana coin with the story, the


starlings. What is the story about? it is about a girl walking down the


beach. She sees the peer and she remember is that her grandmother has


spoken about it. And then the starlings coming and other things


happen. would like a bit of magic. I'm a big fan of jazz hands in


interviews. My stories about Tiger being watched. He is not very happy


about it. is that because you saw a tiger in a cage? It was from


watching Africa, the TV show. series. Making mum and dad by Harry


McMillan. he makes a complete mess of the living room. And his mum


falls apart when she sees it, literally. And then his dad falls


apart, so she remakes them -- so they remakes them with some little


changes. Let's talk about a very important part of the festival, the


person who read your story. It was by chance that I'm meant -- I met


the one 96. He was opposite me on the line. I've smiled at him and he


smiled back. We have been friends ever since. It was only when got the


story that I thought, this is supposed to be a girl reading this.


How do you think it went with me reading it? I think it went well. I


think you were very good as a girl. The top 50 stories are available to


read online on our website. Head over and have some fun. Now, if


you'll excuse me, I have an important job to do. The first prize


is Chris Evans height in boutiques. -- height in books. I've need to get


some more. It is going to be a long day! It was a long day but it was a


fantastic day. Congratulations to the winners. and congratulations to


anybody who took part. It takes a lot of time and effort. So well


done. If you want, you can enter next year. We address like this


because we are celebrating 100 years of Bollywood films. We have some


guys here from the Punjab Academy to show us some moves. Before we try


some moves ourselves, they resort you need to know about Bollywood and


45 seconds. Bollywood is the place to be with blockbusters -- for


to be with blockbusters -- for blockbusters with the beat. 900


films were produced in 2012. The film are -- the films are in


Hinglish, a mixture of Hindi and English. This compares with just 400


films in Hollywood. Part-timers! The UK sells up to 1.6 billion cinema


tickets for Bollywood films every year, tiny compared to the 3 billion


sold in India. Ollie would films cover everything from action, drama,


love and laughs. What makes them different from your average


Hollywood movie is that they usually include several song and dance


routines of at least five minutes. And everyone loves a Bollywood


movie. I'd defy anybody to watch that and not join in. As you can


see, dancing is a massive part of the Bollywood movies, so Davinder is


here to save me from this madness. Let's talk about the Punjab Academy.


it is a creative arts service and creative Academy. We do DJ in,


different types of drumming, and bhangra dancing. Do you mind if we


dance how much has angry changed in 100 years? Lee Mack it has changed


dramatically, from the traditional days where it was classical, and it


used to be very feminine, but now we have lots of influences, belly


dancing, tango, right through to bhangra dancing. But people talk


about screwing the lightbulbs. I've heard it was to do with farming.


Think the lightbulbs came from when our parents came to the UK, screwing


lightbulbs. Where did it start?the land of Punjab, the farmlands. All


the activities to place on the farmlands, we converted that into


dance, celebrations. We have to join in. I can to help it!Come on in


anti-just some moves. What are we going start with? first and


foremost, bhangra, but you could call this screwing in the lightbulb.


Join in at home. It is more fun on your feet! I have so many friends


who Are watching this and they are use. Bottom left, bottom right. Top


left, top right. Got that? Yes. Think so. Two, three, four. I like


this! That is not easy.This is brilliant. You make it look


effortless! Thank you so much. I could do this all day. Thankfully,


you don't have to watch us doing much more. These guy also put on a


performance for us later on. I can't wait for that. It is time for you to


sit back. We have had the Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Wedding, but on


Tuesday the Queen marked another milestone. She celebrated 60 years


on the throne. We sent three Royal reporters to get the lowdown on the


is Callum. We are about to grab our seats for one of the biggest Royal


occasions of the year. We have had an exclusive invite to Westminster


Abbey. We are going to be finding out more about what goes into the


Coronation of a British monarch. a moment, she will enter the Abbey


love food. I'm finding out more about a special coronation dish.


Last year, CBBC helped me make over my local community centre. I am here


to discover how the Royal Throne has been restored. I love singing. So


I'm checking out what sort of music is played. A Coronation takes place


in this massive Abbey. Their subjects, their country, and the


Commonwealth... Music plays a huge part in the ceremony. I'm meeting


the man in charge of music, James O'Donnell. James directs the choir.


They sing at special occasions like a Coronation. James, why is music so


important in a Coronation? The music expresses the sense of occasion, and


the sense of history in a way that words alone can't do. Which song is


the most famous? The Coronation music that's probably the most


famous is This piece. Do you reckon I could have a go at singing?


would be fine, yeah. This is I Was Glad which was sung at the opening


of the Coronation. How about doing that on your own?


# Vivat... # That was excellent. Thank you.Every


party needs good food. I'm at a world famous school where Mary Berry


trained and the current Bake Off winner is back at school. This is a


place where a special recipe was created. It was just for the Queen's


Coronation. Saffron is meeting the culinary food director and he's


cooked for the Queen! What is the original recipe of coronation


chicken? It was made up of chicken, apricot puree, curried spices and


mayonnaise. Why don't we make it? Let's get on with it. We are


poaching a chicken. This recipe was about 60 years ago. Was it unusual


to have curry powder or curry flavouring then? Very much so. Which


is why the Spices used are relatively mild, so it is not too


strong. This was ahead of its time. Today you might eat this dish in


sandwiches or on a jacket potato. Originally, it was created for a


banquet for special guests of the Coronation. Has the recipe changed


nowadays? Absolutely. Now you will see it with raisins, apple. This is


the authentic, this is the original. Once cooked, we blend the curry


sauce with the mayonnaise and add the chicken. Leaving In the fridge


for an hour to chill. Finally, we plate it up. Coronation chicken as


it was done in 1953. I get to try it! That chicken is really lovely.


Where the sauce has marinated with it. We have a challenge here. Why


can't we update it? Why not? While Saffron is rustling up a new take on


an old dish, Aleem is finding more about the Coronation Chair. 26 kings


and Queens have been crowned. He is meeting a restorer. It is a pretty


old throne. Why did it need restoring? It Is a special throne.


It was made in 1300. Why is this throne so important? There is


something mystic about it. It is a powerful chair. That moment when


they become the King or the Queen, or the monarch of England, that


happens in this chair. What is all this writing? It is graffiti. It is


very old. Most of it was done in the 18th Century. Some of it was done by


schoolboys. Some of it was done by visitors. You know what? I have my


crown. Can I be King for a Day? sit on the throne? I don't think so.


I don't think the Queen would allow that. Nearly? Nice try! That seat is


reserved for royalty. Back in the kitchen, Saffron and Alan are


creating a new coronation chicken recipe. We are poaching chicken in


heat-safe clingfilm with lime leaves and spices and creating a lighter


sauce. That one tastes so nice. The chicken is really flavoursome. The


sauce has a really nice tang. Saffron has come back to the Abbey


so we can give our verdict on her dishes. Quite nice, this. I like the


sauce. Has a great texture. Want to try the next one? Yes. This one


tastes more modern. It looks as if it's been produced in one big


machine. Do you agree? It is nice. prefer the other one. It had more


texture. It tasted better. I liked the older one. It is more British. I


felt more at home eating it. The food was great. Thank you very much.


Aleem, I'm sorry you didn't get on the seat? Not really.I have brought


some stuff to get into the mood. Here is a seat. Right. You hold


that. You put this on. OK. We will have front row seats for the next


Coronation. At least we have some food to keep us going! It could be a


long time before the next one! least we are ready. Come on!


Congratulations on a brilliant film. E-mails - who would you invite to a


party and why? Oliver, I would invite my grand parents and have a


custard pie party. Sarah says I would throw a chocolate party


because chocolate is awesome. would have a In space and I would


have -- I would have a party in space and I would invite Paloma


Faith. Before we go any further, 400 million of you would choose One


Direction to be at your party. Vicky would go on Karaoke with Jessie J.


would invite all my friends. No adults. She would invite David


Walliams. Thank you for getting in touch. The sun doesn't have to be


out every week for you to enjoy the show. This is what is happening next


week. We will be cooking with Something that we grew five weeks'


ago. We will be trying to cook smoothies and cheesecake! This guy


is an athlete. He will be taking part in an international competition


and telling you What it's like to be him. If you are a fan of


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