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Bridgit Mendler and Football Juggling

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lips are hurting. You can find out how I got on with my brass band


challenge. She's the star of Good Luck Charlie. Plus, we have an


amazing juggler performing just for you and I will be showing you how to


make your own juggling balls, that's APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


Hey, thank you very much. Hi, how are you? You are watching Blue


Peter. I am Barney. I am on my onesie. Helen is back next week,


make sure you are watching then. It's a live show, anything can


happen. You might be on your half-term but if you are back at


school don't worry I can put a smile on your faces with what's happening


in the next half houring. Lots of things to get involved with and keep


your eyes glued to the telly boxes, like this guy from the Moscow State


Circus. He is a juggler and will be showing you how you can juggle. When


he was eight years old his mum took him to his first circus and he knew


he wanted to be a juggler and look at him now living the dream. It got


us thinking what do you want to be when you are older? I wanted to be a


fighter jet pilot so I could take my brother for a spin and eject him out


the back. What about Katie from the office, she was England at English


and wanted to be a writer. She liked the idea of writing store stories


like her heros. What about Louise from One Direction. He wanted to be


a drama teacher. Get in touch and let us know what you would like to


be and why. I will try and read out as many of


your e-mails later in the show. The one thing I never thought I would


grow up to be would be a trombonist in a marching band but I was given a


challenge to do just that. Last Friday was the competition and


that's not really where the story began or ended. There were a few


surprises in store for me. Have a look.


You are in a competition on 24th May and you have to learn how to play


the trombone by then. He had general unly no idea. Great, my playing is


already upsetting animals. So it's a great relief to start my first


lesson on set with teacher Debbie. Very good. That was close! I am a


natural! But just when I think it's all going well... Oh! Don't let go


of that. Debbie explains before you make beautiful sounds on a trombone,


you have to first make a lot of as you are making the right sound,


to the music I will be playing with the band. This does not sound


simple. Can I record you playing three years, but he will get there


We have spent about 40 minutes together. Do you honestly think from


what you have heard that I am going to be able to play that in three


weeks? Yes.Let's get practising. Yeah. I love music and I love a


challenge. But three weeks? ! They say practise makes perfect.


Actually who did say that? I would like to have a word with them


because my lips are wrecking, I have been practising as much as I can. At


least I am not doing this challenge on my own. I am in a quiet and


peaceful village in North Wales. But not for long. I am here at the


headquarters of the silver band who have been here since 1894. That's a


long time. They've won a lot of trophies in these competitions.


Yeah, they're in the Premier League. They're letting someone like me


who's been learning for two-and-a-half weeks join the junior


section of their band. What could I thought it would be. But then the


band take it up a level. Apparently, I have to play and march at the same


time. This is the first time I have ever marched whilst playing a


trombone. These are sentences you don't think you are ever going to


say in your life. So, yeah, stand back. Let's see what happens. The


most important thing is to start marching with my left foot. Yeah,


that's left foot, Barney! Are your lips getting tired now? Yeah. I am


licking them. How does that help? Don't know. Good.


You stop on the last one. There's a couple of bits I am struggling with


musically. You can only go so long before your lips physically give up.


I couldn't even kiss a fish right now. I have never kissed a fish by


the way. Just seeing... Didn't think so! I have just come in from


marching outside and playing the trombone statement. I have been told


the senior band have got a surprise for me, I have no idea what it is.


Thank you very much. That's awesome. With that incredible music, the day


of the contest arrives. I realise that I am part of something really


special. Bands come from all over the world to perform in these


villages and have done for well over 100 years. The idea is to play in as


many villages as you can in one day. Are you sitting comfortably? Here


goes! I was sent a challenge in Blue Peter style to learn to play the


trombone in three weeks. Oh, right! We are getting ready to walk down


the hill and I don't know which way we are going. And I am leading!


Around the bend to the right and in a straight line? Excellent. When we


get to the bottom are we going around the corner? Don't ask me, we


are only in the front row. that's not the open thing that's


worrying me. -- only thing that's worrying me. I am out of my comfort


zone. You can do anything if you put your mind to it but an instrument is


different. This is the big moment. Three weeks of practise have been


leading up to this and our microphones are pointing mainly at


my trombone, so if I play a bum note APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


I think I made a few mistakes, but there's no time to dwell. I am back


weeks, it's a cracking job. A few notes now and again, but excellent


It's been amazing. OK. One of those Blue Peter surprises. Let's have a


look. A message from Helen by the looks of it. Well done, Barney. I am


so proud of you, I know you were nervous and you thought you needed


more time but you have done amazingly well. Hats off to you. I


have some news, this isn't the end of the road. This is just the


beginning. We have secured a place for you in the BBC National


Orchestra of Wales. You are going to be performing at the Proms at the


Royal Albert Hall, that's absolutely massive. It is one of the biggest


concerts in the world. Hopefully you enjoy it. It's pretty special. It's


a Doctor Who Prom. Unlike the doctor, you can't time travel and


you need to learn your part in seven weeks. It's going to be tough but it


is going to be worth it. Good luck, buddy. Hope you enjoy it. I better


get practising then! Just in case you were ever wondering what my real


shock face looks like, that was it. Let's confirm that. That's the BBC


Proms, Dr Who inspired, playing a trombone in front of 5,000 people in


the Royal Albert Hall, in six weeks. It's fair to say the chal has


officially become -- the challenge has officially become supersized.


Can I please say thank you to the youth band who were fantastic and


showed me the way. I even got a present. The girls gave me a teddy


bear, he is called Ted, imaginative name as you can see. I want to say


thank you to everybody who turned up. Nothing that mraks you play


better - that makes you play better than a crowd cheering you on. It was


an amazing day, thank you so much and thank you for your messages of


support. It's nice to hear from you and it really does spur us on and


make us want to do better. This week has been no exception. 1,415 letters


or e-mails through the post boxes telling us how creative and lovely


you are. Here is Mia, growing her own herb garden. She has mint,


fennel, and Rosemary. And neglecten and Hannah are -- Megan and Hannah


are growing vegetables. Potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and courgettes,


this is inspired by our grow it, cook it, eat it thing we are doing.


Those are our herbs over there. It's an even competition between me


and Helen. Everyone's been inspired by that and in two weeks we will be


showing you what you can do with the herbs. It's creation all over the


place. Amelie has done tinfoil art. She's using it as a reflectior to


uplight her cheekphonebones -- cheekbones. And will Fred on the


end. We receive loads of things in the post that are different. This


here, this technique is called papier Mache. Mia and Oscar have


designed these brilliant planes, we did a challenge a while ago which


was to wing-walk. I am lying down, I have already had enough of this


challenge. We love the stuff you send us, accepted us more, leads --


please. Head to the website. One person who got in touch recently was


Thomas, he sent us this. This is his shark beenbag. Everybody in the


office loved this and was playing with it. In doing so kind of


inspired a sort of a double make, if you like. We have a circus theme


happening today. We have the guys here from the circus school. Were


there not supposed to be three of you? There was a third member of the


team. Where is Will? There he is, look at him! Come over here and I


will talk you through what this is, this is what we are going to be


making. We thought with a circus theme we are going to show you how


to make your own juggling balls. All the information is on the website.


Head there and you will find it. It gives you a list of materials you


need and how to do it. But it's very simple. So we think that felt is a


really good material because it's great for bags and it's dead light.


Start off by taking out your template that you can print and


place that on top of your A4 sheet of felt and cut it out. That's all


you need to start and that will leave you with these cross pieces of


felt. There is one for you, and one for you, Will. Lovely. The idea is


to make them into a box and to do that simply all you do is take the


bottom shortest part of the box, fold it up and do the same with the


other side and bring the corners together. The best way we found to


hold them together is to stitch them. Needles over there, boys?


There is yours. Start at the bottom corner. Do you do much sewing at


home? I can't sew to save my life. This is nice and easy. Sometimes you


get boys who say I am not sewing, that's a girls' thing. That's not


the case. Anybody can sew. Especially when you are doing


something creative like this. Go to the corner at the bottom and push it


upwards. Watch out for your fingers. The great thing about Blue Peter is


you have that famous phrase and you say, here is one somebody else made


earlier. Watch your fingers and up to the top corner. You have gone the


other way but it doesn't matter, it will still work. Let me save you


some time. That's what it will look the rice will go everywhere. The


best thing about Blue Peter, I think, is when you get to be


creative and here you can design your own juggling ball. You can


stick buttons on if you want or get these eyes you can buy from art


shops, they're really good. You can do an animal or person, there's no


particular rule here. Use your imaginations. Let's decorate our


stuff. What are you going for? Will, how about you? There's buttons


in there. You can use glitter. You know what to do, you have been


creative before. I am going to do a Helen. I miss her. Helen has got


massive eyes. I can't get the glue on. Use that one, it's good to go.


Here I need lips that are really bossy. And long eyelashes, I know


Helen is watching, this is why I am doing this. A button on the knows.


Once you have decorated the box, take the rice on the table and this


is the bit I like, handfuls of rice and fill about three-quarters full.


Have some, just like that. No, don't, I will get told off!


Three-quarters full and to seal it, the same stitching around the top


and you finish up with a beautifully decorated juggling ball like this.


If you make one, accepted us a picture. Now that we have made our


juggling balls we need to know how to juggle with them. Earlier we met


Zhora and he showed us what he is really made of. When we heard there


was a genius touring the UK we knew that you would want to see him. Why?


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


Well he is not just a juggler, watch Zhora, nice to meet you. Thank you


for coming in. You perform in the Moscow State Sirups, when did you


start to juggle with footballs? started young, little balls, up


with, two, three, four and five balls. Then after a one year in


circus school I started juggling with footballs. Three, four, five.


Now in practice seven balls. It's still a lot of training, the time, a


year, it's a long time to be learning. We have some juggling


balls behind you. For people who want to learn can you show them?


start with one ball. OK.One, two, three. We can try this moment, 100


times only 100 times in one day, one ball to get used to it. Two balls


the same. YeahThen three the same. All the same, one ball a hundred


times next day two. These two are just in one hand. That's very


Before you go any higher we have somebody here who's been learning to


juggle. Tommy can juggle with seven balls. Step forward, Tommy. We would


love to see what you can do. How long have you been juggling for?


About two years. It's all yours, APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


Well done. Amazing. Thank you. Now Zhora you were taken to the circus


when you were eight. Morgan is seven. Hi, Morgan. How long have you


been juggling for? A year.You are going to juggle with scarfs for us.


The floor is yours. You have an audience. Go for it.


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Beautiful. Well done, Morgan. Do you


only juggle with footballs or can you juggle with more unusual


objects? I can juggle anything, cards, fruits, kebabs. A meaty


performance! Obviously you do this on a big football. That involves a


little bit of risk, have you ever fallen off? Yes, I fall off every


day. Now you can see never fall. It's all about perseverance and


practise. A huge round of applause for Zhora, thank you for coming in


and thank you to Morgan and Tommy. If you would like to juggle head to


the website and you will find more details or if you want to watch the


iPlayer tomorrow you can watch this again and do learning. Good luck.


Thank you very much. Amazing. She may be used to saying good luck


Charlie but when it comes to her career I don't think she needs luck,


she is a rising star called Brigit and I went to see a performance. Her


last single reached the UK top ten and attracted over 30 million views


on YouTube. It's her role in Good Luck Charlie that she's most famous


for, creating a video diary about her family and life as a teenager


for her new sister, Charlie. Here to perform her brand new single


# Think the clouds are clogging up my brain like the weather


# Tears on my face # I guess I will be all right.


# Oh, oh, # Then it hits me like oh, oh, no


# That wind that swept me off my feet got me flying until I am crying


and down on my knees # There's no place like home


# Home, and I am boarding up the win does


# It's like every time the wind blows I feel it tearing up


# Every time he smiles # Everything is fine when you are


standing in the eye of the hurricane # Here comes the sun


# Here comes the rain # Standing in the eye of the


hurricane # Here comes the sun, here comes the


rain # Standing in the eye of the


hurricane # We made it through the storm


# I am still on the lookout # Oh, oh,


# Cold, cold # And now I am boarding up the


windows # Look Looking out


# Every time the wind blows I feel it tearing us apart


# Every time he smiles # Everything is fine when you are


standing in the eye of the hurricane # Here comes the sun, here comes the


rain # Here comes the sun, here comes the


rain # Standing in the eye of the


hurricane # He picks me up, he's got the way


of the hurricane # I think I am fine


# I am in the eye of the hurricane # He picks me up


# Like he's got the way of the hurricane


# I think I am fine # In the eye of the hurricane


# I am floating, floating # I don't know


# He's got the way, he's got the way # Boarding up the windows


# Locking up my heart # It's like every time the wind


blows # I feel it tearing us apart


# Every time he smiles, I let him in again


# Everything is fine when you're standing in the eye of the hurricane


# Here comes the sun, here comes the rain


# Standing in the eye of the hurricane


# Here comes the sun here comes the rain


# Standing in the eye of the hurricane


# He picks me up # I think I am fine like I am in the


eye of the hurricane # He picks me up, like he's got the


way of the hurricane # And I think I am fine


# I am in the eye of the hurricane # Oh, oh,


# Oh, oh. Thank you!


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING If you enjoyed that performance head


to the Blue Peter website there's an exclusive performance just for us,


nobody else, of her track Ready Or Not. You are going to like it.


Follow me here, because I asked you to get in touch earlier. Let's get


cosy on the steps, to tell you what you would like to be when you are


older and why. Ellen says, I want to be a teacher because I like helping


and I am a bit bossy. Harry says, I want to be a games designer because


I really like playing games and some games inspire me to make games like


them. If not better! You are going to go places, Harry. Molly would


like to be a cycle cyclist. Eleanor, a little strange, would like to say


I would like to be a neurosurgeon because I would like to be able to


see inside people's brains. Eleanor, I like you, that's a great one. Zoe


says, I would like to be an actress or perhaps own kennels. They're


similar. Luke would love to be a rollercoaster designer because he


loves them and he loves art. Thank you so much for getting in touch. We


like to hear from you. It's nice to be able to read them out on this


live show. Next week, look at this at what's going on. To celebrate 60


years of the throne, we are accepting three young Blue Peter


presenters/reporters to find out what it takes to put on a once in a


life celebration and with two weeks to fathers Day we will show you how


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