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Book Awards and Aircraft Engineers

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Coming up on today's live Blue Peter, we launch the book awards,


and we have got contenders you will not be able to put down in 2013.


peek behind the scenes at the CBBC's very own spy school, MI High.


A clever new use for your Christmas jumper that will keep you popular


with your pets. And find out where I am on top of a wing. I am on top


Hello! How are you? Come back, we need you for this bit! Let's not


talk about Christmas, it is well and truly finished. But we can talk


about the new year and an exciting start and New year's resolutions.


Have you got one? I want to keep better control of the dog! He had


been sitting here perfectly, now he is playing. I was speaking to him


earlier, saying that New year's resolutions are quite important, he


says he is going to try to smile more on camera. Show them what you


have got! My new year's resolution is to play piano a bit more, I need


more practice. We are going to make him a little bit more obedient!


you tell us about you and your new year's resolution, we are only 10


days into the new year, so you may Do you want to come this way?! The


studio is full of boots, because it is a very exciting day for us, we


are launching the Blue Peter Book winner, this guy. The Considine


KERS By Gareth A Jones! That is how you make an entrance, everyone,


perfect! I am delighted to say that he is with us today. Hello, Gareth!


Nice to see you. Obviously, we saw you winning the Blue Peter Book


Awards, what does it mean to one- all there? It is fantastic to win


any awards, but it has been brilliant, really nice to have that


on the front of my book, saying I am a Blue Peter Book Award winner.


Every time I go to a school, I talk about it and show off the badge.


How special is it that it is voted for by children? It is very


important. They are my readers, so the fact that they voted for it,


and to be honest, they are the most honest readers you can get. Adults


will say, it is fine. I get lots of e-mails that I respond to, and lots


of them will say, I really enjoyed the book, but I did not like the


ending. I get a lot saying they did not like the ending! That must be


great, honest feedback. I like what you're doing! Let's talk about the


last year, how has it been? It has been a great year. My new book came


out, a Victorian ghost story that I mentioned last time. That came out,


I have been to lots of schools, up and down the country talking about


that and singing about it. I write songs for my book as well, I take


my ukulele into schools and get them singing. There is lots of


howling, and the new one has lost of ghostly noises. I do a lot of


that, and it has been so great, such a Nicaea. I have also had my


series of new books coming out. Manger meerkats! All books need de


ninjas, that is just a fact. This year there are two awards, best


storybook and best book. We are very excited about it, not just


because we get to see the judges and the process, but we will get a


sneak peek of the shortlist of books. Choosing the books for the


shortlist is not an easy process. It involves a lot of reading, a


little laughter and a fair bit of friendly arguing. So we had to pick


a top team of judges that would be up to the task. Award-winning


newspaper columnist Caitlin Moran. There is nothing more exciting than


arguing about books that you love for hours and hours. Librarian Jaco.


So many book awards are geared at older readers of very young, and


having one that aims at the middle felt really important. Cressida


Cowell. You tend to read books that you might not have read yourself,


so you get a lovely surprise. our very own boss. It is a chance


for kids to discover new books you might not have found out about


otherwise. Having read 40 books that were put forward, their task


is to whittle it down to just six. The top three-storey blocks and the


top three factual books. After much deliberation, they have done it, so


Hero on a bicycle is the gripping story of a 13-year-old bicycle


riding boy and his older sister. Trapped in wartime Florence, they


are desperate to find ways to defeat the occupying German forces,


but when the Italian resistance give them a chance to help, it puts


them and their family in risk of their lives. As soon as you start


reading it, you can fiend the Italian sun on your arms, you can


smell the lemons, feel the fear. The Nazis have taken over the


village. By the time you get to the end, you feel like you have been


through the war and won, along with Paolo on his bicycle. Goldfish are


the unlikely stories of this book. Goldfish and little Stan, whose


fish loving journey starts when he runs away from his Mardan call to


join the circus. He is helped along the way by a host of eccentric


characters until he discovers a whole new future for himself in a


gripping finale. Get it? I loved the main character, Stan, and his


Uncle Ernie, who does something terrible with some goldfish. I


won't tell you what, but you still kind of feel sorry for him. In our


next story book, Tom Gates was not expecting to see this, his sister


without her sunglasses on. Scary! Nor did he expect to see his dad in


embarrassing blue cycling shorts. His ideas are packed with maps,


drawings and doodles as we follow him and his band on the way to the


school talent show. Lots of very unusual characters having all kinds


of mishaps, and I think it is one that will make people laugh and


think at the same time. This scrapbook by Michaela Morgan tells


the inspirational True story of the man who became not only Britain's


first black professional outfield footballer but also Britain's first


black army officer. This vivid book traces his remarkable life from


growing up right through to when he was killed just before the end of


the First World War. It is a story of amazing triumph, people


overcoming prejudice, and then his real sorrow and sadness at the end.


Months after reading it, you were still going, I feel like I know


that guy now. Did you know that every minute you shed 40,000 flakes


of dead skin? Or that the fleas living on your pet can jump up to a


third of the meter? This book reveals the gruesome goings-on in


your home and comes complete with disgusting experiment to try out,


including a sneaky way to trap police just by using honey. These


are things that we probably all live within our everyday lives but


we are not quite aware of, and it Michael Rosen retells the life-


story of the legendary Roald Dahl and gets tips for how to write a


great story along the way, like make it funny, keep a notebook, and


have some great illustrations. As what Roald Dahl's books, it is


illustrated by Quentin Blake. Children will love reading this,


because it is all about Roald Dahl and how he wrote, and I think it


will give children ideas about how they might write their own stories.


When I look at the final six, I just want to read them again. Books,


to me, look like doors into other worlds, and I want to go back


through every single one and roam around in that world again. If you


want to see those animations again, we loved them, go to the Blue Peter


website. You can join the message board conversations about those


books. Maybe you have got more suggestions for books to read.


Gareth, the judges have a difficult task to decide which is the winner.


I am glad I am not making the decision at this point, some


fantastic books, a wide range from things about the war to one of the


world's greatest children's writers, to something about piranhas,


fantastic! What makes a good book? You have got different subjects,


fact and fiction, but what makes a good book? What would you be


looking for? It has got to hold your interest from the very first


page to the very last page, that is the basic rule. Well, 200 children


have been selected to vote for the winner, and on World Book Day we


will tell you who comes out on top, I cannot wait. Have you ever


wondered what it takes to keep an aeroplane in tip-top condition?


Recently I was let loose in aeroplane engineering school, where


I got to grips with the nuts and We see so many aeroplanes criss-


crossing our skies at this time of year, but for me travelling by air


never loses its excitement. It is brilliant, you just sit back, relax,


enjoy the view and let somebody else do the driving. Normally, the


excitement is about the destination, but today it is not so much about


where we are going but how we get I am going to discover just what it


takes to keep an aeroplane like this flying safely every time it


takes to the skies. I have come to Exeter, where the airline have a


special Academy. Around 100 young people fresh from school are


currently being trained as apprentice aircraft engineers. And


today they have got a new When a car clocks a set number of


miles, it is taken to the garage for a service, and when an


aeroplane clock says certain number of hours in the sky, it goes for a


Aeroplanes come here from all over Europe when they need a check-up. I


cannot wait to get stuck in and see what goes on, but first I need to


learn a few basic skills. I am here to be an engineer, I know it is a


crash course, but what can you teach me? Instructor Paul and


apprentice William talk me through a technique called wirewalking.


First, cut off a length of wire. Threading the bolt and twisting the


wire makes sure that nothing comes loose while the aeroplane is flying.


So you are basically plaiting the wire, that is a girly way of


describing it. It should be tight. What is next? Structure, I am going


to show you how to mark out a piece of material. That is fun, isn't it?


From the academy to the hangar, and engineer Emma is here to keep an


eye on me. It is probably a good idea! Now I'm going to be let loose


on an actual aeroplane, I'm going to try to lock two bolts. I am


going in! I have threaded it, OK. It is a fiddly little job, isn't


Those are going nowhere? You had better check it!


Time for amateur show me the ropes, literally, we need to be harnessed


to the ceiling to check the wings. This is the fuel tank and the fuel


is stored inside. Before we put the panels down, do


an inspection, which is vital. stinks!


This is so cool, to be up here! You do not ever think you will be on


top of it. This is the aircraft internals.


Different to how you are used to seeing it. It does not look


These are real seats? The overhead lockers would be up here. I would


be here, I like a window seat. The compartment is here. So you take


everything apart to check it? This is not something you would


normally see. This is the cargo bay where the backs are kept. In it is


not very big, no wonder they are strict on baggage allowance -- it


is. How long would it take to get everything Jack? 12 days. -- Cech.


Thank you for showing me around, and would like to go back to first


class, lead the way! And you for having me and for this


morning. It has been a pleasure. -- thank you. We have had the boys


finish off what you started this morning. I would like to present


this to you as a memento from the days. I shall take this back to the


studio, a typical, wetting the boys finish what I started! Bank you


very much. -- letting. -- thank you very much. In time comedy will be a


good engineers. Don't worry, they double-checked


everything I did twice! Now over to Barney. Hang on a


minute, isn't that a festive jumper you've got on, Barney? Don't you


know, it's well past the season now? You're so last year! Actually,


as you might remember, festive jumpers were huge this year. We


even made some Christmassy ones when we were in Lapland. But


admittedly, they're now a bit past their sell by date. We have a very


special guest in the studio today who has got a brilliant idea to


turn this jumper from cringe to cute. And she is Totally Rubbish's


very own Michelle Ackerley. I couldn't resist! That is the name


of your new show. We know you from Deadly Art, but


your new show, Totally Rubbish, has just started, hasn't it? So what's


that all about? It is about taking old bits and pieces and creating


something new. And these are packed beds, how do we make them? -- pets


beds. Out will try not to make too much of a mess, stopping at!


light it flat with the front facing towards you and at the bottom, you


fold it over and you need to get a fix piece of wool and a needle. Do


not -- make sure you make a not at the bottom and stitch across.


you have made a box at a paper, you fold the sides over. -- out of. Who


stitch the answer to the side. you are closing the gaps. You need


to meet the waste here. And G full day at around. And used it chip. --


you forget round and you stick it up. -- fold it round/. You grab


some stuffing and you look around your house for material and


anything that is nice and soft to make good padding. Do you cut up


clothes you got up Christmas -- do you cut up clothes you got for


Christmas? Q that a secret. The more stuff think, the better.


has got to be nice and cosy. This is going to be the base. This is


easy and you can do it with anywhere and anything and get your


family to help you out. It is starting to take shape. When you


have a base stopped -- the bass stuff that can make you need a gap


because you are going to sew. That is soap this off -- that is so the


stuffing does not come out. By up would be messy! -- that would be


messy. This is the next stage. have a gap for the rest of the


stuff in here. Look at the smile on my face, I am loving it! You will


smile more when you see this. We have customised it a bit more, we


have cut up some felt and written his name and stuck it on. I am you


can be fancy if you want to. can use some stitching like we have


here. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. We can only see how


successful this bears by asking Barney. He has watched everything!


-- how successful this is. What does he think? Straight down! Show


how happy you are at! Good boys. Remade other baskets and we will


send those to the cats and let you know -- we made. If you want to


make a basket, look at the website. And if you do, send us a picture.


You know the e-mail address. We love to see what your animals think


of these baskets. This little chap is quite happy! Bank queue for


rescuing us from Bonnie's jumper! - - Barney's.


January might seem like a bit of a boring month, with terrible weather


and dark evenings. But one good thing about this time of year is


that there is always good TV on. Including the MI High. This is a


new series with a new cast and you will have always wanted to be spies


if you were like me, and I got a chance to go behind the scenes


recently and look at what goes into making this great series.


The 6th series of MI High has exploded on to the screens but it


has some big changes. I am at a top secret location on


the set to do some spying to find out what is happening in the new


series, are you coming? I hope to gather my first bit of intelligence


from here, I am about to meet the main man, Frankland and.


Remaining -- Frank London. Remaining under cover, he leads a


team of young spies and fight violence. I will take the famous


left down to meet him. -- lift. That is how you make an entrance.


We have a new spy base and also new spies, what else can you tell us?


The big thing is the new spies. this what I think? More action and


more fighting. Whereas he heading next and where


was he involved? It is exciting for him because we see something from


his past that is traumatic and it starts to have an effect on the


whole series and it affects what this spies are doing. -- the spies.


And if you need more spies as. will be in touch! I have received


other intelligence that the cast of What you can see is part of the


scene where one of the new spies How would you describe what your


character is like? Diana is efficient. -- Dan. I have watched


this guy it jump of bridges and you have already asked -- have already


helped an old lady in distress. People ask me how I got into doing


the stunts and I wanted to be a super hero as a toll. You are


living the dream, they need you back on set already. Make sure you


watch the bad news series of MI High, he is brilliant. I want to be


a spy! It really was a great day. You know


when you get a movie and you look at the extras, there is an


interview with a man saying, he does his own stunts? He does do his


own stunts, he was jumping off bridges, it will be amazing.


kept saying he wanted to be a spy, I thought you would be stamping


your feet! We asked you to get in touch at the beginning of the show


to let us know all about your New Year's resolutions and, as usual,


you haven't disappointed us. Here to read some of your emails are


Gareth P Jones and Michelle Ackerley.


To Morris says, she will read new books and only use her phone when


she needs to -- tomorrow. I will set my alarm for the right time,


that is Ben. Ilex, it is to become a vegetarian but it is hard when


everybody around you is eating meat -- Alex.


There is a teacher at school who never smiles so I am going to make


him smile or laugh when I see him! Get in touch, I have a load of


jokes. Millie, I will try to stop talking as much in class, my report


always says I have a habit of chatting. That is all right, you


will be big when you are older. Tabitha says to use less mayonnaise


on her sandwiches. Used salad cream!


A Libya says, I will play one more with my dog -- Olivia. -- more.


will work harder to get out of my clothes at the weekend.


And I will do wrong -- I will do well in my exams and be brave at


high school, Martha. We believe in you.


I am going to get my moves worked out in gymnastics. I want to learn


that, I want to do a back flip. cannot wait to see that! Thank you


for coming in. That's it for today, but make sure you tune in next week


for all of this. Magician Fergus Flanaganstars in


Help! My Supply Teacher is Still Magic. He'll be teaching us some of


the tricks of the trade. So make sure you have some coins at the


ready, so you can try the trick out!


I meet a brave 11 year old, who showed great courage whilst saving


lives at sea. And I give him a gold badge as well, as a treat he'll


never forget. And pop's newest star, Amelia Lily,


will be here answering your questions, as well as singing her


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