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Magic Tricks and Amelia Lily

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Coming up: We put your questions to X Factor star and singer of the


single You Bring Me Joy, Amelia lily. # You bring joy


# You bring sadness... # I surprise a brave viewer with the


highest honour of a gold Blue Peter badge.


And star magician Fergus Flanagan shows us how to impress with an


amazing magic trick you can try at Hello and twock Blue Peter. We've


got a jam-packed show for you. Let's introduce you to our first


magical guest, he's one of Britain's top magicians and star of


the CBBC show, Help! My Supply Teacher is Still Magic. Welcome.


It gives us great pleasure to award you with a Blue Peter sticky badge.


Thank you. Tell us about the show? You surprise children, they don't


know you are a magician, they think you are a supply teacher. It must


be so much fun to film? We had so much fun in the first series anyway


but the second one is just bigger, better and the illusions are


grander. So I think if it was possible, we enjoyed this even more


than the first series. Did you have to think about the way you filmed


it more carefully though because once you have done a prank-based


series, people could get to know what you are doing? We had


disguises, I had a stick-on moustache, a come-over, some


glasses. One of the magicians, James, who's bald, had a nice


ginger wig, so we really went to town on the disguises which aided


massively. We want to see a trick. Can you show us one?


Make someone disappear. We have a card stuck behind this piece of


glass. Behind it, I have stuck a playing card and I believe that


will match the playing card you are about to take. OK. I love stuff


like this. Sounds impossible, right. That's a prediction, if you like.


OK. As I run through the cards, I would like you to touch one.


That one. That one there? Yes. you let go and have a look at it


and remember it. Yes. In fact, if you take it out and show it to the


camera without me seeing. Lovely. When you are happy I'll turn back


around. Got it. Seen it, dog? Yes, happy. If everything has gone to


plan, my prediction will match the card you chose and you had a


totally free choice so that would be incredible, right, impossible?


Yes. Helen, the three of hearts, what was your card? Queen of clubs.


Oh. Has it gone wrong? That is actually the Queen of clubs, it


just looks different because the glass is a bit dirty. Just rub it


and make sure it's on the other side of the glass. Yes. If I take


this cloth and give the glass a bit of a clean like this, watch. You


can see that now it does remarkably resemble the Queen of clubs. It's


inside the glass! That is amazing! Thank you.


Incredible. Have you got another trick?


I do, yes. I'm greedy! Have a look at that piece of rope. Make sure


there's nothing in the rope, no magnets so it doesn't come apart.


When you are happy, you can pass it back to me. There you go. Lovely.


If you could say stop when you think I'm half way down the rope.


Stop. Stop. Very good. I'll take the rope and cut it just there.


That will give me two equal pieces of... Oh, dear, sorry. It didn't


stretch when you had it, did it? No. If I take the shorter piece and


the longer piece, I should be able to, if you keep your eyes on the


middle bit... What? Now I have in fact got two pieces of rope the


same length. If you weren't watching that closely, I'll start


again with just one piece. It's back to one piece of rope. Let me


see! Keep your eyes on the ends. Watch


the ends carefully. If you are not, you will miss the moment they come


off. Amazing. I am mesmerized by this, absolutely amazing, thank you


so much. Thank you very much. Fergus will


stick around to teach you a trick, so get some coins ready later on in


the show. Magic plays a huge part in the filming of Blue Peter. Every


single week, as if by magic, your letters and e-mails appear by magic.


So clever. Thank you very much. Every single one of your letters


get read. If you do something cool and creative, you can get yourself


a Blue Peter badge. Every now and again, we hear about somebody who's


done something extraordinary. That was the case when we heard about


Stuart. He did something so brave and courageous, we thought he


deserved one of this, a gold Blue Peter badge.


I'm here on the south coast to surprise a boy called Stuart Crang


with our top award, a gold Blue Peter badge. Back in July, he was


out in the harbour in his dinghy when he saw a couple in danger.


Their lives were on the line. Their boat capsize and they were both in


the water. Battling the tide and the winds, Stuart rode to their


safety and towed them to shore. Once he'd safely returned, the only


thing he was worried ability was getting in trouble for his dad for


being too far off sore. But in fact he's actually become a


bit of a local celebrity. A ten- year-old boy from Devon's been


hailed a hero after coming to the rescue of a couple whose boat


capsized. I just said, give me your rope and I just towed them in.


life-saving hero is in this classroom. Stuart is in the middle


of a science lesson, he has no idea that we are here. Let's go and


surprise him. Hello. Sorry to interrupt, everybody. I know you


are in the middle of a lesson. I came here to look for Stuart. Don't


look scared. Hello, you all right? Yes. We wanted to say thank you and


celebrate your achievements by giving you one of these. It is Blue


Peter's highest accolade. Now, David Beckham's got one of these,


the Queen has, and now Stuart Crang has one. Congratulations, Stuart.


Thank you. Am I right in thinking that you


like being out on the water? Yes. There's a brand-new breed of


lifeboat, very fast and impressive, very responsive. We want you to


test one. Are you in? Yes. Let's do The RNLI is the organisation which


saves lives at sea. Since they were founded in 1824, they've saved an


estimated 140,000 lives. This is the latest tool in their armoury,


the Shannon Class Lifeboat. Each o boat costs �15.5 million and


they're 50% faster than the boats they are replacing. In their


lifetime, the Shannon Class Fleet could save 1500 lives at sea and,


amazingly, they have agreed to let Stuart drive one. Welcome to the


Shannofpblt we are going to have a look around in a minute, but how


does it feel to be a gold badge winner? Really good. Take me back


to the day you rescued the couple? On that day when I went out, there


was two people in the water in Devon. How did they seem? Scared?


Yes. They seemed scared and petrified. What about you? How


scared were you? Quite scared because when I got them on tow,


their boat kept filling up with water because there was a little


hole about that big, it dragged me boat under with it a bit. Do you


want to try this brand-new piece of kit? How do you feel about that?


Good. With a little help from Martin,


Stuart is going to take charge of the pride of the RNLI's fleet.


This will make you go ahead. The more you go that way, the faster


you will go. This one over here is your steering. That makes us go


forward, that makes us reverse? Press that button and you will take


control from the top. We're off. Stuart's not bothered at all, he's


just grabbed the lever and he's off. I can't believe he's actually


driving. Not only is he driving a lifeboat, he's driving a brand-new


lifeboat with all the latest technology. Never mind James Bond,


it's all about Stuart Crang. Stuart's at the helm, but I am


staying in my seat because everything on this brand-new boat


can be controlled from here. Communication systems are on there.


If I scroll down, I can access the chart to see where we are. There


are cameras all over the boat so you can look into the engine room


and see that's all working properly. You can buckle yourself into the


boat and keep an eye on the computer if it's all kicking off


outside. This is the chart so you can see where we are. At the moment,


we are heading out to sea. We are heading out to sea because the crew


want Stuart to help test the boat with a man overboard rescue,


pulling one of their crew members, Natalie, out of the water. There's


our casualty, so Natalie's playing the victim, we have to pull her out.


Wow, we're going fast! She looks freezing. Rescuing people from the


water is one of the most common things the RNLI have to do. We are


practising by hoisting Natalie into the safety of the boat. How does


this compare then to when you were doing it? Different. Not at all?


It's all down to you. In she comes. With Stuart clocking up yet another


successful rescue, there's just one more bit of navigating for him to


do. Go forward on those. Towards the tractor. That's to drive the


boat back to the beach and on to the tractor where it's kept, ready


to be deployed at a moment's notice. Right, Stuart, you are now one of


the only people in the country, small select group of people,


who've driven one of these. How did that feel? Awesome. Is this


something you will be doing in ten years' time? Probably. Certainly


makes me feel more confident if I know you are going to be out there


helping people. So thank you for letting me be on board when you


were driving. Thank you. What Stuart did was amazing, but


he's a very good rower and the RNLI have asked me to remind you that he


could have been in a dangerous situation had he not known what he


was doing. If you see something similar, it's always good to


contact the coastguard and police first, otherwise you might need


rescuing yourself. Always ask an adult to help too. We are excited


about our next guest, he loves ladys with pink hair, don't you


Barney? That's a yes! She's had a manic six months and released her


debut single which went straight in at number two. She's coming in in a


second! She sang in Shrek The Musical and it all came about after


being an X Factor finalist at the age of 17. It's Amelia lily!


If you could duet with anyone in the world, past or present, who it


be and why? That's from PurpleMetallicHyena. I think it has


got to be Pink. What's been the best part of the last year? That's


from CrystalSprinklesVampire. Watching my single climbing the


charts. But must give you such a buzz. I remember when I was


watching the iTunes chart, I thought I was going to throw up.


The adrenalin was quite crazy. must be crazy to be having a single


in the charts. Who or what inspired you to sing? That's from


AmaranthPuffyCat. My brother. He sings as well. Water would you do


if you're not a singer? I think I would have gone into hairdressing.


I like fiddling with her. I'm very good at dyeing hair, as well. Or I


would have liked to have been a tornado chaser. Thanking answering


those questions. Stick around because you're going to sing your


new single later Ron and Fergus will teach her how to do a magic


trick. Get your coins and you can join in as well. It's that time of


year again when some people are thinking about booking a summer


holiday. Lucky them. I used to work on a cruise ship as an entertainer.


I've always wanted to know what it would be like as a guest. Well, it


would be far too kind for the producers at Blue Peter to send me


on a holiday. Here's what happened. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for


joining us on our 14 day trip around the Mediterranean are


calling at Rome, Monte Carlo and Barcelona. We are pleased to


announce all passengers have full use of the many facilities on board


including 12 restaurants, four swimming pools and tennis courts.


Yes, whenever we hear the word cruise liner that's the image which


has conjured up, isn't it? Holidaymakers having fun too cheesy


soundtrack but if you work behind the scenes on a massive ship like


this one, are preparing for a two- week voyages half from a holiday.


This cruise liner measures to and and 88 metres long, the same length


as five-and-a-half Olympic-sized swimming pools. It's due to set


sail at 4pm the sub-dean for a two- week jaunt in Europe and I'm here


to find out exactly how the 8,000 members of staff prepare. And, of


course, give them a helping hand along the way. First things first.


3,500 passengers it has got on board the ship and they are going


to be hungry so it's up to the chefs behind his revolving door to


get the food prepared for that I made a roast dinner once and it


took me 1 hour. They have got to do 3,500 meals in just six. My first


task is to help them. I wish this was smelly a vision. It smells


amazing. Hello, I am a bunny. I know you haven't got a lot of time


before the ship sails but I'm here to help pupils up I want you to


finish of this with some cream and chocolate. Then you can finish it


off. A lot of cream like that. And a bit of chocolate on top.


little squirt, chocolate on top, yes, I can do that. Catch you later.


A squirt and then a line and a bit of chocolate. I have washed my


hands, by the way. This kitchen can serve up to 12,000 takes a day


which means each member of the catering team has to bake and ice


around 75 cakes each and every day for two whole weeks. That's a whole


lot of piping. Only 4,000 to go. I couldn't be a chef. I would eat so


much. As well as feeding its passengers, the staff also have to


make sure the guests accommodation is shipshape at all times. It's


quite mad to think each one of these rooms needs to be cleaned.


Cathy's job is to make sure the guests get the best service


possible and that includes making sure all bedrooms are up to scratch.


He here we are. It looks amazing. What a beautiful Swede. What am I


going to do? It's all about the finishing touches, the flowers,


champagne, chocolates. Proper finishing touches. You really look


off your guests. We do. -- you really look after your chefs. To


get up each bedroom to this high standard, takes a team to make sure


there's towels, 4,000 sheets and 13,000 toilet rolls on board. Just


so the guests can have clean rooms every single day. It's quite


daunting to think. Look at the length of that corridor there. We


had easily the same again to go. had 1540 passenger cabins on here


so it's a lot of work to do. All of these cabins have to be done every


day. With my finishing touches, it's now time for the ship to sail


but this one very important person I need to meet. Let's meet the


captain. You are the man in charge, I guess. Yes, I'm the captain of.


How are you doing? Already we can see so many gadgets for I feel


right at home. Before they leave, the captain needs to make it safe,


check the weather and make sure the passengers on board. For some


reason, he's not trusting me to do any of these cheques but there is a


job and navigator is allow me to do. We speak to the engineers using


this talk back, for example. This is Barney from Blue Peter. 50


minutes to departure. If you could fire up all the engines. Starting


at all engines. It's dead easy, all of this stuff, bring it on. As they


finish the final checks, the last of the passengers start to take


their places on board are ready to get settled into their home for the


next two weeks. There you have it for so I cooked and cleaned and


captained, and the passengers annually on board and they are set


to go on their crews. I hope all the passengers appreciate the hard


work which has gone into making -- it ready. I need a holiday! Wait


for me. This is the showbiz them away you go away but I was there


all day and worked really hard. That's my excuse for taking the


chocolates from cabin six. Earlier on, Fergus show do some amazing


tricks. Now he's going to teach you how to do one at home so hopefully


we have some coins so you can join in. Amelia, you are the guinea pig.


As well as the prediction, we have five coins and I would like you to


name any shape. Square. If we put a square on the back of the coin.


Triangle. Good. Circle. Fantastic. Diamond. Excellent, quite elaborate.


And a cross. Brilliant. I would like to put those coins into your


I would like you to cover them. Excellent. In a moment, I'm going


to get you to drop them on the table. Any coiner which lands with


the shape not showing, we will put to one side but before you do that,


give them a shake. Drop them on to the square. Gather up those two,


excellent. Drop. Try again. One more. Big shake. It is like toast.


Why does it always land face down? This trick could last for two days.


The air we go. cross. You could shake get as many


times as you wanted. You a left with one coin, the circle.


prediction in this and will open is that she would be left with a


How did you do that? It's very simple. All you need to do is get


five coins, a permanent marker and a prediction piece of paper. Draw a


circle on the card and you leave that at the front. Then you need to


choose one point ahead of time, before you start the trick and you


draw a circle on that, so I chose tempi. Then you put that, so the


symbol is not showing someone ask you to name the five shades, I wait


until you say circle and I remember which one I put a circle on it and


draw it on. That's clever. There is a circle on both sides. Sneaky,


absolutely brilliant. If you would like a reminder, go to the Blue


Peter website. Also there is a brand new trick exclusive to the


bad side as Fergus at an especially for you involving a pack of cards.


Fergus, thank you very much. You're going to perform for us shortly,


Amelia. Before she does her song, I really like this, let's tell you


what's happening on next week's show. I join Chris Evans on his


Radio 2 Breakfast Show to help launch this year's 500 Words short


story writing competition. It really is an amazing competition.


Loads of people are involved. There is, Maynard. We meet one of the


team behind the BBC's amazing new wildlife show, Africa. And they


tell you all about the amazing new cameras they've used to get the


best shots. Plus, they've got some unseen clips from the series for


you too. It really is an amazing series. It's almost as amazing as


Amelia Lily's New Age single. I join Chris Evans on his Radio 2


Launch this year's 500 Words short # Oh, yes. My mind is playing


tricks on me. # It's the same as it's always been.


# Seeing things out the corner of my eye.


# Ooh, are you gonna be my guy? # Ooh, ooh.


# Waiting for a session and now we feel the pressure.


# Ooh, ooh. # Get some for the rest cos you


never learnt your lesson. # You like it a lot.


# Shut up and give me whatever you got.


# I'm tired of waiting. # Baby, can't you take it?


# Oh baby, you're falling apart. # Falling in love while I'm


breaking your heart. # Why can't you take this crazy


love? # Oh yes.


# My heart is blowing hot and cold. # Sending lightning into my soul.


# Seeing things out the corner of my eye.


# So are you gonna be my guy? # Ooh, doo.


# Waiting for a session and now we feel the pressure.


# Ooh, doo. # Get some for the rest cos you


never learnt your lesson. # You like it a lot.


# Shut up and give me whatever you got.


# I'm tired of waiting. # Baby, can't you take it?


# Oh baby, you're falling apart. # Falling in love while I'm


breaking your heart. # Why can't you take this crazy


# Turn it up, turn it up. # Uh oh.


# Show the girls what you got. # Uh oh.


# To the right, to the left. # Uh oh.


# Is that the best that I'm gonna get?


# Shut up and give me whatever you got.


# You like it a lot. # Shut up and give me whatever you


got. # I'm tired of waiting.


# Baby, can't you take it? # Oh baby, you're falling apart.


# Falling in love while I'm breaking your heart.


# Why can't you take this crazy love?


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