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Lawson, Bird Bath & Illustrator Chris Riddell

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showing you how we can help our fellow friends in this hot weather


by building a bird bath. We are joined by a talented author and


illustrator Chris Riddell. He is going to be illustrating your


pictures to a story you write throughout the show.


We are excited, Lawson are here performing their new single


Brokenhearted. # Look at what you started


# Got you brokenhearted. # That's all coming up on today's


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Hi. Just so you though my trombone


playing hasn't got any better since that. It's a live Blue Peter, so


much to cram in. Last week we were live from Wimbledon and we launched


a new Blue Peter Sport Badge. If there's been any inspiration for you


to get involved in sport, surely what happened on Sunday at Wimbledon


has to be at the top of the list. Watch this.


Game, set and match, Andy Murray. champion. Look at this. Helen has


actually got goosebumps watching that back. That was amazing.


Congratulations to Andy Murray. Hard work does pay off. If you are sporty


and you are thinking how do I get a Blue Peter Sport Badge? There are a


few hoops to jump through bau it's worth it. They're a limited edition.


What you need to do is encourage a friend to get sporty this summer. If


I took Barney to football practice last summer that doesn't count


because it's got the year on the badge. I need to take him to cycling


club this summer. That would count. The deadline is 30th September. You


have from now until 30th September to take a friend to a new sport.


the details that you need so you can get involved are on the Blue Peter


website. Check it out. Last summer you may remember the summer reading


challenge, lots of you got involved. This year there is a different theme


and it's based around this creepy house. I love it. If you go to your


local library you will get one of these. The challenge over the summer


is to read six books. You will earn stickers and get trader cards as you


read along. If you get six stickers you complete the challenge. You will


be there. Those stickers stink as well, they smell creepy! Last year


three million books were read as part of this. Get involved. The


details are on the website. Or head down to your local library. The guy


behind this incredible creepy house is Chris Riddell. An incredible


artist. We have important things on here he is going to talk you


through. Welcome to the show. Great to see you. Great to be here.You


are here for a special challenge. Before we talk that, let's talk


about you and what you do. Lots of our viewers will know you created


the fantastic Olloline series. We want to know if there are budding


illustrators out there what should they be doing? Get a sketch book,


one of these. I brought some of mine in. If you want to be be an


illustrator the key is to fill up books all the time. Draw every day


and read lots of stories. These are actually your sketches that you have


done. Those are my doodles.We have been asking everyone to offer


suggestions for a story that you can illustrate live on the show. Let's


crack on. You should start with a pink unicorn sat in a desert eating


chips. Or you should play an elephant playing tennis. Which of


those? No contest, I will draw the Wimbledon elephant. A great subject.


Fantastic. Elephants like currants. That works. Thank you if you sent a


suggestion. You can join in by heading to the website. Join in by


leaving a message for us right now because we are live. Chris is


already doodling away. He has a short amount of time to illustrate


the first part of the story. If you want to give the idea for the next


part get involved now. Keep lines nice and short. Just say what you


would like to happen, who it's going to happen to and where, please.


is cracking away! Good luck, Chris. It's not just Chris you have been


heading to the message boards to get in touch with, you have been leaving


questions for these guys. Lawson are an awesome foursome who


have been playing music together for the past four years. Made up of


Ryan, Joel, Adam and Andy. They got their name from Dr Lawson who saved


Andy's life when he was 19. Their album has sold over half a million


copies and has no viewer than three top ten singles on it. They tour


later this year and there is a lot of love for Lawson.


I love these guys, it's Lawson! Welcome to the show! . Hi, welcome


to the show. We have had hundreds of questions from our viewers for you.


I will dive straight in. Do you come up with your own songs and if so,


how do you think up such amazing tunes? Thanks, yeah, we write


everything ourselves. Usually starts with an acoustic guitar or piano and


I will sing a chorus or start with a lyric. I will bring it to the lads


and say what do you think and they'll be like yeah, let's record


it and go in the studio and it becomes a full song. Who says no,


that's rubbish? All of them. It's creative criticism. Must try harder.


Hi, Lawson, I will see the tour and wondered if you could tell me what


to expect. It kicks off in September. Goes through to October.


It's our biggest tour we have done, it's like a rock show. We put on a


big show, big lights, guitar solos. You rock out. Yeah, jump around.


Cool. Do you have a lucky item and what is it? I don't really have a


lucky item, my old guitar I have had for a long time, my first proper


guitar. I always have to have that on tour. Hi, Lawson. All your music


videos are great but which was the most difficult to shoot? I love the


twirling flamingo. The hardest video for us is probably standing in the


dark. I remember the next day straight off to Europe, and it was a


long day. Didn't they warm up that water? It was a man with a hose pipe


on us like that. It was horrible. was like, sorry, guys. This is


happening. I seen the look in his eyes, he wasn't. I thought you were


standing in the dark. If you have sent a comment to Lawson make sure


you watch their performance later. It may be scrolling on the bottom of


the screen. Random question, have you been interviewed whilst doing a


loop a loop on the plane and being on a rollercoaster or a zip wire?


Never. I wish we had. That sounds like a good time. What would you go


for? The plane. I would like to go on a rollercoaster based on fear of


flying. I would regret not going on the plane. We can sort the


rollercoaster. Blackpool is down the road. The reason I ask is we want to


know if you could interview your favourite celebrity where would do


you it, on a rollercoaster or zip wire or doing a loop a loop on a


a web chat after this show. Get involved. Once you have your idea


you can use that to vote for who you want to be the next Blue Peter


presenter. There are a final four. Next week is about interviewing.


Here is a look at what you can see. You are going to be interviewing a


also going to be learning their new dance routine at the same time. We


are going to add one more thing to that. You also have to wear one of


these. The art is no one watching, no one talking. The people in your


ears today, the people that you are hearing in your ears are... Yes!


It's going to get so close. Freddie, Ben, Emma and Lindsay, one of them


will be the new Blue Peter presenter. I can't wait to find out.


If you want to tune in you can catch the programme, you decide on


Mondays. Let's go and see Chris. You have had about seven minutes to put


together the first part of the story, an elephant playing tennis at


Wimbledon. Look at it. There he is. That's brilliant. What do you think


will happen in the first part? must be a sort of famous elephant,


possibly a Scottish elephant. About to win Wimbledon. Andy McNellie


maybe. We are playing consequences live on TV. If you want to get


involved and dictate the next part of the story go online and leave us


a comment. It's exactly what Gingerslowbat has done. The elephant


running over the net and running into his opponent who is a monkey


with a long tail or Bluegreen wombat says, the elephant has tea with the


Queen. Interesting. I love the Queen. Don't get me wrong. I want to


draw a monkey. You will go with the he will fapt running over the net --


elephant over the net and joining a monkey. You have seven minutes. Good


luck. If you want to join in leave a comment on the message board.


talk about something exciting. A new series of Wild on Saturday mornings.


Are you enjoying it? So are we, even more so when we found out Tim is a


professional snowboarder. We thought there is two people perfect for


going on the snow, it's not us, but you are about to find out what


happened when we did. This is a weird feeling! It's like


being on a tea tray. Are you all right? You can do it! I can do it


here on-the-spot, amazing. With a little bit of practice... Yes.We


might look as cool as that. Wow! Tim's been snowboarding since he was


16. He is good.He's so good he turned pro soon after and became


British champion in just four years. That's something I can get on board


with. It's a snowboard, on board. got it! Now he is the all-action


presenter on Wild. Who better to show us the slopes? That was


amazing. All right.Can you teach us how to do that? Essentially you are


both beginning bebeginners. If you fall over and you are on your back,


on to your knees. Next, a few basics. It's all about toes and


heels. That's how you stop. Bend the knees. Straight to it and after a


couple of false starts I am finding my feet. TurnEven if they are a bit


On the toe edge now. Keep lifting your heels off the snow. Bend your


legs, keep your upper body straight. Head up and leaning on to your legs


left and right. Going down the slope backwards? Right, no problem! Just


have to remember to stick the edge in to stop and put the board flat to


go. That's lesson one. Time to give boarding a break and quiz Tim about


his other day job. This is your background, this is not what you are


doing now. You are one third of Wild. I know. It's mad.Are you


enjoying it? Loving it. It's been the best experience ever. Tell me


about the show, because you are out and about. Wild is a show designed


to get kids off the sofa and doing activities. We broadcast live every


week from a different location from somewhere in the UK. How come you


always end up in the water. I have to do all the for fits, I think it's


because Naomi is scared. It's the way I goes, I end up losing


challenges. I am not good at listening. They say make it like


this and I miss those details and end up losing. How is Radzi?He is


loving it. That was good by the way. I can't believe you didn't see any


of that. You were filming the interview and missed me. I did the


whole thing on my own. You were very good. Give us a high-five! OK guys.


You are doing really well. It's time for mother jeopardy. -- for more


jeopardy. Time to hit the big slope. Welcome to the top of the hill.


top of the mountain. Top of the game. Top of the morning. Don't know


where else to go there! In all seriousness, we are at the top. It's


steep, there are hazards everywhere. It's not a race. Try and control


your speed. I will be there for you. Woah! With a bit of concentration,


some help from Tim, and the occasional fall, it's all starting


to click. Don't panic! Lovely. That's it. No problem. It's dead


easy getting down these slopes. Here we go! That's how you ride a slope!


That's quick. I think you will find I won. Tim wasn't there and I had


this massive jump. Yeah, that's how you snowboard. Have a look at the


badge wall. As always, you have been in touch and you have sent us


fantastic things. 1464 of you have sent us stuff, have left comments,


check out the Sports Badge. Loads of you have been sending pictures of


that. Hopefully more will be applying for one. Thank you to Misha


who created this. The sun is sad because the rubbish is on the floor.


She has a friend and she drew the other side, the litter has been


tidied away and the sun is happy because the litter is in the bin. We


love stuff like this. Say hi to the new Blue Peter presenter. This is


Erin and she's drawn a bear and you can see he is celebrating the 50th


year of the badge. He is green. He has a green badge on and he is


called Barlen, a mixture of Barney and Helen. Over here Chris is


illustrating the story that you create throughout the show. We have


had the beginning and middle so far. You wanted to draw a monkey and


elephant. Explain what's going on. thought the biggest monkey of them


all, technically a gorilla is company King Kong. He should have a


long tail, and he does in the other hand, Harry Potter. You have no idea


how much he looks like our producer. Now we have the beginning, middle


and end. There should be a lion who gives the elephant a trophy or a


budgie swoops in and catches the tennis ball. Which of those? I like


the budgie but I might do something strange with with it. You heard it


here first. You have about four minutes. Thank you so much for all


the stuff you have sent in. They're all really funny. This will make a


brilliant story. Helen is also getting creative. I am painting a


terracotta plant pot because we are going to show you how to make a bird


bath. We are going to show you how to make four different things. The


butterfly bath, we have done that already. I have three helpers with


me. Rory, Daniel and Evie. Thank you for joining me guys. You have come


from Aberdeen, I believe you are in an art club. What do you make?


made a fish out of modelling clay. You are painting the fish, was that


fun? YeahWhat about you, Evie? making a bird, like a wire bird.


can add the bird to the bath in case any birds are confused. You know


exactly what it is. Daniel, what is your favourite thing to make at art


club? My favourite thing to make has to be the wire sculptures because we


made little people walking dogs and all of that stuff. Kre V2 ative. --


very creative. Today we are making these fantastic bird baths. That's


what we are aiming for. You can make these using things you find lying


around the house or in the back of the garden shed. If you haven't a


plant pot that's going spare, then don't worry, use your imagination.


We have used ours. We have all kind of things. All the items on that


table we pked up from a charity -- picked up from a charity shop for a


few pence. A coffee pot. Cheers! I am getting splattered over here! Two


can play at that game. Anything that you can find to make this. First


thing you need to do is decorate the plant pot or whatever is the base.


Paint that carefully. When you have finished you will end up with


something nice and colourful like this. The next thing that you need


to do is add to the top of it the bit where the birds are going to


sit. It's a good idea to put glue on that. Glue that on to the top of the


pot like that. If you add a few stones in to the top of that dish


they're going to create perches for the birds, because don't forget


birds have different leg lengths. If you put them in that will make


things nice and easy for the birds. We have used a cake tin. You can use


a dog bowl which is what this is, you can use a different bowl,


whatever you can find. It's a good idea to make your pot look


attractive because don't forget it's going to sit in the garden. But it's


also a good idea not to point it too brightly because that may scare off


birds. We have added ladybirds to the outside of mine. You have


feathers and buttons. What are you going to add, Evie? I am adding


feathers at the moment. You keep sticking those on. The stones on the


top will stop the dish reflecting and scaring off the birds. Once you


have put the stones in to the top like that all you do is pour in the


water for the birds to bathe in because there are lots of nasty


things flying around that can get into the birds' feathers and this


water means they can have a nice wash because in the hot weather


there isn't as nice puddles. This is going to help out the birds. Don't


put it under trees in case any cats jump down and interrupt the bath.


All the details are, as always, on the website. Do send us a picture


and let us know how you get on. You are making a real mess there! Having


fun? Yeah.That's the aim of the game. I have had a great idea about


the bird bath, it's creative. What you need to do, you don't have to


stand there all day, if you were to get a straw and fill it with loads


of water and blow into the water while the birds are having a bath,


that's a jacuzzi. Unless they don't ask, I haven't asked many. Let's see


how Chris is getting on. Before we see the end product. That's genius.


Let's see where it's gone. Let's start off with Rory on the end. An


elephant playing tennis at Wimbledon. It's a great idea. Then


the middle. The groundsmen would have a field day with that.


Especially when this next guy turns up. A monkey interrupted play. He


had a long tail. Great idea. Finally, this is the end. We wanted


a budgie. Evie is hold holding Budgie-zilla. It's brilliant. It's


very exciting. As is what is happening next week. I am fusing two


of my passions, music and Doctor Who. I can hear laughing in my ears,


I vice-president even played! I am -- I haven't even played. I am


playing the drop been in this week's -- trombone in this week's Proms in


the Royal Albert Hall Barney is making some of these bracelets. You


can get on online. It's Socks and Cookie's last appearance. Make sure


you send in your fan mail. there's posters and drawings, maybe


have a go at the - thank you for joining in our game of consequences.


Thank you very much. Now it's time for the fantastic new single from


Lawson, feature featuring. # You're not the girl I used to snow, how the


hell did you get so cold # I bet you kick yourself to know


# Got you brokenhearted I thought you were all I wanted


# Now the table's turned, lessons learned


# You got burnt # Hey girl look at what you started


# Played with love, got you brokenhearted


# La, la, la # La, lala


# I was standing in the dark, girl, but I am I am in control


# We're a million miles apart # But tell me why you sold your soul


# Cause now you are the lonely one # Since you let your colours show


# Baby, it's a long way home # Hey girl look at what you started,


played with love got you brokenhearted


# I thought you were all I wanted # All good since the day we parted


# Now the table's turned, lessons learned vp # You got burned


# Hey girl look at what you started # Played with love got you


brokenhearted # It's funny how the tables turned,


I was not vp # You noefr know # # What you get in return


# You only get what you earn # You weren't getting attention that


you really didn't deserve # But now I am feeling vicious


# You have been booted, that's just how I do it


# If I had a remote you would be muted


# You made your choice now you feeling foolish


# Lalalala # Hey girl look at what you started


Played with love got you brokenhearted


# I thought you were all I wanted # All good since the day we parted


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