New Sport Badge, Wimbledon and Tennis Ball Cake Pops! Blue Peter

New Sport Badge, Wimbledon and Tennis Ball Cake Pops!

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at the Wimbledon tennis championships. Have a look at Henman


Hill. They are watching women making the final. There is a lot of


excitement here. Moving on, we are going to find out how our


competition winner got on when she designed this poster which was


displayed around Wimbledon, and she got an all access areas pass.


take a high-definition camera to take photos to look at our maps.


you get to see the brand-new Blue Peter sports badge. Not yet will


stop you have to watch the show. patch of Wimbledon. We are doing the


whole show from the broadcast Centre roof. You can hear a funny noise,


which is Barney. It is my tennis noise. You can hear Spanish in the


background because our colleagues to the right are doing a broadcast,


too. So there are other people speaking to the nation. I am


training because you know when they get injuries and somebody takes


their place, like in football, when it is a substitute, I am going to go


on and win the game. That does not happen in tennis. There have been a


lot of injuries but you cannot substitute on and off. I will get


them their juice. It is not juice that you drink. Deuce is a reference


to the score. I do not want to rain on your parade, because we are


having a lovely day. Sabine Lisicki has just made it into the finals,


the sun is shining, and it is an exciting day for us because we are


going to launch the brand-new Blue Peter sports badge today. It gives a


chance to talk about our sporting heroes. We want to know from you who


inspires you, and why. It could be anybody. Who inspired you? Bradley


Wiggins, who was incredible at the Tour de France, and Mark Cavendish.


They are proper athletes, focused, determined and skilled. Loads of


inspirational characters last year that Jessica Ennis at London 2012,


under so much pressure but she rose to the occasion and made it look


easy. So who inspires you, and why? Head to the website and leave us a


comment. I am laughing because this guy is talking really fast. I wonder


what he is saying. We are not the only people privileged enough to be


standing here at Wimbledon. Sometimes the royal family turn up,


celebrities and proper players who get a tour backstage. But this week,


we had a very special guest. introduced you to pre-are a couple


of months ago, the winner of the Blue Peter Wimbledon poster


competition 2013. As Barney said, she got a fantastic rise of Centre


Court tickets and access all areas tour of Wimbledon. Barney was there,


and now we can see what they got up Priya Is getting an access all areas


pass. I thought I would show her around. Hang on! Things are about to


get really exciting. You have won the competition which means you get


behind-the-scenes access, and it does not get much more exclusive


than this. This is the clubhouse. Only players, presenters and royalty


go through here. Because you are the competition winner, Priya, you can


go in. She does not know she will get a guided tour from the chair man


himself. It is amazing. Come on. Priya, the Dorries locked. I guess


they can do the thing and I will just get some strawberries. -- the


locked. One second. Hi, how was it? It was good. What did you see?I saw


Serena Williams and Roger Fedor's trophies. And I saw my poster in the


boardroom. You are very clever. What else did you see? I went onto Centre


Court. How did manage that?I went into the Royal Ox as well. It was


good. If you have been in the Royal 's, it means that people need to


curtsy and get you stuff all day. What would you like me to get you.


Strawberries. First, I get a call about another treat. These are the


super high-tech BBC sport trucks that send the pick just from


Wimbledon to your TV screens. This is where you run the videos and


things. We have is a prize for her today. Do you want to press that


often? -- that button. Genius! The poster is now a brand-new animation,


but it will also take its place in history in the Wimbledon Museum.


as pretty as yours. Will her poster be in a museum? It will go on


display next year. In time to come, we will get your poster here so


people can look at it. Having your poster displayed at Wimbledon is


just part of the prize. The main prize is what is in your hand,


Centre Court tickets. People dream about getting those. Come on. Let's


go and watch the match. There are only three tickets! Have a good


just doing some research on tennis. Have you seen that poster? Amazing,


isn't it? Was it a good game? really exciting and fast. You have


done everything you wanted today. Anything else I can help with?


Strawberries and cream. After you, you are the royalty. There you go.


Some lovely strawberries and cream for you, eventually. Have you had a


good day? Yes.What was your favourite bit? Going into the Royal


Ox and on to Centre Court. You can come here, bring your family, watch


some tennis and relax and share some strawberries with friends.


Are they cheering for us? Somebody else. You were really upset about


that. But you ate all my chocolate! Here is the poster, signed by


Priya. If you entered, thank you, and you might win next time.


learnt so much while we were here. That court is where the longest game


of tennis was played. It lasted for three years. Three days.They go


through 1000 tonnes of strawberries every minute! Close? Down there,


that is where David Beckham practices his penalties. Did I make


that up? We are launching our new sports badge today, and it gives us


an opportunity to talk about sporting heroes. We hope it will


encourage you to get your friends involved in the sports that you


love. All of the sports stars you know have been inspired to get up


and do something, but what was the inspiration? Who was it, and where


was it? Let's have a look. Great Britain, into the record books.


was inspired to start rowing after watching the Beijing Olympics. It


made me think, I can do this and win a gold-medal in this sport. I am


Nicola Adams, Olympic Ox in Champion. The person that inspired


me to get into sport was Muhammad Ali. Nicola Adams has made sporting


history. You could win a badge, too. My big sisters inspired me. I wanted


to keep up with them, and luckily I did. My name is Martin Edwards and I


am part of the GB wheelchair basketball team. Watching the sport


inspired me to play, and from there on, I challenged myself to improve


and now I have made the national team. I was inspired by the Sydney


games in 2000, watching Lee Pearson win his first Paralympic gold


metal. That was when I said to my parents that I would win a


gold-medal. Rebecca Adlington, you are brilliant! I think it is worth


trying to find that thing that you are passionate about and you are


good at. Follow your dreams, and never give up. The Blue Peter sport


badge. Who are you going to inspire? I have got goose bumps from that.


That is because it is cold. You know all about that, because you have


done it - South Pole, Helen Skelton. I have never won a gold-medal.


time to reveal the brand-new Blue This is perfect. It is the right


size for your shirt. -- it is a bit big. That is just to show people


what is on it. It has a bit of a medal on it. This is the actual size


of the badge that we will be sending out all about deserving recipients.


How do we get one? Do you want one? First, you need to encourage


somebody else to take up sport. If you play football, get your mate,


who maybe does not play, to go to practice with you, and you can earn


your badge. This is one of the application forms. This is the first


step. The envelope is not this big, there is a smaller version. We need


all of your details, so we know where to send it. Then, take a photo


of you and the friend you are introducing to the sport and send it


along. The third step is to get a coach, trainer or responsible adult


to sign the form for you. That is really important. And then you wait


by the letterbox for your brand-new badge to arrive. At this point,


let's say that these application forms are read by real people in an


office. If we get thousands, it will take awhile to process, but they


will be processed and after the end of September the badgers will be


sent out. The thing that makes these even more special is that they are a


limited edition, only available from now until the end of September.


the back, it actually has the year, 2013. If you get one after the end


of September, you are part of an elite club that encouraged other


people to get sporty. It is brilliant. I want one. You can get


one if you encourage somebody to play sport. Can I do this? We love


it when you get in touch and send us your things. They really are smash -


smashing. I wanted to see how far you could go. Let's carry on!You


have been sending loads of things. We love to see what you make and


bake and draw. This badge has been sent in by Hannah Marie. Look, I did


not realise my catchphrase was catching on, but it says, I want


one. This bag has been sent by Katie. We turned T-shirts into bags.


Thank you for this, Katie. Catherine sent this from Edinburgh. I love


that hat. I would wear that. Keep it coming. We love to see what you get


up to. Come over here, because we are on top of the broadcast Centre


roof, which means we can get a good look at what is happening around


Wimbledon. Over there is Centre Court. Nowhere near the centre!In


front of us, Court number one. To the left, what some people call


Henman Hill, but we are now calling it Murray Mound. I am laughing


because it is so hot and there is so much a fever that I cannot see my


hand in front of my face. Over there is where food is served to push


people. Very small food, not very filling. But it is tasty. I am going


to go. From up here, you get a sense of scale, but when you need to look


at something bigger, like the whole country, you need to go higher, and


you need a camera with a very big zoom. These days there are loads of


different ways to work out where you are going.


You can even look at an area before you get there. Can you imagine what


hundredths, things were very different. If you wanted to leave


your home and make a big journey, there was little way of telling


which way was which. Most journeys relied upon word-of-mouth. Which way


is London? That way. Turn right. it is through the woods up there.


That way? That was until 1675, when John Oglesby came up with the very


first match is designed to show travellers how to get from one place


to another. -- very first maps. Thankfully, these days things are


more precise and that is largely down to these things. For over 200


years, the Ordinance survey has been detailing every last week and cranny


of Great Britain and turning our landscape into detailed maps. They


are the maps you would use if you were going onto a walk, they are


relied upon heavily by the emergency services, and of course they are


powering automatic maps. Today I am going to be taking to the skies in


the Ordinance survey aeroplane. To get the best view of Britain they


can, the Private plane takes detailed photos which help to keep


the maps up to date. This plane is packed with high-tech, very


expensive equipment. This camera is 196 megapixels, which means that the


men can take very detailed photographs of the ground beneath us


and transfer that information onto the maps. We are going to Portsmouth


because there is a new museum and they want everybody to know where


roads are, so they will literally put the new museum onto the map. In


a few minutes we will be flying over Portsmouth and I am ready to press


the button that will take the aerial photos. It is quite cloudy but


hopefully, it is clear enough to get some photographs of the roads.


Before I know it, the on-board GPS tells me we are about to fly over


the museum so it is time to start up taking photographs even though it is


cloudy. Is that it? That is clever! I missed it! We have gone over it.


Luckily, the cameras didn't miss it. Let's get snaps back to HQ. It is


Richard's job to take information from the aerial photos in order to


update the maps. The photos are detailed. We at


everything that is permanent. So we will draw around the building


outline for example. It is very sensitive. That is a fence running


around the edge so we would add that. And then the shape is on the


map? Yes.That is the end of the building. Do you need to be very


accurate? I think I have gone outside the lines! We have to be


very accurate. If we are not sure we send out a field survey on the


ground to have a look at it. That is where I am going next.


To make sure Richard's outlines are precise, it falls down to street


survey is where I am going next. To make sure Richard's outlines are


precise, it falls down to street surveyors is like Alison we are


going to survey this building behind us now. Alison and I are plotting


the edges of the museum's kicking out bit. That is where we are.--


sticking out bit. This work out the exact coordinates using GPS


satellite technology and all of this goes into making sure the map of the


museum is accurate. Excellent! This is the last bit. That is in.There


it is in the database. For everyone to see even if you are not here on


the ground with us! Who would have thought that so much work goes into


putting a new building on the map? All that's left is for the final


maps to be printed. I can't believe a camera that far into the sky could


take a picture so detailed. They have taken some pictures of this


every year. This is Wimbledon. The circle and the square is Centre


Court and Court number one. We will now show you how to make some


Wimbledon tennis ball cake pops. Alice and George are here. Have you


made cakes before? At home. Not many. Cupcakes. Yes. The ingredients


are: Some sponge, food colouring, yellow and green, some lollipop


sticks, you can buy these from most supermarket, some buttercream, you


can make it or buy it, and also icing sugar and water. To finish it


off some white icing, all available in a supermarket. This is what we


are trying to make, they look like before, you will know how to do


this. Crumble the sponge. We are cheating using sponge. There is


enough sugar in it to power the UK! Lots of energy for the tennis


Two dollops of this is enough. You are just using it to bind the sponge


crumbs together. You can then make smaller balls out of it to make your


lollipops. The best bit is licking your fingers! This is what it will


look like after nine hours of squeezing it together! Just sponge


and buttercream rolled together into a ball, that is all it is. Take off


a bit and we will make a lollipop. Compress it to make it even more


sticky and get all of the air out of it. Then you can roll it into your


tennis ball. You are making a mess. Yes. Bit messy. Fine by me. Then


take your lollipop stick and push it into the centre of it. Then you want


to put this into the freezer for an hour. We do not have a freezer but


the wind might do it! Perfect. Now we need the coating. It is just


icing sugar and water. You will find when you do this you may add a


little too much water, which is easy to do, but the mixture has to be


really thick otherwise it will not coat it properly. A little bit of


green food colouring to make it luminous. And a little bit of yellow


as well to give it the shiny colour. Do not add too much because it will


make the icing go thin. That is a proper tennis ball colour, if you


are playing with the Incredible Hulk. Then you drip that over your


noddy pop. A good way to tell if it is the right consistency is to draw


a figure eight and if you can see it, it is the right consistency.


This is pretty much all you need to do. Once it has set, you can turn it


the right way up into a colander. If you put some modelling clay on it,


it will not stick to the colander. Then all you have to do is draw the


detail on with an icing pen. The next thing to do is just to eat it!


covered these with white chocolate. These are the perfect snack for when


you sit back and enjoy Blue Peter. You get to pick the next Blue Peter


presenter and here is a sneak preview. What is that? That went


Isaac is playing it call in the to success.


Emma is talking at them until they say yes.


It is all drama as Lindsay runs around like a mad thing.


And then is just taking it all in his stride. Next time on the show,


they will get stuck into a record-breaking challenge. Let's


talk about the comments you have left on the website. We have asked


who your sport hero is. Mo Farah, someone says.


This man says Rebecca Adlington because I swim six times a week and


I want to be an Olympic swimmer. Kestrel says his sporting hero is


Andy Murray. I have heard about him, and amazing footballer.


Pony says Lionel Nessie, the best footballer in the whole world.


It is nice to hear from you. This is what is happening on the next show.


Chris Riddell, illustrator extraordinare and creator of


Ottoline and the Yellow Cat is live in the studio and we're giving you


the chance to tell him what to draw, so get online now to send us your


suggestions! Plus, we show you the next instalment of Blue Peter's


Wildlife City. We will show you how to make a bird bath. And we have


Lawson live in the studio performing their latest single, Brokenhearted.


Even though we are not here, the website is there, you can leave any


comments you like. Anything, just get in touch and we will try to read


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