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With guest stars David O'Doherty, Chris Judge, Ben Bailey Smith


and Holly Smale, coming to you live from Centenary Square, Birmingham!


It's Blue Peter Awesome Authors: Live!


MUSIC: "Banacle Bill" by Banks Wag


Welcome to live Awesome Authors. Birmingham, make some noise! We're


going to be announcing the winner of our Dream Big competition. Over 8000


of you replied. You can find out who the winner is today. He was excited


for that? Everybody! So many awesome authors and also your favourite CBBC


stars. You can see Jack and Leona from Wolfblood. You can also see Ben


Shires in the Kickabout tent. We have some awesome authors. Some of


the most awesome authors. Holly Smale, Ben Bailey Smith... Screen if


you want to! Fantastic illustrator Chris Judge as well. Let's hear it


for them. Later, we will put them on the spot and test them. They are


going to come up with a live story. But we need the help of you lot. How


does that sound? We're going to ask them some of your questions. There


are lots of them, but we can't do that until we give all of the


awesome authors a massive round of applause!


Lots of you send in your questions. Thanks for joining us. Nice to be


here. We are in Birmingham, what do you make of this? Or some! Back


home! Very happy to be here. This is Mark's family! It's like the


Zimbabwean family that I've got. A host of questions came in, Lindsey


is taking care of the first one. At the front, what is your name?


Jasmine. What was Holly's favourited book that she read? Favourite book?


The first one that I wrote... Reading or writing? Rating? The


first one, because it started my entire writing life. Question for


David, are you scared of any of the things from Danger is Everywhere?


When I was little, I was genuinely scared of sharks coming out of the


loo! I was scared of a lot of things, but I would check and block


before sitting on it. A little tip? Nobody wants a bite on the bottom.


This one is for you, Chris. What is your favourite thing to draw? I


really like drawing whales and fish. Anything under the sea. Lindsey


loves them! I don't, I'm terrified of them! So many Blue Peter badges,


what is your name? MLE. When did you start writing books, Holly? I was


five, when I wrote my first story. That means anybody can do it, all of


you can. I started writing my first proper book when I was 21. Violet


Piano Guava, Ben, what inspired you to start writing? I always wrote


rhymes. Some people know me as a rapper. When I was a kid, I was


writing rhymes, when I have my own kids, I was writing them for my own


kids. I've got the Four O'clock Club. I started writing silly rhymes


for silly kids. A serious question down here, what is your question,


Charlotte? Do you have any tips for becoming an author? You have to sit


there, there is an old line about having to put some glue on your


trousers, sit there and write something cool. That is probably the


best. Learn to spell. In from you, I've got one question. If you put


down an awesome book, it was incredible, how do you choose


another awesome book? You would need some kind of book disorder. I don't


know where we would find one. -- a book sorter. Here, we love books and


we wanted to know what you are reading at the moment. I am reading


Cream, by Jacqueline Wilson. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Foxy Tales. The


Witches. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. I like this book,


because it has nerve wracking moments. This one is funny, it is


like a drama. Dramatic and action packed. It shows that some people


can be good and some people can be bad. Surprises, like the flying pig.


Harry Potter, the prisoner of Azkaban, it is really cool. Good


night Mr Tom. It is about a small boy that lives with somebody called


Tom Oakley. So many books to choose from, which one is the perfect page


turner for you? Whether you like, comedy, drama, you can use the book


sorter for inspiration. I like reading because when you are bored,


you can just read and then it is like you have gone to a different


place. Makes you feel like you are inside the book. It makes you want


to know what happens next. It's very fun and takes you places, you feel


like you are in the book. Why not use the book sorter and join in with


the summer Reading challenge? You never know where their next book


might take you. That is the sum of reading sorted.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid, all the way, or The Witches. Gangster Granny, I


think mine has been taking notes! Let's talk about my hair sister I


have found! We asked everybody to bring a book they would like to


swap. Birmingham, show your books! Wave them high in the air so we can


see them. That is a lot of books. We have some keen bookworms on the


stage. I love your T-shirt. What have you brought? I have brought The


Dragonfly. And your Blue Peter badge! What have you brought? The


Wind In The Willows. I love that, I wouldn't swap that! Just kidding! I


liked this book, because it is full of advance your deliberate


production venture. I have Billionaire Boy By David Walliams.


It's a really young boy that is a millionaire. Like Radzi? Amazing.


Lets swap our books. On account of three. Three, two, one! Swap books.


Good job. No fighting, please. Is everybody in the audience swapping?


You are wearing the best T-shirt in the world. Does it glow-in-the-dark?


Yes! Awesome. Captain Underpants. Are you happy with it? I have read


it at school, but I haven't got it. Now you have got it! I've got The


Dragonfly Pool. Are You Pleased With That? I've Never Heard Of It. You


had better read it and let us know. We are here with genuine Blue Peter


super fans. Melissa has brought this, look at this box, practically


every Blue Peter badge. Round of applause! Hopefully what we have


done here has inspired you to get swapping. If it has, jump online and


let us know how you do. Those are the amazing books. Where would we be


without the awesome authors that wrote them? A few weeks ago I went


to catch up with some of them at the world's biggest book Festival.


I am at Hay Festival in Wales, where some of the biggest and brightest


authors in the business are here to discuss everything books. We caught


up with them to find out what makes them tick. Does not look gorgeous?


At the camera? I like to write funny books. If it doesn't make me laugh,


it doesn't go in. I've always loved drawing. When I was at primary


school, I thought it would be wonderful if I could earn my living


drawing pictures. I started writing when I was eight years old. When you


love reading, the logical thing to do is that you want to write your


own stories. We are all storytellers, reading is one of the


great pleasures and privileges of the world. When you watch a film,


that is how it is. A book is inside your head. It made me feel all kinds


of things, happy, terrified and everything in between. That is what


is brilliant about books. They can make you feel 1 million emotions at


once. It can turn you into a time traveller, take you to places and


times that nothing else can do. I love reading, I read a lot. It takes


you to different places. Wherever you are, you can be somewhere else.


You can't beat that. I love being taken to another world and getting


the chance to let somebody else's life. It makes me feel happy and


excited, or sad, all of the things in between, that is why I love


books. My favourite book is Half Magic. I love stories about magic,


especially when it goes wrong. The Giant Jam Sandwich, my favourite


subject, food. My favourite children's book is probably the BFG.


I love reading shampoo bottles in the bathroom. If you are thinking of


writing a poem or story, do it! You never know where it might take you.


What a legend, he has a stoat in his beard, you know. We're going to be


announcing the winner of the Dream Big competition soon. First, we


would like to put our Awesome Authors to the test and set them a


challenge. It's time for the Lost The Plot challenge! As you know,


stories are made of sentences. We will challenge our authors to make a


story using sentences that includes a world -- word that I am holding.


Are you up for that? We need you to do some awesome sound effects. What


is the sound effects to this? Nice! Quite relaxing.


As Lindsey hates sharks and fish, let's put Simon the shark's best


friend, it was a lion, called Leah. Due to being camping through the


winter, Leah had caught a terrible cold and was constantly sneezing.


But it was OK, because this is how he used to propel himself along the


ground, sneezing himself forward and grabbing onto the tale of a cow.


You can do better than that, guy, come on! The thing about lions, they


are easily distracted, especially with apps on phones, they kept


walking into things. Silly lion! Of course, the biggest


scream that Leah gave was when she walked directly into a wall! She


fell backwards, hit her head and then... Oh?! And then... Good luck,


Holly! Then a passing donkey, saved the cow, who had smashed its head


against the wall, everyone had forgotten about him, clearly not


passionate people, and then took the lion, lying on the floor! So many


animals! It is like Noah's Arc! The other thing about lions, they are


famously loud at roaring but do terrible parts. The parts are


capable of scaring the animals in the vicinity.


What happens when I do a part? So it had been a plan of the lion all


along to fake walking into a wall, just be to able to part in a


donkey's face. It was always going to go down that


road, wasn't it! Then the lion gave an evil laugh! Well done. If you


have just tuned in, you are not dreaming, this is a live show from


Birmingham. That was a story from the Awesome Authors. Head on line to


the website, you will find it there! Give them a round of applause.


Incredible. Now it is nearly time to announce


the winner of the Dream Big competition. Her is a recap of the


incredible competition we launched in May.


As part of Roald Dahl's 100 birthday celebrations and to mark the arifle


of the BFG to the big screen, we launched a giant competition... We


asked you to create your very own dream story. The winning entry to be


turned into an amazing animation. The writer would be in with a chance


of meeting a Hollywood directing legend.


I'm Steven Spielberg, director of the BFG.


To judge the competition, we lined up an incredible panel.


I am Ruby. I play Sophie in the film.


Joining her was someone special indeed.


Hello, I'm Lucy Dahl, Roald Dahl dahl's youngest daughter.


We were sent thousands of entries. It was tough! I loved it.


Absolutely loved it. But, which Dream would they choose?!


This is so exciting. The crowd are on the edge of their


seats. Over 8,000 of you applied. Let's look at our incredible


runner's up. We have a mixture of illustrations.


Rockets going to the moon. Hand stands. Jessie, from Devon, that


could be my favourite. I'm sure that Chris Judge will have to have


something to say. They must be the best underpants.


And stinky socks. They are hard to draw.


Let's have a look at this one from Hannah from Lancashire. She's drawn


an amazing animation. So much detail there. She has teeny tiny writing to


skij on a very good story. Hannah, well done you.


William from Hertfordshire, you are a genius. You told the door of Moon


on Toast. We all know that the moon is made of cheese. Your imaginations


are fantastic. All of the runner's up receive this, the official orange


Blue Peter badge! It is beautiful. Do the ooohs! And keep them going.


We go through the age categories. These are the age category


finalists. Let's have a look. It is exact from Walsall. A round of


applause. Such a good design. Magical toes and trapdoor in his


belly button. What do you make of that? Awesome! Well done, exact. I


have an outie! ! The top entry in the 9-11 category is Isabela from


Monmouthshire who told the classic story of a cow jumping over a moon


using a jet pack made from milkshake! Of course! And the final


reveal, the winner of the age category, 12-15 years old is Betty!


Look at this style. And at the bottom, the shot is called Two Can


Play At This Game. Huge congratulations to all three of


you. There is a picture of your work on its way to you. You have the


orange Blue Peter badge and all three are going to the BFG premiere


in London. Awesome. A huge well done. Now, something you have been


waiting for. Time to announce the winner of the Dream Big competition,


they will have their story animated and meet the Hollywood director,


Steven Spielberg. So exciting. To do the honours, I hand over to the


lovely Ben. I can tell you that the winner of


the Dream Big competition is... Betty! She is live with us in


Birmingham! Betty, out you come. Yes! Congratulations to you! How are


you feeling? Amazing. So surreal. Have you heard the story? Tell us


about your story? It is about toucans and they are estate agents


but are fired as they are toucans. But I will not spoil it.


We can tell you a little more about it in a minute.


Betty, you have not seen the finished animation.


Are you excited? Absolutely. On a scale of 1-10? 100! Well, here


it is, the winning entry turned into animation. This is the premiere.


They were fired from the job at the estate agent as they were toucans.


They were upset. One felt he was a people toucan, the other felt he had


planning skills. Unemployed, they read books and sang opera. A period


of reflection on their corporate live, showed them that their skills


did not make for good estate agents. They opened their own internet cafe


in Shoreditch. Providing a career's advice service for other animals


stuck in dead-end jobs, unsuited to their skills.


APPLAUSE Betty! You can't believe it, can


you. What was it like to watch that and see your work on the big screen


in It is fantastic. It is like my drawings, what I did. It is all


moving. Brilliant. You should be proud of yourself. Are


you sorted with the dress for the premiere tomorrow? I am.


Fantastic. If you want to see action of us


being celebs, head online. And if you thought that was


exciting, wait until you see what is coming up very seen on Blue Peter.


-Very soon on Blue Peter. I'm not coming last. That's not


happening! I feel so tired! Get involved... Get active... Inspire


one of your friends to a sport you know.


Your very own Blue Peter sporting badge! I don't think I have ever


been this excited on Blue Peter, ever! How good does that look? We


are so excited for Blue Peter over the next few months. It will be


awesome. Speaking of awesome, there are more Awesome Authors tomorrow at


9.00am. We are very excited about that. And we are to be joined by


David Baddiel, Alex T Smith, Lucy Hawking and Narinder Dhami. And jump


on to Fan Club, we are going high-pitched as Nicola Davis is


taking part in a question and answer session. An animal expert, an author


and very good. A massive thank you to our Awesome


Authors! How brilliant have they been? And we need to say thank you


to you lot. You have been awesome. And before you go, a performance on


the stage from Diamond. Before you sing, let's talk about Blue Peter,


you are a super fan? Who isn't. You guys are obviously massive Blue


Peter fans, right? Yeah! The favourite part of the show? The make


section. I used to go home and make sure mum saved all of the washing up


bottles and loo rolls. What about your favourite book when


you were younger? Charlie and theChocolate Factory. I love it so


much. I saw the classic film. It is my favourite.


There is a part of me, whenever I open a chocolate bar, I am kind


of... You want that golden ticket. You are going to be singing Praying?


Yes. Incredible. Everyone, it's BB


Diamond. # Wanna go all night


when you're around me # You just give me


something that I need # Make your move, let me know how


you're feeling about me # I can read all the signs


that you wanna tell me # You can have all you like cos


I've waited you see # Just to find you're the one


always knew you would be # But this night just


got me in too deep # As I close my eyes


you whisper to me # Oh, you say the words


I long to hear # Make your move, let me know how


you're feeling about me # I can read all the signs


that you wanna tell me # You can have all you like,


cos I've waited you see # Just to find you're the one


always knew you would be # Cos I've been waiting


way too long, yeah # I wish that I could


live this night again # I'll hold on to this


moment till the end # I wish that I could


live this night again # I'll hold on to


this moment till the end. # Thank you so much Blue Peter, CBBC,


thank you! I'm BB Diamond, I'll see you soon.


See you tomorrow!


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