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Magic, Marathons and More Mania

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Keep your achievements coming in at... We want to know what your


achievements are. Right now it's time to go to blue Peter.


We have a young magician and a magical author. We also have some


wrestling. And Iggy is back with Callum. This is the big one. It's


rubbish, nothing's happening! It worked, well done, Barney.


We're just having a little play. Welcome to Blue Peter. Boy, we have


a smasher of a show. It's a proper smasher, isn't it? Have a look at


our guest, the author, magician and actor, Nick Mohammed is in the


studio. He's going to answer your questions. I'm going to keep talking


so they have two wave as long as possible! That's mean! Next to him,


Dean Leavy, the Young Magician of the Year, 2017. He's had enough!


Dean is going to be sticking around to show us some magic. Don't blame


you. I wish we could just wonder. Oh, dear. What else is coming up?


Behind-the-scenes of the London Marathon and showing you how they


turned London into a massive running track. Yeah, baby. He won't be here


for a couple of weeks but you can see his face on your TV screens,


wrestling coming up. We are going to be playing our favourite game, not


waving, it is called Spot Shelley. She is hidden somewhere on the show,


she could be small or big, the first person to see her, get in touch on


the website and you could win yourself a house in Italy. You got


to stop giving away those naughty prizes! You get a great shout out.


My next guest, Callum and his guide dog, Iggy. Come on in, guys. How you


doing? Callum, I'm going to come behind you and lead you over here to


the podium. It's on your right, so take a seat. There you are. We saw


her helping you out. How have you and Iggy Bean? You're going to give


her a treat. She got me here, she gives you -- she deserves a treat.


We have a clip of you arriving this morning which is so call for us to


see. Coming in from the rain. Across the media City Matt, very important.


What's amazing, she helped you into the lift. When we did the guide dog


puppy training, we showed her how to do that so it is awesome to see her


helping you do it now. She did it confidently, she knows this place


better than me. She knows her way around the studio, she said hello to


the cameraman. She has had her third birthday. Yes, a great day, loads of


new toys. What about your two, have you gained more independence?


Definitely, I have my girlfriend who lives about an hour and a half away


and it is two train journeys. She's been a massive clock, I wouldn't


have dared to do that with my cane. It's so nice to go out without


getting my friends to go to me, and getting a lift, I can go out and


about like a normal teenager. She is a superhero dog. What's next for


you? You could see me in the video is going to college, that is coming


to an end, the course, so it is University next so she has helped me


go around a view open days. That's the next thing, going to start


university. I feel like a proud mum! You didn't just come here for a chat


and four Iggy to have a nap, you are here because Iggy needs to have a


grooming session. How would she normally does that? If we can wake


up! Iggy, come on, you're on telly! She wouldn't normally have the


harness on, we will take it off. You check her eyes and her ears for


infection? Yes, we check her eyes and ears just for any cuts, anything


that isn't really normal. We have a quick check. Don't lie down. If you


can help us do that. Give us one of your paws. That is checking that


there are no stones or chewing gum. We will check the other three in a


minute. We have some brushes. This is a plastic one, there you are.


What do you do with that? A lock of hair on it. It's going to be all


over the studio. You go from back to front. It loosens up the other


hairs. She loves it, she's relaxing. Do you like it? I'm going to pass


you the other brush. When you have done her backwards, then you do


forwards. We will swap. You can help me out with this one, a lock of hair


in that one. That goes forwards. That goes down like that. She often


uses that as an excuse to fall asleep as well! Her tail is wagging!


You are coming back to us later on as well. In the meantime I'm going


to show you this, it was sent in by Jonathan, making his own wrestling


belt because he has been loving every minute of Radzi's wrestling


journey. Just for you, here is part two. I'm in Orlando, Florida, to


fulfil the dream of a lifetime and go to the biggest event in the


wrestling world, WrestleMania! Last week I met some serious superstars.


Blue Peter badge! I got my hands on a Championship title belt. This is


incredible. And even delivered some of your post. Good job, Max, very


good. Amazing. It's about to get better as I get to go to the main


event and I'm taking you with me! But first... With WrestleMania


around the corner, we are at access to meet some super fans. Wow! This


giant convention gives fans from around the world like myself the


chance to get together and shared the wrestling love. I describe it as


fun but sometimes it can be a bit weird, I think! It's very cool, very


different from watching at home. Where have you come from?


Nottingham! What do you think of this place? Amazing, so much to do.


No wonder the fans flock here because you can do things like this


that you couldn't do anywhere else. This place is so good. Blue Peter,


my name is triple H, no longer Radzi! You're always doing your


rubbish little jokes and no one laughs. That was fun! What a day it


has been. A day of meeting people, fans who love wrestling as much as I


do. Just when I think it couldn't get better, it will get better


because tomorrow we're going to WrestleMania! I couldn't be more


excited. You're going to see a very, very, very happy Radzi tomorrow. And


so, here it is, the day I've been dreaming of since I was ten years


old. But hang on, I've been so excited I haven't thought about how


to get there. Oh no, what am I going to do? Is not going to happen, there


are no taxes, it's too late. I can give you a lift to WrestleMania. WWE


superstar, Cesaro! Get in! I'm going to be driven there by the two time


Tag Team Champions, Cesaro. I dreaming? This is my first


WrestleMania. Your first one? Yes. That's amazing. I was in the free


show in a tag match. You are from Switzerland. Swiss people know how


to do yodelling. They do. I did a climbing challenge there and as part


of that fight yodel. -- I did some yodelling.


Thank you so much for the lift. Thank you. I've been a wrestling fan


for such a long time and this is the Olympic Games, this is the World Cup


final of wrestling. And we are at it and I'm here to share with you my


passion. Whoa! I'm not the only excited one. How are you feeling?


Scale of one to ten. 500. I like hair and she is legit. Whoa! How you


doing? They're ours 25,000 people making their way to this giant


stadium and the best thing is you are coming too. This is it, I've


waited so long for this, 20 years. And it's finally here. WrestleMania!


As soon as I set foot inside the atmosphere is beyond Electric. When


the action begins, it's off the charts! The sights and sounds, the


spectacle, this is beyond anything I ever imagined. Woo! Yeah! When the


boss and blue Peter badge holder Triple H shows up, the crowd goes


wild. And I can say I was there to witness history, when the wrestling


legend that is the Undertaker leaves the ring for the very last time.


What a way to end. I know that not everyone loves wrestling as much as


I do but I hope that by sharing this, you'd been able to glimpse


just why this sport means so much to me. It has truly been an experience


I will never forget. What a weekend it's been. We've seen superstars and


the greatest show on earth. I've never seen Radzi as happy. Who


am I? Whoo! A man called Dan Humphries make that film happen,


thank you so much on behalf of Radzi, he loves you so much. That's


the bottom line. Let's look at this picture from LR, it is Radzi wearing


a onesie -- a picture from Ella. We love all of these things. It isn't


Spot Shelley here. Have a look at this, sent in by David. Silver


badges are trending and so is Mission Friction. You love the zip


wire challenge we did last week. Baahhh! Ella has the sound of --


same sound effect on her picture. You have a silver badge too. Last


week we told you that Callum and Iggy were coming here and you guys


really wanted to send in some post, and so much so we've had to create


another the Badge Wall just for Iggy. How cool is that? It's


amazing. One by your right shoulder, we were looking at it earlier. You


love it. Sent in by Edward who says he has made a picture of Iggy for


her birthday using recycled materials so that Callum can feel


them. How cool is that? Thanks so much, Edward. You got a little


jacket. A guide dog harness. And you have the birthday cake. The birthday


cake. Edward, you're a legend and you have a silver badge. Speaking of


badges they can get you into 200 places across the UK for free.


Thanks for not letting me hang there. Go to the website for the


details. On the website there is even more Callum and Iggy bantz, you


have a lot of that! Thank you so much for coming in, Callum. Will you


see us again soon? Yeah, definitely. Time for some magic. Time for some


floating magic, by the power of my hands, the The Young Magicians and


the Thieves Almanac floating in front of your eyes. This is real


magic, everybody. OK, it's a guy with a fishing rod! It is Nick


Mohammed in the studio. Good to see you. They really good magic and


wouldn't do that in the book. Tell us about it. It is called The Young


Magicians and the Thieves Almanac, about four young magicians who are


incredible at magic even though they are young but they do things like


sleight of hand, senators and pickpocketing. They are shunned by


the Magic Circle and they ever help -- and they help Scotland Yard.


You're going to do a magic trick for us. I am, I have a deck of cards


here. Hopefully everyone at home can see them. They are mixed up. What's


more interesting about it is that on the back are lots of names, they are


the names of all of the pets that had ever been on blue Peter starting


with Petra, the first Blue Peter dog, going up to Iggy. His birthday


last week. Yes, 21. There have been 26 Blue Peter pets in total. You


done your research. Each of their names appears twice.


Can you name anyone? Say it out loud? Eight of diamonds. Can you


name any particular pet? Maybe not Iggy because that might be obvious.


I know you should not have favourites, but Barney is my


favourite pet we have ever had on the show. Barney the dog. I loved


him. He is like a little chocolate cream. There has been a to. OK,


Barney the dog. I am going to remove the two cards there will be with


Barney the dog written on the back of them. I will try to be as quick


as possible. Jim, Jack... There is one, there will be another one. We


do not want the parrot. OK, I will not go through the rest. Two cards


with Barney the dog. You have one final choice, Barney. Whichever one


you choose I will put the other one back in the deck. Are you sure? Yes.


You named any card. I did. You named one pet. Yes. You named the aid of


diamonds. It would be an amazing thing if the heat of diamonds was


written on here. On Barney the dog. Amazing. Very impressive. Our next


guest is equally impressive. Do you carry your trophy around all


the time? I first started magic when I was eight and I got a magic set


for Christmas and then I joined a young additions club which is the


youth initiative of the Magic circle. Great magicians from across


the country teaching as magic. You entered in 2015 and did not get


through to the final. How does it feel to be the champion? Amazing.


Incredible. I have been developing an act, practising moves, for


hundreds of hours. We are going to see that later. You are going to be


answering questions as well. London, the capital of the United


Kingdom, a city that never stops, except for these guys. This is the


London Marathon, one of the most famous marathons in the world, and


currently 39,000 people are running the 26 miles of the normally very


busy streets of London. London has 8 million inhabitants are trying to


claim their sets are this place is no mean feat. Shall we find out how


they do it? Organisers may have hours to transform London for the


marathon so it is a race against time and setting out the chorus


begins the day before a. It is 1137 on Saturday morning and the race


does not start until 9am tomorrow morning. There is one thing left to


do, start the clock. This is how long we have left. This massive city


is being turned into a 20 to 6.2 mile running track and the first


thing to get billed as the finish which is right next to... Buckingham


Palace. The man in charge of doing that is the site manager Andrew. How


big is the London Marathon? Huge. One of the biggest sporting events


of the calendar, one of the biggest marathons in the world. We work all


day until 1am in the morning to get ready. Andrew leads the team of 500


people to build everything needed at the finish. It is frantic. Because


that is not the only thing going on here. The marathon is transmitted to


almost 200 countries around the world. With the roads closed the TV


broadcasters move on. This to my left is called an OBE truck which


stands for outside broadcast and that is because BBC Sport have


arrived and we are going to get a special insight. How are you? What


are you up to? It is about knowing what could happen. We go near at 830


in the morning and we finish at PM. There are a lot of words to get


right. You have to know the stories you are looking out for, the


charities, the incredible runners running for amazing things and their


stories. If they cross the line and somebody rings into me in the studio


and they know a bit about them... We will see you on the finish line.


That finish line is coming along nicely but there is one thing


missing. I am going to get the chance to lay the actual finishing


tape which almost 40,000 people will be crossing. I cannot believe they


are trusting him to do this. Is this happening at the start as well? It


happens about 6am. Do we need someone to lay it then? We do. An


early start. Is that where I come in? Yes, the actual start line is


only built on the morning of the marathon. Radzi told me to be here


bright and early and I am and it is bringing back flashbacks. Last time


I was getting ready for my first marathon. This time I am just


helping out. These guys have hours before some of the world's top


marathon runners begin to arrive. It is amazing to think this road was


only shout about an hour ago and they are trying to bring it all


together as quickly as they can. The gantry is up and finished. It is


time for me to get on the floor. This is how you do it. You can sit


there. This is the start of the marathon. I am doing it, which is


worrying. We have a bit of a wonky issue which we are sorting out. You


cannot have a wonky start line, not on my watch. Less than an hour to go


under 2017 London Marathon is ready. We are even joined by the Royal


Family. Once the race has begun I want to meet up with Radzi the


finish line but the roads will be full of 40,000 runners. This second


they cross that line we have to run and get into a card to make sure we


are ahead of them on the road. Go, go, go! The film crew are just


behind me. I feel like I am doing the marathon. This one? Yes. OK.


Everyone is in. Go, go, go! As we raced through London the massive


scale of the marathon becomes clear, this is a huge operation. There will


be 1.25 million bottles of water around the course. We have just


arrived. The next job is to find Radzi. Here he is. You made it.


Yesterday I was at the finish line. Show me the way. So much goes into


making this incredible event happen but as we begin to see people cross


the finish line it is clear all the hard work has helped create a moment


they will never forget. I have absolutely loved being back here,


right in the centre of the London Marathon. We have seen what goes


into allowing 40,000 people to run a marathon. After all that the streets


are returned to normal by Sunday evening. This is a huge team effort


but I can tell you it is totally worth it. I loved the London


Marathon. He is the younger edition of the year.


That was unbelievable, incredible. How does he do it? That was magic.


All you tell us after the show? Maybe. I think we have a winner.


Where was she? On the big screen. Clarinet Lavender. Amazing, well


done, you have one yourself some lessons in presenting!


Next week we have a brand-new competition about dragons. We are


joined by Kimberly Wyatt to tell us about her new books. Thank you for


watching. Have a great weekend. Goodbye.


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