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Operation Ouch and Barney's Loop the Loop challenge

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Hold on to your seats because on today's Blue Peter I'll be


attempted to fulfil a life-long dream of taking control of a plane


and flying loop-the-loop. I am flying the plane at the moment.


hands are not on the controls. doing this all by myself. With


torrential rain blasting the UK, we want to know how the extreme


conditions are affecting you. Plus one of the daring doctors from the


new CBBC show Operation Ouch is here to check out your cuts and


APPLAUSE Hello. Welcome to Blue Peter. Oh,


yes that sound effect leads us nicely into what we're going to be


talking about, the weather. Have you seen it the past few days? We


have had the worst weather from 30 years this September. Up and down


the country everybody has been affected. This is in Newcastle.


There has been landslides all over the place. This is in Newham where


they filmed the training ground for dogs in Tracy Beaker. Lots of


people have been forced to leave their homes. There is a road up the


country, the A1 that was completely underwater. 100 cars were stuck in


that. If we go south we can go to Somerset. Apparently people in this


area haven't seen weather this bad in the past ten years. The whole


village was cut all. That wasn't a river. That was someone's street.


We want to know how bad things have been near you. Get in touch with us


and let us know where you are. How extreme has the weather been? How


has it affected you? Maybe it has forced you to stay away from school


- I stay forced - it might be a good thing. E-mail us, and we'll


add you to our map a little bit later in the school. Yesterday I


went to see two girls who told me about the weather where they were.


Apparently the water was up to their knees. When I found out about


that I had to have a look for myself.


As you may have seen on the news recently the UK has suffered its


wettest September in 30 years. So much rain has fallen, it has caused


rivers to burst their banks and schools were flooded. You were in


school, having a normal day, then the Fire Brigade turned up, didn't


they? What happened? Well, the river was where I am standing now.


It went up to them gates. We had to get evacuated. That was a good fun,


though, wasn't it? At about 2.00pm. So by 2.00pm, the Fire Brigade


attendant said it was too wet. Teachers can't get in and out of


the school. The parents can't pick you up. Go home and have fun. Some


people's gardens have been flooded as well, right? Yeah. We met Ellie,


whose garden looked like this just yesterday. You have a brook that


runs alongside your house just there. Because the rainfall - so


much of it had fallen that had burst, and it was up to the


trampoline. It was that high. How much of the garden was actually


flooded? Most of it around here, but down the back bit wasn't really


flooded. What are you doing now to make sure it doesn't flood again?


We've put some bricks down by the front door and some bags by the


fencing. I tell you what, let's go and get a cup of tea and warm up.


Sound good? Yeah. That is the good thing about it - the sense of


community, everyone helping each other out and drinking lots of tea.


If you have been affected, don't forget to get in touch and tell us


what happened where you are. Lots of people in the town I am from got


flooded. Let us know where you are so we can add you to our map. If


you have pictures of the chaos, do get in touch. One of the good


things about being a Blue Peter presenter - I am doing that because


I am getting excited... I am so excited. We're really lucky. We get


to do some pretty amazing things. Last year, a year ago exactly, to


arrive at Media City I got to ride in a jet ski, and climbed a mast on


a scary ship - the cutty Sark. This is me taking part in the street


luge. You kicked that guy off. didn't. I came second because I


raced a guy off. Because you kicked a guy off. The one thing I have


always wanted to do since I was a boy is fly a plane, do aerobatics,


that kind of thing. The people here at Blue Peter decided rather than


just deciding to fly a plane, they'd like to set me challenge as


well. Here is what happened. I am about to embark on a journey which


could see me take to the skies like never before. Have you ever wanted


to soar through the clouds free as a bird or like Superman? Well, so


have I. And today, I'm going to be learning to perform a stunt in one


Now, that was just a simple takeoff, but today, I'm going to be learning


to perform the classic loop-the- loop - cannot wait. I should point


out that today is just the training, but if my training is successful


and these guys think I am ready for it, I am going to be performing the


stunt at the Bournemouth Air Show. I will be flying with the Blades,


who are an aerobatic display team and have taken part in some amazing


shows including the Queen's diamond jubilee as well as a host of


British air festivals. Since they formed in 2006 they have flown in


over a hundred shows worldwide. They're the best of the best,


former RAF and Red Arrows pilots. Speed is their friend, and they're


expected to perform death-defying stunts in front of millions all


over the world. Normally, you can set your watch by them, but I can't


seem to find them. Yes, these guys don't only look


good, but they're also record breakers. Last year they completed


26 consecutive loop-the-loops, a new world record, so I am in the


most capable hands when attempting this stunt, Andy Evans has over 25


years' experience. He's going to mentor me through this exciting,


but risky, exercise. He'll decide whether I get the chance to perform


a loop-the-loop at the Bournemouth Air Show. These planes are a little


bit different to the planes we see in the sky. They can do so many


things. They are absolutely completely different to any


aircraft I flew in the air force as well. They're purpose built to do


extreme aerobatics. This dual- controlled aircraft is called the


Extra 300, and now he's going to run through some of the key


instruments. Put that on. That's a master switch. That turns on


everything. Air speed - how fast am I going? Also, how fast am I going


- that's the altimeter. That tells me how high I am. Even if you have


the stick in your hand, it's not just left and right. You have to


know all these things by heart. You're going to teach me a stunt I


am going to do on my own? Correct. You're going to do a stunt. I won't


be touching the controls. You will be flying the aeroplane. That's the


first thing that made me nervous. The second thing is G-force. Can


you explain what that is? Certainly. At the moment, everyone on the


ground experiences 1G, earth gravity. That's what's holding us


on the ground. With yourself, we're going to go do maybe 6G or maybe 0G.


At 6G, suddenly you're going to go up to half a tonne. Amazing, like a


visit to my favourite burger restaurant so G force is like an


invisible pressure you can feel while you're flying. My Grandad


used to work for British Aerospace. From the age of six, I have sat in


my a cockpit from being a small person over the years. He used to


take me there all the time to hangar five. I am doing it for my


Grandad more than anything else. He's not here to see this, but for


me it's a double whammy today. I am doing it for my Grandad, and


hopefully for thousands of people in Bournemouth today. For you.


Let's see how today goes. We'll see if you're up to it, then make a


decision whether you can go and fly there. But I don't look the part,


do I? I don't think so. I think it's time to get you kitted up.


Because I am flying today it's a must I wear a parachute. He gives


me some useful tips. The important thing you need to know is the D


ring is there on your left-hand side. Take this hand and put it


straight out. This first flight is for Andy to give me a taster of


what the plane can really do. We can start to do some more advanced


stuff later on. I need to pay full attention because next time, it


will be my turn. When I was about six years old, I built my own


version of this plane. It had pillows, a duvet and a bunk bed me


and my brother shared. This really All happy? I am very happy, yes.


Give them a good wave. This is like winning the lottery for me. We'll


So how are you feeling? I am 100%. Well, I thought I was 100%. Whoa! I


am sweating. I have that sort of - just before you're about to be sick


feeling. I'm so glad we finally landed. I


feel a little bit queasy. It's weird. I get travel sick. People


know that I do get travel sick, but it's normally that slow movement


like seasickness. I am very conscious of what I have had for


breakfast. Lovely. Get some nice My legs feel like jelly.


I'm really gutted. I was hoping to come down like the guy out of the


movie with a slow-motion walk, yeah, that was amazing. We just did a


loop, and instead I am like some Andy has told me to stay on the


ground specifically for this bit. These boys are in the air to show


us what they can really do. That's Phenomenal. If you look at the


wings, you'll notice there are little cameras on the end of them.


They're not there just for us today. They're there as a matter of


training because what they do is they film themselves while they're


in the air, go into a classroom when they land and review the


footage to make sure everything is absolutely spot on. These guys are


When you first joined Blue Peter, you said you wanted to do this. You


were desperate to do it. He knows so much about planes when he talks


about them, I think he's talking a foreign language. I am quite boring.


How desperate were you to do the loop-the-loop? I wanted to do that


since I was young. Right, you travel-sick monkey. Let's move on


because next week there's new show called Operation Ouch starting.


It's all about the amazing things our bodies do when they get bruised,


bumped or worse - have a look. Dr Chris. I am Dr Zahn. Join us for


a brand new series where we let cameras in to join medical teams.


We'll be showing you all the incredible things your body can do


and discovering some macing facts. That's so fascinating, I am


completely distracted from how disgusting it is. Operation Ouch.


I am delighted to say the one half of the Operation Ouch team - sorry,


I just hit you. It's all right. Hello, Dr Chris. Nice to see you.


Take a seat. Make yourself comfortable. What seems to be the


problem? You guys tell me. You have been showing me all your cuts and


scrapes and scratches. "What about this?" Look at this! Look at this.


In this new show, you work alongside your identical twin,


don't you? What's he like? It's brilliant. He's genetically the


same as me. We're good mates. He lives in the United States. He came


over. We did all sorts of experiments together. We used a


kitchen towel to dry out his tongue to show that when you dry out your


tongue, you can't taste anything. How did it work He can't see it's


chocolate. We put it on. He can't taste it because to dissolve the


chocolate molecules from China, you need saliva. So he couldn't tell?


No. Just dry the tongue, kitchen tongue. How many people are going


to be trying that now! What's nice about that is after being mean to


your brother... He gets a reward. You do some pretty gross things as


well. As soon as you say chocolate... We did experiments


like - we stuck things down each other's noses... Leave it alone.


Where's his toy? We did an experiment with sneezing.


I didn't know that when you sneeze, nothing comes out your nose. We did


this - made each other sneeze sticking bits of kitchen roll up


the nose. So nothing other than kitchen roll... Just to make us


sneeze. What does this prove? it shows is when you sneeze all the


germs come out of your mouth, not your nose, which I didn't know. I


have been a doctor ten years. This is sugar-coloured cream. It's a


great way to show that. If you're doing that, you don't want to shake


hand with someone after. someone you like. Can you sneeze


with your eyes open? No, if you open your eyes, they fly out,


probably not true. I always cover my eyes when I sneeze! Wouldn't it


be great if you could, though? We could spend years talking about


that, but let's talk about the scrape and bruises you get.


We do some amazing things on Blue Peter, but you inevitably take some


bumps and bruises. My feet are in a terrible state. They're kind of


trotters rather than feet. I can see that. Is this you? I was trying


to kick a football. I didn't kick the football. I kicked the plinth


it was on instead. It's a bit of a nasty cut. It looks deep, but my


foot will heal, won't it? Hopefully it has. You have taken the top


layer of skin. Did this bleed? You have taken off the top layer of


skin and exposed the blood and vessels underneath. The skin will


grow over it, but that must have hurt. The body is magic, isn't it,


if it can just regrow. It is amazing. The more I learn about the


body, I thinks this is a bizarre, sci-fi self-healing machine.


asked a lot of our viewers to e- mail in and show us some of their


injuries. This is Imogen. She's my God daughter. I didn't know she was


going to write in. She's good fun. I am not surprised. She place very


aggressively and has a lot of fun, and - I don't know... These are


scabs on her knees. She fell over on her first day in a new house.


That is white blood cells coming into the area to eat burgers and


debris. This black stuff is a stab. A scab is like a dome of over the


area. I led the way the dog is sitting and staring. -- I love the


way. Let's meet Poppy. She has a sling. She broke her collarbone.


This is tilted on her side. This is the clavicle, the collarbone. These


two N's will join up in a sling. How do bones heal? Bones are not


made of stone. They are living tissue. This thing will help the


two ends come together and they will grow back. It will heal very


strongly. That must have been painful. I imagine show -- I


imagine so. She gave herself a black eye. She has blurred under


the skin, around the eyelid. - is whether she has blood. She needs to


get the I checked out. -- she has blood. If you get a bruise and


think it will swell up, why did people put ice on it? That reduces


the blood fro - as macabre blood flow to the airier. -- their plebs


Thank you for coming in. We love it when you send a staff. You can send


us things that are created. -- send us stuff. Nic Joly made this for us


a couple of weeks ago. This is what people have come up with. This is a


10 pence piece. Alfred did that one. There is a man on top of that and


two dogs. Let's have a look at what Flora has done for star of she has


put a mermaid on the shelf. flora has done. Look how small they


all are. That uses the same technique from a few weeks ago.


Send us what you have made and created or ideas as to what we can


make. You may earn a Blue Peter badge. You have been hanging about


with a bunch of guys and achieving a lifelong ambition. Things are


about to get more tough, in a few ways. I have always loved flying.


Ever since I was a boy, hanging out with my grandad - an aeronautical


engineer. I challenge is to the form a loop the loop with the


display team, the blades. I have been taken on a passenger flight


and I need to do a loop-the-loop to complete my training. My moment of


truth arrives and time to impress You have control. You are flying


the aeroplane. Am I flying the plane at the moment? Completely.


You are doing us all by yourself. This is Barney's first go at a loop.


Start to ease back on the stick. A bit more, a bit more. That is


brilliant. Keep it like that. Keep it coming. That is lovely. Keep it


coming. That is it. Keep it coming a little bit. Of the lax it now,


relax it now. -- relax it now. That That is one dam and practice makes


perfect so I am going for it. is your best one so far. An awesome


loop! Absolutely amazing! How are you feeling? Amazing! This is


incredible - the best day of my life. Let's start pulling back. A


bit of right. Keep pulling. This is absolutely amazing. And I have


control. How are you doing? What an incredible experience! What an


incredible experience! How are you feeling? I have never use the word


elation but it is hard to give you enough words to tell you how


exciting that is. I want to run and jump. Andy has a little treat for


me. Pull up as if you are going to do a loop. Look to the left wing


tip. We're going up and up and up. We are turning around. How is that?


Thank you so much. All this is bringing memories back of my dear


granddad. I sat in so many planes. I sat with him in so many planes.


It was always his ambition to go up in a plane. Were she could have


seen what I have just done. -- I wish he could have seen. Hopefully


he is looking down on you and you will have seen what you have just


done. Have I passed? You have Can I just say, I speak for the


whole team, we are definitely very proud of you. Thank you very much.


It was amazing. Your dreams can come true. Look at that! There is


no denying how excited I was. There is another film to go and that is


when I've flight at the Bournemouth Air Festival. What next week to


find dead have that goes well stocked -- I fly. That is the first


time I have ever done that on the television. Let's talk about your


e-mails. So many people have been affected by the weather. We have a


big map. Of this one from Cardiff. We own chickens. The poor pen is


now a swamp. It is so disgusting! A nine-year-old girl from York is


saying she is by the river and it has flooded. She is praying for


more rain so she does not have to go to school tomorrow as she has a


spelling test. Archie from Enfield says the floods are affecting me


because I cannot go to school or get out of my house. That is no


good. Jack in Rotherham says the River Don increased in size in 24


hours. I had to go to school and the shopping centre got flooded. I


could not get might take away. hope you are all OK and we should


be through the worst of it. Glimmers of sunshine. Keep your


fingers crossed. On Monday, Blue Peter is putting on a special


programme. Next week we're going to be on at 5:45pm on CBBC. We will


have anything you need to know if you have ever wanted to work in the


music industry or be a pop star. You will love this programme if you


watched the X Factor. There up top tips from the biggest names in pop.


For an audition, the first thing we're going to see before you open


your mouth is what you are wearing. It is good to be nervous. Feet of


the crowd. Halfway through your first song, it honours have gone.


Be yourself. Being unique is the best thing. When I had Lego house


and saw 16 dozen people sing it. I thought, I co-wrote that. -- 16,000.


The Blue Peter appeal is coming in just three weeks' time. How will


We had a great time filming the music special. Do not miss it. We


have a very special guest next Thursday. He wrote the Diamond


Brothers, the Alex Ryder series. They were made into a fantastic


Storm Breaker film. You will know who we are talking about. Anthony


Horowitz will be in the studio. He will be answering your questions.


Let's take a look at what is happening on next week's show.


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