Leonardo and Victoria Justice Blue Peter

Leonardo and Victoria Justice

The cast of the new series of the CBBC drama Leonardo are live in the studio to answer viewers' questions. Also, Barney takes to the skies.

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Coming up on today's British Petroleum. Have you just seen the


first episode. One of the stars CBBC's Leonardo is here to give you


the inside story on the new series. I take to the skies for a


photography challenge that really puts me to the test. What ain


amazing feeling. Direct from Zoey 101 and VicTORIus, American act


advice, Victoria Justice joins us APPLAUSE


Hello. This is British Petroleum, you know. That you pressed the


button. We are on TV later tonight because we made way for a brand new


series of Leonardo. Wasn't it amazing? So good. We are joined by


one of its stars playing Machiavelli it is Akemnji


Ndifornyen. Good to see you. Have a seat. We loved it. It was good,


wasn't it? It was good. What can we expect from the rest of the series?


It gets really dark. Everyone that is watching get ready for some true


grit. There is also a bit of a love interest. There is. You develop a


crush on somebody? There is. I kind of... I have my affection set to a


lovely young lady called Angellica. Don't you start. Well done. We can


have a sneak peak of that episode now where you do start take a fancy


for a young lady. Amazing. Look at her. It's like she will dance with


anyone apart from me. Have you ever been in love, Lorenzo? It's torture.


No matter what I do for her, what I say, it's always Leo, Leo, she only


has eyes for Leo. What are you talking about, who? Very funny. I


was just messing with you. Do you mean Lisa? She doesn't like me. She


likes me. She doesn't "like" me. was joking around. I knew it was


you all along. Better luck next time. We can start about the acting


skills. You are dressed as Ba si l Brush and having a serious


conversation with Leonardo. Training! That looked like Barney


the dog. We can get one made. We are talking about how amazing the


series is. There are lots of things to do to get involved. Go to the


website and check out the new Leonardo game. It's a platform game


that you will get on the computer. It's at [email protected] Those


BMX bikes are made out of wood. Do you buzz about on them When we


weren't filming I was doing stunts. You say things like that on British


Petroleum we will make you do stunts. Is it as much fun to film?


Amazing. We are in Cape Town and among amazing actors, love to you


all. We have a real blast. It's amazing crew. It looks stunning


like a movie. Shot like a proper music -- movie. Amazing directors.


How many months are you out there for? Four months. We are in the


sunshine. When everyone is freezing in London we are enjoying the


sunshine, but working really hard! We want to know what you think of


the new series of Leonardo. Get in touch: [email protected] Tell us


what you like, what you don't like or what you would like to see more


of. If you get in touch now we will try and read your message out


before the end of the show. Throughout the year we have been


putting together a British Petroleum calendar using a


different fotic technique for each month. -- photographic technique


for each month. In this one I have fly. This hawk is happy to sit here.


This is an ideal photograph opportunity. When the guys are in


full flight they can fly thousands of feet in the air and travel at


fast speeds. It's difficult to photo graph them. This could be one


of the most difficult challenges I have faced yet. To get my picture I


will have to use a paraglider. It's like a parachute that flies like a


bird of prey. Once we are in the air, the hawk will take to the sky.


If I get myself in the air and if we get near enough, the photograph


will be stung. The man charged with getting me airborne and keeping me


safe is my pilot, Steve. The camera is set up. You have the paraglider


set out. We only have to take off. We have a lot of wind at the moment.


We need somewhere between 10mph- 20mph. It's over that at the moment.


We may have to wait. Too much wind that can cause problems for us?


That is right. If the wind is too strong we may go backwards and end


up over the forest or the trees. It seems that unless the wind drops,


my dream of photographing the hawk from the sky may not get off the


ground. How does a paraglider work? It glides. The sun is warming up


the ground out there and creating hot air rising. If we fly into that


hot air rising we can go up and rise with it. As we wait for the


wind to drop, it gives me plenty of time to get anxious about running


off a cliff. It's nice standing here looking down on the valleys


there. In a short amount of time I will be up there looking down from


higher. This is quite scary. It's not about taking a photo any more,


it's about surviving! The more I think about this, the more I'm


getting nervous. This is the bottom of the paraglider. The only thing


holding me in the sky are these things that are thinner than a shoe


lace. Why did I say yes to this? Suddenly, Steve and his team notice


that the wind has dropped to a level that will allow us to fly.


With very little notice it's time for me to get my gear on and take


to the sky. I'm so nervous. I've never done this before. I'm about


to throw myself off the edge of a cliff. So... Yeah, a little nervous.


I can't believe we are about to run towards the end. It's ridiculous.


Oh! Here we rfplt we are in the air. -- are. We are in the air. What an


amazing feeling. What is really strange is that it's just a chair,


isn't it? There is nothing else to it. A flying chair. It's everyone's


dream, isn't it, to be able to fly? Incredible. There is a lot of


firsts happening today. First time I've ever been in a paraglider. The


first time I have ever tried to take a picture of a hawk. Tes -- it


is the first time this hawk has flown towards anybody other than


his handler. We are more than prepared to give it a go and


hopefully we will get a nice shot. Mart sin about to fly off and


hopefully the hawk will follow him. If we get close enough I should be


able to get a fantastic picture. Harris hawks use the same rising


hot air that I'm using to save energy. They have amazing eyesight.


It's so good, that if he could read he would read a newspaper from a


quarter of a mile away, which is great for spotting prey at a


distance. Harris hawks are good predators they are sometimes used


at airports and sporting venues to help remove pigeons. Let's try and


get this snap. He's just out of range. Beautiful bird. A bit too


far away. After 20 minutes the wind has dropped and my window to get a


picture has closed. I hope I have managed to get a good picture. Felt


incredible to be up there. It's like superman. Superman but sat


down. It's a casual superman, if anything. When you throw yourself


over the edge it's like, "What am I doing." When you are up there it's


brilliant. I had an amazing time. These are my photos. It was such a


good fun thing to do. There are the pictures on the British Petroleum


calendar for the month of October. Some of you have been going to the


website. What an amazing experience. It was incredible. He flew like he


was a bird! Go to the website and download the calendar from there


and stick it on your wall. We want your comments for you to tell us


about what you think of Leonardo. Email us. You can if you want. Our


next guest has come all the way from the US of A. She's no stranger


to bright lights of the TV world and if you are one of the many who


love VicTORIus on Nickelodeon you will know what I mean. She is with


us now. Please welcome Victoria Justice to the studio. This is your


first time on the British Petroleum set we would like to award with you


a British Petroleum badge? I have been looking forward to this. Thank


you. Let's talk about how busy you are. Movies, TV series, music the


works. How do you fit it all in? don't know how I fit it all in.


Every day I wake up and feel so lucky and grateful. It's an amazing


journey. Have you always wanted to work in showbusiness? I think so. I


have been performing since I was little. I have been singing when I


was three. I had an uncle in a band. I was acting since I was young. I


have been around entertainment. has progressed from acting and


being in movies to singing. We heard a little bit of your song


earlier on. We will see a clip. It's a song I wrote too. You get to


# I got a feeling that I'm not the only one


# I want to show some skin... # APPLAUSE


He is going on and on about the car. Was it a Mustang? Too much boy


stuff. We can talk about the message boards. When people found


out you were being here they have sent us for questions. One here is,


"Today is my birthday. Me and my sister love you. Who is your idol?


My mum. We spend a lot of time together. I'm learning from her and


becoming a better person because of her. She travels around with you


are always together. It's great. Try the chips and gravy., "What was


your first acting role, I remember watching you in Zoey 101 ages ago


?" My first action was for Ovatine. Other drinks are available. I was


given Zoey 101 and VicTORIus. There is a new show airing this week on


Nickelodeon. Another one, "What is it like going somewhere and have


people scream and shout your name?" It doesn't always happen that way.


It depends where I go. I have been getting recognised a lot more, I


guess, it's incredible. I love being able to meet the fans. It's


my favourite part. I'm thankful for all of them. If it wasn't for them,


I wouldn't be here. What is next? have my first leading role in a


feature film, it's coming out this October, October 29th. A Hallowe'en


comedy called Fun Size. Check it out. It's a great young adult cast.


You will play a role for us later. Here on British Petroleum we hate


to see things go to waste. When we heard that a fancy showgarden was


up for grabs we sent the British Petroleum Gardiner to take it to a


Every year hundreds of the world's greatest gardens are showcased in


the Chelsea Flower Show in London. It draws some familiar faces.


Only a few of these stunning displays are awarded medals for


excellence, so competition is fierce!


But not all the gardens are for show, some find new homes as soon


as the exhibition is over. With that in mind, watch this space.


I have come to Rainbow's Hospice to help rebuild a garden which is set


to become a very important part of what this place does. This hospice


is where children who are very ill can come and get care and support


and chill out. The garden from Chelsea will be a new part of


somewhere these kids can kick back and enjoy the outdoors.


It's been packed up and driven 140 miles from London to Loughborough.


This team of gardeners have seven days to put it back together.


I am meeting Declan and Charlotte and their families who will be


amongst the first to experience the new outdoor space.


Are you looking forward to the garden being built? Yeah. Is it


your thing, you like gardens? to get some sun. We are going to


build this garden especially for the hospice, are you looking


forward to that being built? Yes. Do you like flowers? Yes. What


about gardening? Yes. You like gardening, that's what I like,


enthusiasm! Without further ado, it's time to


get cracking. First, we have to prepare the soil. They say many


hands make light work. What makes lighter work is a machine!


That is rock hard. It's tough work, so I am going to leave it to these


hard lads. Next job, we have to unload the


truck. These things look heavy. This is a bit of a supervision


moment. I don't want to get the shirt too dirty!


That's the end of my time for the moment. The boys have loads to get


on with. I wonder if they'll make it in time?


It's been a week. I am back at the hospice. Let's find out how they're


getting on with that garden. The gardeners have worked around


the clock in terrible weather to get this garden built. Now it's


time for Declan and Charlotte to give their verdict. Right,


Charlotte, I am going to start with you. Smiler! What do you think of


the garden? Do you like it, don't go shy on me now. Yeah. There's a


nice place to relax. Charlotte's sisters, what do you think? I like


them. You like the seats. What do you reckon? It looks really good.


You can find yourself out here and come out here to relax. Yeah.


do you think? They need to come and do mine, it looks lovely.


One month on and the garden is looking great in the sun.


There's a lot to inspire you in this garden. The lads worked really


hard on it and all in all, it's a special garden for a very special


place. The new Blue Peter Appeal is coming


soon. What will do you? You have sent a smile across the


world by decorating t-shirts. You have created cards to change lives.


You have helped to set up breakfast clubs throughout the UK.


And last year, you baked a difference for Children in Need.


How can you get involved in the Blue Peter Appeal this year? All


will be revealed soon. We have been talk being this, it's


going to be so much fun. Stay tuned. We are going to launch the appeal


in a few weeks. Stick with us to find out how you can get involved.


The excitement of the Olympics is just about dying down but it wasn't


just the athletes who were a big hit, the mascots - here he is


coming. Wenlock and Mandeville were a huge hit. Every great sporting


event needs a great mascot and last year we invited to you design a


mascot for the Commonwealth Games in 2014 in Glasgow. It's time to


reveal the winner. In 2014 Glasgow will be hosting the 20th


Commonwealth Games, which sees athletes from all over the


Commonwealth arriving in this beautiful city to compete in a


variety of events. So, I am in training, I am going to be the new


Mo Farah. I am going to win gold in long distance... Actually, can we


stop. I might stick to presenting. Situated on the banks of the river


Clyde Glasgow is Scotland's biggest city. In 2014 people from all over


the world will be coming here for this historic event.


However, Team GB won't be competing in the Commonwealth Games because


the four nations of the United Kingdom, that's England, Northern


Ireland, Wales and, of course, Scotland, they compete against each


other. The Commonwealth Games started in 1930 and were originally


called the British Empire Games. Every country in the Commonwealth


can take part, that includes New Zealand, Australia, India, Pakistan,


18 countries from Africa, in fact, there are 71 countries in total


that can take part. Back in November last year we gave


you the chance to play your part in the Commonwealth Games by designing


the official mascot. They don't have a mascot and so, they want you


to get in touch and design it for them. We had thousands of entries


from all over the country. But would you believe the winner


actually lives right here in Glasgow. At the moment she doesn't


know she's won, that's where I come She's called Beth and lives down


this street. At the moment she's got no idea she's won the


competition. I hope she's in! I love this sort of thing. The door's


open. They've left the door open for us. Come in.


Hiya, Beth. How are you doing? Good. What are you doing? Not much,


just... It's a bit of a shock, isn't it? I am sorry, how are you?


Good. Do you remember entering a competition in November to design


the mascot for the Commonwealth Games? Yeah. You entered, didn't


you? Yeah. What did you do? I drew a Thistle. The guys in charge have


decided you are the winner. Are you all right? Yeah. It's a bit of a


shock when people come barging through your door and tell you that.


Look, here he is. Wow! It's great, isn't it? Yeah.


The judges thought Beth's mascot was fun and really captured the


spirit of the Games. Thistles are the emblem of Scotland so Clyde


really does represent this fantastic country. He's got


obviously the Scottish flag as a t- shirt and yellow pants and red


shoes, what was the idea behind that? He has all the colours, you


had to put certain colours in and I was trying to think of really


Scottish names and I wasn't coming up with anything and then we


thought because of the River Clyde and then... Thank you so much for


getting involved and entering the competition. Yours is now the


mascot that's going to be seen by millions of people. Not only do you


get the mascot, which is officially your design, you also get the


competition winner's orange Blue Peter badge. Thank you.


Congratulations. How are you feeling? Happy! Good. Well done.


I haven't seen Beth since then but I think she's still standing in the


kitchen with her mouth wide open. It gives us great pleasure to


actually announce the 2014 mascot for the Commonwealth Games, Clyde!


I love love Clyde! Nice to see new the flesh. Brilliant. It's


fantastic. It's so like Beth's design. If we have a look at the


original, all the colours are right. Clyde, she's captured your


personality. Look at the dance. Are you looking forward to the Games?


Thank you very much for coming in. Let's hear it for Clyde! APPLAUSE.


This is what's really good about this show, when you get creative,


see what you can do. Last week we introduced you to Nick who made the


micro sculptures, a tiny Barney and myself there, absolutely brilliant.


Nick is not the only sculptor in our presence. We have had these


sculptures sent in by Joe from Hertfordshire. Look at those.


They're absolutely fantastic. I can't imagine how long you spent on


them but we're very pleased with them. We like them so much we are


going to put them on the set. If you tune into Blue Peter, you will


see them for weeks to come. Fantastic. Even badges on them,


amazing. Right, hretsz bring you back to Leonardo. We are We are


about to get grilled. Leonardo, as you know, was a special special man,


he was an invent are to, fill os fear and all sorts of things and he


was a scientist. We are going to be answering questions based on the


great man himself, which is the inspiration for the series. You are


tkpwog ask the questions. Victoria is the judge. You are going to ask


us a few questions and when we hear this sound. Mama Mia! Whoever has


the most correct answers wins the golden paintbrush. You are in


charge. Ready? Of course. Judge Justice. That's me. I am ready.


Helen, did Leonardo live 400, 500 or 600 years ago? He was born in...


I am going to say 600. That's incorrect! 5 shupbz the correct --


500 is the correct answer. Did the painting The last last Supper take


six months three years. Three years. Correct. To Helen, the most famous


portrait the Mona Lisa is most famous for her fabulous hair do,


true or false? False. It's the smile. That is correct. True or


false? The Mona Lisa is in Paris? That's true. That's easy! Helen,


true or false, Da Vinci is credited with inventing the principle of


contact lens. He invented a lot of things so I am going to say yes.


Correct. Barney, which of these is he not credited with creating,


bicycle, television or helicopter? Television. Correct. Is that a


draw? What's the score. I heard the Mama Mia bit. Thank you very much.


Earlier in the programme we asked you what you think of the new


series of Leonardo. Judge Justice, has some e-mails. Tkoeu. What's the


verdict? Well, the verdict is, this is from Jessica, she says today's


episode was so good. I was scared they would kill him. Best episode


yet. All of Leonardo was phenomenal, I enjoyed every second, that's from


Anisha. I would like to see a mention of the Mona Lisa from James.


So, tell your writers and stuff. will talk, writers. And Maddy says


I think he's gotten a lot more exciting. Thanks, to Johnny, Colin,


the team. It's down to the characters as well, a few


relationships are starting to forge. It's going to get very exciting,


guys. Last one, I watched the last 15 minutes and I wish I had watched


it from the beginning. You can catch up. That's it for today. Time


to tell you what's happening next week. I will be sharing a once in a


life lifetime experience when I get to fly a plane. And Dr Chris will


be here. We want to show Dr Chris your most interesting bruises, and


scabs. E-mail your interesting injuries. You might not want to eat


The cast of the new series of the CBBC drama Leonardo are live in the studio to answer viewers' questions. Barney takes to the skies for one of his most challenging photographic missions - taking a picture for the Blue Peter calendar of a bird of prey while paragliding. Plus, the team reveal the winning mascot for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, as designed by a Blue Peter viewer.

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