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Coming up on today's show, we are celebrating Roald Dahl Day, join us


for snooze-cum-bers and flobs throttle. Sarah Storey will be here


to share the secrets of her amazing success. And I enter the fire of


the Dragons' Den and come face-to- face with the dragons themselves.


Welcome to Blue Peter. Today is Roald Dahl Day. 96 years ago today


he was born and from then, he introduced us to his wonderful


world and the wonderful characters we all know and love. Isabelle, you


Can you make the Camera di float? That is amazing! Do not upset


Isabelle. Which book are you from? Charlie and the chocolate Factory.


What made you want to dress up as Charlie? He's one of my favourite


characters. I just liked the way he writes things and Charlie is one of


the best characters. You are clearly a chocolate fan. Yes.


you share that? I would like to. That is a good answer. Harry, this


is what Barney looks like before he goes into make-up! You must be warm


under there. Why do you want to dress up as one of the twits?


Because they are weird and strange. You have crackers and cookies in


your beard. Stay away from Barney the dog. It's not just these guys


dressing up as characters from Roald Dahl, even celebrities are


getting in on the act. David Walliams recently dressed up as the


BFG, the Big Friendly Giant and here we have our very own BFG,


Keiron. What is your favourite bit of that book? When Sophie goes in


the Queen's window cil and watches her sleep. You have done very well


to keep these ears on all day. You have been having to balance your


head just to Keetch them on your ears. If you like the BFG, you will


love what we have here. Two pages from the original manuscript


written by Roald Dahl. You can see that initially he wrote on yellow


paper there in pencil. If we read that carefully, we have discovered


that initially he wrote about a boy called Jodie. He then changed the


character and named her Sophie after his granddaughter. That


sounds sponking that does, Helen. Amazing. Amazeribulous. Fantabulozy.


If you are wondering why I'm joined by two Oompa Loompas, from the


Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl's hand writing is here on the piece


of paper where he invented this language that the BFG speaks. Most


of my favourite words describe food. of my favourite words describe food.


There is a recipe book out. It's called the Completely Revoltling


Recipes. Frob Scotle is my favourite drink. You need eight


kiwis. Need help with this. There's a spoon, a spoon for you, a spoon


there. Would you like to help? Get your kiwis, half them and take your


spoons and spoon them out into the middle of that bowl. There you go.


You need to do eight, so 16 halves in total. There you go. You have a


kiwi. The messier the better. You are quite scary, Matilda, but you


are being nice today, aren't you? Yes. The messier the better because


we want it to look chunky and gross. That's the idea. Who cares, make


mess, it's nice. How are you doing with that? The riper the better


that, way you don't squirt people in the face. Brilliantly, here is


one somebody else scooped out one somebody else scooped out


earlier. Let me move that across. That is what it should look like


when you have scooped out your kiwis. I think that looks really


cool. Get some limes. You need one- and-a-half. Squeeze that in the


middle over the top like that. biggest lime on earth. A lime and a


half in. Then the fun bit. We mash it. The idea is to make it look


like frogspawn. So once it's mashed, it looks disgusting but smells nice,


pour it into a jug like this. Oh! Sophie talks about the flavour in


the story as being raspberry but we've got some strawberry yoghurt


here. You can use any yoghurt you like. Pour that into the middle and


give it a stir. You want this to look as gross as possible. You take


your food colouring, green obviously, and poir that into the


wot Tom of the glass -- pour that into the bottom of the glass. Let


yourself go! Pour your frobscottle in like that. It needs some fizz,


so here is some lemonade. Thought that was going to fizz out then! A


tiny amount of fizz and then an extra bit of fizz with some Cream


Soda. So everything is in here, kiwi, lime, yoghurt, lemonade and


Cream Soda to make it fizz at the top. Then find somebody willing to


drink it. Helen Skelton, would you like to come in, please? Thanks,


team. It looks like snot. Shall I taste it, yes or no? ALL: Yes.


Thanks, team. What do you think? It's gross isn't it? Bit lumpy.


Spwhr If you want to put some coloured sweets in the bottom, you


can achieve this layered effect. You try that. More details on how


to make that on the Blue Peter website. It's not just this stuff


Roald Dahl wrote about, he also wrote about something called


snozzcumbers, they look a bit like this, but we don't have any idea


what they actually taste like. We want to hear from you, what do you


think they taste like? E-mail us. Anything you like. No, you are not


convinced? That's lovely. Snozzcumbers take like caramel and


grandma armpit, something gross, what do you think?! Get in touch.


Trogfilth! If you know what that means, get in touch and we'll


mention you at the end of the show. Here we face our fears and recently,


I went nose-to-nose with the dragons from the TV show Dragons'


These are the dragons, five of the most richest and business experts.


Collectively, they are worth billions. Every year, 100


entrepreneurs enter the den in an attempt to convince these to part


with their cash. You are talking rubbish. Some succeed, but for most,


they go home with the famous catch phrase ringing in their ears.


are not going to make the numbers you think. Disappointing and


insulting. For that reason, I've got to say... I'm out. The good


news for me is that I'm definitely in today. We've got an exclusive


backstage pass to the new set of the latest series of Dragons' Den.


It's right behind these doors, just a few steps away from the Blue


Peter studios. Also in there are the five dragons and I'm going to


get some tips on how to become a young successful entrepreneur.


Dragons' Den was originally filmed in a real warehouse. As it became


more successful, they moved the show into a TV studio and created


the old warehouse down to the last detail. Stand by, ladies and


generals, here we go... This is the gantry. From here, you can get a


good look at the studio which is the Dragons' Den. You can see the


five dragons' chairs. From there they decide whether they are going


to make or potentially break somebody's future. Not a sight of a


single dragon, that's because they are this make-up so we can have a


nosey around. It's about who wins, not about who


competes. Every entrepreneur's Den journey starts at the famous stairs.


This year, things are different. The entrepreneurs used to go up.


Now they have to go down which is definitely more scary because it's


a bit like going into the dragon's lair.


Pfft... Each dragon, Duncan Bannatyne, Hilary Davey, though owe


paf it is, Debra Meaden have granted me some time in the Den. --


Theo Pafitis. How did you get started in business? I started in


business when I was 14 at school because I was a little bit...


Challenged at school because I was dyslexic. To keep me out of trouble,


they let me start the school tuck shop and I ran that for two years.


I liked running the tuck shop, being a shopkeeper, I liked


business and went back into retail. I was actually brought up in


business. My parents had businesses and I was kind of forced to help


out from a very young age. What would you say is the secret to your


success? I if I told you that, you would know my secret. It's easy.


Focus, self-sacrifice, hard work and tenacity.


I think the secret is keeping it quite simple and not


overcomplicating it. I think everybody says about having a huge


business plan. If you can't summarise your business on the back


of a matchbox, then I don't think you should start it. My top tip


would be, don't rush it, try loads of thing, find the one that really


rocks your boat and gets you excited and you want to talk to


everybody about, your mum, your dad, your friends, and that's the


direction you should be going in. How do you define somebody that's


successful? Is it down to how much money they make? None of it is to


do with money. My philosophy is you chase money, it runs away. Now,


Sophie has sent us an e-mail and asks, when I grow up, I want to be


a trader and sell items that I've created myself. What type of


products sell best? You have got to come up with a product that enough


people want to buy to make it a market. To be honest, it could be


anything. It doesn't have to be new or different, but it has to have a


reason why people want to buy yours. Ashley has been in touch to say, I


want to go into the video game industry, and has a few good ideas


for games. Do you have any tips for Ashley? Well, Ashley, video game


business, very, very tough, lots of people doing it, lots of developers


out from at the moment. If you have not been many the industry before,


I would suggest working for a gaming company first, gain


experience and knowledge and then go and do something on your own.


Thomas wants to know what's the best thing you have ever invested


in? Actually the best thing I ever invested in is me. Invest in


youshes and realise that you are the only person that with make your


fortune. Nobody's going to wake up today and say, I'm going to make


money for Thomas. This is the weirdest interview I've conducted


here. I feel exposed. Is it nerve- racking? Yes, stand up here, it's


weird. I've always wanted to pitch to the dragons because I think they


would be easy to sell to. I won't sit down, don't worry. I'll be a


dragon. Sit there. Am I allowed to? It's like sitting on the Queen's


throne. Well, it is because you are in Theo's. Don't tell him.


Peter. I want �5,000 of your money today for an amazing idea. Now, if


I can get �5,000 from you today, and gave you �10,000 back tomorrow,


would you be in? I'm in. You seem like a lovely fella, I'll give you


�10,000. Deal. Thank you very much. Nice doing business with you.


That's how I roll, that's why I've got no money. I think I would make


an excellent sixth Dragon, skint but successful. They continue


grilling the newest entrepreneurs as they continue to make the new


I'd be a terrible Dragon. But if somebody stands in front of you and


have worked hard, I would say yes, take the money. But business is


making money, not taking it. Our next guest has won 11


Paralympic gold medals, it's Sarah Storey, one of Britain's most


Lovely to see you. Have a seat. You have had a phenomenally successful


career so far. Listen to those gold medals jangle! You picked up four


in London, but so far you have got 22 Olympic medals, 20 world titles.


Do you lose track? Absolutely. Of the medals are engraved with road


cycling or track cycling. When I won the second one on each, I put a


safety pin in the back. This one was for the road race on my final


day of competition. Her look at her nails! Can you remember much about


the races? On the track, you go into autopilot because you are


making your best effort without too many thoughts clouding you. With


the crowds the way they were, you need to be able to focus. I can't


remember a huge amount about the races in the Velodrome, I can


remember more about the celebrations afterwards! I remember


a lot more about the road events, especially the road race, where


girls -- I was on my way for -- on my own for a long time. In 1992 you


appeared on Blue Peter as a 14- year-old. This is what happened.


The youngest gold medallist in the British Paralympic team is 14-year-


old swimmer Sarah Bailey from Cheshire. How difficult is it to


swim with one hand? I have never known any different, I was born


like this so it doesn't affect me. You were still a swimmer! At the


Luque. Funny to watch that back. Why did you switch from swimming to


cycling? Pin 2005, I started to get a series of infections. I used a


bike to stay fit. Being competitive, I entered a few races and


eventually won a couple of European titles. I spoke with my swimming


coach and we decided that I should get on my bike. A lot of people


dedicate their lives to getting Olympic gold, you get it and then


you keep going. What makes you keep training, keep it in in those


hours? I love sport, I've always loved it. When I was six years old,


I just wanted to be an athlete and I didn't care which sport. That


probably helped me change sport. Although this is the end of a


journey, mission accomplished in terms of this, the R one to be the


best I can be. I love racing and the idea that we could do this


forever would be brilliant, but I know one day I will have to retire.


We've seen you as a 14-year-old girl who had that dream to have


these gold medals and all these years later, here you are. Did you


believe you would achieve it? never expected it. If you had told


me then that I would be sat here 20 years later almost to the day with


these medals and a completely different sport, I would have


laughed. It has been a fantastic journey so far. We wanted to say


thank you route for inspiring so many people by awarding you with


our highest accolade and it is a Wow! Thank you very much. My


goodness. I never thought I would get one of these. Thank you.


can't wait to see what you do in four years. Now, we know you work


very hard and you are dedicated and committed so I wanted to reward you


with a little treat. Ever since I was little, I've been fascinated


with statues and sculptures. Who were those people and what was it


about them that meant they had a sculpture? And can I have one?


Apparently, because I've been at CBBC for over 10 years, I qualified.


Helen has had a statue made of me and she told me it was a little bit


special. Me, a little bit special! But I'm not entirely sure where the


gallery is. Fancy that! This is it. You must be Mick. You knew I was


coming. I did. You are a sculptor. I am and I have been working on


something for you for a week. me see what you've done. That is


one of mine. That is a sculpture? That is one of my sculptures.


Little special! Helen Skelton, very clever. That is incredible. And it


is actually a micro sculptor. -- Nick is. How do you sculptor


something like this? We are basically going to make one of


these. In your workshop? Yes., and look. His sculptures are hot


property. Whilst individual figures are only the size of a 10 pence


piece, they sell for up to �1,800. He makes them all by hand and


doesn't even use a magnifying glass. OK, where do we start? This is just


normal garden wire. By bending three pieces of wire into shape, we


quickly make the sort of why a skeleton. Then it is time to add a


bit of meat to the bones and that is done by winding cotton thread


around the wire over and over and over again. You can see we both


have a concentrating face. Lots of winding later and my Mini Barney is


shaping up. Obviously you haven't got a head or feet. His feet are


going to come from Nick's collection of pieces from of toy


soldiers. About there? Per effect. It is so difficult. You're getting


the technique. That is me. It is me with no clothes on. I wouldn't mind


wearing some clothes. We will put some clothes on. He gets tailor-


made clothes by look wrapping paper around his body. His paper clothes


are about one thousandth the size of my real clothes. That is cool.


One more thing, I nearly forgot my hat. Now he has got his hat on,


mini Barney is taking shape, but he is looking a bit pale. Time for


some colour. Nick started making my Chris Scott just as a hobby to


entertain his children. Who would have thought some thinkers --


something so small could become so big? How is that? Great. Looking


good. I'm pretty happy with that for a first attempt, but I can't


wait to see what Nick has made for wait to see what Nick has made for


us. This is what I've made of you. Look at that! Look how small he is!


He has got to be the smallest man you have ever made. He is, the


smallest thing I've ever made. like that you've used as a -- a


Blue Peter badge. It gives you a real idea of how small these


characters are. I had to use a Blue Peter badge, really. The finishing


touch is to frame it. There we go. Thank you so much. At salute


Thank you so much. At salute pleasure. The last thing to do is


find a place for it in the Blue Peter studio. I can't work out


where he got his inspiration from. I always sit like this! He has


absolutely nailed it. The only difference is that this isn't the


real Barney the dog. He would fall off the badge. Khuner what is


great? You can try it at home. The attention to detail... Look at what


he can achieve. For I absolutely love this guy on the moped. It has


got the detail of the lamp on the front. Amazing talent. If you think


front. Amazing talent. If you think about the size, this is an ordinary


10 pence piece. This Mermaid is sat on a real shell. Lookout tiny.


love that he's used a real shell. This was a real butterfly. Imagine


if that was a kite! The best kite if that was a kite! The best kite


ever. He is the most creative guy I've ever met. If you would like to


get involved in a brand new competition, this is your chance to


work alongside Aardman Animation. They have created Shaun the Sheep


and Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists. By but they are not


asking for your drawing skills, they want you to get creative and


make a soundtrack. If you like music, this is the competition for


you. It is a fantastic prize. The winners will be split into two


categories, younger and older children. They want you to write


the soundtrack for some films involving their favourite


characters, Wallace and Gromit. This is a little clip of the sort


of thing you will be looking at. There's no sound at all on there.


That will be your job. You will bring that to life by playing some


music or adding some effect. There's no music, no bangs, trains


make noises. It is entirely up to you. If you would like to give this


a go, but you need a few tips, we thought about that. This is


A very simple, dark, low chords or notes makes something sombre. If


you do that... You know you're in JAUNTY MUSIC. You immediately know


you are in a different mood. That is the main task. Good day's work!


We are bang on. Target! Any time you hear footsteps or a door


closing, all of those sound effects have been created and that process


is called foaling. Any time you see in action on the film, a door


closing, that is a sound effect. You hear a clunk or footsteps. They


If you do want to enter that competition, you need to get your


teachers to sign you up because you have to be working in a group. You


have until December 3rd to enter. It is a fantastic prize. The top


six will go to art and an animation studios and the winners will come


to the BBC and see their soundtrack professionally recorded. We will


play them on Blue Peter. You can hang out here. The details are on


the Blue Peter website. That rounds off a frumptious show! We will now


talk about snozzcumbers. We asked you today tell us what you think


they taste like. Grade says he thinks they smell like her sweaty


socks after peak with a hint of manure. Adams says he thinks


snozzcumber tastes like a mix between Quartet, would, paint and


chlorine. Jess says I think a snozzcumber tastes like a mango


crossed with school dinners gone cold. This guy said, this is


normal! Louise says it would taste like slugs deep fried in chocolate


sauce. This one has taken some thinking. Scott. I think


snozzcumber tastes like egg, grapes, chocolate and frog's legs. I would


be that! Ed and chocolate is an interesting mix. Snozzcumbers taste


like ladybirds eyeballs, snails line and the spiders bottom.


Finally, Katie says they taste like strawberry, orange juice and bird


pool. Thank you! That is it for today. This is what is coming next


week. We will take a look behind the scenes of the brand new series


of Leonardo. We have inside information. And Johny Pitts will


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