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Coming up on today's Blue Peter, we are bring you a back-to-school


special. We show you how to customise your school stuff.


visit some of the UK's most amazing schools, with farms, firefighters


and a TV studio. And chart-toppers, Cover Drive are here, to tell us


what it was like going to school on the other side of the world.


APPLAUSE Hello. Don't adjust your TV sets.


We are being arty. Welcome to Blue Peter. We have loads of stuff to


get you excited about the start of the new school term. Even Barney is


excited about it, aren't you? him. Right, it is a bit of a


routine. You start back at school. Get yourself a new pencil case, you


might get a new pair of shoes and around about now you will have your


photograph taken, those official photographs that haunt you for


years to come. You know those. don't have any of those school


photos, actually. I don't have any. Is that true? Have a look at this.


A young Mr Barney. I was about 12. The original Harry Potter. You look


just like Harry Potter. It is not all about me, look at Helen


skeleton at her finest, with a bowl of chocolate. She is on the left,


as you are looking at it. I did take the official photographs from


my mum when I joined Blue Peter. They have a habit of doing things


like this. It is not just us. Look at these three famous faces. They


were taken absolutely years ago. They are all CBBC names. But we


want to see if you can work out who they are. Do you know who those


little cherubs turned out to be? It's just a bit of fun. Give us an


A, B, and C as your answer, who you think A, B or C is and we will


announce who they are at the end of the show. [email protected]


If you are at school, tell us what you are up to and what you are


looking forward to. If I was a teacher I would give our next


guests A*s. All the way from Barbados. We are now joined by


Cover Drive. Come in, team. Have a seat.


Welcome to the show, once again. are talking about the school


holidays and school. What is it like in Barbados? Do you have the


same long summer holiday? What do you get up to? First off, it is


really hot. We have a ten-week summer holiday. It is the best ten


weeks. Ten weeks of sleeping, in waking up and going to the beach.


Did you have the embarrassing school photos? We have quite a few.


Luckily they are all hidden. Do you know what - they are not hidden!


You are in a school play. parents ratted us out. That's


actually me. Let'slike at the next. We this this


was it. Ray. T ray. That's me too. You got away this. Oh, there he is.


And the best until last. Amanda. Look at that. Oh, no, where did you


get that picture? Where did you find? You look so cute. You will be


sticking around and performing later. We will find out a bit more


about what school is like in bar bay boss doss. For most people in


the UK -- in Barbados. For most people in the UK, most schools are


similar but for some places in the UK, they are extraordinary. Barney


and I have been finding out. Sometimes it's hard to believe that


school can be anything other than really boring. Actually, there are


some schools out there that are far from ordinary. We decided to search


the lengths and breadth of the country to find the UK's top five


most unusual schools. Did we find some crackers. First up, we have


come to Lancaster where lunch time s are a cut the rest. The canteen


here has an amazing lunch menu. Sausage mash and peas. The great


thing is, it all tastes so fresh. Which is not surprising, because


all of the meat in the school canteen comes from the skhoom's


very own farm. -- school's very own farm. That means as well as


studying the usual subjects, the puepailts this school have farming


lessons where they learn how to take care of the lessons. -- the


pupils at this school have farming lessons. I have herded the sheep


from down on the field. Now we will weigh them in the machine to make


sure they are the right size and weight for their age. If they are


too big it doesn't really matter it. Just means more meat basically.


That's so cruel. I'm keeping him as a pet. You are not eating this one.


How many animals do you have? have four pigs, three new born


calves and about ten or 15 chickens. So the pupils have a whole range of


animals it practice their farming skills on. But what do they think


when they end up on their dinner plate? We know ultimately cows


start little and get bigger and end up as burgers. Do you eat the cows


here? We don't eight our cows. We send them off for breeding, so we


eat our other animals, the pigs and sheep. The pigs you have cared for


and looked after, you eat. How do you feel about that? I don't mind


it. We know they have had a good lifestyle and we have looked after


them well. Can I help feed? Yes. From a school with its very own


farm we are heading to the next amazing school in our top five.


Notice West Sussex. The pupils here wear a uniform that dates back to


1552. It includes ankle-length coats, leather belts, white bands


and long yellow socks. Last year they had the chance to swap their


traditional uniform for a more modern one but voted to stay Tudor.


After all it, makes them stand out from the crowd. Next up I have


headed to the north of Scotland to a school that's quite extraordinary.


That's right. For the last 70 years, this school has been training its


students to be firefighters. Your pupils here, I have seen you


milling around, but you are fighting fires, why? We are part of


the school Fire Service. We have our own fire station on campus.


don't actually help out in genuine emergencies, do you? Yes, we are


fully trained firefighters, part of the Grampian service. If there is a


local house fire, we will help them. The pupils here have a tough


training programme before they can assist in any real emergencies.


Today it's my turn to learn some essential fire-fighting skills.


I can feel the water in the pipes. After mastering hose control and


water accuracy, station manager, Rob, decides I'm ready to be part


of the real fire squad. So, now you are ready to take part in a live


fire drill. You will have to carry one of these, it is a pager. The


students all carry these. I'm on call? You are. In the pager goes


off, it means there is a fire, so you have to be ready to drop


everything. Is that it? That's you. This is not messing about.


Belts on until the back, guys. We've been called to a fire at a


local farm. It's our job to get there and put it out.


Oh, the water is coming. I need to stay focused and put all of my


training into practice. This morning I thought this was a bit of


a laugh and a bit of a giggle, but when there are real flames, you


can't lark about. Out goes the fire and it is into the frying pan. The


next amazing school on our list uses food technology lessons to do


good for others. Every Friday afternoon the pupils at this


Manchester-based school cook up tasty meals that get taken to a


local shelter to help feed the homeless. Centres like this rely on


donation and volunteers. What these pupils are doing makes a difference


to their community. The last incredible school on our


list is in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, it was a school I would


have loved to go to. You are watching Blue Peter. Today's


production is brought to you by... These guys.


You have guessed it - these lucky pupils have a fully functioning TV


studio in their school. It is not just for fun. They broadcast their


very own show to their school and on the web. This is where I feel at


home in the presenter's chair. So let's talk, you have a TV studio.


This is it, where the action happens. The backdrop this is


technical wizardy, so you can project any image you like on the


back of that screen? You can have anything, anything you want. I will


leave you to it. I'm aware you have little time. I'll shoot. Keep up


the great work. So the clip comes in after that. So the presenters do


the talking during the show, but just like any other TV production,


there is lots going on behind the scenes, too. You are the director.


This is your Control Centre. Tell us about it. We have people doing


the auto cue, which shows what the presenter see in their script and


we have my desk which can bring in video from across the world.


can stream video as part of your show, with video calls. Yes. And we


have an assigned desk but if you don't mind, Barney, I have quite a


bit of work to do.! Sure, you are the boss. Going live in three, two,


one. Even celebrities and politicians have appeared on this


school's TV channel. They can do a live broadcast to the whole school.


On today's show they have a very special guest. Right Barney, we are


ready for you stkpwhrs. Me. Hello everyone, I'm joined with a special


guest, we have Blue Peter's own Barney. If you had to pick one high


lit from Blue Peter, what would it be? Living in a cave and I had to


survive. It was an amazing challenge. Can I stay here? That's


all we have time for, join us next time. Can I get in the shot as


well? Bye. That was so much fun. Another day in studio but this time


it was in a school studio. You want one, don't you?!


So there you have it. Whether it is training up firefighters, feeding


the homeless or even running a TV station. I think it is safe to say


there are some amazing schools across the UK.


Look at this one. That, handsdown was one of the best


jet paper aeroplanes I have ever seen.! If you are nice to me I will


teach you how to make one. We are talking about school with cover


dive. In my head, you don't have a play ground, you have a beach, and


you are monkeys running around (there are monkeys and the beach


isn't far. You have to be careful with the monkeys. The first day, I


came in my white uniform all ready and this monkey threw an over-ripe


mango on my white shirt. You have to watch out for them. Did you


throw something first? No, it instigated a fight right there.


if you see a monkey outside your classroom, don't throw a mango at


it. No. No. Were you into music at school? Definitely. We went to


different schools. Defending on which school you go to, they focus


on different things. -- depending on which school you go to. My


school was academic and stuff like that but at lunch times I used to


sneak in the music room and work on music and sing whenever I could.


Unfortunately for me our music room was next to the principal's office.


I would be drumming and he would come in and say, "Move." I bet he


is in Barbados saying that he encouraged you all the time. If you


are dreading going back to school don't worry, we have Bret domino to


put a smile on your fais. You may remember them from the Diamond


Jubilee. If you have been following the Blue Peter website, you know


this song debuted there a week ago but here they are for now you.


you OK, you look a bit down? I am to be honest. How come? Oh, back to


school, isn't it? That time of the year. What? Yeah, but you don't


have to go back to school, you are 27. I know, I just feel this way at


the same time every year. Yeah. this time, still. Would it help if


we did a song about it or something? Yeah, OK.


# Everybody knows you have to get up and go to school


# Because it's illegal not to # Even though you'd rather be


chilling out by the pool # Someone where the seagulls flock


# But let me tell you this # Allow me to just briefly


reminisce # I'll give you solutions to your


educational institution blues # Give me a six, eight, drum fill


# School, it's a great place to get away from your parents


# Yes it maybe full of teachers but they're not all the tyrants


# That you see in cartoons # The ones that shout and scream at


# Yes sometimes they can actually be all right...


# And if you're starting at a new place


# If you've left your previous school behind


# You're probably going to be terrified


# But don't panic because it'll all be fine


# Just look at the bigger kids # They're having a great time and


they show it # Well give it a couple of days


# That's be you before you know it # School, it's a great place to


just hang out and chat # You can talk to your mates about


who fancies who and stuff, you know, if you are into that, I'm not


# But you must keep this in mind # Keep the chatter to breaks and


lunch type # Because if I advocate talking in


lessons I'll get the sack # Pay attentions in lessons. Shall


we do a big chore snus # I want to go to school to get an


education # So I can get a job in my


favourite vocation # Because mainly that I


# I like to have my lunch with my friends


# Lunch with my friends # Whether you queue at the school


canteen or bring sandwiches # Lunch time is great


# And the reason is this # There's no work to do


# You can chill for a few # You can just sit around or hit


the playground # Have a game of football


# Kick a ball at the wall # Play computer games


# On the CBBC website # Get paper and fold it,


# Go looking for trols # Going looking for bears


# Walk up and down stairs # Don't get carried away and this


is the essence # Because you've got to be back for


# And at the end of the day # Although you might be exhausted


# You're cleverer than you were yesterday


# And for that you should be applauded


# Going back to school's nothing major


# But if I still can't persuade you # At least you've still got the


weekends anyway # Yeah, at least you still get a


miniature holiday every five days # There you have it. Only those two


can do it that way. We love them for it. Last week's show was arty.


We showed you a few new techniques so you can create your pictures at


home. I show youed this red ball picture. That was called colour


dodging, we were showing you how to do it. You've had a go. A rabbit


with a carrot and a pink nose. I love it. That was Emma, her stuffed


bunny rabbit. Thank you very much. We had a photograph from Megan.


This is a red apple. It is only the apple she has coloured. In We love


it when you get in touch and tell us what you have been up to. We


also showed you how to try a technique called spin art. It


involved wetting a piece of paper, putting paint on it and throwing


the paper around so you get that swirling effect. We used a bucket


but this picture was sent in by Eloise. It must have been a massive


bucket. If you don't have a bict or tree you can improvise, which is


what Isabel Z-- if you don't have a bucket. She did that using a turn


table. She put iting on top of that and spun it around with her dad.


They had a fantastic time. thing we have noticed is you love


being creative. Aside from making your photographs, we will show you


how to physically make something now you are going back to school.


This is how to cover your book with a difference, and Arazou Baker,


designer and stylist will show you how to do it. I had a habit of


scribbling all over my books and getting into trub. I have come up


with an idea of turning the front of your school book noose a chalk


board. You can draw whatever you like, rub it out and start again.


First things first, we need to make the actual chalk board. Get some A5


card. Cover it in black board paint. You can get this from most arts and


crafts shop. It'll need a second coat. Let the first layer dry.


Think of a design. Pick an A4 card. I'm going to go for a space theme.


Black it is. Fold it in half. So you get an A5 size. You can cut out


a window. You can get as creative as you like. A flower, or heart or


rocket. I think I'll stick with a simple rectangle. Draw the window


design on your front cover so you know what shape to cut out. Make a


small incision and cut it all the way around. It should pop out by


itself. Next you need a clear plastic sheet big enough to cover


the window. You might find it on an old food or toy box. I'm using the


front of a cookie box. With our clear sheet we need to stick it on


the inside of your window. Dab some PVA glue around the card and lay


clear plastic on top. And there you go, you have your window. Coloured


card and felt it perfect to decorate your frame. To stick with


my space theme I'm using lots of stars. And just like the night's


sky, I'm making my sparkle. Put your second coat of paint on your


chalk board. Once it is dry, glue it behind your window. Before you


can use the chalkboard trouble you need to treat it. Grab chalk and


literally rub all over the card. You can be as Nessie as you would


like. This will mean rubbing out your notes and graffiti easier, it


is also a lot of fun. All that is left now is to glue it to the front


of your exercise book. Use your glue again, covering the edge and


sticking it and there you have your front cover. Now all that's left is


for you to gig out what you are going to write.


That message can be different everydy but there are lots of parts


of your school kit. It is not just books you can deck rai. You can do


your pencil cases. There are lots of different designs. My favourite


is graffiti art. You can go to the Blue Peter website,

:21:40.:21:44., and find a link which takes you to this page


to download the different templates for the graffiti Alba effect. You


have three layers to create a 3 D effect. You print off the bottom


layer, then the middle layer, and finally, the top layer. The effect


finally, the top layer. The effect you are trying to achieve is this,


as you can see all those three layers, when they are put together


look like that. You can pick any letters you like, depending on


whose name you are spelling - I'm going to pick Amanda -- she is lead


singer of Cover Drive, she is lovely and I want to give her a


present. You start off with the bottom layer and cut out the


letters you need. I will cut out the A for Amman da. I will do it


quick for TV purposes but you can take your time. -- Amman da. Once


you have your letters cut out, you take it and the best material we


found for this is foam. You can by these sheets in craft shops. You


can use card or felt. But this is effective. A good tip is to take


the template you have cut out and place face-down, because when you


cut it out you will have the right side up for your letter and it


won't have pen on it. So once you have done this, you cut it out.


This gives you the bottom layer you will be working from. This happens


with every single step. It is the same all the way through. Once you


have your bottom layer, it looks like that, you then stick that on


to the pencil case you are going to customise. If you do that with all


the letters it will look like this, then using the same process, you


will see you have stuck the middle layer on, and then the finishing


touches, the top layer, the letters. I think it is only right Amanda


helps me out with this. It is your present. There is the final letter


on your name. Do you want some glue? Yes, fantastic. There you


have the finished pencil case. easy as that. If you would like to


get yourself ready for your new single. If you want to get involved,


and have a go, go to the Blue Peter website and Arazou talks you


through how to make a kitbag. he sound like he had a crush on


he sound like he had a crush on Amanda?


We showed you photographs taken years ago of some of our CBBC face.


We asked you if you could work out who they are? We have had lots of


guesses. Harry thinks that C is Chris Johnson. Katie thinks Joe


from Newsround is A and Naomi Wilkinson is C. Hanna thinks that A


is ska. Rav Wilding and Emma thinks that B is Naomi Wilkinson.


I have to say we have lots of right guesses. Hanna, lily, Isaac, Laura


and another Isaac all got it right. OK. The correct answers are:


photograph A is Ricky Boleto from Newsround. Bmt is Georgia Locke,


AKA Sadie J and C is Chris Johnson from the CBBC. He hasn't changed


one bit. Thanks for getting in touch. You have been telling us


about going back to school. I have been so busy, I was so tired I had.


I have to wake up early. Georgia says "It was amazing to see my


mates, vint seen them in ages." Lots of excitement. It seems


everyone loves school. And we have Cover Drive coming up, first let's


see what is coming up in next week's show. I will be facing the


fearsome Dragons in their den. we have a brand new competition, if


you love Wallace and Gromit you will love it. Send in your stuff,


we love it. Now time to get our groove on, we love them, it's Cover


# It's not a science, now. # It's just a way it goes.


# You spin me all around. # No gravity, no ground.


# My world is your snow globe. # You turn me upside down.


# You know I like the shake. # You make my heart quake.


# You speak and I'm grumbling. # You move and I'm fluttering.


# Slowly I'm losing control. # I feel it banging.


# Got me vibrating. # You got me and I'm falling, so


don't let me go. # No-one can save me.


# No-one can fix me. # It hit me now, I feel like I'm


going to explode. # Oh oh oh, oh oh oh.


# It hit me now, I feel like I'm going to explode.


# You're looking in my face and I can't keep it down.


# I let the words escape I've gone and shout it out.


# No-one can help myself I can't control it babe.


# I feel it building up. # You got me blown away.


# You speak and I'm grumbling. # You move and I'm fluttering.


# Slowly I'm losing control. # I feel it banging.


# Got me vibrating. # You got me and I'm falling, so


don't let me go. # No-one can save me.


# No-one can fix me. # It hit me now, I feel like I'm


going to explode. # Oh oh oh, oh oh oh.


# It hit me now, I feel like I'm going to explode.


# I feel it banging # Got me vibrating


# You got me and I'm falling so don't let me go


# No-one can save me, no-one can fix me


# It's hit me now # I feel like I'm going to explode,


oh, oh, oh # Oh, oh, oh


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