Radio 1 Teen Hero Awards, Rugby World Cup and the Presenters in the Spotlight! Blue Peter

Radio 1 Teen Hero Awards, Rugby World Cup and the Presenters in the Spotlight!

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The Radio 1 Teen Awards rocked the CBBC channel on Sunday and I was


backstage to meet the heroes. 2 million people found out how I got


on at the opening ceremony for the Rugby League World Cup. And the race


is on in the second part of our rally car Championship. It is fast


and it is happening today on Blue Peter.


Hello, how are you doing? It is jam-packed and there is no time to


waste and we are going to tell you how to get involved in Children in


Need. It is the Get Spotted campaign and it relies heavily on Palace We


want to know all about your talents. Go to the website and let us know


what weird and wonderful talents you have. Maybe you are good at jiving


awed juggling or talking gibberish. Get in touch and tell us what your


talents are. I have got a party piece and I will need your support.


You can touch your chin with your toe? That is no good. As well as


Barney being a multitalented man, he is also a birthday boy. Go over


there and get ready for your talent bit. You can get involved in Get


Spotted. You can get involved under a spotlight. Get your teachers to do


it at school and charge people to come and see it. We are hoping we


can inspire you. First up with a rap that he has written today, it is


Radzi. I'm number 37 in the Blue Peter team and what that means is


that I'm living my own dream. My whole life I've been doing it MY


WAY. I mean my mum's from scotland, my dad from ZimBABWE. A shout out if


she thinks I've missed her. Her name's Rufaro and I think she's the


worlds best sister. Can't forget Loubie Lou and my best mate Paul


Osei Owusu. Now four ways to Get Spotted, what you going to do? One,


decorate a spot and it will go as a part of our spectacular spotty show.


Two, you can spot some wildlife It's incredible what you can see if


you look when the time's right. Three, now this one's fun but it


needs some shopping. You make spotty pizzas, that's a pizza with a spotty


topping. Four, do a performance in the spotlight. What, how? That means


something like I'm doing right now! Now one final time I plead indeed.


He was really nervous as well and he Get Spotted for Children in Need!


He was really nervous as well and he told me. I would sponsor him. Nice


skills. Stay tuned to see how we perform in the spotlight. We know


you are very talented, not just at artwork and getting involved, but


creating spots as well. Our big wall is packed full with some of your


designs. All the spots you send in we are going to turn into digital


images and they are going to be part of an incredible show happening


outside our studios in Salford. We are going to try our best and


decorate the whole studio. If you want to have a chance to have


yours included, make sure you get it in. If you want us to show you your


spots on this show, get it in by the 30th of November. This caught my


eye. Esme and Sophia have made this. I am a big fan of symmetry. I love


the design and the flowers. It is brilliant. I like this one. It is


from Daphne from Kingston upon Thames. And somebody who has gone


above and beyond is Evelyn. She has done an entire book of spots. Loads


and loads of different spots. How did you get all those ideas? 10 8 of


you have been in touch and a lot of those were e-mails. These are the


people that have been in touch. Amy sent in this picture. She was


inspired by bonfire night. Annabel has


inspired by bonfire night. Annabel worms. These are edible ones. They


look real. Thomas has got a lovely version of his wiggly worms. Rhianna


is eating has. Thank you to everybody who has got in touch. Also


look at how spotty our giant map is. Jersey is down there. Whether at


home raising money and getting involved in Children in Need,


remember to tell us where you are from so you can Get Spotted on our


map. This is the Rugby League World Cup. 14 teams are playing right now.


I am no rugby player. But I was involved in the opening ceremony


performing on the same pitch. I was quite nervous. The Rugby League


World Cup. 28 matches. 21 venues. 14 national teams. And one Barney


Harwood. Yes, me. I am going to help out that at the opening ceremony


right here at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. This year's ceremony,


watched by millions of people, will open the tournament and it is the


most ambitious opener so far. This is a stage manager working on the


ceremony. He has a lowdown on the job will be doing. We are here for a


reason, I am helping you with the opening ceremony. What does it


involve? It involves opening ceremony. What does it


banner that will go around the opening ceremony. What does it


in the opening ceremony and your job is to do all the queues. You will be


saying three, two, one, ago. It is my job to make sure the flags go to


the right place at the right time. Now I know what I have got to do I


am heading back to the Millennium Stadium where the ceremony will take


place to watch the final rehearsals. It is starting to dawn on me how


huge the opening ceremony is going to be. Look at the size of this


place. There will be 70,000 people in here. With 2000 performers and 12


months of preparation, the preparation is on for me to do my


job well. With less than 24 hours to go I hope I do not let everybody


down. It is the morning of the opening ceremony. These guys are


used to taking orders and they know what to do and when to do it, but


they have never had me as a leader. Once they have been briefed it is


time for them to practice holding and folding the flag correctly, so


that it opens the right way around. It is important you pull out so it


does not do this. It was time for me to practice my job. Three, two,


one... Beautiful. Stop. Walk this Way towards the corner in three


two, one. Stop on this corner. This is good fun. So we have


two, one. Stop on this corner. This out at the Rugby club, but can we do


it on the actual stadium's turbo. out at the Rugby club, but can we do


minutes to go. I am watching what they are doing. The timing is


crucial so that both flags moved at the same point and in time with the


music, something I have not practised, that need to get right


for the show. Next time this happens I will be in charge in front of


70,000 people in here. Why did I say yes to this? Before I know it, it is


showtime. The crowd loved the performances and everything is going


to plan. Then it is our turn. How must the players feel when they walk


out? To mark the very first game we bring on the flags for England and


Australia. Labour flag down in three, two, one. Down. Once we are


in position the music starts, which is my cue to reveal the flag.


Get ready to stop in three, two one. Stop. Going down. Down. I have


done it. What a feeling. Barney, thank you so much. Have a


lovely day. Amazing. What can I say? You can only imagine how amazing the


final will be on the 30th of November at Old Trafford. I am also


very excited about Lindsey who is about to play the saxophone. She has


not picked it up for three years. Take it away.


Well played! That was amazing. The pink Panther is one of the best


theme tunes ever. Come over here. That noise answers the next


question. I was going to ask how your driving is. It is OK. Radzi's


not brilliant. I am all about the speed! We can settle this. We know


who the speed! We can settle this. We know


Welcome to north Wales. People normally come here for the fresh sea


air, the long walks. But look at those views. But today. People are


going to get a very different view! This road plays host to one of the


stages of the Wales Rally GB. And today, we are going to raise it We


have already had one lesson in rallying from our tutor Ryan, but


you could not say we were natural Rally drivers. Radzi proved he has a


real need for speed, but that did mean he sometimes lost control of


the car. Power! There are so much to think about. Lindsey showed that she


likes to take things steady, but struggled a bit with the basics


like steering and changing gear Second dear. That is fourth gear.


But today, our focus is this, where there can be very little margin for


error. Second dear, now. Third gear. While Brian begins by showing us how


to drive the route, champion rally driver Alvin Evans explains why it


is so difficult. It is a very twisty, challenging road. You have a


big wall on one side and a rock face on the other, so there is no margin


for error. Careful! Don't go too quickly. You will get corners that


tighten up and leading to another corner immediately. It is all about


correct lines and taking the corners at the correct speed. Brake! It is


correct lines and taking the corners one of the challenging roads in


Rally GB. Brake, fourth gear. Well done. Now Lindsey and I are more


familiar with the course, it is time to race. We will each drive two


laps, and the person with the quickest time wins. I am up first.


Let's do this. Go! Brake! Power, power, power! That was


better, mate. But, Brian, that did not feel fast at all. Time to see


how Lindsey gets on. Go! Second dear. -- dear. Third gear, quickly.


Accelerate. I am concentrating so hard, I am forgetting to change


gear. Third gear! Fourth gear. Fifth gear. Keep going. Power, power,


power, go, go, go! Wicked. That is my first lap in the bag, and I am


leading Radzi by a whopping four microseconds. Pipe down, Lindsey.


Four microseconds? I am getting that time back now. That is a winning


time. The first one was time back now. That is a winning


this one is the real deal. Let's see if I can claw back that time. Go.


Second dear. Third gear. Fourth gear. Brake, down to third, quickly.


Brake! Get off the brakes now! That was all right, wasn't it? I gave


everything I had, and with a time of two minutes and 18 seconds, I have


racked up the fastest lap so far. Now I am in the lead. Fairplay, you


have upped your game, but I am not giving up without a fight. Go, go,


go. Third gear. Power, power. Fifth gear. Watch the kerb on the left.


Brake. Careful. Down to third. Brake! Go on. Well done. That felt


good, and brine only seemed slightly concerned by my driving, but was it


enough? How did we get on? With a time of two minutes 17.94, the


winner is Lindsey! I have done it. Not the biggest of margins, less


than a second, but a win is a win. She did you, mate. Sorry. That is


how it is done. You have She did you, mate. Sorry. That is


play the saxophone and you She did you, mate. Sorry. That is


Radzi rap, and now it is Barney s turn. Over to you.


# Somewhere beyond the sea. # Somewhere beyond the sea.


# Somewhere, waiting for me. # Somewhere, waiting for me.


# My lover stands on golden sands and watches the ships that go


sailing. sailing.


# Somewhere, beyond the sea. # Somewhere, beyond the sea.


# She's there, waiting for me. # She's there, waiting for me.


high. high.


# And straight to her arms and go sailing. #. Hi from Friday Download.


What are you going to do to Get Spotted for Children In Need? I m


James Arthur, and I want you to Get Spotted. I played a doctor in Doctor


Who. What are you doing to Get Spotted for Children In Need?


Yes, there are loads of ways to get in touch for Children In Need. Head


to the Blue Peter website for more details or e-mail us. Did you both


watch CBBC on Sunday? Because it is the only thing to watch, and also


because of the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. There were amazing


performances I Tinie Tempah and Rizzle Kicks, but behind the glamour


onstage, I met preteen heroes who are superstars in their own right.


In September, I went to the Radio 1 studios to meet Nick Grimshaw, where


we told you the nominations were open for the teen hero awards. You


after a team of people whittled them down, I was involved in taking the


final three. Wembley Arena, where the teen hero awards were presented


in front of an audience of 9000 teens, with thousands listening at


home . There were performances from James Arthur, Jessie J and Taylor


Swift. Sharing the stage with our young heroes. Our first teen hero is


a young girl called Chloe! Chloe has battled with her own mental health


conditions, but has put those aside to help others, too. How did it feel


when you found out you were this year's teen hero Dom one of them? I


was so grateful that people had thought about me that I could not


think about the excitement. But now I am here, I am like, oh, my gosh!


What will it feel like when you walk out there and get your award as the


teen hero? I am getting emotional. It will feel like everything I have


done in my life has been worth it. Well done. Enjoy the day! Thank you


so much. Let's hear it for Chloe! Our next teen hero unfortunately


can't be with us tonight, but he is an amazing kid. Alexander is 13 and


is committed to thinking for other people. As well as battling a


condition which means his bones are so mobile that they popped out of


place, he is also a full-time carer for his mother. Alexander could not


make it to the ceremony, but was lucky enough to have Steve Backshall


surprise him at his band practice. Is there someone called Alexander


here? Is that you? It is a privilege to meet you. The reason Alexander


here? Is that you? It is a privilege was awarded hero status is because


he works hard and goes above and beyond everyday to raise money


different causes and care for his mum. Let's meet him. Alexander


raises lots of money for charity, including the poppy of Peel. Last


year, he helped raise a whopping 22,000 pounds. You are hard at work,


and this is one of the reasons you are one of our Radio 1 teen heroes.


How does it feel? A bit shocked from when I was first told. Did you know


your mum had nominated you? I did not know. You are a genuine hero. We


have a couple of surprises for you. Do you know what this is? It is a


barn owl. Thank you for being one of our teen heroes. Why do you think


the Teen Awards are important, especially for Alexander? B it is


cool for all of us to celebrate people out there that may not get


recognised for what they do. These amazing teenagers have done amazing


things. It is a cool thing to put them in the spotlight. They get to


meet their idols act stage, and we get to meet them, which is equally


amazing. Jeremiah is just 14, but already knows too much about youth


violence. That has not stopped him campaigning, organising and making a


huge difference. Jeremiah has been awarded hero status for his


community work. When he was in year seven, he ran for young London


mayor. In this role, he was able to distribute ?75,000 to improve his


local area. Please give a very warm welcome to Jeremiah! How does it


feel to be today? It is overwhelming. It has been a lot of


fun going on the red carpet and overwhelming. It has been a lot of


when Tinie Tempah came to overwhelming. It has been a lot of


school? It was this a prize. I would have got a haircut and shaved! Is


that Jeremiah? It has been brilliant getting this award, but at the same


time, I have led to stay humble and not get too big headed. Make some


noise for Jeremiah! Why is the award important? Any encouragement we can


give to teenagers is a good idea. It will leave them with something for


life. You will never get this feeling again. The show is winding


down behind me, and what deserving teen heroes we found. I feel lucky


to have been part of the selection process, and what a pledge to do it,


at Wembley Arena, in front of thousands.


Well done, guys. At the start of the show, I asked you to send in your


weird and wonderful talents you have. Your comments have come in by


the truckload. Maroon Dottie Ferri says I love singing, and I don't


care when people tell me to stop. Amber in Wales says, I can do the


splits while eating pizza! Another person says I can eat sour food


without pulling a face! I hope that has given you inspiration to get


sponsored for children in need. Make sure you are here next Thursday


because we have got a treat for you. You will get the gunge one of


these lovely people. Katie, Radzi, Shannon, you know about Get Spotted.


Well, this is get splattered. You can vote for who you would like to


see in a gunge tank extra week. It is going to be fun.


see in a gunge tank extra week. It In Need. With a projection the size


of an Olympic sized swimming pool, the spotty spectacular show will be


big. If you want to get in touch, [email protected] And they vote


for get splattered is open now. Have a lovely week. See you next time.


Bye, everybody.


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