Wing Walking and Customising Sunglasses with Stooshe Blue Peter

Wing Walking and Customising Sunglasses with Stooshe

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you with terrific tricks in the air. With the FA Cup this weekend, we


will introduce you to a green football team who already topped the


tables when it comes the environment.


And we have a group in the studio making their sunglasses and


performing just for you. Hello! You're watching Blue Peter.


That is Helen. Welcome. We are live. Before we talk about the exciting


stuff on today, let's talk about the massive response post from you to


us. We told you last week about how to mash up your faces using your


phones, and you haven't disappointed us. Look at Isabella's top half and


her dad's chin. She knows what she will look like in about 40 years.


Anthony and France wasn't as the picture of their efforts. I did not


use a smartphone. You don't need a phone to do this. They drew on a


piece of paper. If you did not watch last week, you will not know that


Helen sprang as a prize on me. I have entered you in a trombone


competition on 24th May. You have a few weeks to learn a new instrument!


You have to learn to play. You have got to be kidding!


It is true, I will be in a combo competition. My skills are not up to


standard yet, but I will show you how far I have got next week. Are


your lips bruised? Helen doesn't know that there is a surprise for


her at the end of today's show. Stay tuned to find out what that is.


Loads of people have been in touch on the message boards. If you want


in Courage Barney, join the message boards and leave him a supportive


anecdote. Always keep a straight face. Funnily enough, that is what


he always says to me. Another viewer says, don't be nervous, think of it


as a really cool gadget. And there is a blooper on the website. It was


my first lesson. Talking of surprises, why don't you get in


touch today? Tell us about things that have surprised you. And what


about your most embarrassing surprise? Barney and I love a


challenge. But the next one, we literally went to new heights. 1000


feet in the air, to be exact, but we were not in the aeroplanes. We were


on top of them! For years, Blue Peter presenters


have tried their hand at wing walking. And now, it is our turn.


give us a taste for flying, we are having a warmup flight, but this is


just the start. Over the years, Blue Peter presenters have taken to the


skies on the wings of a plane. Six years ago, they attempted one of the


hardest wing walking challenges, a high altitude high-5, but they


failed because it was too windy. the wing walking challenge has been


passed to us, and we are going more extreme. We are working with two of


the best formation display pilots in the business. Vic, founder of this


top British wing walking team. Martin, with more than 1200 hrs of


flying between them, we are in safe hands. How did you start? Where did


it come from? After the First World War, you had all these young guys


who had learnt to fly and did not want to go back to their boring


jobs. So a lot of them bought by planes and started giving rides.


They turned up, and people would come running out, because no one had


seen an aeroplane. After they had visited a few times, people were not


so interested. So one of the guys decided, we are going to really get


their attention and said to the mechanic, you climb out on the wing,


and I will fly down the high street. So that was what wing walking was


about. We are going to attempt a manoeuvre called a mirror pattern


pass. How difficult is that? We will take off. Martin will then dive down


to get some speed up. I will follow him down. He will pull up and then


roll upside down. I am on the side then. I will steer in. I will slowly


come up, so you can grab the bat. Martin will then roll out, and the


job is done. Sounds simple, but doing it for real might be a bit


harder. So we are getting some bat on past training from recessional


wing walker Danielle. Here is the Batten I want you to pass to Barney.


I want to test your reaction times. When I say pass, pass this to each


other and you have to catch. Like a sprinter? Know, a gentle jog is all


that is needed. OK!I have a question. Pass! It will be a lot


faster than this. Pass! Since you are going to be passing a baton to


each other at very high speeds, I now want you to work on your hand


eye coordination. If I grabbed the baton, I will only get one chance,


so my hand-I called a nation has to be spot on. -- my hand icon award a


nation. On the last bit of training needs us to approach things from a


different angle. One of us has to be upside down, and that is me! I can


dangle safety upside down here for up to five minutes. On the wing, I


will have just 15 seconds. After that, there is a real danger that


few will not get to the engine on the plane will stop. It is not the


most normal thing on Earth to do, but we will do this at 110 miles an


hour. I can't wait!My vision has blurred! Easy.It is one thing


passing a baton to Barney on the ground, but trying to 1000 feet in


the air is trapped on top of a plane at 140 miles an hour dash that is a


different story. See you soon Fir Park two. -- 4-part two. Now, time


to introduce some swagger. I can hear some giggling in the distance.


Before we meet Stooshe, let's remind ourselves why would they are one of


the most talked about girl groups in the country right now. Girl band


Stooshe are made up of three singers, all London born and bred.


Two of them were talent spotted while shopping for clothes. They


were joined by another, and the trio were formed. Still in their early


20s, their achievements have been high on the pop success scale. The


girls have released four singles and received two award nominations. They


have also been nominated for Best British single at the Brits and have


even supported Jennifer Lopez. Not bad going, ladies. And they are


here. Please welcome! Stooshewelcome to Blue Peter,


ladies. Sounded like you were having a laugh in there. We were.Your


single is out on Sunday and you will perform it for us later. What is it


about? It is about when you are dating somebody and they have let


their manners go. Not opening doors for you. Standards are slipping.


Let's talk about your name. Where did it come from? It is a word from


London which we all liked and have a lot of different meanings. So we


added the word she on the end for female, girl Power. You are stylish


ladies. We saw a picture of you that inspired us to do a Blue Peter


make, so there you are, wearing funky sunglasses. We thought we


would do that today. Here is your inspiration. Follow me, and we will


show you how to make your very own designer sunglasses. All the details


are on the loopy to website. We need to work out the occasion we will be


wearing the sunglasses at. Because summer is coming up, I am thinking


some of our festivals. If you are stuck for ideas, a great way to come


up with some is to do your own mood board. Cut things out from magazines


and stick them on the big board. Just do a mix and match. You can


take a new pair of sunglasses or an old pair, it is up to you, but get


permission if you are going to Nick your mum 's. Use some sandpaper to


file down the frames. Be careful to file down the frames, not the


lenses. Then you can pick up the bits you want to stick on. We have


sweets, flowers, football stickers. I like the flowers. I like the


sweets. I like the rainbows. I will ask you some questions while you are


sticking and decorating. We have had hundreds of messages from the guys


at home. One viewer says, what do you love best about being in a band


together? Performing with each other is fun, because you bounce off each


other and there is good chemistry on stage. You seem like a genuinely


good friends. We are, and you have to be. Another viewer says, what has


been your most embarrassing moment on stage? I was on stage and we were


opening up for Jennifer Lopez. You know you have a microphone pack? My


one fell off. I could not hear myself. So she came over as I was


singing and lifted up my skirt and showed my knickers to everybody. She


was trying to save me, which was nice, but... Another viewer says, or


what advice would you give to someone who wants to be a singer?


Practice, practice, practice. That is what you have got to do. And just


know what kind of artist you want to be. The work ethic is the main


thing. Don't worry about the blue, it will drive clear. Another viewer


says, when you are about to perform, do you get nervous, and how do you


calm your nerves? We always get nervous. If you don't, you don't


care enough. We have a little handshake that comes us down. We


can't show you, it is a secret. Thank you for your message board


questions. Let's look at what we have got so far. Amazing. All the


details you need are on the Blue Peter website. While you are there,


if you want to see Stooshe doing some more performances, send them


some suggest of support and they will scroll across the bottom of the


screen later. If you decide to have a go, send us a photograph and let


us know how you get on. This weekend, Wigan play Man City in the


FA Cup final at Wembley. Did you know that when they turn the


floodlights on at Wendy, it uses the same amount of energy that it would


to power up 80,000 TVs? That is a lot. But we went to meet one


football team who are making their own energy.


Welcome to a football club with a difference. This stadium in


Gloucestershire is home to a team... What are you doing? Painting


the football green. Why?Because you said we were here to learn how to


make football more green. Not the colour green, I met environmentally


friendly green! O. OK.This is the home of Forest Green Rovers. I see


what they did with the name. That is a coincidence. They have been called


Forest Green for over a hundred years, but this could be the most


environmentally friendly football club in the world. This is 100%


recycled paper. That is their programme. And there is a game


tonight. We need to get a move on. From floodlights to feeding the


fans, football grounds use a lot of energy. But he, they have a plan to


help. This club can produce its own energy. With solar panels on the


roof of that stand, there is a wind turbine on the hill and on a day


like today, they are both pretty efficient. Barney is standing on a


pitch that even at the end of the season looks in good nick, and I


think he is about to find out that it is even greener than it looks.


Yes, because I have found the man responsible for the green grass,


award-winning groundsman Stuart Ward. Let's talk about the pitch. It


is not an ordinary pitch. What makes it an eco-pitch? We use organic


products. Seaweed, waste from animals, waste from plants and


calcium as well. We mix them together, depending what we want to


do on the pitch throughout the season, and we make our own


smoothies to feed the pitch. I love how the footballers have to stay


healthy by eating and rigging well, and the pitch has to do the same.


is an athlete in its own right. It is the 12th man. Jason, what are you


cooking? We are making pizzas.How is the menu here different to a menu


at most football clubs? We only serve vegetarian food. No burgers,


no chicken? Burgers, but vegetarian burgers. I imagine there would be a


riot if you said no pasties, no meat pies. How did the fans react?


got used to eating vegetarian food. It is very nice. Meat production can


be heavy on energy consumption, so serving locally sourced vegetarian


food is another green step for Forest Green. What about the


players? Has the new diet affected their performance? They have done


well this year. They almost made the play-offs. But looks delicious.


Sprinkle a bit of rocket over it. This looks delicious. It is hot.


have found a gadget, you have got to come and see this. Helen, have you


heard of the mobot? It is a robot which mows the grass. It does it


using GPS. It goes on its merry way. It is amazing. It is charged by


electric which is generated by solar panels on the roof. It is genius,


and, if it gets into trouble, it sends the groundsman a text message.


I want one. Now, we all expect foot all is to arrive in style, and it is


no different here - it is just a different kind of style. All the


cars are electric, so once they are parked up, you just plug them in. It


is just the type of great green idea we like on Blue Peter. We love it


when you get in touch and show us how created you have been,


especially when it is something to do with the environment. If you do


that, we can award you one of these, a green Blue Peter badge. I have got


an idea. Come on. It is looking good. It is going well, not quite as


amazing as we hoped, but it is the thought that counts. Time to take


the stands for the game. I thought you said there was going to be no


Greens on this. Everything is green. We are funny. Anyway, thank


you very much. Last week, we interest you -- introduced you to a


new feature, showing you how to Grow your own herbs, cook them and eat


them. Take a look at what Toby from Exeter has done. Look at the size of


his herb garden. Let's have a look at our much smaller plant pots.


Briony, you have some basil, which is starting to sprout. It is early


days, it has only been in for a week. I have planted some spring


onions, which are starting to come through. So, we have left these in


the sunshine in the window in the office, we have watered them and


kept them well protected. Fingers crossed they will grow into


something that we can cook and eat. If you want to join us, head over to


the blue people website -- to the Blue Peter website, come on. Earlier


on, you saw us training to be wing-walker Cormack. Back to that


now. Suited and boosted, our time to wing-walk has come. First, we need


to experience getting strapped to a wing and spun around in the sky. It


is all part of the training. I am up first, while Barney watches from the


ground in a minute, they will start performing the acrobatics, that's


what Helen is going to have to do for us to pull off this mirror baton


pass. He is now coming down, to get as much speed up as possible. Now,,


he comes back, to go into the loop. That is absolutely amazing! So,


that's the move Helen has got to be able to do today. OK, my turn in the


sky, and it is amazing. Even if it does make me look like a bulldog


invincible. But not for long. difficult is this? I would say it is


up there at ten what should we focus on? First of all, you have got to be


strong, to fight against the wind. Secondly, do not trot the button,


hold on really tight. And number three, you have got to watch out for


flies, because getting flies in your teeth is not so glamorous. Let's not


drop the button. Let's do it.With 140 miles an hour of wind in our


faces, it is difficult to speak, it is too windy to even hear us talk.


My plane spins upside down, right above Barney. We increase our speed


to try to catch up with Helen, but we just cannot get close enough.


first attempt has failed. So, we fly around to try again. By now, my arms


are burning, battling against the wind. I can see Helen right above


me, but the gap between us is too big. There is nothing I can do to


get closer. It is clear that something is wrong, so our pilots,


Martin and Vic, decided to land. Why did it not work? It is not easy.


Barney 's suit was playing up, causing a lot of drag, so I did not


have the speed to catch up. So we are going to try to get Barney more


streamlined, somehow. Are you sure it is all right? Absolutely fine,


don't worry about it. Strapped and streamlined, we go for one last


flight to try to nail this. It is so windy, I cannot even open my eyes.


We are going for it... Almost... Almost... ! We were so close, but


after a total of six attempts, our time is up. I have no idea how close


we were. I was just holding it as steady as I could, until I felt as


turn around again. It was so close. I am so annoyed! I am the least


competitive person on the planet, but look at the slow motion, look at


how close we got. It was so, so close, and that was our fifth


attempt. It was just not going to happen it was so frustrating, but it


was a good day, and thank you to everybody who helped as. Earlier


on, we asked you to get in touch and let us know how you have been


surprising your friends and family. Then said, my biggest surprise when


I found out that my friend had told everybody my football team had won


the league, and we actually got relegated. Amy says, my surprise was


when my mum came home with my baby brother. And this one says, my


brother turned off all the electricity, when we were watching a


horror film and jumped out behind the sofa. I was really scared. That


is a good one. Jacob said, I went go-karting and I was not looking


where I was going and I crashed. We hope you are OK. Thank you very much


forgetting in touch. As I mentioned, we have a surprise for Helen. Helen,


you are going to be needing these, because you have been enrolled in


the first stages of the Royal Marine commando programme. On Tuesday,


you're going to Exeter for your first assessment. That's the Royal


Marine commando programme. How do you feel about that? I was expecting


you were going to make me sing or something ridiculous. While Helen


soaks that up, here is what is happening next week. In honour of


the brand-new film Epic, we will be looking at some slimy slugs. And we


are going to be turning tinfoil into treasurer. And we will begin the new


access behind-the-scenes at this world record roller-coaster, with 14


loops. If you got in touch earlier with your comments for Stooshe, they


will becoming across the screen now. Now, it is time for Stooshe, with


said baby. # You used to open doors. # So if you really want to stay in


my head... # Why did you let it slip? # Bring it all back to me. #


Say it like you mean it. # Slip! # That's how it used to be, why did


you let it slip? # You used to say I'm pretty... # Oh, yeah, baby. #


where did that style go? # If you really want to stay in my head. #


Why did you let it slip? # say it like you mean it. # You just cheer


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