Slugs, Roller Coasters and Tin Foil Art Blue Peter

Slugs, Roller Coasters and Tin Foil Art

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the scenes access to a record-breaking 14-loop roller


coaster. These might look priceless but they are made out of tin foil.


All new animation epic will be hitting cinema screens soon. One of


the stars with a slug. We've got some gooey gastropods here just for


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What was that? I don't know, but it


is exciting. Welcome to Blue Peter, a totally lye show. For example in


rehearsal I didn't put my hand on Helen's nose and make a sound like


this. Hello! I want to talk about what scares people, because we have


some experience in this field. later Barney and I will be rolling a


roller coaster with 14 loops, and then talking about the science


behind why you got scared. That got us thinking, what scares you? Let us


know what scares you. I don't really like rats, because of the long


tails. I know some of you probably have them as pets, but urgh.


really don't like them either. I really don't like the dark. Make it


stop, make it stop. I really don't mind the dark. What scares you, get


in touch, e-mail [email protected] Two people


who've been in touch already are Ansa and Alix. They have three Blue


Peter badges. They've just earned a green Blue Peter badge because they


sent us this. It is a badge made entirely out of foil. They used a


chocolate bar wrapper and a mint wrapper. Thank you ladies, we hope


you enjoy your green Blue Peter badges. Have a look at these


fantastic objects. They look like solid silver but they are made of


foil! Please welcome one of the artists, Daniel Russell, who made


these for us. Hello.Daniel, I can't get my head round how you've done


this. How did you manage to create these in so much detail? I'm working


with the National Trust. This is a replica for a water holder, and the


pigs were made by sculpting the pigs from clay and using tools made of


wood to compress into all the gaps. So you scored in all the hair and


things like that? Yes.I particularly love these forks. I


came over to pick up one of these forks. I thought it was real and


then I realised I could do this. That is not going to cut up your


steak is it, because it is made entirely of foil. How have you done


that? It is pretty easy. You get a normal fork and wrap it in tin foil.


The again using the tools to smooth in all the gaps and things, you then


remove it from the fork and fold the edges in, and finish it off a little


bit. And then take out the fork? Yes. If you are a rascal and you


want to play a trick on your friends and family, you could do that and


lay the table and nobody would be able to eat anything! One of the


techniques you have a is embossing. How did you manage to create this


street scene? You print a picture and stick it on to the tin foil with


a bit of tape. I used a knife and a recaller to trace. You can use --


and a ruler to trace. I'm going to invite my artistic friends now,


because we are going to have a go. I'm stumbling around, that's because


of Maddison. Daniel is so tall. I've been told you are very artistic.


Tomas, how artistic are you? On a scale of one two ten I would


probably be a nine. A nine? That's confidence. Is he that good? On a


scale of one to ten I think he is scale of one to ten I think he is


about 200! These guys are good. Good. I knew you were artistic,


because your art teacher sent us a picture. We haven't got paintbrushes


for you today but we have got some tools for you. We are hoping that


you are going to have a bit of a go throughout today's show. We are


setting you a challenge. We are going to have a go at embossing,


creating something like Daniel's. You can do any design you want. If


you are not 200 out of ten like Tomas, you can go to to Blue Peter


website after the show - I will leave


you with Daniel to decide what you are going to create. We'll look at


them at the end of the show. This is one of those things that's going to


fill our post boxes by the end of the week. You love getting involved


and being creative. We like to get involved as well. We were given the


chance to help build the UK's newest roller coaster. I have to say thank


you to Josephine, but we were already on it. Take a look. Roller


coaster! They really are the King of the theme park. Every year they get


big bigger... Faster... And more exciting. There are more than 160


roller coasters in the UK. With loops, drops, twists, bumps, rolls,


tunnels and plenty of surprise they are all designed for maximum


exhilaration. But those though ride them are lulls looking for the next


-- are always looking for the next b a adrenaline rush. The latest


addition is being built here at Alton Towers. This is the


construction site for Secret Weapon seven, the code name for a new �18


million ride which when it opens will be a record-breaker. What's


going on here is a closely guarded secret, but Blue Peter's been given


exclusive access. This roller coaster is so top secret nobody


really wanted to talk about it. We'll see about that. To get the


inside information about this project I'm meeting the boss of


rides, Terry.ments his job to oversee every bit of construction


work in this muddy pit. There's a certain rule about not building this


above the trees. Why is that? in a conservation area, so we don't


want to go over the tree canopy. The local community can't see the ride


from anywhere around the boundary of from anywhere around the boundary of


the site. In order to do that we have to go down. If you wanted a


really tall ride, would you dig deeper? Yes, that's the answer.What


is it about this ride that's better? This will be the longest ride at the


Alton tower's resort. To make it a world's first we will invert our


riders 14 times during the cycle. They will go up side down 14 times


on the ride. If you need any help, I would love to get involved. We are


powering 18 tonnes of concrete. to get my hands dirty. I'm building


a roller coaster. It is quite a major and very hard thing, because


all the concrete has to fill this space and your guys have to stand


here doing. This once the found agencies are set, bolting together


the metal coaster track in theory is simple. Except enit snows. Because


that delays work. The cold weather is holding us back a little bit. We


are still progressing and we are doing OK. 16 weeks ago I was on this


site to help lay concrete into the foundations, so today I thought I


would see how my little patch of concrete is doing. Apparently it is


really well. They've stuck a roller coaster in it! I'm helping the team


to put the ride together. I'm driving a crane. Push that forward


nice and steady and you will feel it start to lower. There you go.


done. Well done.Thanks mate, that was amazing. A piece of track is now


in place. You've only got to do that another 400 times. But building a


brand-new roller coaster doesn't start with mechanical machines and a


massive hole. It begins in a much smaller space, someone's head. One


of the people who the name is with me. This park is all about making


Britain smile, so there's lots of optical illusions and camera


trickery. We develop everything as one package to maximise the effect


of this ride. And you've made it more scary by putting a spider above


it. This stretches over parts of the track and has lots of effects, so


when you are on the ride you get sprayed with water, you get tickled,


flashed with light. All that sort of thing, to really enhance the


psychological side of the appearance. Apparently I have a bit


of a job today? Yes, we've got some finishing touches to do. Brilliant,


if it comes to finishing touches on that, I'm your man. This metal


spider is key to the Smiler's theming. I'm having a riveting time


putting the finishing touches to the spider's legs. The Gigola is ready.


It has been such a brilliant journey watching this roller coaster built,


and I've played a little part in building it. The next I'm I'm going


to be here I'm going to be one of the first members of public to ride


it. I cannot wait. And you can find out later in the show how Barney and


I get on when we test that roller coaster.


If you cast your mind back a few weeks, I surprised Barney. I entered


you in a trombone competition on 24th May, so you've got a few weeks


to learn a new instrument. This trombone you've got to learn to


play. You've got to be kidding!It is a real competition. He genuinely


had no idea. He's been having a crash course in the trombone.


competition is a week away and it is very difficult. If you have brass


lessons you will know how you make your lips loose or tight. That takes


a lot of doing, normally a year, my teacher said, and I've got just


three weeks. You can do it.Here we go. That was just a sound effect.


believe in you. I don't know the next two notes.


very impressed. It is not easy to learn a new instrument and he's got


to do it in two weeks. My lips are killing me. Thank you for all the


messages you've been sending to me, they were supportive and it is


really helping me. Last week Helen had a bit of a surprise. This is a


challenge like no other. It is by no means an easy one. I don't run


through rivers with the Marines! I had to run six miles with the


marines in big heavy military boots. That's not even the actual


challenge. That was an assessment to see if I'm fit enough and prepared


to take on the challenge. Of course you are. I don't know if I'm


prepared, but in I way. A bit of support would be nice. If you want


to send Helen a message on the board, please do -


[email protected] How is it going, Maddy? Perfect.That is very


good. Can you make me a sign for my bedroom door, which says brothers


get out? I will give you something nice. What?I've got some jelly.


What flavour? Strawberry. Done. Thank you. You've got to strike a


deal on a live show. We love it when you get in touch. We do.Last week


Stooshe came in to decorate sunglasses with us and Amy from


Merseyside sent us these. I think these are fantastic. This matches my


outfit. Thank you Amy. Not just physical sunglasses but pictures


Alice stuck some buttons and beads to hers. Thank you. Thank you for


these, Finlay. All the details are on the Blue Peter website -

:14:21.:14:25. It is not just glasses that are


being sent in. I love to take photographs, so Megan has made me my


very own camera, complete with lens. When you detach it underneath is a


picture of me. Megan, I love this. Thank you. Megan, he was so excited


when he got that. I was equally quited when I got this necklace. But


I couldn't wear it, as it would bang on my microphone.


I want to say thank you to Charlotte. If you turn over the


front page it has me and Barney on the front, Barney with his cameras,


me doing high-wire walking, Shelley and the dogs. And here she is in all


her glory. Can I take a picture of that please? Thank you, I will save


that later. This is Olivia's picture, the Blue Peter family.


There's me, my sister Helen and Socks and Cookie, who aren't here at


the moment, but they will be appearing at the suss suss suss --


Suffolk and Norfolk 50th Championship Cat Show. If you have


sent us something and we haven't mentioned you, keep an eye on the


wall of fame, because you might see yourself or your work here. We


mentioned earlier we were going to have some slimy guests today. That's


because of a new movie out next week called Epic. This is about a slug


call called Mup. Thanks Marti. Obviously they are


quite friendly and cartoony but this is what real slugs look like. If you


hear parents or a grown-up talking about slugs, they normally refer to


them as pests, because they eat their plants, but with me is Mike


Dilger. So slugs are just pets? they perform an important job in the


garden. A lot of them break down plants and eat carrion, dead


animals, mammals and birds. They can move very slowly and catch it and


munch it. This leopard slug even eats other slugs. So they are there


to play a much bigger part in the eco-system? They certainly are. And


lots of things eat slugs as well. Blackbirds, song thrushes,


hedgehogs, moles, the works. I've heard the word gastropod. I love it


when you talk Latin. Gastromeans stomach and pod is foot. It looks


like it is slide sliding around on its belly but it moves around on its


foot, using slime. If you get slime on your fingers, don't wash your


hands. Water gets absorbed in the slime. Dry your hands and you get


these big balls of mucous. You can get rid of them. You don't see many


on the ground. They all hide don't they? They come out when it is


moist. That's when they like it. 95% are below the ground and only 5%


above the ground. We have a series call called Grow it, Cook it, Eat


it. We want slugs in the garden but not to eat what we are growing. What


can we do to prevent that? Don't use slug pellets, because they are


horrible. The slugs eat them and the birds eat the slugs and they die.


This is copper. If you wrap it around this plant pot, it emits a


weak direct cal charge and they don't like it -- a weak electrical


charge and they don't like it. Slugs really don't like egg shells, so


they will avoid it. It is like walking on gravel in bare feet. Not


pleasant. The herbs are doing OK. The chives are good, the basil is


good. That's because no slugs have been near them. Thank you Mike.


Moving from something that's slow to something very fast. You've already


seen how the roller coaster was built. Now it is time to test it.


For this I needed my very good friend, because I was a little bit


scared. After 3,000 hours of hard work, with 700 tonnes of steel, over


a kilometre of track and the 31,000 bolts holding it together, the


Smiler is ready to ride. I brought Helen along to see which one of us


is the biggest adrenaline addict. 14 loops in 165 seconds. This is


Professor Brendan Walker. He's here to investigate how this ride plays


with our emotions. Meet Professor Walker. Hi Brendan. How are you


doing? Nervous.That's what it is designed to do. To play with this


cocktail of emotions, which are quite natural to feel. Do you fancy


giving it a go? Yes! The ride is so new it is not yet open to the


public, so my fellow passengers are crash-test dummies, and Helen.


Finally after months of waiting, we are about to do the first seven


loops. The most in the world in one short burst. I giggle when I'm


nervous. Do you? I wee when I'm per hour. The twists the and turn


turns are similar to what a jet fighter pilot experiences. After a


quick spin, well, several, we are sticking to our seats and rattling


around again, all in the interests of science of course. Brendan's


hooking us up to a facial recognition system, which analyses


our face muscles and reads a range of emotions. You look cool. Thanks.


Out of all out of our adventures on Blue Peter, this should confirm


which of us is the biggest thrill seeker. Judging by your face,


Barney, it is no contest. We'll see. The professor's helmet-cam is


recording every grin, groan and Brendan's makeshift lab for the


results. How can you tell what we are feeling by filming our faces?


Your face is made up of 42 different muscles. Each of those depending on


which emotion you are feeling with start twitching. The computer will


tell us how happy you are, how nauseous you are, how sick you are


feeling, how surprised you are and how sad you are, more to do with


anxiety. But also how neutral you are. A lot of the time you'll be


doing that. Helen you reckon your most dominant emotion will be what?


Happy. I'm neutral. Ignore that, as everyone has neutral emotions. You


have loads of happiness here. Little moments of fear, but what you


probably don't realise is there's sadness as well, which is a bit of


anxiety creeping in as well. But happy seasons the most dominant e--


but happiness is the most dominant emotion. All the other emotions of


nausea, fear and sadness, very small. For you you were smiling all


the way through that ride. Now, Barney, first off lots of


anxiety going on here. That nausea is bouncing around. But sadness,


36%. Happiness only 5% at this point. I'm feeling sad now. Why?


It's only a ride, that you're scared of! That proves it then that the


facial recognition test shows categorically that I'm the biggest


thrill seeker. No you're not.You're 36% sad, bane I'm not!Science has


proved it. No, I'm happy there, and there, see? Science shmience.


Independent was amazing. If that camera was -- if that cameras was on


my face, it was amazing. I couldn't even count the loops. You were


laughing. Earlier in the show we asked our artistic friends to have a


go at embossing. You get a ball point pen and you draw on to an


aluminium plate. You can get these from supermarkets, pound stores,


Maddy, how did your creation go? wrote my name and then I thought I


would do a crown, I don't know why. So your name, a crowned and a random


man. Yes.Did you enjoy it? Yes.Was it easy to do? No.It only took you


ten minutes. Tomas, you said your drawing girls were 200 out of ten.


What did you do? I basically did a random man like Maddison, but he's


flying in the sky, with sun here and clouds and everything him. It looks


pretty cool. Corey, what did you go for? I did Premier League football


team Logue os. Show it to the world. You've done it right there putting a


few on rather than just the one. Aston Villa there.


What did you do? I traced a lion. You used a template from the Blue


Peter website? First I traced a lion. Then I did the tiara and then


the Blue Peter logo. Well done. Thank you for your efforts. Mike,


come back in and help us out with this. We were talking about what


scares you. Lottie says she's really scared of birds pooing on her.


That's happened to me and it is not fun. Kieran says I'm scared of


banana skins. Ever since I slipped on one, I can't even stand the


smell. I thought this would be more popular, the spiders thing. Eve says


even if it is a small one I'm really scared of spiders. Even thinking of


them gives me a chill. This one says exams. We've had 13 so far. Good


luck with your exams. Mike and Dan? I'm scared of really talented


artists. Leeches. I once had a friend with a leech on his eyeball


in South-East Asia. I pulled it off and it came out of like that.


not right. I love the way Maddison is reassuring Tomas. Dan? I'm scared


of slugs and live television. you loved today's show. This show is


nearly over. On next week's show, it is brilliant. You've heard of 3D


printing. Never mind, that it is so last year darlings. That's a 3D pen.


The pictures pop up off the paper. And I take an Egyptian mummy to


hospital. We use fantastic new technology to see what's going on


inside. I'm also a technology man. That's the world's fastest electric


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