Series 4

Series 4

Presented by Chris Jarvis and Maggie Aderin-Pocock, CBeebies Stargazing sets young stargazers a series of missions to explore the planets, stars and beyond.

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A Universe to Explore

1. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, A Universe to Explore

Astronaut Tim Peake gives a mission update and Robert the Robot tours the universe.


2. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, Mars

The Stargazers collect rocks to discover more about the surface of the red planet, Mars.


3. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, Spheres

The Stargazers find lots of round things in space and learn how gravity makes spheres.


4. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, Orion

The Stargazers learn about the constellation of Orion and its nebula.

Back to Earth

5. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, Back to Earth

The Stargazers are on a mission to find tiny things on Earth that remind them of space.