Deadly 360

Deadly 360

Steve Backshall recreates incredible hunts by some of the world's deadliest creatures, analysing the techniques and tactics of both predator and prey in forensic detail.

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Birds of Prey

1. Deadly 360: Birds of Prey

A mountain hare tries to outrun the massive golden eagle.


2. Deadly 360: Dogs

A pack of grey wolves use canine intelligence to take on a massive antler-armed elk.

Sharks and Rays

3. Deadly 360: Sharks and Rays

A tiger shark tries to surprise an albatross, and a seal goes up against a shark.

Wasps and Spiders

4. Deadly 360: Wasps and Spiders

Three hunts from the miniature world of wasps and spiders are analysed in this episode.


5. Deadly 360: Crocodiles

The acrobatic caiman hunts the most dangerous fish in the sea, the piranha.


6. Deadly 360: Bears

A grizzly bear tries to catch a slippery salmon in the rivers of Alaska.

Whales and Dolphins

7. Deadly 360: Whales and Dolphins

A killer whale uses cunning to hunt the largest sea lion in the ocean.

Aerial Assassins

8. Deadly 360: Aerial Assassins

The Daubenton's bat uses sound to see in pitch black to hunt yellow underwing moths.


9. Deadly 360: Snakes

A six-metre African rock python tries to bring down a sprinting springbok.

Arboreal Hunters

10. Deadly 360: Arboreal Hunters

A group of chimpanzees work like a crack commando unit to hunt colobus monkeys.


11. Deadly 360: Lizards

A Jackson's chameleon uses its enormous tongue to hunt down a praying mantis.


12. Deadly 360: Cephalopods

Steve Backshall recreates three incredible hunts by cephalopods.


13. Deadly 360: Cats

A gazelle takes on the fastest land animal on the planet, the cheetah.