Series 3

Series 3

Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall tracks down 60 of the world's deadliest animals.

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1. Deadly 60: Series 3, Indonesia

Steve Backshall and his crew have a close encounter with a group of komodo dragons.


2. Deadly 60: Series 3, Ethiopia

Steve has a unique and potentially lethal encounter with a pack of spotted hyenas.


3. Deadly 60: Series 3, UK

Steve heads for the seas off the coast of Plymouth in search of monsters from the deep.


4. Deadly 60: Series 3, Alaska

Steve and the crew head to the home of some of the most impressive predators on Earth.

South Africa 1

5. Deadly 60: Series 3, South Africa 1

Steve Backshall is charmed by the snake-stomping secretary bird.

Mexico 1

6. Deadly 60: Series 3, Mexico 1

Steve and the crew head to Mexico's breathtaking Yucatan Peninsula.

Australia 1

7. Deadly 60: Series 3, Australia 1

Steve and the crew are in Australia and it's deadly to the extreme.

New Zealand

8. Deadly 60: Series 3, New Zealand

Steve and the team head to New Zealand for the first time.

South Africa 2

9. Deadly 60: Series 3, South Africa 2

Steve and the crew are back in South Africa, one of the deadly capitals of the world.

Australia 2

10. Deadly 60: Series 3, Australia 2

Steve goes in search of the most venomous animal on earth, the box jellyfish.

South America 1

11. Deadly 60: Series 3, South America 1

Steve braves a thunderstorm to get a close-up view of one of the world's rarest canines.


12. Deadly 60: Series 3, Nepal

Steve enlists the help of an elephant to track down a very grumpy rhinoceros.

Mexico 2

13. Deadly 60: Series 3, Mexico 2

Steve searches a swamp at night for a rare and beautiful crocodile with a nasty bite.


14. Deadly 60: Series 3, Venezuela

Steve heads beneath the rainforest into a dark cave infested with vampire bats.

South America 2

15. Deadly 60: Series 3, South America 2

Steve heads out for a night-time encounter with a monster of the Amazonian waterways.

Sri Lanka 1

16. Deadly 60: Series 3, Sri Lanka 1

Steve tries to free dive with the largest animal ever known to have lived.

Sri Lanka 2

17. Deadly 60: Series 3, Sri Lanka 2

Steve attempts to catch a glimpse of the majestic and seldom seen Sri Lankan leopard.

Southern States

18. Deadly 60: Series 3, Southern States

Steve joins a team of scientists tracking and tagging wild bobcats.


19. Deadly 60: Series 3, Florida

Steve wades into a swamp to try and catch a slippery amphibian.

Killer Shots

20. Deadly 60: Series 3, Killer Shots

The crew reveal how they film stunning images of the planet's most lethal predators.


21. Deadly 60: Series 3, Parasites

Steve Backshall delves into the weird and wonderful world of parasites.


22. Deadly 60: Series 3, Superpower

Steve Backshall takes a look at some of the skills and senses that many animals have.

Deadly Neighbours

23. Deadly 60: Series 3, Deadly Neighbours

Steve Backshall investigates how humans are coming into contact with dangerous animals.

Self Defence

24. Deadly 60: Series 3, Self Defence

Steve Backshall looks at the incredible methods animals employ to protect themselves.


25. Deadly 60: Series 3, Endangered

Steve Backshall examines the increasing pressures threatening animals worldwide.


26. Deadly 60: Series 3, Unseen

Steve Backshall looks back at some remarkable and unseen Deadly 60 footage.