Series 2

Series 2

Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall tracks down 60 of the world's deadliest animals.

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Episodes List

Baja California, Mexico

1. Deadly 60: Series 2, Baja California, Mexico

In Mexico, Steve Backshall takes to the water in search of a monster of the deep seas.

British Columbia

2. Deadly 60: Series 2, British Columbia

In Canada, Steve gets the surprise of his life while kayaking with killer whales.


3. Deadly 60: Series 2, Vancouver

There's a surprise in store when Steve tracks down the infamous black bear.

Costa Rica

4. Deadly 60: Series 2, Costa Rica

Steve and the crew are thrown deep in the steamy rainforests of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

5. Deadly 60: Series 2, Costa Rica

Steve gets hands-on with a poisonous frog and nearly gets a nip from a vampire!


6. Deadly 60: Series 2, Panama

Steve chases a deadly racer snake downriver and handles some giant bullet ants.


7. Deadly 60: Series 2, Mozambique

Deep in the waters of the Indian Ocean, Steve finds the biggest fish in the sea.

South Africa

8. Deadly 60: Series 2, South Africa

Steve swims in shark-infested waters and finds a nest of killer bees in South Africa.


9. Deadly 60: Series 2, Namibia

In Namibia, Steve gets up close to a vulture and a tiny but mighty spider.

Namibia 2

10. Deadly 60: Series 2, Namibia 2

Steve dons a camouflage suit to beat a leopard at its own game by hunting his crew.


11. Deadly 60: Series 2, Madagascar

Steve and the team embark on an adventure across the vast island of Madagascar.


12. Deadly 60: Series 2, Uganda

Steve is in Uganda, getting up close and personal with gorillas, baboons and chimps.


13. Deadly 60: Series 2, Thailand

In Thailand, Steve comes face-to-face with the longest venomous snake in the world.

Philippines Part One

14. Deadly 60: Series 2, Philippines Part One

In the Philippines, Steve goes nose-to-nose with a living dinosaur.


15. Deadly 60: Series 2, Philippines

Steve searches the jungle for a lethal predator who eats his victims head first.


16. Deadly 60: Series 2, Romania

Steve Backshall takes a close look at dogs and their distant relatives, wolves.


17. Deadly 60: Series 2, Norway

Steve and his trusty team head to the frozen north of Norway.


18. Deadly 60: Series 2, UK

Steve builds a giant web to demonstrate just what lethal killers spiders can be.


19. Deadly 60: Series 2, Argentina

In Argentina, Steve searches for an anaconda and swims in piranha-infested waters.


20. Deadly 60: Series 2, Peru

Steve and the crew are in Peru, searching for elusive giant river otters.

Making Of

21. Deadly 60: Series 2, Making Of

A behind-the-scenes look at how the series is filmed.

Tracks and Signs

22. Deadly 60: Series 2, Tracks and Signs

Reading the tracks and signs left by an animal can lead to fantastic encounters.

Inside Deadly 60

23. Deadly 60: Series 2, Inside Deadly 60

Steve takes a look inside some of the top predators featured on Deadly 60.


24. Deadly 60: Series 2, Venom

Steve Backshall is spat at and bitten by several creatures as he takes a look at venom.


25. Deadly 60: Series 2, Unseen

A look at the contenders that didn't quite make it onto the Deadly 60 list.

Endangered Special

26. Deadly 60: Series 2, Endangered Special

Steve Backshall looks at animals that are both deadly and endangered.