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Give it up for your Friday Download Welcome to Friday Download. Your


instant download for the week ahead. Well, it looks like we've all


survived Friday the 13th. As you all probably know, they say E the


Friday is unlucky, Friday the 13th. On that subject, we should talk


about our superstitions or anything we don't do that is lucky or


unlucky Bo Storm eyes superstition is walking under a ladder. There


Just walk the other way. I've got a death for you. In front of all


these people. On Friday the 13th, and in front of us. Come on!


building the tension. It is like the X Factor final! I went there


and dared him. Is he going to do it? Let me tell you why I'm not


going to do it. Let me adjust myself. This is a big moment.


may join me in case anything happens. You can watch. It was nice


Thank you. Leave him to it. A no, I want to watch this. That is saying


you are going to do something bad. Do it! Do it! I'm going, you do


I'm all right! Are you sure? I've hurt my leg. While we check


what is wrong with Cel, here is what's coming up on today's show. I


get a good feeling in Dance Download. Georgia keeps cool in


Style Download. It's the one direction music tribute. Nicola


Welcome to another Dance Download. Last week I talked to only one move.


This week I'm going to teach to a small routine and you will see it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


To teach you this routine am going to have to have some help. As usual,


I've got my manor Richard. Come on. Also this week I've got Cel. Cel,


are you all right? I'm all right, I can soldier on. Can you dance?


can do it. The bid I'm going to T let's get it, let's get it. These


moves adjust to those words. What we do is stand like this. Pivot


your right foot round. Lean on to your foot. Move this food and do


the same thing. Step to the right. You lean around. Go forward on to


this one. Let's get it, let's get it. Got to love the life that we


live in. After a while you will get it like this. It looks like your


whole body... It's like someone is pushing you. We are doing it to


music. This first bit now. One, two, one, two, three. Exactly the same


thing again. But it is forward, forward and upwards body roll.


can never do this one! Cel is amazing at the body roll. Let's do


it to the music. Mess around with faster. I'm struggling with my legs.


Let's get it, let's get it, got to love the life that we Labour. --


routine and we are going to be practising it. I promise. Before I


complete this download, I've got to say thank you and a big well done


to these two boys in the yellow tops here. Take a bow. The whole


way through that routine, they were going along with it and they were


making more progress than us. They showed as up. We are getting


replaced. The you are going to have to step up your game because to do


you were useless. Thank you to you all. That is Dance Download


never gets out of bed? An Welcome to Movie Download. To begin,


I'm going to tell you about a film that's out in cinema for you older


ones. It is War Horse. I went to see the play in London, it's based


on a book by Michael Morpurgo, who is a very famous author. When I


heard about the film I was thinking, is it going to do the play justice


because the play is phenomenal? Steven Spielberg has done wonders


with the film. He broke down in tears when first watching the play.


This is what inspired him to create the film. It follows the story of


Albert and jolly. Dewi is a horse. He gets split up from his own are


due to the war. It is at two Albert to fetch Joe Ebac from the war and


get the United. Jo Weaver horse got a little go on the red carpet.


Imagine that on the CV? That is War Horse, and here is Joey and Albert


I'm the only boy that drives in the village. This is my dad's car. You


are lucky that you are in it. I'm not normally a -- allowed to drive


Come on, boy. Let's show them how to fly! It was genuinely one of the


best films I've ever seen. I can't stop going on about it to people. I


did almost cry out of happiness. It and cry, nearly did, but I've never


done that for a film and it's really moving. The film next on


television this week is Happy Feet. I love this film, it's such a fund


animation. It follows a penguin. It is about finding a soulmate. The


way they do that is through singing. However, the Penguin can't sing a


note. How is he going to find a soul mate? But what he can do is


dance, he can go all day. But the penguins don't take to it. He can't


sing, he's not one of us. But he's really good at dancing. It's lovely,


you get to see what the penguins on may be actually like out in the


wild. It's really funny. It's got a great cast, Nicole will -- Nicole


Kidman and Robin Williams. It's a feel-good film. Here is the Penguin


tapping away. Feel the feeling. No this feeling. It fills your whole


body. It must escape or you explode. Open your little Obika -- mouth.


Look at him go! Over to Georgia for Here are the kids from High School


Musical, as they spend their summer break entering talent shows,


working in the country club kitchen and singing their hearts out. This


is the film's first scene, where the guys break into song as they


realise the school is over for summer. Look carefully at Zac Efron


Did you spot the error? Let's take a look again. When he throws the


basketball to Chad, you can see he's wearing a pair of white boxer


shorts and a his genes. But a couple of sexual -- a couple of


seconds later his underwear has Can you guess what the music


tribute is this week? Give me a clue. Next week on the show after


this one, I'm going to do a little boogie to it. One Direction, what


But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell. You don't know.


Oh, oh. You don't know you're beautiful.


If only you saw what I can see. You'll understand why I want you so


desperately. Right now, I'm looking at you and I


can't believe. You don't know.


Oh, oh. Angelina from death and included


You're insecure. Don't know what for. You're turning


heads when you walk through the door.


Don't need make up. To cover up.


Being the way that you are is enough.


Everyone else in the room can see Everyone else but you.


Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.


The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.


But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell.


You don't know. Oh, oh.


You don't know you're beautiful. If only you saw what I can see.


You'll understand why I want you so desperately.


Right now, I'm looking at you and I can't believe. You don't know.


Oh, oh. You don't know you're beautiful.


Oh, oh. But that's what makes you beautiful.


So come on. You got it wrong. To prove I'm


right, I put it in a song. I don't know why you're being shy


and turn away when I look into your eyes.


Everyone else in the room can see Everyone else but you. Baby, you


light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair


gets me overwhelmed. But when you smile at the ground it


ain't hard to tell. You don't know.


Oh, oh. You don't know you're beautiful.


A fantastic effort. It is good to see they even made it down to the


beach. If you want to join in, go This week, I caught up with Mark,


he is hopping mad. He can do so many tricks. Have a look.


We are back with the weekend download. I am in Berkshire. I have


not done this since I was eight years old. I have got a will to


work -- cabled record-breaker teaching me. Let's have a look.


I am Mark, I and 19, I do extreme pogo stick Riding. I started when I


was nine years old. I love the sport, it is unique. I get age huge


adrenalin rush. It is fun, it is healthy. It is an adventure, the


whole time. This is not age huge sport, it is probably 100 people


over the whole world. My favourite trick is the under the leg bar spin.


You jump up in the air, and you do the splits in the air. You land


back on the stick. The superman is called the Superman because your


body looks like you or Superman. You print the stick above your head,


and you land back on the stick. has been pogoing for years. But me,


I am a beginner. It will take it back to the basics, I hope. Hello,


I am Richard. I have got to learn how to do this. We have got nice,


flat land. I have never seen one like this, this is massive.


small ones are spring it sticks. This is a lot bigger, it is run on


air pressure. I am guessing that you might need padding. The helmet


is important. Knee-pads and elbow pads are a good idea. Just to


protect your knees and elbows. want to start. Let's do it. What is


the first thing that we will be learning? Basic jumping. Keep your


quip firm. Keep your knees relaxed. Do not tense up. If you find


yourself travelling to the side, counteracted with your hips. The


same with the other way. Try to counteract any movement you have.


Keep an eye on a point on the ground. Keep a firm grip on the


handles. Just go for it. How do I get on? You can get on however due


want to get on. Whatever is comfortable. It is quite difficult.


Just keep the grip tight. Just one Well done. That was the best one.


You can get a pogo stick for �20. The best place to start is your


back garden. You could go to a school playground or a park or a


basketball court, anywhere at his flat concrete. You start off slow.


Now I have learned the basics, what is another basic trick? A one


flutter. Most of the tricks end up with your feet off the pogo stick.


Jump like you have learned, one big jump, keep your foot off, bring


your foot back down, carry on jumping. It is easier said than


done! Sort out your landing, and It is easy! Wicket! Binding it out!


You can start kicking your foot off I am not going to be doing back


flips soon, but I have learned If his firm going high, but you


have to be prepared for everything. -- it is fun. I do not have to wait


I think I am going to walk! I am doing this this week with


Georgia. I will show you a card trick. I am not much of a magician.


Hopefully you can use this to impress your friends. We will take


the deck of cards. We will lift off the top card of the deck. We will


click our fingers and smacked the Just in case you did not know, you


might have worked it out, but basically, you do not pick up the


top card initially, you pick up the top two. You put it down, then use


that your fingers, and you take-off the top card, and it is different.


I have got a joke for you. Why did the boy when a piece to the party?


-- wear nappies? He is a party- pooper!


Now, it is time for music. Joining me his Ceallach. My first pick his


Yasmin with Light Up (The World) I just wanna light up the world. I


just wanna light up the world. I am I a massive fan, we had her on


the show in the last series. This features Shy FX and Ms Dynamite. I


have not heard of him, but I have heard of Ms Dynamite. But until I


listen to this song, I realised he was really good. I did not realise


how good her voice was. She is a nice person as well. Hopefully we


can have her on the show further down. Next, an American band. It is


not really my think. Do you like Rocca?


And if I have to pull you out of the wreckage. You know I'm never


gonna let you go. We're like a time bomb.


Gonna lose it, let's defuse it. Baby, we're like a time bomb but I


need it. Wouldn't have it any other way.


It is really American. It has got a catchy chorus. My next pick, I


think you will like it. Throw my hands up if you believe in


me now. Keep my hands up and do it all for


the now. Sing it. Oeo, oeoeoeoa, oeoeoeoa, oeoeoeoa.


Oeoeoeoa, oeoeoeoa. Oeo, oeoeoeoa, oeoeoeoa, oeoeoeoa.


Oeoeoeoa, oeoeoeoa. Oeo, oeoeoeoa, oeoeoeoa, oeoeoeoa.


Oeoeoeoa, oeoeoeoa. I would not say it is his best


track. I have got a personal favourite. I'm only going to break,


break your, break, break your heart! Yes! This is going to be a


really big track. It has been doing really well. I like him. He has had


a good few songs. My final pick his # I'm the kind of girl that likes


to dream a lot # Dream a lot


# Lose myself staring into my coffee cup


# Coffee cup # You and me easy to see


# Why is it a complicated reality? # All these other girls they say


you're full of it # I know what the deal is


# I can handle it # Handle it


# You come around, stop messing around


# If you wanna be my baby please tell me now


# Don't want to be the last to know # Oh oh oh


# Will it be a yes or no? # Oh oh oh


# You're swingin' me up # You're swingin' me down


# If you would only know what you have done to me


# Done to me # Every time we met it's like I'm


all day long to get ready # Try all the tricks, check out my


list # Voodoo, yoga, diet soda, so just


look at me now # Don't want to be the last to know


# Oh oh oh # Will it be a yes or no?


# Oh oh oh # You're swingin' me up


# You're swingin' me down # I feel like a yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo


# Don't want to be the last to know oh oh oh


# Will it be a yes or no? # Oh oh oh


# You're swingin' me up # You're swingin' me down


# All of the things you sayin' # I'm hangin' on you everyday


# All of the things you promised # I'm tryin' so hard to make it


work # All of the things you whispered


# It gets me crazy everyday # All of the things you talkin'


# I'm in the mirror cryin' for you # Should I come or go?


# The way you make me feel so good # It's like no one else


# I'm all around your fingers # And I can't let go


# I can't let go # Don't want to be the last to know


# Oh oh oh # Will it be a yes or no?


# Oh oh oh # You swingin' me up


# You swingin' me down # I feel like a yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo.


# You're swingin' me up # You're swingin' me down


That is Music Download complete. Welcome to TV Download. We have got


how hard can it be? This is a bit of a different show. It's about


three wacky inventors to team up to try and make some impossible


inventions. They've got a home-made rocket and many more. However, this


is an extra-special first episode because, based on the film Up, they


are trying to make a house floater using just balloons. Will they do


it in that time limit they've upset? Let's have a sneak preview.


This is a one-shot deal. If this doesn't get off the ground in the


next five minutes, this isn't going to happen. I'm looking at 20 of


those canisters filled with helium. Come with me right now! We've got


to get more balloons on and ballast of the house. Do not go near it


when it moves. Stay where you are. They really are some one key


inventors. We've now got dancing on ice. It started last week. If you


haven't started watching it, go watch it because there's been a


change. Luis Spence, from Pineapple Dance Studios, has taken over from


Jason Gardener. 15 brand new celebrities are taking to the ice.


They include Heidi from the Sugababes, G goal from the X Factor


and children's presenters Sam and Mark. It's going to be full of the


usual falling over, can they do the dance on the night and a few


injuries, but it's all good fun. Because it is live, he is a look at


MUsic: 'I'm Still Standing' by It just wasn't floating your boat


at all. It wasn't. Marker, you've got a winning smile and partner but


choreographically it was remedial dad dancing. A we've now got the 4


O'Clock Club. You might have already seen the first episode,


which went out today, but I'm going to tell you about it now. You've


got Josh and Nathan, who are brothers. Josh is a pupil and


Nathan is a teacher at the same school. Also, Josh wants to be a


BAPRAS and Nathan has been a rapper but he made a few mistakes. He


doesn't want his younger brother to make the same mistakes he did.


There are already conflicts, I'm a teacher, you're a pupil. And guess


where he ends up? In detention. Whereas where it's got its name


from, the 4 O'Clock Club. And there is rapping. Josh doesn't want him


to make the same mistakes. It's a really fun show, I really like the


# Over 3000 schools in the country # Someone tell me why he picked my


one, please # Look how old he he's become


# He's like a brother, dad and grandad rolled into one


# Such a cheeky little know-it-all # How does he go through school


without copping it? # I'll have to put a stop to it


# This is my job and it's serious # It ain't a joke


# And today I won't be beaten by my baby brother


# He thinks is so clean cut # And he was even worse as the teen


# Now he thinks he can turn around and teach


# I think you've got a short memory # He thinks he's so cool look


# Running round like a small crook as if it's all good


# But as any teacher at any school should


# I'm going to get him reacquainted with the rule book


# He's not ready for a man, trust # I've got so much dirt on him, he


can't touch me # And if he doesn't get burned like


a candlestick # I'm the boss now, let's see how


Next up is Pixelface, it's a comedy that follows the life of characters


in a game. It's a really good concept. In this week's episode, a


Magic elf has lost his magic powers. He has to get them back. There is


also short circuit, which affects one of the characters, and its


action-packed. It's really funny as If you were to cross my bridge you


will have to fight me. Bridge? There isn't a bridge there, it's


just a patch of mud. I say Bridge but I've got private planning


permission but it's going to take around six months. Then I can build.


In the meantime I can just pass? Don't be stupid. If you want to


cross this patch of mud where hopefully there will be a bridge in


the six months, fingers crossed, you must fight me! Oh, no. Look at


you, I'll get dirty. This is all dry-cleaned. Fight me how you will,


Alp Borlee. The Lisson, don't say I didn't try to let you off. Here


comes some elk magic. -- elf magic. Is something supposed to have


happened? If you go to the CBBC website you can even play games as


the characters from pigs or face, so you can stop them having time


off. That is TV Download complete. In this week's Style download I


went to his help Lauren and Mr CBE could help get rid of her stage


fright. I'm Georgia and I meant sorry for this week's Style


download. I'm meeting Lauren, but she gets a serious touch of the


nerves at the thought of going on stage. She has a school play coming


up in just under a week. I'm Lauren and and I'm nine. I live here with


my mum, dad and big brother, Max. Oh and My hamster, Sprinkles. I


love drama but whenever I think about it I get really scared.


Lauren is normally a confident child but something about when she


steps on stage, she just has these nerves about her and gets scared.


Lauren needs help conquering her stage fright. Luckily, I think I've


got just what she needs. Hi, Lauren. How are you? I'm Georgia, it's nice


to meet you. I've come to help you with a dilemma you've got. Is it


all right if I come in and we get slaughtered? -- started? I hear


you've been struggling with stage fright. Yes. I had an audition


recently and I froze up on stage. My mouth went dry. Don't worry


because we all get stage fright sometimes, even me. Some of the


biggest stars do as well. Don't worry. I know you've got a part


coming up soon so why don't I teach you some tips I've picked up and we


can go through your performance and see how it goes. We need some space


for the first one, let's go and find some. Stage fright is about


handling your nerves before any big event you've got coming up. What


Lauren needs is a few tips on simple exercises to help keep their


relaxed. It's really important to feel relaxed before you go on stage.


Exercise is a good way of doing that. Are you ready to get


physical? I think so. Hands by your sides. Wiggle your shoulders. Are


you feeling a bit warmed-up? Yes. How are you feeling? A bit tired.


I'm exhausted. But you'll be pleased to hear that the next


exercise is a lot less than physical. Let's get cracking. Maybe


have five more minutes! When stage- fright kicks in it can affect us


all. Whether you are playing the sport, speaking in public, playing


an instrument or meeting people for the first time. These tips can give


you extra confidence. Speaking loudly doesn't hurt either. The


most important thing to think about his voice and breeding. I find


projecting your boys helps get rid of nerves as well. Are you ready


for exercises? OK. Take the short, deep breath in and breathe out


really slowly. Brilliant. Now you are going to go to that end of the


garden and I'm going to go to that end. Lauren, I want you to say the


first thing that comes into your head as loudly as possible.


Sausages! Louder than that. Sausages! Can't hear you? Sausages!


I think that should do it! Let's go back inside. Here we are in your


bedroom. The main reason you get stage fright is because you are


worried about messing up. Definitely. It's important you feel


happy before a performance. A great way up feeling comfortable before


an audition is doing stuff UN Dot - - stuff you enjoy doing, like


listening to songs you like or changing into clothes you like. How


do you fancy changing into your favourite outfit? Yes, please.


Wearing your favourite clothes can give you extra confidence when you


need it. I like this one. You look great, I love this song much. I've


got a bit of a surprise for you. Instead of you just performing your


poem to me and your parents, I invited loads of your family and


friends. They are all downstairs, so you are going to have a proper


audience and perform your piste to them. Is that all right? Yes.


This is a poem called the Robin. When up aloft I fly and fly, I see


and pause that shining sky. I have a bird and I. It looks like we've


got a star in the making. If you got a performance or concert coming


up that is coming up, there are loads of other tips to keep your


If you make a mistake, don't stop. Keep going. The chances are most


people won't notice. You are not alone. Loads of performers suffer


from stage fright, even the really famous ones. So whether you are


nervous about speaking to your class of playing in a sports back,


relax in the knowledge you are in good company. But when snow still


falls, I get to feel no grief at all. For I turn to a cold, stiff,


I can't believe she got up there in the first place. She did amazing.


don't think I'd be able to do what she did. Normally she'd get up


there and get so scared that she stop and grumble, but she carried


on to the end. I think she did 10 or 9 1/2. I'm really proud of her.


I remembered what Georgia said and it went really well. I can't


believe how well Lauren has done. She seems to have conquered her


fears and is more confident than ever. Meeting Georgia was an


amazing experience. I'm a really big fan of hers. I've had a really


amazing day with her. Well done, Lauren, I think we've got a star in


Welcome to halt or not, where we discuss whether things are Hot Or


Not. We are joined by our special guest, Nicola Roberts. Wallace is,


we get given the subject and then we take it in turns to say whether


it is Hot Or Not. If you think it is hot, sit on this side. That's


but not hot side. Because Nikles is here, she can have my goal.


subject is nail art. What do we think about it? That is definitely


hot. Are we talking elaborate styles? Anything you want. To the


extreme. Sparkles, diamonds. I like plain and simple. I don't like the


sparkly things you stick on. What do you think when you ca go macro


and she's got all our nail art on her fingers? Plane or a bit glossy.


I think you've gone a bit far. you have nail art on? I do, but not


today. I think it's fun. Sometimes a little things like your lipstick


or nail varnish can bring the out fit out. And there's a style tip as


What I love, hot pepper sauce. I Hot pepper sauce. If you want to


try, you can. It is not that hot. You will be fine. No! You will


regret that! You wait! You are regretting that already! Water


makes it worse! I am stuck with water! You cannot taste the food,


you just taste spice. I have got a sensitive time! -- tongue! Posters


on your wall. I think that his heart. I prefer pictures in a frame.


It depends what the war is like. It depends on the wallpaper. Also,


what are the pictures? It is pointless when it is a train ticket.


Actually, I think that is hot. It is memories are. I'd used to have


Mark Owen from Take That on my wall. Did you have a wall dedicated to


him? To people do that to you? have no idea! Mine is a scarf, but


for fashion. Generally. Generally chilling. I think that is hot. Wit


or all hot. Mine is, high-fives. can be awkward when you miss!


you look at the elbow, you never miss. And when somebody leaves you


handing! Mine is fingerless gloves. It defeats the purpose, because


your fingers will get cold. This is not a glove! It is a wrist warmer!


Your fingers will get cold! What is the point? You cannot really do


anything. It is good if you are wearing a leather jacket. Let's


have one from the audience. We have Georgina. Could you tell everyone


yours? A hamster. They are really cute. I had a hamster called


Skittles. We have two. When you let them out in a ball, it broke, and


they got out and they never came back. What do you think? I think a


hamster is hot. That is the klaxon, that is the end. Thank you, Nicola,


for joining us. If you would like to submit your question, you can


get to us via the website. You can How did it Co? It has been a good


day, I have nailed it. There is time for one more thing. You know


what we do, a thumb war! Thumb wars! 1, 2, 3, 4. Do not go so


fast! 1, 2, 3,, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! That Hello, welcome. I am here with


Aidan and Dionne. The first game is Go Vacation on the Nintendo Wii. It


is a holiday game, you play as if you are on holiday. Four resorts,


mountains, snow, beach and city. You do different many games, and


each is relevant to its resort. This one is skydiving. For I have


never seen a skydiving game like this one before. You are with your


partner, and they will get into a pattern, but it is unfinished, and


you need to navigate into the position. Stand-up. Hold it


sideways. We will watch you do it. It is dramatic, you get to see the


plane cutting in at the start. Dave! Good old days! I am really


excited! You need to get into that position. Remember to spend. --


spin,. Yes! Yes! What do you think? It is good, but I forget who I am,


because they look the same. They do not really! There are two blonde


ones. But you are the one not in the pattern! All right! Look at how


fast that was! It was better than excellent, it was perfect. There


are over 50 games, so it is unlikely you will report back


quickly. Now, it is time for the most competitive aspect, Tyger


Versus. We will need the rest of the presenters. Today's Tyger


Versus is different. Today, we are playing Connect 4! But it is not


just the everyday Connect 4. It is the new Connect 4 Launchers, which


is a bigger and better version. Let's find out who and I am against.


I am against Ceallach. We meet again! I am right, you or yellow.


It is the same concert, you just need to get four in a row. You need


to flick them in. It has to stay on the surface. I can use either?


If more than one lands in the same one, whichever is on top is the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


dominating colour. This is slightly Yes! You are bad at this! I have


just beaten Ceallach. That means that I win today's Tyger Versus. I


We all of Olly Murs, and I love this song. The lyrics are on the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Download Subtitles