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# Oh, oh, oh, oh. # Friday Download


Give it up for your Friday Download presenters.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Welcome to Friday Download. Your


instant download for the week ahead. Now, it's my birthday next week...


SCREAMING AND APPLAUSE. And I was just thinking about it


and it got me thinking, what would we all look like in 50, 60, 70


years? This is going to lead to something really unpleasant isn't


it? There is an app that can help us find this out. And we've got


everyone's pictures of us, roughly 70-year-olds. No way! This should


be good. So starting with me. LAUGHTER.


I think that's lovely. How many grandchildren have you got? I've


got 11, mate. Nice. It's taken it out of you. So, next we have...


That looks so bad. LAUGHTER.


I notice you have the hairstyle? You haven't gone bald then? I am


never going to go bald. Who is next?


LAUGHTER. That's a nice look. So after Dion...


I've still got a fringe. That's quite cool. Then I'll probably look


better than what I do now. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE.


Can we have the real picture please. I don't know how that got there.


You look really suave. I look established. He looks ill. It's so


funny to look at yourself. Last, but not least, the beautiful


Georgia. Thank you. LAUGHTER.


I look lush. Look at the chin it's like... I can't wait for the year


2082 when I am presenting Friday Download looking like that. But


this is what we've got coming up in today's show.


One Direction dance download. We get wrapped up with Rizzle Kicks.


I take a peek at two hot new movies for this year.


And, the brilliant Cover Drive perform their new single.


# I feel this getting stronger. Let me hear you sing


Welcome to Movie Download, now I haven't got a cinema release for


you this week. What I have got is two of which I think are not only


my most anticipated film of 2012, but everyone around the world. Let


me explain why. The first one is Avengers. This is a film about a


superhuman team put together to stop the world from ending. Captain


America, Ironman, the Incredible Hulk, they're all there in one team.


Now a little fact for you - it is the most downloaded trailer in


history. It had 10 million downloads in 24 hours! If you


didn't download it, you weren't one of them 10 million, let me show you


the trailer and why you should go and do it right now.


You were not made to be ruled. There was an idea to bring together


a group of remarkable people. So when we needed them, they could


fight the battles that we never could. Gentleman, what are you


prepared to do? No offence, but I don't play well


with others. Big man in a suit of armour, take that away and what are


you? A genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.


I could be in that superhuman team if I'm honest, with these guns. OK,


next up we've got Brave. Now, this is Pixar's first-ever fairytale


animation, which I think that's why everyone is so excited. It is the


first one. Brave is about a girl who must demonstrate her bravery to


read and undo a terrible curse before it's too late. It's got an


all-star British cast. Billy Connelly, Emma Thompson and loads


more. I can't wait for this Pixar animation and I'm sure you can't.


Let me show you why. In accordance with our laws, the


first-born of each of the great leaders must prove their worth.


Meredith, stop! A lady enjoys elegant pursuits.


I present my only son... He took out a whole armada single-handedly


With one arm, he was steering the ship. I want my freedom. But are


you willing to pay the price your freedom will cost? Careful what you


wish for, my mother would say. What's the worst that can happen?


No more fighting. Show a little decorum. Feast your eyes.


Did you know, the trailer you just watched, them bits aren't even in


the film. They were considered the bad bits. That's how amazing this


film is going to be. And here is the TV film this week.


You will chop those off before school tomorrow, or I will come...


But But?! Did you say but? How can An excellent release. Do you think


she will make the fence? It's going CHEERING.


Definitely will be tuning into that one. And that's Movie Download


complete. What's this? Ouch, what? A vicious


circle. APPLAUSE.


Welcome to the Games Download. I have Kel and Georgia with me. The


first item I will be doing is Pictionary, Ultimate Edition. We


have been playing with this uDraw Tablet, although it is available on


a PS3 and the Wii as well. In case anyone hasn't played Pictionary,


what basically you do is one of the people playing will secretly get a


word. That's you. And then they have to draw it. Draw the word?


Draw the word, some way of representing the word. So if it was


a cat, you would draw a cat? would draw a cat. Some of the words


might be things like 'loud'. So you could draw a speaker. And an ear.


But you cannot do any words in the picture. OK, that's cool. And that


is basically the way it works. It's great to play with family and


friends and stuff. We will kick off a game. We are going to go around


and ask the audience to see if they can guess what we are drawing.


can use the numerous tools up and down the side but I don't think I


will be using them. What is it? don't know. Have a guess? A wave.


Grass, is it grass? No, it's not grass. What about here, what do you


think it is? The sea, waves? Surfing waves? No. We've got one at


the front. What is it? Are they legs? It is like the bottom bits


where you go on a castle wall. it something on a wall? No. Is it a


dinosaur? Is it a turtle? No. We have one more. Is it an elephant?


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Nice! No offence, how is that an


elephant? There is the trunk. Leg, leg, leg, leg. That was a wicked


guess. I was thinking like a mammoth. How is that an elephant?


was thinking like an ant eater. That was Pictionary, Ultimate


Edition for the uDraw Tablet. You can also get various other games


for the uDraw Tablet such as Instant Artist Studio and Superhero


Squad. Next up, we have got the Lego super heroes over here, which


is the newest addition to the Lego range. Let's go and take a look at


them. OK. Basically, the superhero range is all your favourite DC


comic book stars. We have Batman, Spiderman. You have got my


favourite. Which is your favourite? The Joker, can I hold him? I don't


get the point. The point is, Lego is starting to bring out lots of


new ranges. In the summer they're looking to bring out Lord of the


Rings. Are you serious? Lord of the Rings, yes. They are going to do


girls Lego, Lego specifically for girls. What do the girls think




I genuinely can't get over the detail. That's the thing, look. One


of my favourites is this Batcave. Everything is so much detail. In


this little one down here, the individual newspapers. I don't get


what you do with it? You play with it. Let's act out a scene. What


else do you do with Lego? You be Batman. I am the Joker. Look at


this, he is on top. No, no! He is turning. I am changing. He is on


the floor. Rockets. Bruce Wayne! Let's stop at the side of the road


and pick up a paper. Did you see the fun we were having? The


enjoyment on our faces. Yes. thing I could say potentially would


be a bit of a bad point, one of the things that makes it so special is


the fact it has the details. If you lose it, because it's so small, it


kind of loses its significance. So that was the Lego superhero


series and now it is time for Tyger Versus, so let's go and sit down.


OK, let's welcome the rest of our presenters.


Tyger Versus is the part of the show where I go up against one of


these guys. Who am I up against Dion, remember we had a couple of


dancing games last series? There is your controller, Dion. OK, this is


Dance Star Party. We are going to be dancing to Willow Smith, Whip My


Hair. Hold this in your right hand with the safety strap on, move it


in time with the music and try and copy the woman on screen. OK? Have


you got that? I've got that. I'm going to beat you. We will see


about that. Do we just copy? Yes. CHEERING DROWNS OUT MUSIC.


Oh wow! Thank you, thank you. No need to be depressed, dear, it's


only a game. It's not just a game. My controller wasn't working.


Rubbish. I just beat Dion. If you look at the screen. My score is


39,595. Hers is 35,266. But interestingly her best run of moves


was 28 and mine was only 22. But somehow I managed. These guys are


so annoyed with me. They don't like me right now. I just won Tyger


Versus which means the score for this series is: What a way to start


the series. Thanks so much. That is the Games Download complete. Still


to come on Friday Download. #Wake up every day is a daydream. #


Everything in my life isn't what it seems. This is Music Download. And


my first pick is Roll Deep with Picture Perfect.


# One of those nights to remember. # I'll be back in November.


# My head is gone back in the centre.


# Been on a wild one since I entered.


# I can feel it. # This could be the best night of


our lives. # We are lighting up the sky


tonight. # Your picture perfect woman


tonight. # So what are you waiting for?


# Just move your body. # Let's see what's in store.


# Let's sing it... # Oh, oh, oh.


# Let's sing it. # Oh, oh, oh because it's picture


perfect I know you love Roll Deep. Massive


fan. Why do you love them? Because they have been around for


absolutely ages and they've never lost it. It's so actually makes me


want to dance. I would, but I'm not as good as you so I don't want to


embarrass myself. I think it's really summary. Definitely. Makes


you want to go on holiday. I've got a fact. Do you know there is


actually nine of them and one of And did you also know, Dizzee


Rascal and Tinchy Stryder used to be a member of them. I did not know


that. There you go. Fact of the week. And another one of my picks


is Professor Green with Never Be The Right Time. # You were telling


me I couldn't get her. # I told you.


# If I was you, I'd leave, but you never forever had faith in me even


when I never did. # I said I'd never let her slip


like her ex-fella did. # Enchanted, disguise it and dress


it up. # I want to tell her but I can't


bear to see her welling up. # I've got to find the strength to


let her know. # I've got to find the strength to


let her go. # But if I let her go, I'll never


know if things will get better with her.


# See, this could be a hiccup and not the end of the road.


# I'd do better to never get involved.


# She deserves better than a fella with a fear of being alone.


# Struggling to find a way to word # And I'm supposed to be a


wordsmith. #. Now, I really like Professor


Green, but this is not my favourite song of his. That's my opinion. I


have to disagree. I honestly absolutely love that song. Because


he's changed, everyone is like, he's changed, how dare he? It's not


even because he's changed. Don't get me wrong, he's an amazing


rapper. I'm not criticising at all. But it's not really my kind of


thing. I like his song he did with Emeli Sande. That's a good song,


but I still love this song. Read All About It was wicked, and


hopefully this one will be as big as that one.


Now, my next pick is probably my second favourite out of all my


picks this week. It's Arctic Monkeys with Black Treacle.


# Does it help you stay up late? # Does it help you concentrate?


# Is it true you win when you chew your chin?


# And ruining your fun. # And you talk the talk all right.


# But do you walk the walk or catch the train?


# You wanted it, you got it. # But you don't want it now


I absolutely love Arctic Monkeys. From day one, I was a fan.


Literally. But this song, I think is wicked. I think It'll be a


massive year for them. Weirdly, this song is really the only the


only song I have actually listened to all the way through. I have


never really got into them. even Bet You Look Good On The Dance


Floor? I don't know what that song is. In one ear, and the other.


you love dance, so you'd love this song. It'll make you want to dance.


Have a look at it. You had better. But my next pick is literally three


words. Big Time Rush with Music Sounds Better With You. So, you


absolutely love this song? I do like it, actually. It's a nice vibe.


Because they actually still have a TV show on Nickelodeon which is


called Big Time Rush. And listen to this. One Direction are actually


supporting them on their US tour. No way! No way! So I think One


Direction will be breaking America. # I used to think that love was


something fools made up. # Because all I knew was heartbreak.


# Well, I couldn't help myself, let this heart go through hell.


# There's only so much a heart can take.


# Because you know that things get so bad, you've got my back.


# Make me want to sing. # And girl, I'm singing about you.


# No sweeter sound than what I've found.


# No perfect love could be more perfect than ours.


# Ooh, baby, it feels like. # It feels like music sounds better


with. # Ooh, baby, it feels right.


# It feels right. # Everything's better with you


My final pick are wicked. They're Bajan, which means, Aidan? They're


from Barbados. And we're so thankful to have them performing


for us, doing their new single Twilight. Everybody get your glow


# Twilight. # I'm loving this twil-li-li-li-li-


# Baby, I've known you for a long, # I never thought that we would


find What we were holding in our hands.


# Lately I've been thinking I should make you mine.


# Been thinking that we should define What we are, what we are.


# Oh, oh. # And you know I love to be in


control. # But recently I don't know what to


# I'm losing it over you. # Oh, ooh-la, ooh-la, when you say


my name. # I can feel the flame getting


stronger. # Oh, let me hear you say Ooh-la,


ooh-la. # We both feel the same.


# And I can't play this game any longer.


# Oh, boy, I'm loving this twilight. # I'm loving this twilight.


# I'm loving this twil-li-li-li-li- li-li-li twilight.


# Closer. # I love it when you lean in close.


# You touch my heart like you don't know.


# And I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna show you now.


# And you know I love to be in control.


# But recently I don't know what to # I'm losing it over you.


# Oh, ooh-la, ooh-la, when you say my name.


# I can feel the flame getting stronger.


# Oh, let me hear you say Ooh-la, ooh-la.


# We both feel the same. # And I can't play this game any


longer. # Oh, boy, I'm loving this twilight.


# I'm loving this twilight. # I'm loving this twil-li-li-li-li-


li-li-li twilight. # Hey, girl, I think about you all


of the time. # I love your smile and the way


that you shine. # Wondering how I'm going to make


you mine. # When it turns to night I will


make it right. # So many things I've been waiting


to say. # Held in my heart for a day like


today. # I wanna hold you till the light


fades away. # I wanna hold you till the light


fades away. # Oh, ooh-la, ooh-la, when you say


my name. # I can feel the flame getting


stronger. # Oh, let me hear you say Ooh-la,


ooh-la. # We both feel the same.


# And I can't play this game any longer.


# Oh, boy, I'm loving this twilight. # I'm loving this twilight.


# I'm loving this twil-li-li-li-li- li-li-li twilight.


# I'm loving this twilight. # I'm loving this twil-li-li-li-li-


li-li-li twilight. # Twilight


Everybody give it up for Cover In this week's Style Download, I


went to visit Louis, who has so many hobbies, but so little time.


Hello, and welcome to Style Download. This week, I am here to


surprise 12-year-old Louis, who needs a bit of a helping hand when


it comes to getting himself organised. Hi, my name's Louis. I'm


12 years old. I live here with my mum, my dad and my cat called Bobby


who likes biscuits. Yeah, but they never give me a cup of tea to dunk


them in, do they? I've got lots of hobbies, but I'm pretty


disorganised. I have to get everything ready in the morning. I


have to get everything ready for all these activities, and then he


just flings them on the floor, and it is chaos. What worries us now at


his new school is that he gets so many clothes to take with him, and


we've to check what comes back every night. The worst thing is he


comes home with filthy muddy boots and just leaves them on the hall


floor. Louis's in luck, because I happen to have a couple of tricks


up my sleeve that might be just what he's after. He just doesn't


I'm Georgia. I've come to help you be more organised. Does that sound


all right? Yeah! Can I come in? Yeah. Thank you. OK, Louis, tell me


a bit about yourself. Well, I'm really into my sport and I'm really


into my hobbies. But sometimes it gets a bit too much.


So what seems to be the biggest problem you have? I can never find


the right kit for football, hockey, drama or school. For the right


times. And sometimes I get a bit mixed up. So it sounds like you


could do with some planning help, yeah? I think I've got just the


thing. Let's go. Right, Louis, so what I thought


we'd do is we'd make an activity board so you know what's going on


when, and also something so you can keep track of all your clothes as


well. Sound OK? That's really cool. That's wicked. Brilliant. So, we've


got a cork board and the materials we need for that. All we need to do


now is make some symbols for the different activities you have. So


OK, so now you can never forget when your hobbies are. Sound OK?


That's cool. Now, I know technically school isn't a hobby,


but at least this way you can countdown days till the weekend.


Great. The next problem is finding my kit. Any ideas? Well, the key is


to know where your kit is at all times. So, where is your kit?


don't know. I thought that might be the case. Let's have a look in your


Right, OK, so we seem to have found all your clothes, which is great.


But now it's time for the icing on the cake. Have you heard of hobby


hangers before? Er, no. I didn't think so, because I invented it.


Just follow me, and I'll explain. A hobby hanger is basically a great


way of organising your uniforms. We're going to do that by


customising hanging space with some cool images, OK? Anything that


helps me find my uniform is a great idea. Brilliant. Let's go.


Everywhere. I don't play baseball, but I've hit a home run everywhere.


Everywhere. I've been to countries and cities I can't pronounce. And


places on the globe I didn't know existed.


I can already see Louis's enjoying this more than he thought he would.


OK, so that's our hobby hangers finished. Now all you need to do is


check your planner the night before, and hang the correct outfit on the


correct hangers. Sound easy? Easy! And if you do it the night before,


you get an extra five minutes in bed in the morning. I'll need that!


Likewise. Also, so I think we're done. High five! Let's get your mum


and dad up to have a look. OK. this looks good. Great. Really good.


So you like it, then? I think this will work. If you need to be a bit


more organised like Louis, it easier than you think. Here's how.


By keeping your drawers and wardrobes in order, you'll always


be able to find what you want when you want it. And if, like Louis,


you need to keep your muddy football boots clean, it's just as


easy. Just wait until the mud dries and then bang them together.


Outdoors, of course! Then use a brush and warm water to clean the


rest. Simple but very effective. Always give yourself plenty of time


to get ready to where you need to be. Rushing around is how things


get forgotten. Try getting up earlier, or set your watch five


minutes back so you're never late. This will save you time in the


I'm really happy with the hobby hangers, because they now file all


my clothes in a really easy way. think if he gets confused now, he


really has got a problem. And it is so much easier than going through


the drawer. What I like is it's just really simple. It's so obvious,


and we've never done it before. I think we could be onto something.


If Louis sticks to his plan, he'll never be late again. Well, let's


hope not, anyway. I am never going to turn up at the wrong kit ever


again. No excuses for being late What type of ears do trains have?


don't know, Ricardo. What kind of ears do trains have? Engine-ears!


LAUGHTER. Still to come on Friday Download. #


Like nobody else. # The way you flick your hair gets


me overwhelmed. RAPPING.


# It's been too long. # A long, cold troublesome road.


# I'm looking for that someone. # Who can help me carry the load.


APPLAUSE. Welcome to another Dance Download.


This week I will be teaching you another small routine to One


Direction, What Makes You Beautiful. SCREAMING.


Right, so here is how it looks. # You're insecure.


# Don't know what for. # You're turning heads when you


walk through the door. # Everyone else in the room can see


# Everyone else but you. # Baby, you light up my world.


# Like nobody else. # The way that you flick your hair.


# Gets me overwhelmed. # When you smile at the ground.


# It ain't hard to tell. # You don't know.


# You don't know your beautiful. # If only you saw what I can see.


# You'll understand why I want you. # So desperately.


# Right now I'm looking at you. # And I can't believe.


# You don't know. # You don't know your beautiful.


# Oh, that's what makes you beautiful


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Right now, to teach this routine,


as always I've got Richard. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


And also for our first Dance Download ever, ever we've got




Hello. Georgia, how does it feel like being on the Dance Download


stage? I'm so scared, it's not even funny. We need to bust some moves.


I turned him into a professional street dancer. You have. He is


amazing. The first step, I will teach you the chorus. Right. Quite


a simple step, just repeat them. OK. The first one we go one, two, foot


out. One, two, foot out. So you go one. Two. One. One. Two. OK. Have


you got these? No. It looks fast. All it is, is that. OK, do it slow


one more time. So you go one. Two. Kick out. One. Two. Three. Kick out.


This is going to go well. You just need to practice. You need


confidence. It's all about confidence. All you do is want to


do is one. Two. Three. One. Two You are getting it. One. Two. Three.


One. Two. Three. Do that four times. From here we just glide, so we go


One. Then go round in a circle. Pick up the heel and slid it in


front of your foot. Right. Step. Out. You go up on your heel? Yes.


We go one. Two. Three. Put them all together so we get one. Two. Three.


Four. One. Two, Three. Four.


One. Two. Three. Four. That's smooth. All you do now is it goes


oh oh-oh. Boom. Literally we are going to go that's what makes you


beautiful. LAUGHTER.


Simple. Let's do it to the music. I'm going to try and copy the last


bit. All we are going to do now is practice. One. Two. Three. Four.


One. Two. Three. Four. Ready. One. Two. Three. Four.


One. Two. Three. Four. Ready?


You don't know your beautiful. Ready? One. Two. Three. One. Two.


Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. You don't


know your beautiful. Ready? One more time. That's what makes you




That went well, how did you find that for your first Dance Download?


All right! Well, we had better see you again this series on this stage,


doing these moves. Definitely. No.... You will be. That is Dance


Download complete. It's now time for TV Download where


I will be giving you my picks of the TV this week. We begin with


Bear Grills - Born Survivor. Bear Grills is an extreme adventurer,


and goes around trying to survive in the hardest conditions. This


week he's off the coast of Borneo and he's living in dense forest,


getting through the forest. He goes deep fishing with just a spear to


catch his food. He also captures a wild boar. Let me show you a bit of


what he does. I am beginning to hold my breath


The crayfish has gone under some rocks which could make it really


hard for me to get him out. This fella is not giving up without a


With incredible speed he tails- slips away. Swimming backwards,


crayfish can keep their eyes locked on their enemy.


You never know, one day I might be able survive like Bear Grills does.


OK, next up is Got to Dance, a brand new series. Divina McCall,


Ashley Banjo, Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia are back to find the


next best dancer of Britain and Ireland.


Rough Diamond is a seven-piece street crew led by choreographer,


Zach. As well as our teacher, he's also our friend. He has a lot of


passion for street dance and he likes to share it.


# Baby. # Baby. # Baby, put your loving hands out,


baby. # Baby.


# Put your loving hands out, darlin'.


APPLAUSE. I think they are serious semi-


finalists. Sadie J is back for a brand new series, which of course


stars our very own, Georgia. This series is about to get a lot better.


It's got new characters, new storylines and Sadie even shares


her first on-screen kiss. Let's have a look at what we've got to


look forward to. This has got to be worth it, I was in the bath when


you called. It is worth it. In fact, It is so fantastic, I just have to


bust a move. Wait, it gets better. Someone very close to you wants to


replace her. Who? You? Danny, Jake, Keith, Dad. Roger? Me. I need the


job because I'm saving up to go to the fan fanatic sci-fi auction.


There is this I have to have. At the moment I can only afford the


heel. Coolio. Sadie J just gets bigger and better. And joining me


is Sadie J herself, Georgia. Hello. Hello Georgia. What can we look


forward to in the new series? This new series you can look forward to


some new characters. Sadie gets her first kiss this series as well.


Nice. And also she makes a new enemy as well. A new enemy?! I


don't want to ask you this, but I'm It gets better, somebody close to


you wants to replace her? Who? I want to go to a sci-fi auction. I


have to have this. At the moment I Joining me is Georgia. What can we


look forward to? You can look forward to some new characters.


Sadie gets her first kiss this series. She also makes a new enemy.


I don't want to ask you. But I will. What is your favourite show? You're


right, you cannot ask me. They are watching at home, this is it.


cannot choose. I think that means Sadie J E is her favourite


programme? I did not say that. will assume that if you don't


answer it. I cannot answer it, it is not Firth.


We had a group on the show, and they were awesome. They were


teaching us and let's have a look. The basis of what makes rapid


difference to talking is that if things Rhine Falls stock. # We


don't want to be lousy or shameless. # But we are running round like we


are brainless. # I've got grass stains on my


brand-new white trainers. # On my brand-new white trainers.


# I know a few guys status. # Not as compelling as neighbours.


The little exercise you can start off with is simply picking a word


and then picking words that rhyme around it. So I can give you an


example, do you want to give me a word? Just one word. Red? Red, OK,


I would have said that rhymes with lead. Or dead. And then bed. So you


can be like... My temperature was in the red, so then I ended up in


bed. It's a good job I'm not dead, to the hospital I'll be led.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. I want you all to pick one word and


then three words that rhyme with it. Go! It isn't easy. You are not on a


time limit, just anything you want. OK, you read out the first word you


chose and the three words that rhyme with it. The first word was


frying. The second word was trying and the third word was spying. And


the fourth word was lying. you've got to try and make four


sentences using those words. The bacon in the pan, I can see it


is frying. You don't need to tell me because I've been spying. Now,


don't like this, don't be trying. I don't like that.


LAUGHTER. That was the bad part of my last


line. That's good because it's believable. And then I was going to


go, I don't like that, I don't like lying. Read out what you've got.


Trapeze. Squeeze. Breathe. Knees. Breathe is actually a half rhyme,


but I will allow that. I'm an expert in half rhyming. So go for


it. Try and make four sentences. I like to swing on a trapeze.


I've got to watch how I breathe. Because when I squeeze I might fall


on my knees. MUSIC.


Some people think I'm bonkers. But I just think I'm free.


I'm just living my life. There's nothing crazy about me.


OK, we've got the next stage in this. So you have one syllable will


be like hat. Then you would have two syllables would be like rhyme


scheme, the words two syllables, yes. Rhyme scheme. I'm using the


words rhyme scheme, because that's what it is. How it would work is


you separate rhyme scheme and write all the words that rhyme with rhyme


and what rhymes with scheme. For example, scheme, dream. Can you


think of anything that rhymes with rhyme?


Audience: time. Time, line. Prime. OK we have some


good ones. I haven't written any down, which didn't help. Stop


looking at my paper. Who was copying who? If this was school you


would be chucked out. Get out. Cheating. Sit in the corner.


me? You were just cheating. Let's carry on. What have you got? Line,


time, climb. Scheme I've got dream, team and keen. And are you the


same? The rhyme I've got time and line but then I've got crime and


mine. For scheme I've got dream, team, theme and scene. Anything


different to that? The rhyme I've got time, crime, prime, time line


slime. I got cream dream steam team and bream. This is the difficult


part. We are going to have to to join these up in some way. So here


we've got rhyme scheme. Then we've got crime and team. That works. So


you will have rhyme scheme and crime team. Then we have lime cream.


Is that real? You don't like the sound of that? Lime green. Who said


that, was that you? It is wicked. Lime green. Give us an example of


how it would sound. Or would you like me to give you a little beat?


Did you enjoy that? It was wicked. We shall be keeping an eye on you.


Thanks very much. It has been a right old party for


the music tribute to us. These guys # I hopped off the plane at LAX.


# With a dream and my cardigan. # Welcome to the land of fame,


excess. # Whoa, am I gonna fit in?


# Jumped in a cab, here I am for the first time.


# Look to my right and I see the Hollywood sign.


# This is all so crazy. # Everybody seems so famous.


# My tummy's turning and I'm feeling kinda homesick.


# Too much pressure and I'm nervous. # That's when the taxi man turned


on the radio. # And a Jay-Z song was on.


# And Jay-Z song was on. # So I put my hands up, they're


playing my song. # The butterflies fly away.


# I'm nodding my head like "Yeah!" # Moving my hips like "Yeah!"


# Got my hands up, they're playing my song.


# I know I'm gonna be OK. # Yeah!


# It's a party in the USA. # Yeah!


# It's a party in the USA. # Get to the club in my taxicab.


# Everybody's looking at me now. # Like "Who's that chick that's


rocking kicks?" # "She's gotta be from out of


town." # So hard with my girls not around


# It's definitely not a Nashville party.


# Cos all I see are stilettos. # I guess I never got the memo.


# My tummy's turning and I'm feeling kinda homesick.


# Too much pressure and I'm nervous. # That's when the DJ dropped my


favourite tune. # And a Britney song was on.


# So I put my hands up, they're playing my song.


# The butterflies fly away. # I'm nodding my head like "Yeah!"


# Moving my hips like "Yeah!" # Got my hands up, they're playing


my song. # I know I'm gonna be OK.


# Yeah! # It's a party in the USA.


# Yeah! # It's a party in the USA


It was a party in the USA. And if you do want to get involved in our


music tributes, all you've to do is go to the CBC website and click on


the "Get Involved" page. Well done everybody, that was Music Tribute


OK, so it's now time for Fail Download. I am going to give you a


bit of intro to this one. So, we've got 55-year-old Judy. And she's the


first person ever to attempt the Wrecking Ball. A 55-year-old woman?


And she's the first person. And this is on Total Wipeout. So let's


Come on, 55-year-old Judy! Go on! That looks like you in 2082! No! No,


look. Go on, slide. Look at her nose. Watch the nose. She's gone.


She's out for the count. Judy just went boom! Serves her right. She's


55. She shouldn't be doing that. It's true, look at it. Well, 55-


year-old Judy, if you're watching. I think you did great. Well, that


was unlucky. Maybe we might see someone is attempting the Wrecking


Ball. But that's Fail Download It's now time for Hot Or Not, where


we discussed topics and decide if they're Hot or not. So, who's going


to start? I'll go first. Mine is Sundays. As in ice cream sundaes or


the day Sunday? The day Sunday. because you know Monday's coming.


You spend the whole day looking at the clock. Homework! Homework's on


a Sunday. I go to a school where I have to go to school on Saturday,


so Sunday's my only day off. So how could I not love Sunday? Duvet day


is a Sunday. Saturday, you know you can go to bed late, because you've


got Sunday in the morning. So how many are on this side? It's a draw.


Oh, no! Let's go. We'll do rock, Did we win? No, no, no! She's a


cheat. So, it's not hot. They win. It wasn't hot. Right. Mine is... I


can't even look at these, because they make me feel sick. That's pork


pies. I'll have one. I love pork pies. I don't really know what they


taste like. I think they're not hot. They're really nice. Look at him,


he's proper munching on it. I think they're really nice, especially the


pastry bit. Do you want to try a bit? No, I don't want to try none


of that. What do you think? I don't know! It's a draw. Oh, no, we've


got to do this again. No cheating! Are you ready? Rock, paper,


scissors! Yes! We win again. We win. We don't have to eat them. So, I


guess it's not hot. Right, who's next. That's me, and my Hot Or Not


is water slides. Oh, that's so hot. Do you mean scary ones? I know


something that will make you change your mind, because no one ever


thinks of this. You know those double doughnut ones? I always,


because I'm the smallest, I always get stuck at the front, and the man


behind you, bearing in mind you're just in swim shorts. So your friend,


your partner, guess where their feet go? Right in your face. You


can't enjoy a swim ride with feet in your face. That's so untrue!


They're still amazing. Do you mean scary ones? I am talking big drops.


No, no. I don't like scary rides. The teacups are scary enough. I'm


good. I don't like being scared. That's hot, anyway. OK, my Hot Or


Not is hot water bottles. They're so hot. Well, there aren't. That's


a bit of an easy one. What's nicer than having a squidgy, hot, warm


thing to cuddle in bed? I've never used a water bottle. It's kind of


on. Oh, yeah! You're missing out. When I'm cold, I would rather.


would get too warm. So, my Hot Or Not is based on the fact that on


Wednesday, it is Burns night in Scotland, where they celebrate the


life of the famous 18th-century poet, Robert Burns. Oh, Robert


Burns! Anyway, my Hot Or Not is bagpipes. The sound, the look of


them. They're awful! The worst things ever invented. When they're


played well, they're actually really nice. That's because they're


not usually played well. There are quite cool, actually. They're only


played on special occasions. I have to admit, if you're watching a film,


really emotional scene, and you get that bagpipes sound. That's the one.


Once that starts playing, you're just.... How do they work? Is it


just a bag? It's someone blowing down the pipe? We've got a good


action there! It's a draw. Come on, then. Rock, paper, scissors! Yes!


We've won. That's there. So, my Hot Or Not is DVD marathons. Oi! This


marathon's for DVDs only. Beat you! Like spending the whole of your


Saturday watching all of the Harry Potters. Or Twilight. I've done all


of them in a night. Every day! What if I was going to watch a film in


the morning, and then have a 10 minute break and watch another.


What you do is come you go to your cupboard, raid it, take all of the


crisps and all of the dips so you don't have to leave the room. Get


your mobile phone, the house phone, you've got everything sorted. Then


you just watch everything and keep going. And when you're changing


discs, pop to the toilet. Bob's your uncle. Back in your seat, back


in the zone. Or, if you're watching a series, between episodes. You're


missing one thing. You've got to get the hat with the two cans of


drink with the things coming in. don't want to be lying in bed with


some fat hat on my head. I've never had a DVD marathon. I feel so left


out. Never? No. I mean, I have watched three episodes of Friends


in a row, but I can't... haven't lived. So, you're on this


side. So, we've one more Hot Or Not, and this is from the CBBC website,


And it is board games. They're so hot! I love a good board game.


Monopoly, I am the king. No, I am the king. Audience, do you like


board games? ALL: Yes! So I am literally on my own. You don't like


board games? No. HOOTER.


All right, there we go. Right, so, that's Hot, and that's the end of


Hot Or Not. If you want to get involved and suggest some of yours,


then visit the CBBC website and visit the backstage page, or


OK, now it's time for Sing Download, and I'll be taking you through Aloe


Blacc's I Need A Dollar. The lyrics are on the screen, so let's get


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 100 seconds


Thanks for joining us today, everyone, and also a massive thanks


Download Subtitles