Episode 4 Hacker's Olympic Rundown

Episode 4

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Kayaking commentator distracted by cutlery.


Add egg faced a man enters cycling time trial.


He's literally got egg on his face, do you see?


Yesterday was a brilliant day for Team GB


as they won loads of massive chocolate coins.


I can't stand Derek. The way he always... Medals. Exactly. No,


Hacker, they are called medals. Jack Laugher and Chris Mears won a gold


medal in the diving. The pressure was really on.


But the victory was short lived when Chris lost his underpants


If anyone sees them, they are a big white pair of


Their coach was having trouble when he got a bit


Did anyone see the Mexican divers playing hide and seek with those


It took their mind off the trouble they had with the flags. Their coach


was seen arguing with cabin crew at pool sign. I am putting them under


my chair and you cannot stop us. I enjoyed the man with the finger that


beeps. Is any good? I am using him as an egg timer. It is ready.


Brilliant. We approached this


spokesperson for a Go away, can't you see I am cleaning


his spokes? We were going to give Chris


the celebratory tub of axle I'm sure it won't


cause any problems. He did not get around the first


corner! Trap shooter Stephen Scott


was very pleased with his Tell the audience what it means to


you. The world. Thanks very much. Another GB medal winner


was Sally Conway in the judo. Did anyone think she looked


different at the start of the day? Sally Conway was our hope and this


is how her day unfolded. Now it is time for my favourite


confused John Inverdale greeting. Good afternoon, good morning


everybody. It is the wrong way around. It is good morning, good


day. And so do our daily update


on Clare Balding's patriotically be People are even stopping


in the street to take its photo. One of the arenas with a good


atmosphere. The fans are such a problem the trolley had to hire a


bodyguard. Step away please, no autographs!


Do you think it's rude when someone ask you a question and then starts


They can get on with their work in a way Tom Daley has not been able to?


That is a question for them. When you are in the diving world you are


competing with the same athletes, whether it is


the World Championships... I know, he is boring will stop why don't you


like things up by turning the light off on Clare Balding's next piece to


camera. We had an all British affair for the bronze medal. It means it is


the end of the show. What did everybody think? Educational,


informative, entertaining. This is the BBC at its peak. Cheers, John. I


am off with the hastily made props but I


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