Episode 6 Hacker's Olympic Rundown

Episode 6

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But it was also great at the Olympics!


I'm gonna waft it away with this flag.


Massive number two seen floating in the sea.


And Murray and Del Potro discover they are featured on


Yes, this is the news that Andy Murray has won gold


But did anyone else notice that massive baby that


I was also having trouble finding the


Team GB won medals all over the place this weekend.


Greg Rutherford did well in the long jump,


even when an official distracted him.


Jessica Ennis-Hill won a silver in the heptathlon but I was more


concerned about Steve Cram's watch breaking in the commentary box.


One, two, three, four, will it reach ten?


And Mo Farah won gold in the 10,000 metres.


he's got the most camera-shy medal of the Games.


Is it just me or does Clare Balding often sound a lot


Mind you, she's not the only person who can throw her voice.


Did you see those ventriloquists on the cycling track?


I'm going to do a song without moving my mouth. Hello, everyone,


I'm on a bicycle! There was a lot of splashing


about in the pool over the Those people who stand by the side


must be wringing. Still America's Katie Ledecky did


well to beat that big And how are you eligible


to swim in the Olympics? Anyway, isn't it awkward


when you have to politely laugh Now, you might remember


on Friday I distracted Chris Hoy But I've been feeling terrible


about it all weekend, so I'm going to send him


a message to apologise. Don't worry, I'll


apologise, again. Sorry we've got to pull away from


the golf! You wouldn't catch me being


unprofessional like that on TV. Now, er, erm, ooh, I've forgotten


my line. There was another gold


for Team GB on Sunday, The whole of Great Britain. Is


holding this putter. I felt really hungry


during Max Whitlock's pommel But if he's having spicy food


like that no wonder he can never We expected or hoped


for something big on the pommel, Even Clare Balding was


shocked by what he did. Ooh, and you could see


that big release. Talking of toilet humour,


I'm getting the feeling that And Greg Rutherford was doing his


business on the far side I don't mean that! You know what I


mean! No, I'm your line,


from earlier. Better hurry, though,


I'm parked on double


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