Episode 7 Hacker's Olympic Rundown

Episode 7

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We're back. Today's top stories: Shy gymnast tends to hide inside his


shoulders. Cold starts at hockey match. Boxer takes on bottle of


water in toughest fight yet. And Dan Walker loses control of bladder live


on TV. Yelena can I borrow that tissue? Let's catch up with the key.


It's everywhere. -- can I borrow that tissue? Mark Cavendish took the


silver in the on. What? Omnium. These crisps are delicious, but what


flavour are they? Cheese and... Omnium. Mark Cavendish won silver


last night, which is surprising considering he stopped halfway round


the track. Laura Trott is on course for a medal, too, but there were


some shocks in the women's race. It is a surprise to see beverage come


out at this point. I don't know about that. My mouth is quite dry


after all those crisps. Regular viewers will recall that I have been


getting Chris Hawley into trouble by texting him when he is live on air.


He has been finding alternative employment. We have found an


umbrella holder. Now design for my action replay. A personal best yet


again. -- now it is time for my disappointing action replay. I


thought those badminton players were a bit rude, gossiping about their


opponents during the match. He stinks. Did anyone see the horse


that thought it was a crab? Yes, Charlotte Dujardin won gold in the


dressage. She wasn't crying on the podium, she had just peeled an...


Omnium. I am playing Mrs Birling in an Inspector calls in new Brighton.


There are still tickets available. Has anybody seen the new celebrity


at the Olympics? It is Clare Balding's back. This woman was


desperate to get a photo of it. That is a good one, isn't it? Lovely


blouse she is wearing today. Get her back! Oh, yes. Why is everybody in


Rio a high-pitched Geordie? Did anyone see the world's lightest dog?


This was Sophie Hitchen, winning bronze in the hammer throw. The


commentator got confused and thought he was watching the Ludo finals.


COMMENTATOR: Last throw of the dice for Sophie Hitchen. She is already


celebrating. The competition isn't over yet. I wonder where she learned


that dance! The Polish hammer thrower braced a few eyebrows by


doing a massive trump. I wonder what her secret is. COMMENTATOR: She had


nine boiled eggs for breakfast. That is what it does to you. I'm sure she


has been eating something else. What is it? Omnium. Thanks, Claire. I am


off to hang about with my new show business pal. It is Clare Balding's


back. Let's go!


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