Episode 9 Hacker's Olympic Rundown

Episode 9

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Brazilian footballer forgets rules of the game.


Letter V accused of graffiti at medal ceremony.


And world's youngest dentist sets up in handball arena.


So the big news of yesterday came in the hockey.


Team GB's women are through to the final and guaranteed at least


Although in my opinion their biggest achievement was breaking the world


record for the largest static Hokey Cokey.


You don't put your left leg in, you don't put your left leg out.


Not in, not out, not in, not out, whatever you do don't shake


The players all looked wonderful though.


The team's success even got the crowd singing.


Hockey's Coming Home is the song the supporters are singing.


# It's been away all day and now it wants a cup of tea.


Ore Oduba's even offered himself up as a Gareth Malone-style


But, if it doesn't top the charts, the team insist they are not


I hope what everybody sees is the tightest group of women


there could possibly be out there.


Now it's time for my favourite use of a cliche immediately


after denying there are any cliches.


There are no cliches about this Great Britain team. Every single


member is on the top of their form. Sailing next, and Clare Balding


wasn't very subtle about I'm always slightly nervous


when I hand to Shirley Robertson because I never know if you've got


enough wind or not. By the way, did anyone notice


someone had written a rude word The USA took on Argentina


in the basketball last night, but where did


the game take place? # Have you heard the news, hockey's


coming home... I've been wondering,


is Hazel Irvine really small or is all the furniture


in her studio really big? Ground-breaking moment that you


managed to fashion. It's a lovely studio,


but it is missing one thing - I wonder where she'll


find one big enough? Don't you hate it when Helen


Skelton's interviewing you, then looks around


for someone better to talk to? Excitement, didn't get overwhelmed?


In this place it's quite... Athletics next, and did


you see Michael Johnson playing pat-a-cake


with the invisible man? Did anyone see that


weird looking elderly couple that gate-crashed


the showjumping event? Well, that's just about


it for today. I wonder if hockey's come


home yet? I'd completely forgotten I'd


rented my spare room out to you, Mind if I bring my massive


angle-poise lamp too? # Have you heard the news, folks?


# Hockey's


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