Series 2

Series 2

Documentary series following young ice skaters.

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Trials and Tribulations

1. Ice Stars: Series 2, Trials and Tribulations

The gang is back in full swing with a whole new season ahead of them.

Against All Odds

2. Ice Stars: Series 2, Against All Odds

With days to go before the British Championships, Josh is laid up in bed with flu.

Never Give Up

3. Ice Stars: Series 2, Never Give Up

Figure skater Kloe fights to get back on top form after a few disappointing performances.

Make or Break

4. Ice Stars: Series 2, Make or Break

Ice hockey duo Charlie and Freddie have try-outs for a different sort of ice sport.

Home and Away

5. Ice Stars: Series 2, Home and Away

Ice hockey brothers Rais and Aren are off to Canada for the trip of a lifetime.

Recipe for Success

6. Ice Stars: Series 2, Recipe for Success

The ice stars are set against each other when they go head to head in a baking challenge.

Heart of a Lion

7. Ice Stars: Series 2, Heart of a Lion

Ice hockey player Liam takes on men twice his age in an action-packed match.

Battle Grounds

8. Ice Stars: Series 2, Battle Grounds

The Icicles are in Austria for the Synchro world championships.

Taking on the World

9. Ice Stars: Series 2, Taking on the World

Josh is in Hungary representing Great Britain in his first ever world championships.

Gala Day

10. Ice Stars: Series 2, Gala Day

It is gala day and this year the theme is the Frozen Kingdom.