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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Leicester City are the Premier League champions!


What a weird dream, Leicester winning the Premier


Wales getting to the semifinal of the Euros?


If you are already missing the feast of football that was the Euros, then


We're here to look forward to all the thrills and spills,


delight and disappointments that a new season holds.


Here is what is in store on today's show.


Just seven years ago, Burton Albion weren't


even in the football league but this weekend,


We drop in to hear their amazing story.


While some may have enjoyed a break, the women's


Super League has been charging along throughout the summer.


We meet Leah Williamson, an Arsenal pro tip for


And the Olympics are underway in Brazil and already there


But first, the action from the most important


Cousins James, Charlie and Sam got their dads


involved for their set piece masterclass.


And Rory really wraps his foot around that


I particularly like the creative use of furniture and cardboard


If you are spending your summer holidays


recreating Gareth Bale's free kicks or trying some beach soccer skills


by the sea or maybe you have even had a chance meeting with a football


hero and managed to get a selfie then we want to hear from you.


Head to our website and upload your clips


We would love to see them and we will try our best to


show as many as we can over the next few weeks.


As you know, the football news never stops so here are a few


First up, there have been some priceless pics


I know he didn't quite catch it right but only Zlatan could


score with a scissors kick less than four minutes


And spare a thought for the Minnesota keeper after this frankly


A little pre-season present for AFC Bournemouth.


And, of course, this time of year would not be complete


without some mind-boggling sums of money changing hands


Gonzalo Higuain tops the list so far moving from Napoli to


But does that mean Pogba is packing his bags


But while Zlatan may have pronounced himself God of the


North, Manchester City have just signed Jesus, OK, well, it's


But I am sure City fans will still be hoping


he will perform some miracles on the wing.


And talking of transfers, check out the higher or lower quiz


on our website to see if you can remember who went for what.


And whilst you're there, why not test your knowledge


on the new England manager big Sam Allardyce?


This weekend, it all kicks off in the football leagues of


Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England and for one


small club from Staffordshire, this Saturday


will be a day when history is made as Burton Albion played their first


ever match in the second tier of English football.


The Brewers take on former European cup winners


Nottingham Forest at the City ground this afternoon.


There it is, it has been a fairy tale story for a team


who spent nearly 60 years playing non-league football.


We sent our reporter to find out more about the boys from


Leicester City might have stolen all of the glory last season


but we are here at the home of the real king of the underdog, it's


Remember where you were, 2016, the impossible dream


Burton Albion are promoted to the championship.


I think everyone is so excited about


what is to come for us, we have come a long way


very quickly so, yeah, it's really exciting.


It's been a long road to here but now everyone


is ready for it and we just can't wait for that three o'clock


Who are you most looking forward to playing against this season?


I think the obvious ones are the teams that


came down from the Premier League, Norwich, Villa obviously and


Newcastle are just an absolutely giant club.


When we first join the club, if someone had told us we


would be in this situation, we probably would have laughed at you.


We are not here just to make the numbers up.


We want to go and do ourselves and our family proud.


And the team that used to call Gresley


Rovers at Tamworth local rivals are going to be entertaining former


European cup winners, it's a remarkable, incredible,


In every walk of life, you need a dream, don't you?


You need a dream, you know, maybe look at Bournemouth but they


have got a Russian billionaire behind them.


No, I mean, we will enjoy this season.


Obviously we will be happy to survive it.


We are going to enjoy every single second of it.


Burton Albion are promoted to the championship.


You must be excited this year, being in the


championship, travelling to all of these grounds,


Villa Park, are you looking forward to it?


It was more interesting going to the likes of


Bradford, Macclesfield and the changing rooms no bigger than a


You learn then to adapt, how to put your kit out and what to do.


I would imagine Newcastle's changing rooms


I won't know what to do with it all, you know, it is


It's just another game of football, isn't it?


I'm more pleased for the club and the


chairman and Nigel, of course, that we have reached this


because when I came to this club as a kit man, we


Then you look now, we have come up a steep hill at 100 mph.


It takes some believing, I tell you.


Marvellous stuff and all the best to the Albion this afternoon.


sunning ourselves, my fortnight in Bognor was lovely, by the way,


The women's Super League has been hotting up.


Arsenal ladies are currently in third,


chasing Chelsea and Man City but one of their bright young stars, Leah


We played a game and I think we won 15-0.


I loved the winning and I really liked being the


And being better than most of the boys.


When I go out to training, I want to come in, just


feel like I have had a kickabout with my mates.


My mum always made sure that school came first and it


Right up until I finished my A-levels.


I always had cheeky friends and I used to love


that side of it at break and lunch but my mum was really scary and I


did not take that into the classroom at all.


But in the Arsenal team, I would like to say Ramsey.


Like, he will keep running until he hasn't got anything left.


Kelly Smith is my hero and she knows she


In terms of professionalism, and making a career


out of it for girls, the women's Super League is incredible.


The standard of game is just so much better now.


I've actually developed a new hobby recently, I found a paint by


numbers, you know, when they have all


the different numbers and the


Winning the FA Cup at Wembley generally is a dream come


true, especially in an Arsenal shirt.


My family have loved Arsenal forever.


My grandma is the biggest Arsenal fan ever.


She takes her binoculars, she takes her blanket to


the game and this is the club that I love.


My advice to anybody would


Take it everywhere with you, do everything with it, enjoy it and


never forget the reason why you started playing.


Every day there are things that I am not happy with and there


are things that I wish I was better out.


young player is the energy that I have.


My ambition is literally to see how good I can be.


I need to break into the England team.


Summer or not, the footie never stops.


The Olympic football got underway this week.


Many a footballing hero has graced the


Olympic Games over the years so make sure you keep your eye on the action


You might spot the next football superstar.


In Beijing, back in 2008, Barcelona legend


Lionel Messi worked his magic to win gold for Argentina and Brazilian


wizard Neymar nailed this free kick at the London 2012 Olympics.


And this year, that has been some cracking action already.


Here is our pick of the best goals so far.


He looks up, that is a better delivery.


The keeper can only watch and America has got the lead and who


else but Carli Lloyd, goal number 88 from the captain.


He didn't seem ready to deal with it.


He has cracked it. And to the top corner. The 32nd international goal.


On-site here. Makes it 2-2. You could not script this.


Extraordinary! Lovely ball and he kept his cool. Oh, I cannot wait to


see who back the football medals in Rio. The Olympics finish one or two


other sports as well so we caught up with a couple of incredible GP table


tennis guards for their dream team. This is our dream five. In goal we


are going to have... I think people will struggle to beat him. In


defence, we have gone for Beckenbauer because he is stolen as


a rock. Ended filled, we're going to Steven Gerrard and are both


Liverpool fans. We are going to go the messy as an advanced playmaker,


the best player in the world at the obit. Up front, we're going to get


myself, I am a fair striker. He thinks the years. No, I am. You can


play first, I will play second and I will score the winning goal. Amongst


all the games going on this weekend, there is one fiction that might get


a little more attention than most. On Sunday, when Billy plays host to


the Community Shield between Premier League champions Leicester at F8 cup


winners Man United. Can they lay down a marker for the season? Well


they maintain the Magic that saw them make history in May? If the


Community Shield is being played, then it means something very special


is just round the corner. Oh, yes! Next week the Premier League is


back. I'm as excited as a seagull next to an unguarded plate of chips.


If you feel inspired to recreate a Rooney rocket, then make sure you


send us your clips. But until next time, see you!


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