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When Columbus said the world was round people rolled their eyes.


When Nasa claimed that man would one day walk on the moon, critics


scoffed and when Claudio Ranieri dared to dream that his side


could become champions of England the footballing world


laughed in his face. Who is laughing now?


Good morning Kickabout fans. To say it has been a big week


in the world of football would be an under statement.


News of the new Premier League champions has gone global.


Yes, after months of will they won't they?


Leicester City have finally done it. They are officially


champions of England. We will be brating the Foxes


fairytale in a moment. First here is what's coming up


on the rest of today's show. We join the Manchester United first


team as they invite these lucky supporters for a training session.


With Burnley back in the Premier League next season,


these superfans take us behind the scenes at Turf Moor.


And as usual we celebrate your brilliant footie achievements.


But let's face it, there is only one way we can truly kick things off


this week and that's with the remarkable


story of these guys. Yes, Leicester City's Premier League


triumph will go down in history as one of the most


astounding stories in sport. From relegation favourites


at the start of the season to a title winning team. No one saw


this coming back in August! In fact, people were saying


it was more likely that Simon Cowell would become Prime Minister


or Alex Ferguson would win Strictly Come Dancing than Leicester


topping the table! And this guy was so convinced it


wouldn't happen that in December he vowed to host Match Of The Day


in his underwear if his former team won the League!


Well, Gary, these are for you pal. Oh yeah, I didn't want


you to feel left out. They're actually comfortable.


Anyway, the celebrations started on Monday night after Tottenham


drew 2-2 with Chelsea and it was Jamie Vardy


having a party. Here is the moment the players


celebrated at the final whistle.


Yes! Yes!


So a little bit happy then and why not?


And they aren't the only ones. Here is how the rest


of the world reacted to Leicester's remarkable win.


Leicester City defy the odds to win


the Premier League. Yes!


I can't get me head around it. I think it is the biggest sporting


shock in probably sporting history. I can't think of anything that


surpasses it and when it is your team as well,


it is just too extraordinary. Too difficult to put


over in words really. When I watch all the players


together and say heck this is the secret


of the team together. It's amazing.


I never thought I would ever see this.


I've been a Leicester fan for years.


I never thought I'd ever see anything like this


in my entire life. At the start of the season 5,000-1


to win the Premier League. It is just the most incredible


achievement I believe in British sport.


The people love us because they say we are the best.


But we put on the pitch our soul, our heart, our blood.


Everything we live on the pitch. I have been supporting them


for all my life and it is one of those moments that


you cherish to be honest. My mum told me and then I nearly


cried my eyes out because Leicester means so much to me.


# We have won the League. # We know you want to believe us.


# We have won the League. # But we have won the League!


What a week! And could their title win be running


off on the rest of the Leicester? Local snooker player, Mark Selby,


secured his second World Championship on Monday.


Leicester Tigers are hunting for an 11th English rugby union title.


Leicester Riders are British basketball league champions


and Leicester City women have gone the whole season with a 100% record.


Maybe Leeds could look out to Leicester.


Just for a season. But the Foxes aren't the only ones


hitting the headlines. Yes, OK, they have been everywhere you looked


the last few days, but don't forget this lot happened too.


Manchester City failed to reach their first


Champions League final after a 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid.


Winners Real will face their neighbours Atletico later this


month, but it was much better news


for Liverpool as they beat Villareal 3-0 at Anfield to reach


the Europa League final. They will face Sevilla with Klopp


hoping to get his hands on the first piece of silverware with the Reds.


In the women's game, Manchester City are six points clear at the top of


the women's Super League one and get this, they haven't conceded a single


goal in the first five League games of 2016. Nice work ladies!


And finally, in League One Wigan Athletic won at Blackpool last


weekend. They are all but champions with a three point lead at the top.


Congratulations. The promotion parties don't stop there as Burnley


are back in the big time. They clinched promotion to the Premier


League on Monday after beating QPR 1-0 at Turf Moor. Well done to the


Clarets. They are already back. Something these two fans are very


happy about. I'm Jack. Welcome to Burnley FC.


We're back in the Premier League. We can't wait. Come on Burnley!


Last year we were relegated from the top division, but this year, we've


had a great run in the Championship. COMMENTATOR: It is another champagne


moment. Burnley are promoted to the Premier League. Our manager is a


legend. He has been at the club four years now and the fans actually love


him. My favourite moment this year has to be when we played back burn


at home and we beat them 1-0. Jack, what was your favourite moment? The


Burnley QPR game. A good experience and I liked the pitch invasion.


COMMENTATOR: Here comes the pitch invasion. Our favourite player is


Andre Gray he scored 22 goals. My favourite player is Sam Vokes. He is


a good all-round player. What do you think about Leicester winning the


Premier League? It is amazing, isn't it? A few years ago they were down


with us in the Championship. Yeah, Leicester have been amazing. I can't


believe they've done it. They're the Premier League champions!


This stadium can fit 22,000 fans in. Me and Isaac are both season ticket


holders. The atmosphere is amazing. Come on, I'll show you my seat over


here. Epic seats, aren't they? You see everything from here. Isaac, if


you look right over there, that's where I sit. It is a good view. A


point for Burnley. My favourite song is the promotion song. It goes


# Up the football League we go. When we get promotion this is what


we'll sing # We love you Sean.


# Sean is king. # So promotion secured, but not yet


the title. That's still all to play for later today as anyone of


Burnley, Middlesbrough or Brighton could finish top of the


championship. Only goal difference separates the Seagulls from second


placed Boro. We asked these young fans to give us their thoughts. I'm


Joseph. I come from Brighton and I'm 11. I'm Thomas and I'm Joseph's


brother and I'm eight and I also come from Brighton. I support


Brighton because that's where me and my mum are from. I support


Middlesbrough because that's where my dad is from. I think the score


will be 2-1 tomorrow? 1-0 to Boro. I predict the score to be 2-1.


Seagulls. Seagulls. We are Brighton. We are Brighton. Super Brighton from


the south. You can get promoted and I will go crazy. Up the Boro. Bruno,


Bruno. My prediction for the Brighton match is 2-0 with jordon


Rhodes scoring. If we get promoted to the Premier League, it will be


amazing and I will be immensely proud of the team who have worked so


hard. If we win the League, it will be the best thing ever. Yes!


We love Brighton. Brighton! Middlesbrough. Brighton! Go on Boro.


# We're going up. # The mighty Boro are going up. . #


Will it be Brighton or Middlesbrough who secure the automatic promotion


spot? What a final day decider. In the Premier League we know who the


champions are. Claudio Ranieri's men will lift the trophy after their


game against Everton later. Down at bottom is where the battle is really


hotting up though. Newcastle visit already relegated Villa. Sunderland


host Chelsea. Both are huge games for the north-east sides if they are


to stay up. Norwich face a tough game against Manchester United at


Carrow Road. And speaking of the Red Devils, Hayley joined the first team


last week to celebrate the work of the Manchester United Foundation. It


has been a season of ups and downs for Manchester United, but they


could finish this season winning the FA Cup for the first time in 12


years. One of the main highlights for the


Reds this year has been the emergence of young talent like


Marcus Rashford and Lingard. Today Manchester United's new superstars


are going to be giving these young fans the surprise of a lifetime!


APPLAUSE You should have seen the faces on


those kids when the Manchester United first team walked in. Excited


is an under statement! The team are here as part of the schools united


event to celebrate the work of the Manchester United Foundation in


schools and communities across Greater Manchester.


These kids will learn all about the benefits of healthy eating and


physical activity from their heroes. Like this man, Jessie Lingard.


What's this is about? It is the Manchester United Foundation. We are


here to help the kids. We have got the healthy eating option and the


exercise inside and it is a good kick about and a good laugh and it


is good to get to know the kids as well.


Manchester United did so well in the semifinals. You had a great game.


How would it feel to win? It win a trophy would be massive. We're


prepared. We're ready. It would be good for the manager as well to get


a trophy. You're good friends with Marcus Rashford. I believe you've


got a special handshake? Yeah. Most of the lads have got hand shakes. It


is between me and him. We like it. It is good! I love the look of it.


Give it a go. How do I do it? Yeah. That way. Double tap and double tap


in the centre. Yeah. One, two, double tap. So what have the kids


thought about meeting their heroes? I've met all the players, but my


favourite one was Wayne Rooney. I raced Phil Jones and I beat him! How


did that feel? Great. It was the best day of my life.


Thanks, Hayley. Before we wrap things up, there is time to take a


look at your pictures and brilliant footie achievements. Here is Alex


with his Man of the Match trophy. Well done Alex. Rangers fans Emma


and Rosie play for Dunfermline football club. They reached the


quarter-finals of the cup. Here is Morley under 7s. They won 11-0. What


a result! If you want to see your photo on the show, just e-mail


Kickabout at BBC.co.uk. Why not have a go at our new quiz to find out


which Leicester City champion you are. I got Jamie Vardy. We're kind


dread spirits. More from this year's brand-new Premier League champions.


The fantastic Leicester City. I will see you next week for our end of


season special. Well done the Foxes! The great thing about Leicester's


dressing room is the sense of unity, the sense of purpose, the sense of


belonging. Here come Leicester again. It is in. Oh e he has done it


again! It is two. He is on side. Vardy! This is incredible. Vardy.


The flag stayed down. It is two. The dream is becoming reality. Claudio


Ranieri won the Premier League. Leicester City are the champions of




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