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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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We've had 30 days, 50 matches, 107 goals, 195 yellow cards,


and about 367,594 shots on goal by this man,


who blatantly doesn't like to pass, does he?


But now, there's on the one thing that matters, tomorrow's final


Before we turn our attention to that though, there's a whole month's


worth of tremendous tournament football to look back on.


This proud Welshman looks back on his country's


Conor McNamara is back from France, and reveals his team


I've been keeping an eye out for the weird and wonderful as well.


So here we are then, just one match away from crowning


And it's going to be either Portugal or the hosts, France.


But it could have been even more exciting.


Wales so nearly became the first British team to reach a major


And though Portugal might have crushed their dreams,


the team spirit, passion and togetherness shown by the Welsh


And they couldn't have done it without their travelling support.


Here's our Wales fan to talk us through their story.


It was an amazing tournament for the Red Dragons.


Gareth Bale scored this amazing free kick.


Our first victory in our first European Championships.


Aaron Ramsey, surely one of the players of the tournament.


The semifinal v Portugal was our first in a major tournament.


We tried hard, we fought hard, but we salute you, Ronaldo.


Leicester's fairy tale in winning the Premier League, and now Wales


So Portugal's win against Wales left one more place in the final up


for grabs, and it was a clash between the footballing


It's a Griezmann corner, driven into Patrice Evra.


That is harsh, and the referee's behind that as well,


Getting paid to watch football and see the sights, I've said


before and I'll say it again - as much as I love my job,


surely our next guest had the best gig at the Euros.


Plus, he's now back to tell us his stories -


Now before we chat, Conor, let's remind ourselves of your best bits.


Hi there, Match Of The Day Kickabout - I'm Conor McNamara.


If there's one thing the French love even more than football, it's food.


I saw a guy prepare a crepe, which trust me, it's so much better


than the normal pancake you get back home.


Now what trip to Paris with the complete without


The Louvre is one of the most famous and respected museums in the world.


It's not afraid to try something new, this place.


I would say that Belgian's Radja Nainggolan is the Pompidou


It was so, so brilliant to be in the country while the tournament


I think there's so much people don't see on the television.


Every time you go to an airport, it's full of fans wearing


their team colours, going to different destinations.


Every train you're on, people are singing their songs,


You might have 15,000 Welsh fans in the stadium,


if you left, there were 25,000 outside the stadium.


And you weren't just looking at the football.


You were also linking national landmarks in France


to some of the star players of the tournament.


It's such a huge tourist country anyway, France.


People go to France in their hundreds of thousands


But with the football on, they had a really nice mix


When I got there, at the start of the tournament, they lit up


the Eiffel Tower in the colours of the nation that


And that gave me the idea, let's do a Kickabout-style,


what kind of players could get compared to famous landmarks.


I think for the Eiffel Tower we said Paul Pogba,


because he's world-class, and he certainly stands out


and is tall and dominant in the centre.


Don't go anywhere, Conor, please, because you are going to be helping


us choose a team of the tournament in a minute.


Right after these bloopers, I think you're going to love them.


Morata, upending one of the officials.


That's sold short by Djorou, Griezmann, Gignac to his right,


I don't think I've ever seen that before.


What about that, Conor, it has had everything, this Euros.


I haven't seen those things before, because when I'm in the stadium


doing commentary, we don't see highlights afterwards.


We go down and speak to the players and managers,


so that was the first summer so that.


And it's also featured some standout performances from players.


They're hoping to make it into the Kickabout starting 11


It's not about winning the trophy, it is like getting in this team,


It's going to be hard, because we had to come up


I think we need to discuss formation first, what should we go for?


Overall, the dominant formation in this tournament has been 4-2-3-1.


Very few teams have been playing with two strikers up front.


In so many teams you've got these attacking midfielders who come


forward when you need it, but they have got to


get back into the job in defence as well.


I'm happy to stick with that formation then.


Between the sticks, can I put forward Michael McGovern


Absolutely, I think there is no debate about this,


the performance against Germany alone, he's playing


the saves he made, he completely saved Northern Ireland.


Moving on to right back, Lucas Piszcek of Poland has


This is a Borussia Dortmund player he does this dual role, he never


gets caught out at the back, but whenever Poland are attacking,


you looks almost like a right winger.


Another position now at centre back is Jerome Boateng.


The first game that Germany played was against Ukraine,


He made this block and a line that was incredible.


He's so acrobatic, it ended up tackled in the net.


He somehow got the ball away. He is so a Flitwick and fast, you has to


be in the team. Second centre back, I think Italy


have been very strong at the back, it could have been anyone of their


three central defenders. The BBC - Brummie Barzalgi. A steady


player who makes everyone relax around him. Alongside Boateng, I


think that is the centre have bearing.


A player I am very impressed and surprised by has been Neil Taylor


for Wales. He is all about energy, box to box,


who defended and attacked well. Got a golfer Wales which has made him a


national hero. For me we have to put him in.


Moving on to midfield, our first shout is for Aron Gunnarsson of


Iceland, who typified that Iceland attack with the long throws that


England couldn't handle. The moment he stood in the tunnel,


imposing, a leather clad with the Iceland fans, Delaney to see any


more? I'm going Ramsey in that this


midfield, done what you think about but I think it's been even more


influential than Gareth Bale? When they needed some common he came


forward. Such a shame he missed the semi.


Questionable hair though! Moving onto the flair players, on the right


of attack, and one Griezmann. He has to be there, Griezmann are


set to be the player of the tournament.


Gareth Bale has had a brilliant tournament. They deserve to have


three players in our team that is richer.


Moving onto the left flank of our midfield three, who DC playing


there? We had to go back to the hosts,


Dimitri Payet it has been incredible, particularly with free


kicks. Although Griezmann has become the staff of the French, Fayette is


great as well. Moving up front, just one striker,


but you only need one when you have this fella, Cristiano Ronaldo.


If Portugal when the Euros, he joined the likes of Maradona and


Pele being an international superstar.


That completes our team, and what a team, 11 players of extreme quality.


I think they would win the Euros! The tenements may be rounding up,


but you can get your football fix any time on our website. ... There's


so much there, you can even send us your skills by the video upload for


a chance to make it onto the telly. And once the Euros finish, it is


only just a month until the new Premier League season will stop so


keep your eye out for a lot more cool Kickabout stuff online.


As a commentator, you have a way with words.


I hope so. You're speaking to a kindred spirit,


because I'm also known for my wordsmith abilities. I been known to


put things into rhyme from time to time. We have created a prior to sum


up how great your 2016 has been. I hope you will join me in a


dramatic reading. I would love to. Epic mesa, please!


We kicked off in style with a rocket from Dimitri Payet at, and with a


town like is, why not just try it. Huge pressure on England...


It wasn't quite Shakespeare, was it? If anything, it was better! This


summer has been poetry in motion, hasn't it?


I am sad it is coming to an end. It has been great to have you here,


thanks were coming by. A pleasure. Quick prediction on the


final? I'm going to go for France. Me too.


Hope you enjoy it, guys. See you soon.


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