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I can't believe it's finally here, the last weekend


What am I gonna do from now until August with no football?


OK, so there is the FA Cup, European


finals, womens' Super League, the play-offs


and the Euros to come this


Luckily, I've brought in a little help to round up the season in


It's our end of season special, and what a treat to have


with me to look back at some of the big stories.


Now, it's fair to say you guys have had mixed seasons and we will be


chatting to all of you this morning about your teams.


But first, here's what's coming up on the rest of the show.


Dutch superstar, Arjen Robben, tells us what Manchester City can


expect from their incoming manager Pep Guardiola.


We look back at this year's Premier League season.


And John Farnworth shows you how to do this...


So, loads to look forward to, but let's start with our champions.


Jack, Rhys, Ellie and Madison, you guys must be on cloud


nine, all of you winners of your respective leagues.


Jack and Rhys, what's it like to have been


I can't believe it's happened, it still feels like it's a dream.


How does it feel to you, Rhys, is it like a dream?


Can you pick one moment where you really thought,


I think when we beat Manchester City 3-1 away because it is quite


But I think we dominated the game and played really well.


Brilliant, brilliant season all round for Leicester.


Ellie, a fifth successive league title for Celtic,


where you are expecting to win it again?


I thought they had a chance and then they came out and did it.


And your manager Ronnie Delia is going to be leaving next season,


is it going to be an issue or will you be even stronger?


If we get another manager, we might be a bit stronger


and we might get some of our fans back.


And Madison, you are a Burnley fan, heading back to the Premier League


Was it always going to happen, do you think?


With Andre Gray top striker, scores 20 plus goals.


Last time you were in the Premier League,


things didn't go to plan, you got relegated.


Now you are back, do you think you have got a better chance


Well, Michael Duff has retired, so that's a big player that's been


lost and 23 games unbeaten and I think we can take that


Moving on, let's look back at some of the stories that have made


the last ten months such a superb season of footy action.


Think back to the start of the season.


Chelsea were champions and Leicester were relegation favourites.


Manchester City spent 50 million sterling on Raheem Sterling,


while excited new boys, Bournemouth, Watford


and Norwich had slightly less cash to splash.


On the opening day, West Ham nicked a shock win at Arsenal


with 16-year-old Rhys Oxford the star man.


Swansea started well with Gomez roaring along.


The Frenchman did his tiger celebration four times in August.


Talk about four-legged creatures, the Foxes for flying


and Claudio Ranieri was offering his players pizza


With Liverpool in pain, Brendan Rodgers paid


the price and German giant, Jurgen Klopp got the top job.


Jamie Vardy scored for an amazing 11 games in a row to keep


But Edin's lack of goals was a serious hazard.


Yet, Chelsea were losing games and flirting with


So Jose Mourinho, yes Jose Mourinho, got sacked!


Underdogs like Crystal Palace dazzled.


The Eagles were level with Spurs on Boxing Day


And Stoke became Stoke alone after unwrapping some tasty


The January transfer window was quiet.


Berahino tried to go, West Brom said no.


But what a move the Charlie Austin, from QPR in the championship


to bagging a winner at Old Trafford seven minutes


18-year-old Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford took Arsenal


back to school with two goals on his Premier League debut.


And then had a chemistry exam the next day.


Harry Kane was Superman for Spurs and scored a belter


against Arsenal whilst wearing a protective superhero mask.


As Arsenal's title charge started to slip, Arsene Wenger moaned


about injuries and the fans moaned about Arsene Wenger.


Aston Villa consistently crumbled and were down in April,


Everton's sticky situation meant the toffees boss Roberto


Noble Norwich and no Tory as Newcastle joined Villa


in relegation heart rate thanks to Sunderland's big Sam and little


Jermain Defoe inspired the escape act.


Let's be honest, this season will be remembered for one


team and one team only, Leicester City,


They can't do it again next year - can they?


Jack, you are a season ticket holder at Leicester, where you there last


I was there and the atmosphere was great, the fans were awesome.


Fantastic and Leicester City have been known to cause many earthquakes


this season with their support, was there one last weekend?


Unbelievable, how about you, Rhys, where you there?


There was cheering, some were crying.


And Foxes fans aren't the only ones who have been celebrating.


We've had some brilliant stuff from you guys at home too.


Dylan is a season ticket holder at Wigan, champions of League 1


and he met his hero, Leon Barnett before a match.


Theo and his team, PG ten one their first under seven


Here's Aidan with his man of the match trophy for brilliant


Oh, and who is this handsome chap hosting the Leeds'


Now, if you want to see your photo on the show, just e-mail us at:


And we don't finish with the league season, we will be on every Saturday


So plenty of opportunity for you lot to get involved.


Looking ahead to this week at the Premier League fixtures


and new champions Leicester travel to former champions Chelsea.


What a moment that will be getting a guard of honour back


at Claudio Ranieri's old stomping ground.


Elsewhere, Newcastle host Tottenham in what will now be a farewell


to the Premier League for the Magpies.


Helena, hopefully it is just going to be the one season away


You have bounced back before, are you going


Hopefully, because the last time we came straight back up, me,


my dad and my sister always find it an opportunity to visit


Now, Kane, Spurs came very close to challenging for the title this


season, just pipped to the post by Leicester in the end.


Spurs have got stronger and they have good players,


I am confident that next year they will win.


Macy, big Sam saved you from relegation right


Where you always confident he was going to rescue you?


I was unsure because he was given the team he was given, but in the


January window he got better players like Khazri, Kone and it boosted the


team and they got out of relegation. Jermain Defoe for England at the


euros? Yes, because he is a top-notch finisher. Whatever happens


with Europe, you have the FA Cup final to look forward to with


Crystal Palace. What is your prediction? I think it will be 3-1.


A convincing win predicted. We will find out next Saturday. The women


players from Chelsea face the women players from Arsenal. It is the FA


Cup final. Sam, how do you think the Arsenal Ladies will get on? They


have a good chance of winning it. To the men, has it been a disappointing


season for Arsenal? Yes, it was an easy season for us to win the


league. I think we have blown our chance. My thing Arsene Wenger has


been at the club for too long, so I think he should go now. So Sam wants


bottoming out, and one man who have confirmed a new manager is a


Manchester City, Pep Guardiola replaces the manager this season.


Can he bring silverware to city? We will chat about him in a moment. But


let's get the lowdown on life under Pep Guardiola by someone who has


spent the last three years with him. Arjun Arjen Robben.


Pep Guardiola will become a Manchester City's new coach at the


end of the season. He has won a cabinet full of trophies at


Barcelona and has currently a charge at bay in Munich. He is a great


manager, I love working with him. It doesn't matter how young or old you


are, you can learn a lot. Every moment on the pitch, you enjoyed. As


he explained, this is a new step and move in his career. I think


Manchester City can be very happy. Any advice to Manchester City


players on how to stay in his good looks? Try to follow him and enjoy


it. If you have the privilege to work with such a great manager, in


my career I have worked with some of the best managers there are in the


world. I think you just have to take your advantage and try to enjoy it,


but also tried to learn from it. Pep Guardiola, to take the penalty.


He put it where the goalkeeper had been standing.


He will have a lot of influence. If he says improve, it means it is not


so good now. But every manager has his own philosophy and he will bring


it to the club. I think also for the spectators, the way he wants to play


football, attacking, I think the spectators can be happy about it.


So, if Arjen Robben is anything to go by, you are in safe hands next


season. Are you excited about Pep coming to Manchester City? Yes, he


has loads of experience and he should be good for the team.


Slightly poking this season, what will he bring to the team? I think


he will bring passion and propel us where we need to be. One manager who


has settled into Premier League live is Jurgen Klopp. He has done quite


well, leading to two cup finals, do you think next year it will be your


big year? Yes, because he has brought the players together as a


team and he has given the younger ones a chance. The Europa League


final bumming up, do you have a predict that if score? It will be a


close game and Liverpool will win 2-1. Moving to Everton, you have


parted company with your manager, but you still have some great


layers, Ross Barkley, Romelu Lukaku, John Stones. Who is your favourite?


Out of those three will be Ross Barkley, as he is like, when he was


younger he suffered from a broken leg but has come back as the top


playmaker. But out of the whole team will be Della Seo. To you at home,


you are a talented bunch. All season you have been sending in fantastic


videos and you haven't disappointed again this week.


Top stuff as always. Keep your videos coming in. If you need


inspiration for a new trick, how about having a go at this... This


week it is all about using freestyle to beat your opponent. This is


called the sidestep heel flick. Phase one is dragging the ball from


an outside position to an inside position using the sole of your


foot. While maintaining contact with the ball, drag it back from where it


came from well stepping over with the opposite foot. Catch the ball


with the strong foot and drag it back from where it came from, but


this time flick it against the opposite foot, so it goes up in the


air. When the ball is at the right height, they contact with the heel


so it goes over your head and your opponent's head into space.


What do you reckon? Do you think you could nail that like John? Yes! Far


more confident than me. That is it for today but we have had a great


time looking back at the season. There is plenty more to come next


week as it is our FA Cup special, so don't miss that. But allow, goodbye.


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