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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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It is Saturday morning. The weekend is upon us.


So clear up your cornflakes, tidy up your toast and, instead,


Manchester City superstar Ferdinandino talks to us about life


We test out a new football fusion sport.


And, my favourite part of the show - we check out your brilliant


And I'm not still talking about breakfast.


Let's kick things off with this week's Headline Hitters.


It's been quite a year for Northampton Town.


Just four months ago, the Cobblers were on the brink


But now, after a draw with Bristol Rovers last weekend


and a record-breaking run of wins, they have sealed


Great news, but who is going to fix my shoes now?


We all know that sometimes players can spend too long getting off


But Mark Noble took matters into his own hands quite literally


And Liverpool staged one of the most dramatic comebacks Anfield has


ever seen to beat Borussia Dortmund and make it


through to the Europa League semifinal.


After being 3-1 down early in the second-half,


Liverpool needed to score three times in 30 minutes.


Goals sealed the win for Klopp's men.


And they were not the only English team to make it


Manchester City reached the last four of the Champions League


for the first time, with a 3-2 win on aggregate with PSG.


One of the crucial goals was scored by this man, Ferdinandino.


City's Brazilian superstar has won bags of trophies and has had


So we sent Caroline round to his gaffe for a catch up.


Not only has this player won the Premier League title,


he's also won the League Cup title and this year...


Caroline, come on. Get in.


Who is better, you or your dad?


I am sure when he grows up he is going to be a professional


footballer, because he has that in his blood.


And when you were growing up, who was your footballing hero?


When I was ten, I played as a goalkeeper.


Always when my dad would go to play every Sunday


morning with his friends, he was go to the changing room


and I would go to the beach and take the ball and stay in the goal.


So after that he called me and says no, you cannot be a goalkeeper.


So I changed my mind and started to play as a midfielder.


What kind of player do you think he could be?


I hope he can be a back midfielder, not defence.


Yes. And now you are doing the same.


Sometimes he makes some tackles and I say to him do not do


that and he says to me, you do that.


You grew up in Brazil, where it is hot.


It's a different kind of style of playing and your son


My city in Brazil was so hot, we used to play football


But with him I don't need to ask him to play football.


He has a good coordination and I just try to teach him


to kick the ball and sometimes I try to take him after the games,


to start feeling that sensation to start to know


I learned from my dad and I'm trying to teach him that now.


So if you could give one piece of advice to kids


wanting to be professional, what would that be?


Since I was young, I tried to be this fine player.


And today, 30 years old, all I have done is football.


It was because I was a disciplined player.


And I try to teach my son that as well.


And it looks like his son is already in training to be


Fernandino and his team-mates face a big game against Chelsea tonight.


A win will take them above Arsenal into third place.


That's at least until tomorrow when the Gunners play Palace.


Elsewhere, Leicester host West Ham, needing just nine


points more to guarantee the Premier League trophy.


Tottenham are hot on their heels, though.


They play Stoke on Monday night, whilst the crucial game


at the bottom is between Norwich and Sunderland.


North of the border, it's the Scottish Cup semifinal.


The big match is the Old Firm derby as Rangers play Celtic


And in the women's game, there were great wins midweek


for Wales and England in the Euro 2017 qualifiers and Karen Carney


will be hoping to continue her scoring form as her Chelsea team


play Man City in the women's FA Cup semifinal.


The other tie sees Arsenal play Sunderland.


And speaking of the FA Cup, we cannot forget the quarterfinal


midweek replay between West Ham and Man United.


He has doubled Manchester United's lead.


Dangerous. 2-1!


The flag is up. The flag is up.


So it's Manchester United who will meet Everton in the semifinals.


The other match is between Palace and Watford and they are the two


games we want you to predict next week.


Send us a video telling us what you think the school will be.


E-mail it, or upload via the website.


I cannot wait to hear your predictions.


Onto another tournament, as over 600 young people travelled


to Nottingham last week for the Premier League Kicks Cup.


Welcome to Nottingham where some of the biggest legends


That's right, Nottingham is my hometown and


Forest are just down the road and that is where I made my


So I am here today, only a few miles from where I grew up playing,


Girls and boys have been battling it out all day to become champions.


It is the combination of the Kicks programme over the year.


So 79 team all playing in a mixed and girls competition.


And it is really our opportunity to thank the clubs and young people


that come regularly to the programme every week and give them


an opportunity to meet people from other parts of the country.


I cannot tell you how good it feels to be back here, where I used


And watching these lot running around and enjoying themselves


and keeping fit and playing the beautiful game.


What do I do? Which one do I watch?


So I found one of the big clubs, one of the best teams


Seriously? 15, this is unbelievable.


I've never done anything like this before, so coming out here,


meeting other teams, it gives you a good opportunity.


I'm probably the best freestyler on my team.


Getting to the final, a beautiful pitch.


All these kids have had the opportunity to represent where


Newcastle United and West Ham were winners in the end.


So well done to West Ham on lifting the mixed tournament


It might be the only piece of silverware they get


And of course Newcastle United under 16 girls team


Onto your pictures now and congratulations as well


He won player of the week, best goal of the tournament and,


get this, the World Cup at Charlton Athletic's holiday club.


Aaron tells us he loves playing football and one man of the match


He is dressed as a superhero to celebrate.


And, finally, here is Ollie, also aged seven,


We love showing your photos, so keep them coming.


You can upload them via our website or e-mail.


And while you're online, if you enjoyed finding out


which Premier League striker you were last week,


Jamie Vardy right here, we've got another brilliant


This time, find out which manager you would be.


I had a go, put my details in and, guess what?


That's right. Jurgen the German and me are one.


Moving on to new football, but this involves a table, six pockets and


ten balls. Confused? Another Ben went to have a look and here is how


he got on. There is a new sport on the scene


and it is taking the world by storm. Everyone is playing it, from


professional footballers right through to football freestylers like


John Farnworth. It combines this... With this... And it is called... I


came up with the idea for foot pool. I tried to kick my ball at his ball


and make it go somewhere and I thought football and pool? Foot


pool. The rules are fairly straightforward and the whole point


of the game is exactly the same as regular pool, you have to put all of


your colour and put the black and that is when you win. So this is it.


The football table. I cannot wait to have a go. Are you ready? Yes. Who


is going to break? Yes! Yes, he has gone for the plant. That was good.


Too good. Well played. Let's play again. That was brilliant. Over the


last few months, football has grown globally, you can play in Argentina


and Italy and France. All over the world. This is it. There we go. Far


too good. Yes! Thank you so much for today, I had such a brilliant time.


Such a great game. Much more difficult than it looks. Had you


think I did? You improved a lot. The black at the end was a great shot.


That was my defining moment. It has been great to meet you. Thank you.


Thank you. Why didn't this then get to have a


go? That is a sport I want to try! I think I need a bit of work to get


his standard. He is not the only one showing off. Take a look at this


lot. Nice keeping skills. That's all


we've got time for. Do not mix next week, as we meet James Milner. CU.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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