20/08/2016 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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I tell you what, those bleak summer weeks of no football seem


The Football League, the English League Cup,


the Premier League, the Champions League


It feels like it's kicking off all over the place


Here's what's coming up on today's show.


England international and Arsenal pro Alex Scott is a surprise


challenger at the world's first indoor football theme park.


Super fan Noah gives us the lowdown on his team,


And we look forward to a great weekend of Premier League action.


Loads to get excited about in this week's show, but wait


Yes, we're kicking off with the headline hitters.


Manchester City all but assured progress in the Champions


League with a 5-0 win against Steaua Bucharest.


Even by Aguero's standards, he had an extraordinary game.


First he missed not one, but two penalties


and then went on to score a hat-trick.


As if running the most high-profile race in the world wasn't enough


to keep you occupied, Usain Bolt, the fastest man


in history and a massive Man United fan still found time to tweak this


Right before winning gold in the 100 metres final.


And, lastly, you've ever thought that you had a bad day,


spare a thought for Blackburn defender Shane Duffy.


own goals and got sent off in a defeat to Cardiff.


Add to that the own goal he scored against Wigan and he finds


himself joint top scorer in the Championship,


although all of his have been


Now, from time to time, I like to rhyme about footballing


stats, so flex your mental muscle with this little puzzle and see


Which basically means I'm going to set you a little


See if you can figure out which footballer I'm talking


about and I'll reveal the answer at the end of the show.


Through scoring goals I made my name.


I've played for many different clubs and hold


In Canada my team was Toronto, but Big Sam called


I'm small and fast and catch the eye,


With the Premier League's return last week, it was our first


chance to check out some of the new arrivals.


Middlesbrough's Alvaro Negredo got off to a great goal-scoring start,


as did Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he netted Man United's


Amazingly the big Swede has now scored on his debut


in Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, the Champions League


But he's not the only one to make a good first impression


COMMENTARY: Anthony Martial, meantime, runs into Skrtel,


This to open his account in English football.


Oh, seeing Ravanelli there really took me back a few years.


Like many of you, when I was growing up, I was obsessed with football.


I was also inspired to put pen to paper and draw my heroes.


In fact, I've even managed to dig out a few of my masterpieces,


so here is the White Feather himself.


Here are a few of my Leeds United favourites.


There is Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, current manager of QPR.


And David Hopkin and Alf Inge Haaland.


They've not fared too bad, have they?


And anyway, this got me thinking, I would love to see your footballing


artwork, so whether it's a player, a manager, a stadium or even kits


and badges, why not send us your soccer sketches?


We will try and show some of the best ones on Kickabout soon.


And of course we always love to see your footie videos,


so here's a few corkers you've sent in recently.


Over the chairs and into the top corner.


And I call this one Finn and the bin.


Super slow Mo for the acrobatics of Kristian. Surely that's miles over.


It is dipping. Oh, I say. Finally, pick that one out. Let's have


another look. Great stuff. Have any of you seen that thing when you swap


faces with someone? Here is what happened when me and Laura Trott


swapped our good looks. Crikey. Have you ever thought what other sports


would look like when mixed with footie. We sent England


international Alex Scott to answer that very question. Hello, I am Alex


Scott. I am a music lover. I have played a bit of football. Welcome to


the world's first indoor football theme park. It is great but


something is missing. I need a challenge. I need someone to take


down. Scotty, have no fear, Tyler West is here.


I'm heading straight for the bull's-eye.


This is the Golden bowl, this is it. 90th minute of the FA Cup final.


Tyler West steps up to the mark. 47 to 11. I was trying to go easy on


you. On this challenge, it is football. It is simple, we have got


two attempts. I want the last challenge, so it is only fair that I


go first. Three out of six. That's good enough. It's a spare.


Same place again. Technically I'm 2-0 up. I will be nice and say it is


a winner takes all. Bring it on. Five, four, three, two.


Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Come on, take a breath. How are you


feeling? You know what? Fairplay. Winner takes all. It was fun. All


about fun and Fairplay! Great hustle from Scotty there. I always knew she


had Tyler in her back pocket. There is a wealth of fixtures to look


forward to this weekend. Take a look at this lot. Mike pick of the bunch


is when Leicester City host Arsenal. They both lost their opening game


and if last year was aching to go pie, this one could be a stronger.


-- anything to go by. There is going to be some great


match ups and I have picked out two key battles. First it is Alexis


Sanchez against Riyad Mahrez. Sanchez was injured last season and


he didn't get as many goals or assists, whereas Riyad Mahrez was on


fire in both areas. Next up, it is natural monorail against Danny


Simpson. We can see that he made more interceptions than Simpson,


although Simpson put in more blocks and I think that will be very


important against Arsenal. I am backing Monreal to come out on top.


It is not all about the Premier League. Here is Noah with the


lowdown on his hometown club. Hi, I'm Noah, I am nine years old and


this is Macclesfield Town FC. I have been supporting Macclesfield Town


for two years. We currently play in the national league but this season


I hope we get promoted to the Football League. We were founded in


1874 and our nickname is the Silk Mill And.


Our gaffer used to play for us and he was a brilliant striker. He


scored over 100 goals in his Macclesfield Courier.


-- career. My favourite match since I have been eight Macclesfield Town


fan is when we played against Torquay. We beat them 2-0 and I felt


great afterwards. I think matches here are really exciting because


there is lots of noise and it gets you really excited. My favourite


Macclesfield Town player is Danny. He scores lots of goals and is very


quick. We have a history of great strikers at the club. One of our


most famous players it was Rickie Lambert who now plays for West Brom.


Matthew Tipton is also a club legend. He once scored 50 goals in


the Football League for us. Our top schools scorer this season has been


Chris Hall run. Has scored two goals. Hopefully he will score a lot


more goals this season. Thanks, Noah. All the best for the rest of


the season. That is nearly at, but before we go I am sure you are all


on the edge of your seats waiting for the answer to our riddle. The


man in question is of course Jermaine Defoe. If he got that


right, now is the time to feel smug. Today he is likely to feature in the


Sunderland starting line-up against Middlesbrough. You wouldn't put it


past him to get on the scoresheet. We will wait and see. See you.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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