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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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It's been another exciting week for fans of the beautiful game.


With things tightening up at both ends of the Premier League,


Scottish Cup drama and FA Cup build-up.


So we better make a start on today's show.


We visit a junior football club where it all started for rising


Manchester United star Marcus Rashford.


Liverpool and England midfielder James Milner tells us about life


And the new heavyweight boxing champion of the


Yeah, um?he picks his dream five aside team.


First this roundup of this week's headline hitters.


Tottenham thrashed Stoke 4-0 on Monday night.


Harry Kane and Dele Alli both scoring twice.


Alli might remember the game more for this shocking miss.


He saw the funny side, though, with this picture.


Rangers will play Hibernian in the Scottish Cup final after both


teams made it through with wins on penalties in their semi-finals.


Rangers beat rivals Celtic 5-4, while Hibs won 4-2


against Dundee United, with keeper Conrad Logan


In the Women's FA Cup, it's Arsenal and Chelsea facing


Holders Chelsea beat Manchester City 2-1.


Congratulations, ladies, and what a game that will be.


There's more southern rivalry in the Men's FA Cup semi-final


tomorrow, when Watford meat Crystal Palace.


The other match is the late kick-off this afternoon between


We've been asking you this week who you think will win.


Rashford will score and get man of the match.


I think Everton will win 2-1 against Man United.


I look forward to finding out who is right, guys.


If you love the FA Cup, check out our new quiz


on the Kickabout website to find out which FA Cup winning


Oh, I've got to admit, I'm still gutted Mark Noble's out


of the running to become the next captain to win the cup.


I thought we would have it this year.


That quarter-final defeat was pretty painful for us gunners.


We can't argue against a goal from Marcus Rashford,


Rashford has made a sensational start to life at Old Trafford.


Ben headed back to where it all started for the teen sensation.


10 years ago, Marcus Rashford was tying up his laces in this


Now he's Manchester United's star striker.


Young Marcus Rashford is really making


I think it's safe to say he's got a chance.


He is only a few years older than some of the players right here,


but at just 18 years old, he is already looking


From a quite superb emerging Manchester United star.


For players' parents, volunteers and coaches this club


He's such a confident young man who has taken everything


that we tried to teach the boys and girls here and he's taken it


and put it on the biggest stage in the world.


You never have a crystal ball but as far as Marcus is concerned


Especially when he scored 12 goals in a 20-nil game.


How do you feel when markets made his debut for


Marcus Rashford, you're my favourite football player.


Even though I'm a man city fan, irony like how you play football.


So, can you tell us what Marcus was like as a young boy


So many players who've been here have made it


It was a flashback to the sort of things we do here.


As he was reaching the 18 yard box, a double touch between the two


defenders setting not to take it through.


This fellow is going to be something special.


I'm starting to fill up again about it now. Everyone loves them. What


can he go once you achieve in the game? Providing he stays, he will


achieve whatever you want to achieve. He's got some good family


behind him. He has a smashing brother. His mum is fantastic. The


world is his oyster. I would love to see him playing games against the


world's passed. But he's only a kid at the moment.


From the looks of that, it looks like they already have the next


generation of talent coming through. We've had some brilliant skills sent


in again from you guys. Take a look. Loving your work, guys. If you fancy


trying to do a trick at home, give this a go. From our favourite


freestyler, John for more. This week, it's all about tricks to


get the ball into the air. That move was made famous by one of my


favourite players. Here is how you do it. Phase one is


all about how we position our bodies. Our kicking foot goes behind


the ball. Phase two, put your big toe on top, in the middle of the


ball. Just rocked your foot back and forth. Phase three, the toe is on


top of the bowl. Push the ball down while kicking your foot back,


keeping your legs straight. As fast and as far back as you can. This


will create a backspin which will pop the ball into the air. When it's


in the air, you are ready to strike. Once you have mastered the pop, try


taking things to the next level and test out your skills.


Safe to say I'm not there yet but it's definitely a skill I want to


drive. If you attempt that trick or any other, make sure you send us a


video. You can upload is on the website or e-mail us. Keep your


photos coming, too. We've had some brilliant stuff this week. Here is


this -- euros Carys winning in her first season. Jacob one player of


the week at his mini soccer school. Well done. This is Joshua scoring a


goal for his team. Nice one, Josh. And here is rolling with his man of


the match trophy and metal. Congratulations. Moving on to the


Premier League, and Leicester will be hoping for a win against Swansea,


because Spurs are creeping up on them in this exciting title which is


getting exciting. The gap could be back to eight points. Down at the


bottom, the battle to stay up is between Sunderland, Newcastle and


Norwich. The Canaries don't play this weekend but the two north-east


teams have to very tough matches against Arsenal and Liverpool. We


wish them all the luck in the world. He has already admitted he is hoping


the Reds can do him a favour. One man who had very different ideas on


that is Liverpool twice Captain James Milner. The top five is still


a possibility and it looks like an exciting end to the season for his


team. We cut up with him recently to chat about life in Merseyside.


I used to play cricket. I would like to take that up again when I am


retired. Very much what you see on the TV. He doesn't act the same way


in front of the cameras and then be different with us. He can get angry


when we need a kick up the bum. He loves his job. He wants to help us


as much as he can from the sidelines. When it's someone's


birthday, we have to sing happy birthday in every language we have


on the squad. That's quite a few. We get to know each other's languages.


We've got plenty of tricks. Attacking and defensively, he's very


good. Enjoyment is my number one,


especially at this age. You don't have to worry about results. Working


hard if you want to do anything well, whether it's football whatever


you want to do in your life. You have to work hard to get anywhere.


Big thanks to James. There is still time before we go for this week's


dreamer five aside. We've only got one of the biggest names in sport


right now to tell you his top picks. Hi, this is Andy Josh were --


Anthony Joshua. In goal would be Johar. He is a good's number one so


I've got to give him the place. Moving on to defence, I would choose


the real Madrid defender. He is a beast. My first midfielder would be


Yaya Toure A. I know the guy is a beast and he comes to handle


business. Alongside him, I would have myself. The three beasts


holding it down. My storeman at the top, the one and only Troy Dini.


Watford player, that's my hometown. He will definitely be on form.


Squaring up to Yaya Toure and Anthony Joshua in midfield? They are


too absolute giants! I'm not sure I fancy my chances. Nice one, Anthony.


That's it for today. Enjoy the weekend that he action and I will


see you back your same time next week. Have a good weekend!


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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