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Euro 2016 just keeps getting better and better.


I know it has felt weird with no matches over the last


couple of days, I don't know how I've coped!


But don't fear now we've reached fear, now we've reached


From now on, each match will be winner takes all.


Oh, and just in case you haven't noticed, all our teams


We've got the latest news from England, Northern Ireland


and Wales coming right up plus all of this.


See if you agree with our top five goals of the tournament so far.


Passionate Polish fans give us the low-down on their team who have


Plus our man in France, commentator Conor McNamara,


compares Paris landmarks with football icons.


The group stages are over and it is all change


Persich break-out star of the tournament and Hal Dawson


Over here McGovern, Ramsay and Walker all play


for their home nations, who have fantastically all qualified


What a massive cause for celebration.


Wales secured their place in real style by cruising past Russia.


3-0 in one of the best performances of the tournament.


Aaron Ramsey was on fire with a lovely little dink


for the first and Swansea left-back Neil Taylor got the second


and his last goal was for Wrexham over five years ago


Gareth Bale was majestic and another goal from the Real Madrid star means


he is the tournament's joint top goal scorer and best


of all for delirious Welsh fans, not only did they top Group B,


but they also finished above neighbours England!


Roy Hodgson made six changes for their final group match


and the Three Lions could only draw nil-nil against Slovakia.


There were plenty of decent openings as England dominated but Vardy,


Henderson, Sturridge and Ali could not find


Still, I'm urging all you England fans to keep the faith.


The level of support inside the stadiums in France


They've zipped the ball around well in every match so far.


The subs bench is packed with talent and captain fantastic Wayne Rooney


should be back from the start against their last 16 opponents


When you're playing world champions Germany


losing 1-0 is an incredible effort and that's what Northern Ireland did


Goalie Michael McGovern made a string of outstanding


His heroics ensured that Michael O'Neill's men avoided


a bigger defeat and that was crucial because they qualified thanks


to a better goal difference than Albania and Turkey.


That's obviously because four third placed teams have still gone


through from the six groups to make up the last 16.


I mean, organising this tournament is about as difficult


And what a mouth watering opponent up next.


Yes, Northern Ireland and Wales play each other later today for a place


And another team with loads of familiar faces to have qualified


They snatched a crucial win against Italy thanks to this


dramatic late goal and see if you can recognise


These Ireland fans don't want to go home and the way


it stands at moment, they're not going home!


Yes, our very own Conor McNamara with Kevin Kilbane, both


Now, once all the excitement had died down, Conor found time to cast


At Euro 2016 will we say represents the Eiffel Tower.


But here is the thing - of those ten million people,


they reckon that 80% of them only come to look at one painting.


So I'm trying to think who here at Euro 2016 do we think


is the footballer who most reminds of the Mona Lisa?


Well, let's see, everyone regards it as being world-class,


it likes being the centre of attention this painting.


Everyone, I think, pretty much wants to get a selfie taken with it.


I think Cristiano Ronaldo is the Mona Lisa of Euro 2016.


OK, the next calling point on my whistle-stop tour of Paris


It's the business district and it is called La Defense.


Any pictures you see of Paris, you never really see skyscrapers


like the huge one behind me and that's because they've got such


lovely old architecture here, they don't want big buildings to be


dominating the skyline so if you want to build


a big business building, you don't do it in


You do it here at La Defense of which the highlight


and the landmark is the huge modern arch behind me,


So, if we are to pick a footballer, at Euro 2016 to represent this grand


I'm going to say the Ittalian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon


This arch was name after soldiers that defend this city.


I'm going to say that Buffon is the grand arch of Euro 2016.


Now what trip to Paris would be come bleat without a trip


A structure that's become a symbol for the entire city.


It was built in 1889 for a world trade fair and the idea


was it was to be dismantled a few years later.


Parisians though fell in love with it and you can't


Which footballer at Euro 2016 represents the Eiffel Tower?


Let's see, it is tall, it's elegant, it is world-class,


I'm going to pay that Paul Pogba is the Eiffel Tower of Euro 2016.


Conor there enjoying both football and culture.


I have said it before and I'll say it again,


As for the host nation, they go into tomorrow's match


against Ireland knowing that the whole country will be


Make sure you head to the MOTD Kickabout area


Spot the ball games, match predictions plus a video


uploader to send in your own Euro 2016 themed clips.


That's what Freddie and Joey did after watching last week's show.


Check out Freddie's Eric Dier's technique there.


Don't worry Joey I know you could have saved it,


but you just let your older brother score, admirable.


Next up, nine-year-old Tom couldn't find five people to stand


in the wall for his Gareth Bale free Kick so he used a net instead.


From over the net to back of the net.


Here are some more are you to go out and practise after the show.


It's our top five goals of the group stages.


Is this the opener for the world champions?


Hamsik, just brilliant from the best player on the field.


A chance for Cristiano Ronaldo!


Because for me, it's not all about long-range thunderbolts,


team moves and headers can be just as skilful.


But if you have a different view, that's great because football


For instance, I think that not only has Payet scored the best goal,


he also gets my award for player of the tournament so far.


I mean, yeah, we all know this, don't we?


We all know that France are great and Payet is amazing.


Can I give out some alternative awards for the slightly


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the award show


If your dreams are about niche football tournament trivia


award shows, of course, yes, we have put the winners


in the binners and given the golden boot the boot because this


is The Footies, the only ceremony that honours the alternative


And I can't do an award ceremony without a glamorous assistant.


Super Victor, what's the first category, please?


Our first category is the Golden Mic Award for outstanding


endeavour in the field of football commentary and the award goes


to the Icelandic commentator who managed to hold it


together for all of 0.0.5 seconds as Iceland broke away to score


the winning goal score the winning goal against Austria


and qualify from their group.


Composure, resonance and impartiality, none of them


Let's just hope he doesn't have cause to do the same


Yes, it's the biggest rip off award for the most questionable shirt


of the tournament and whilst Spain almost snatched it with their second


kit that looks like someone did a digital sick down the front of it,


Whilst the Swiss didn't tear it up on the pitch during their nil-nil


draw against France, the same can't be said


I've designed these replacements which are more sturdy


Look, oh actually, they're not, they are just about as


Anyway, our final category Victor, please.


Yes, it is the comfy keeper award which belongs to only one man.


Not only is he the oldest player at the tournament at 40 years young,


but Hungary's player insists on wearing his pyjamas every time


he plays and for that, I love him.


In fact, such as is his popularity in his home country,


people turned up to work in their tracksuit bottoms


to show their support and it is not just the Hungarians that like them,


Right, back to the serious stuff and a team with a serious defensive


record. Poland have been impresent trable and have serious fire power


upfront. Many are tipping them as a dark horse in the competition and


with almost one million Poland supporters right here in the UK, we


had to go and find out more. This is the first time we went to


the knock-out stages and it is really good because they play really


well. COMMENTATOR: Poland can look forward


to further adventures here in France. I'm really happy that Poland


won the Northern Ireland match because that was the first ever win


in the Euros for Poland. COMMENTATOR: And that beats


McGovern! Poland score. Oh! Oh! My favourite player. I like his tricks


and things like that. Antos is Poland's best defender. We like him.


We eat these snacks every time there is a Polish match on and with our


family we share it. That means Poland white and red. At


2pm I'm going to watch Poland versus Switzerland. Come on Poland! And the


good news for all you Poland supporters is our young


international Kickabout fans are proving a lucky omen. Dar yo gave us


the low-down on Albania. He travelled to France to watch his


team play Romania and witnessed the most famous night in their history.


Last week, we met Iceland fans who have seen their team beat Austria to


book their place in the last 16. All of our country guide can be found on


the Kickabout website where you can choose your dream five a side team


and read about mine! I have had a shuffle after the group stages. Here


is a little selection of who you have been choosing. My name is


Frank. I'm a big Chelsea fan. Cristiano Ronaldo on the right


left-wing. Payet because he scored two goals in the Euros. Upfront


Harry Kane from England as he was a top scorer in the Premier League. So


that's your lot. We are awe out of time. Enjoy the feast of knock-out


football starting this afternoon and if the entertainment is anything


like the group stages, we are in for another treat. See ya!


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