28/05/2016 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Hello and welcome to this very special edition of


We're here at the home of Everton Football Club, Goodison Park.


In just a few minutes time, over 300 of the UK's best players


will be coming out of that tunnel to represent their


At the start of the season, over 1700 schools


We will be following two tournaments, the under 11 mixed,


So without further ado, Lozza, we're at Goodison Park,


Premier League football club, Everton FC, how can


Go on.


They must just feel like proper Premier League players.


Not only that, the ground's incredible, the pitch is incredible,


the weather is great, and they've even got


from somebody who knows this ground very well.


I'd like to wish everyone the best of luck today.


Hope you have a great tournament, and, of course, play fairly


and play well. Good luck, everyone.


So, after all the fanfare of a real Premier League match, it's time


And there are some great players on show.


The two Everton teams have home advantage and both have


I've found that player who hopes he's a cut above the rest.


We've played our first game and won 2-0.


Got a little bit of Marouane Fellaini going on,


Well, he don't play for Everton no more, so...


I haven't been to the barbers for quite a while now, so, maybe,


like, a month or two, I don't know!


What about the rest of your team-mates?


I reckon you'll be able to put aside your differences


I'm with Andre Marriner, Premier League referee.


What is it like being here at a ground you have


refereed at so many times, but doing it the kids?


The kids, this is their cup final, so, you need to take it


But there's that element of having fun, as well.


Do you think there's a chance that one of the kids playing here today


will be in one of the games that you're refereeing


If they grow up quick enough, then yeah!


Listen, you've got plenty of years left in you.


Thanks so much, Andre, and it's great to see you.


Spurs v Arsenal has just finished over here.


Massive London derby, as it always is.


And number 17 has scored three goals in two games.


His name's David and, for me, Spurs are a big


So, a great win for Spurs, but a great performance


We have already met a Fellaini lookalike, and Hettie is drawing


comparisons with another Premier League star.


All my friends are calling me, like Jamelia Vardy or something.


How are you finding it here today? Is it hindering you in any way?


No, it's just to support it, and I feel better when I'm


Well, good luck for the rest of the day.


And that you can pull a few goals back.


So, we've come to watch my beloved West Ham


Guess who Lauren thinks is going to win?


Watford. Just to get at me.


Come on, West Ham!


You don't even support Watford, so why are you cheering for them?


Just because you're wearing a yellow hat.


The two teams representing Leicester can take some inspiration


from the Premier League champions this year.


And, as a special treat, the actual trophy lifted


by the Foxes has come along for the day.


Here are the under-13 girls smiling away.


Let's have a look to see how their under-11s


Chance, chance, oh!


Just look at that.


That win for Swansea means they top their group and they're


the first team through to the semifinals.


They will face Everton, who topped Group B,


Tottenham are also through to the next round, and will face fellow


In the under-13 tournament, Aston Villa managed to get


through a very tight group for a place in the semis,


and they'll be up against the other Everton.


Local rivals Newcastle and Sunderland will face up


in a mouthwatering clash with a place in the final at stake.


Congratulations to Bournemouth forward Cole, who was the top scorer


And Watford's Griva who bagged the most


And in the under 11s, Crystal Palace got


through after a hard- fought 2-0 win against Tottenham.


Rushton and Warne with the goals for the Eagles.


Meanwhile, Everton made a great start to their semifinal and went


But the Welsh side never gave up and ended up going through


In the girls' under-13s it was better news for Everton, who went


through after a resounding 4-0 victory over Aston Villa.


Their opponents in the final will be Sunderland, who beat local


So we have the first final of the day, and it's hosts Everton


v Sunderland in the under-13 girls.


And they'll be hoping to take home this mini


It's Mike Jones, Premier League referee, who is leading them out.


But for now, it's over to Match of the Day commentator


The survival of Sunderland's senior men's team from Premier League


relegation came at the expense of Newcastle.


And here at the Premier League schools tournament, the Sunderland


under-13 girls also saw off their local rivals in the semis


As for Everton, they've excelled at their home stadium so far.


And they line up with Finn in goal, the youngest player in the squad.


Captain Instone, who isn't afraid of unleashing a powerful shot,


Then Beeley is a lively winger alongside the tricky


Upfront, it is Bailey, who has played in every


position in this tournament, and grabbed a hat-trick in


Whittle and Taylor start on the bench.


She loves to start quick attacks from the back.


There's the tough tackling duo of Jackson and Brown.


In midfield, Gilfoyle is partnered by McQuade, who's got a rocket


of a shot, and can create something out of nothing,


whilst Whittle is a tough striker who wears her heart on her sleeve.


Kuruku and James are ready to be sprung from the bench is needed.


So, under way for this final at Goodison Park.


For Sunderland, some early pressing from the captain, McQuade.


Everton, comfortable on the ball, as they have been right the way


This is Beeley trying to get into the penalty area.


And it's a nice build-up that results in the shot


The first attempted angle of this final.


It's been a tense start, two evenly matched teams.


And Sunderland with the throw-in, looking for the height of McQuade.


Good first touch from Whittle, but tight defending by Waite.


That forces it out for a corner. Jackson, preparing to swing it then.


Into the penalty area. Another chance for Jackson. Another testing


cross. This is Whittle, and it is in! Agonisingly past the Everton


goalkeeper, Finn. Whittle will celebrate. There is a deflection off


the goalkeeper was Mike Roddy. Goalkeepers hate that position,


difficult to get to, so close to the body. Sunderland lead, and just look


at what it means to them. Sunderland have believed. Let's see how ever


can respond -- Sunderland have the lead. McQuade. Lovely movement.


Still going. Cairns comes back and make sure she doesn't get the shot


away. Free kick to Sunderland. Lovely, balanced movement. Good


refereeing as well from Mike Jones to allow play to continue initially.


The goalkick for Everton from Instone. It is cleared away by


Jackson. Again, a clash between cairns and McQuade. This time,


Everton forced free kick. No hanging around for Cairns with the shot. And


Arnold in the Sunderland goal was confident it was sailing over the


bar. It was dipping, just not quickly enough and stop let's nip


down to pitch side with Mark who has grabbed a familiar face. We have


Leighton Baines here, what did think so far? They were doing well, until


now. A couple of winners to go so they could get back in the game


before the end. Everton looking to up the ante. It was an excellent


feed. Had a glance to see if the goalkeeper was off the line.


Sunderland relieved it was harmlessly over in the end. That


goes out for the corner. Another goal for Sunderland could seal it.


Jackson hits it in. The clearance from Finn. And very alert reactions


from Mike Jones, you can tell he's a top Premier League referee. McQuade


releasing Whittle, almost, excellent save from Finn. And that is it,


full-time. Just look at these scenes. Sweet victory for


Sunderland. Let's go pitch side and join Lauren with the winning


captain? How do you feel? Surprise. Because there are so many good teams


in here, and we got final and we win it. I am really tired now. Did you


ever expect you were going to win? No, no. There are just so many good


teams. Congratulations, go and celebrate. The under 13s girls final


saw Sunderland beating Everton 1-0. And now it is onto the mixed on the


11ths final where Swansea take on Crystal Palace. It is over to Conor


McNamara. Swansea, their rugby team are also the all Wales National


champions despite this school not having a single blade of grass.


Palace will provide stiff opposition. Beverley conceded two


goals in the tournament so far. -- they have only conceded. Swansea


have opened in goal, behind a back two of Davies, a promising amateur


boxer and one of two Thomases in the team. Colwell in the engine room,


and the other Thomas is a hard-working front man. Williams and


Hutt start on the bench. Arnold is in goal, Entwistle is a natural


leader who lays out from the back. In midfield, a strong, physical


player in battle the bench, Rushton is an excellent Ocean having been


the top scorer for Crystal Palace so far. Under way in the under 11


final. That is an interception by Davies for Swansea. That was a


strong challenge from the captain called well, to put it out or a


warrant. The have been treated to a brilliant girls under 13 final.


Let's hope this one can be even better. Quick feet. Good build-up


from Crystal Palace. Some classy touches being displayed as the game


settles down. Babies with the throw-in. Looking for call well.


Nicely done by the captain. This is Thomas back to Hutt. Davis to


Thomas, and a top save from Arnold, cleared by Entwistle. The goalkeeper


got down very quickly. He needed to be alert. Colwell beginning to run


the game in midfield. Each of the Swansea player seems very


comfortable on the ball. Colwell again, and now Ware. Colwell, space


opening up, and after such a bright start to the game, well, that


would've been one of the goals of the tournament. Not far away, at


all. Davies with another Swansea throw-in. Owen tries to win it back


and Ware is quickly in on him. Swansea not giving Palace any time.


Colwell again, and back with the Swansea captain once more. Thomas is


wide open if he can pick him out, he does, and they are getting closer.


Swansea continuing to win those 50-50 battles in midfield. You can


see these Crystal Palace players are not giving up. Pressure on Colwell


and a breakaway chance for Owen. Good base. I'm lucky, he lost his


balance just as he pulled the trigger. Crystal Palace looking


dangerous on the counterattack. Thomas to Colwell. Somebody needs to


get closer, Colwell hits it, brilliant! It is the opening goal in


this final at Goodison Park. And it is a beauty. He has been threatening


to do this all game. Lovely balance. Slalom through the Crystal Palace


defence, puts his laces through the shot, Swansea have the lead, and you


have to say it was coming. Let's see what Mark Binks, pitch side. What a


solo goal by the captain. He ran through the middle of the park and


struck it straight in the bottom corner. Unbelievable. How will


Crystal Palace respond? This is Rushton who has come on as a sub.


Swansea cannot be complacent. It was a good save by Owen, and cleared


away by Ware. Palace looking to capitalise on any errors. Rushton


has to hit it first time, tries to resurrect the chance and across just


goes behind Owen at the far post. The Swansea lead remains intact.


Rushton meant to give it back to Owen, but it has been cut out by


Colwell. This is Entwistle. Strong defending again by Thomas. Now Ware.


It is too against two for Swansea, the other Thomas, and Palace throw


everything into attack, searching for the equaliser, almost leaving


the door open at the back. Will there be enough time to take the


corner 's mode, that is it, the full-time whistle, and Swansea are


the Premier League schools champions for 2016 and mark is with the scorer


of the winning goal. How does it feel to score the winner at Goodison


Park? It is an amazing feeling. I wanted it for my team-mates as well.


It was amazing to score the winning goal in such a big stadium. Did you


think coming here today that Swansea would win? I thought we would have


been out in the group stages, because it is such a small place.


But the boys really deserved the win. Give me a high five, well done,


go and have fun. There you have it. What a fantastic tournament. Real


quality on display, as the two mini Premier League trophies are lifted


aloft by Sunderland for the girls under 13 team and Swansea City in


the mixed under 11 team. I don't know what you're doing at the


moment, Lozza, but what a day that was, the talent and workrate was


incredible. Congratulations to Sunderland and to Swansea. It was an


amazing day. Well done, guys. I will finish off on this note, see you


soon. Watch this for a goal. Excuse me, Dernbach camera back here. I


have just scored from the touchline. See you later, Lozza. -- turn that


camera back here.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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