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FA Cup Final Special

Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Good morning and welcome to a very special FA Cup final ediion of


I remember cup final day as a kid and there is something so magical


The Crystal Palace and Manchester United players would have


dreamed that they would be stepping out at Wembley one day to have a


chance of winning the most historic cup in football.


Later today, the dream will become a reality and I am so jealous!


Coming up, goals galore, as we look back on


Crystal Palace fans get a surprise visit from Gary's


Plus, we look back at the last time the teams met in the FA


Cup final, with a United-mad dad and lad.


busy week of football, with the headline hitters.


Last weekend, Wembley played host to the women's


FA Cup final and this spectacular streak from Dani Carter gave


Arsenal a 1-0 victory over Chelsea in front of a record crowd.


On Monday, the Leicester players showed off the Premier League trophy


More than 240,000 people lined the streets of


Leicester to watch their heroes parade the trophy.


When Jack had this photograph taken at the start of the


season after Leicester had only drawn with Mansfield Town, who


would've believed what would have happened next?


For Liverpool, the Europa Cup dream ended on Wednesday


After an incredible opening goal from Daniel Sturridge, Spanish


side Seville proved too strong in the second half


So, in just under ten hours' time, Crystal Palace and


Manchester United will battle it out for the famous FA Cup.


At the start of the season, 736 teams entered the


I am sure the managers, Alan Pardew and Louis Van Gaal,


will be up this morning working on tactics over breakfast.


I wonder what they have for breakfast?


Louis Van Gaal will have a croissant.


I am guessing Alan Pardew is a big fry-up man.


If you want to find out more about the two managers, head to the


Kick About website, for our Who Said What?


First, we can see how Crystal Palace made it to the final.


Martin Kelly, an unlikely first goal-scorer.


Fraizer Campbell, with what is surely is the last kick of the game!


The ball flicked onto the back post and


Agonisingly out of reach for the goalkeeper.


And Connor Wickham has restored Crystal Palace's lead.


As you can see, the Eagles have been in fine form in the cup this year,


but can they go all the way and win the final?


We sent Ben to find some mini Palace pundits.


The Premier League action may be over,


here at Selhurst Park and preparations are already under way


But the home team, Crystal Palace, of course, already


have one more big appointment and it is not here, but at Wembley,


Luckily, there is a school just down the road from here,


so I am going to head there and get the low down from the kids as to


whether the Eagles can overcome Manchester United.


I also have a little treat in store for them, too.


That trip just took just five seconds.


Anyway, here we go. That may be a bit of a clue. Yes, we are finally


here! Enough of the talking, I think it is time for us to sing. We are


the famous Crystal Palace and we are off to Wembley.


26 years ago, we lost to Manchester United in the final, but this time


we're going to destroy them. I think we will destroy the Manchester


United defence. Connor woke Connor Wickham will use all his strength


and score the school. They believe the Eagles are going to sort out


Wembley. Thank you for these predictions. You


are backing your home team and quite rightly. Personally, I think


Manchester United may just be too strong. And you Gary's Big Ears saw.


No, thing to see some more clips of Wembley.


Great skill! We have seen no Crystal Palace made it through to the final,


to know we can turn our attention to Manchester United. Rooney In


stoppage time to surely win at foreign Manchester United and he


does. He vows Rooney. Magnificent goal


from Rooney! That is a very special streak.


A second goal for Manchester United, Mata.


The rather overplayed that. He lives Rashford. Absolutely brilliant.


Equally brilliant goal from an emerging Manchester United talent.


Martial, the chance to win it. He does. That will surely do it for


Manchester United. They are in the final. Martial Has been on fire


recently. I think he may be the main man today. Sorry, Crystal Palace


fans. The teams will make each other in 1990. 26 years later, Rob is a


proud father taking his son to the match this time. We have always had


been to the games together. We have the same seat in the stand. How are


you feeling about going to a merchant which they will be 90,000


people the. The build-up in 1990 was so huge. It was absolutely manic. It


was an amazing game. Crystal Palace took the lead. It was


a bit painful. But we equalised. Get in!


And then we went into the lead with Mark Hughes. But then he and rate


came on as a substitute for Crystal Palace and changed the game around.


My heart sank. A full claim, it was 2-2. Then, in extra time, he scored


again for Crystal Palace. I was disbelieving.


But then Mark Hughes came to the rescue and scored again. 3-3.


And what a match. Back then, they had to have a replay. Nowadays, it


would just go to a penalty shoot out. Manchester United won the


replay with this goal. The has been some amazing goals through this


competition, and not just from the two finalists.


Payet. Absolutely brilliant. That is quite fantastic.


She was great strength. That is a brilliant goal!


He needs some support. Actually, he has beaten all three of them. All,


that is amazing. Allen! No, it is not just Wembley hosting Silver real


we have this weekend. Here are some of the trophies you have been


picking up. Charlie won Player of the Year. He


scored 50 goals in a season. Here is the man of the match trophy. It has


also been a week of schools finals in the United Kingdom. There were


some incredible matches. The final ended up 5-4. It was an amazing


game. For primary schools, the German final was at Goodison Park,


Everton. They get a taste of what it was like. We have got a special


episode next Saturday with the full story of the tournament. You do not


want to miss that. That is all we have time for today. If you want


more build-up, the BBC have got it all covered. Goodbye from no.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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